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John Preston
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One need not be a Chamber — to be Haunted —
One need not be a House —
The Brain has Corridors — surpassing
Material Place —
Ourself behind ourself, concealed —
Should startle most —
Assassin hid in our Apartment
Be Horror's least.
(Emily D.)

John Preston's Biography
“In the first years of the 21st Century, a third world war broke out. Those of us who survived knew Mankind could never survive a fourth. That our own volatile natures could simply no longer be risked.
So we have created a new arm of the law – the Grammaton Cleric, whose sole task is to seek out and eradicate the true source of Man’s inhumanity to Man… its ability to feel”.

Real Name: John Preston
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Viviana Preston (wife, deceased), Robbie Preston (son), Lisa Preston (daughter)
Group Affiliation: Tetragrammaton Clerics
Base Of Operations: Libria
Height: 6’1” Weight: 180lbs.
Eyes: Green w/Brown centers Hair: Black

The Grammaton Clerics are an elite law-enforcement division with lots of responsibility and authority. They are all trained in the law (i.e. obedience to Father), unarmed combat, as well as the infamous Gun Katas. They usually are sent to field missions in pairs to exterminate people with emotions, whenever the highest authority, Father, issues an order of sense offence.

The Clerics always outrank other law-enforcement officers, and are expected even to take on their partners if need be. Clerics are also expected to destroy any objects of art or else that could risk provoking feelings on sight.

Regular lesser storm troopers, clad in black long coats, black motorcycle helmets and equipped with an automatic rifle, do most of the law-enforcement work. The Clerics are only called upon if a big enough situation surfaces demanding their attention and skills.

Citizens were taught to turn in anyone who was caught having feelings. The Government is set up like a religion, but instead of a God over it they have placed a man, a Hitler-like figure who is called “Father”.

Father is long since dead, but another Council member, Dupont, has secretly taken over his role in the holographic guise of the Father himself. Everyone is to follow his “will” without disobedience. To have disobedience is to have feeling. And that means death.

The Gun Katas
Through analysis of hundreds of thousands of recorded gunfights the Clerics have determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in many a gun battle is a statistically predictable element. The Gun Kata utilizes the gun in an optimal way.

Each position represents a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on a maximum number of opponents, while keeping the defender away from the statistical trajectories of return fire. By mastery of this art, the firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120 %. The difference, an increase in the lethal efficiency of 63 % makes the master of the gun katas an adversary not to be taken lightly.

Powers and Abilities
John Preston is the number one man of the Tetragrammaton Clerics law-enforcement division. He enjoys the status of a Tetragrammaton Cleric 1st Class, which is the highest possible level for a Cleric. As such, his physical skills, including acrobatics and the martial arts, and particularly the arts of the Gun Kata, are superb.

He is easily able to take on several well-trained men in gun combat, emerging victorious in a couple of seconds, either by use of melee or ranged attacks. In fact, his accuracy and speed is unsurpassed, even in complete darkness, so that he can hit targets on all sides of him, and even behind him.

His exceptional calmness and discipline are most useful in combat situations. When starting a Gun Kata he enters a near trance-like state of calmness that fools even a polygraph detector. He’s also rather intelligent, deductive and plans ahead in time. His main weakness is the lack of social skills, although as a Cleric he doesn’t need to do much talking.

Preston is also very intuitive and capable of sensing other people’s emotions. This unusual ability and his aptitude for the Cleric work from a very early age has branded him a status as a prodigal Cleric.

Even though Preston witnessed his own wife’s execution for ‘sense crimes’ years before, he has never allowed the loss to affect him. Instead, he has used the time since then to become the most feared and respected Cleric in the land.

But when a passionate young woman is taken in for execution the very same day Cleric Preston accidentally misses a dose of Prozium, the combination opens Preston’s eyes to the madness of the new world, and he sets out to make changes.

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