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Born: January 30, 2013 Forum Topics Started: 5 (House only: 1)
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EtaineNightBreed 10/16/20 "Hello old friend, I heard you saw something gruesome. Care to share?" Etaine heard Pheenyx's voice behind her and she turned around to face her. "I saw something very bloody and very gruesome. Something that definitely has everyone ringing the bell at The Forge or in sandwich shop....It seems I confused myself into a adlepatted nodcock for saying the murderer was a was a female . I remember quite well past my confusion no fangs....not very glamerous. She wore a hoodie and smelled of herbal scent. She looked at me before I fled from her. "A very tricky thicket full of thorns I have given everyone....I imagine I will be quite the gobsmacked asshat with her brain to let. Seems I had a blackout or blacklash of my mate in blood lust we are connected him and I. But the murderer was female and she hated Karens." Etaine looked at Pheenyx and shook her head.
"Have I lost all reason or just a few marbles?"
Mary Shelley 10/16/20 Mary could have tried to explain that she was only trying to find new subject material when she was tailing two men from a bar; but that would require too much time. People wanted the meat of it, the information on the killer.

Im pretty sure he was an American, the accent seems to lead that way and judging by the way he swung that ax, Id say he was a sociopath. Or psychopath. I can never get those two right, maybe youll figure it out. Oh, you do have your work cut out for you. I do remember seeing an old book, it looked like a bible. Maybe it was a cult thing regardless, Im pretty sure this guy, with or without a pulpit, would demand blind devotion.
Doma 10/12/20 Doma blinks at the greeting he was a little surprised. Still that did stop the bright lie of a smile that creeps across his face. "Oh? Thank you for the Welcome dear!" He spoke his voice lifting a little to complete his cheerful facade.
Kayne Morrigan 10/09/20 "Thanks."
Kayla Holloway 10/09/20 Voices out of thin air. Even for Kayla that was strange. She questioned this, but searching out the unknown wasn't of much interest to her in this case. "So, yeah... thanks voice from the sky!"
Virelai Tylwyth 10/09/20
Honoria Louviere 10/07/20 Oh my. It was another voice. Maybe Nora had cracked her head as she ran through the woods to get away from the gruesome scene that she had witnessed; but now wasn't the time to question her sanity or the possible concussion. She had a voice to answer.

"It was absolutely horrifying! All that blood..." She would let her voice trail off momentarily, not because she was still in shock, but mostly because she was certain she was going crazy.

"It was her friends. She killed her friends. I would swear it was Satan in those woods...but like, prettier."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/29/20 "Is this what humans refer to when they 'beat their face'? Whoever did yours for you is a real artiste, no?" A smirk tugged at the woman's lips. "Congratulations on being today's hot topic. You have never looked more radiant."
Calico 09/29/20 "Who did you kill this time my friend?" She smirks "hope it wasn't the hubby for leaving the toilet seat up" she giggled
Damian Veron 09/29/20 "Well, well, well. That's some timing to have your pretty, smashed face light up the realm, darling. I hope they know it wasn't me, this time."
Shannon Taylor 09/18/20 Smiles. "I'm not sure if it's the black chipped nailpolish or plant stained fingertips."
Damian Veron 09/18/20 Dear Pheenyx,

I am lost in a memory, in the precipice of my deliciously aching heart. Something delicate and powerful, drawn from the flames of our unorthodox passion. Your skin against mine, we danced to the rhythm of our own seductive paces, silent in adoration beneath the shadow of night's benignant veil. I spoke, and yet your lips, parted in mute consideration, and said nothing, for words were for naught when the quiet beat of your heart spoke as loudly as ever. And then, you turned away. As did I. As you hid yourself within the labyrinth of your inexplicable mind, I looked away, for your beauty was too much to bear.

From the moment I saw you, I remained fervently in love, devouring myself in privacy from the possibility of my feelings remaining unreciprocated, and savoring every moment of it. My fixation was my drug, my impish dirty drug, and I injected myself over and over again, never falling from the ecstatic high that a mere sight of you bestowed upon me.

But I wonder each night as I wish for your body to sleep beside my own, when did my adoration become more than just a tool for survival? When did it suddenly become complicated? When did I separate myself from my frivolous mischief, graduating from bohemian pranks to enslaving my life in dangerous infatuation? I am imprisoned in my own consciousness from the howling wind outside, taunting me with such faithful portrayals of your perilously hidden emotions that I suddenly became aware of how fast my dead heart beat at the prospect of you becoming mine. In my heart, we would be forever poised in the swarthy molasses of wickedness. You are the demon that feeds upon my secrecy, the incubus who haunts my dreams.

You hardly speak, and yet your eyes disclose so much more. Your body whispering a great source of power, captivating me, pulling me forward down into your hole of furtive mystique. I will never fail to be amazed by your strength, your corporeal beauty nothing less than a work of art, and your mind an even more coveted masterpiece of God's wrathful endowment.

Know this. I love you. I have always loved you.

So, if you want to be the boulder, I will be the flower. Smell me, caress me, use me, crush me. I am yours, whether or not you accept my damned soul as yours to take.

Leatherface 09/10/20 *Congrats on making level 10 Miss Pheenyx*
Damian Veron 08/21/20 "Okay, carrot?"
Damian Veron 08/21/20 "CAL-LI-CAN-TZA-ROS! Wwwow, that's a lot of syllables.

Congratulations, but you quickly need to get Obur it."
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