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Raphael Aingell
Killed: August 08, 2018 at 07:20 pm EDT
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Just like there's always time for pain,
there's always time for healing.
― Jennifer Brown, Hate List

Raphael Aingell's Biography
It started with the most exacting of commendments....

"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Raphael was one of His chosen Archangels. She was the one Father chose to make unique amongst her brothes. She was the only black female Archangel. Father gifted Raphael with the art of healing. He empowered her as a meditator for those who had no hope beyond this earthly realm.

There was the matter of Lucifer Morningstar and his refusal to bow before the race of humans that the Father had made. Raphael loved her brother Lucifer and despite his actions that caused his fall from grace. Raphael pleaded with the Father to show mercy to Luficer. Her pleas were ignored and her brother was cast out of heaven by her brother Michael. One of the Heavenly Host was ordered to keep a close eye on her.

Michael was the next one to anger the Father and he was banished to the realm. She asked for mercy for Michael She was watched when she plead for her brother Gabriel whose duplicity in getting rid of Michael was found out by another angelic.

Raphael heard the whispers that she was the next sacrificial scapegoat. She was brought before the Father. She was charged with aiding and abetting 'fallen' angels. spreading rumors and falsehoods and the refusal to submit to the Father in all things. Father issued an edit that allowed one angel called Amenadial to remove her from heaven. Her enemy did more than the 'punishment' rendered by the Father. He ripped the wings from Raphael's back and sold her into slavery on the earth.

Raphael cried out to the Father for mercy. The Father amended her sentence to servitude among the humans in the realm. He gave her immortiality though her gifts were greatly diminished and He promised in time full restoration as an archangel. Raphael lived and learned from the humans that Lucifer hated and despised. She became their meditator when one lost all hope beyond this earthly realm.

Raphael waits for the day when she can confront the enemy who caused her fall from grace. Amenadial would learn.

Archangels are fierce. They're absolute. They're Heaven's most terrifying weapon.
Ooc: Quote courtesy of Castiel
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