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Always open for RP dark.All moods are IC unless stated. Keep your drama and BS away... "Baby, don't threaten me with a good time!!!!"
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Born: February 14, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 8 (House only: 8)
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Ice Queen's Biography
The name is Ice Queen, I stopped ageing many moons ago and my life is eternally 21 like my fraternal twin Imashe. I became the Queen of the mamba's and also a seer of death and the past.

Imashe and I were to become Queen of our tribe but then on the night of our coronation, she was captured by a warrior from the north. A male they called a Jarl, who turned her into a beast of the night.. On this night our father, The Amakhosi sent out his best mamba warriors in search of my missing twin.. While i tried to seek her out through my abilities and found a strange feeling she wasn't in Gor any longer . ...Now I have come to this god forsaken place in search of my sister. I was hunting only to find a strange sensation through her heart as she felt her mates death. Bounding to his graveside in her leopard form she vowed never to leave his side.

Finding herself alone once more and carrying her first mates unborn twins, ice felt more alone. That was until she met a man who said he would stand by her and her babies but as the day grew near for her to deliver. Waking to find him cold and with claw marks over his skin. This scared her as she didn't know what had happen during the night.

Ice is cursed due to her mates dying on her after one moment of happiness that they are taken from her...

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Last five threads posted in:
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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Aven 05/18/21 "Mhm.. That's why you are my mate because I am a Bada$$." He teased.
Aven 05/17/21 "Mhm, cause I'm so bad ass that they are jealous." He teased.
Aven 02/23/21 "I promise I will never leave you.. My sweet princess." He gave a light chuckle.
Aven 02/23/21 Pulling her into him, he then lesned down and kissed her lips, giving a small smile.
Aven 02/23/21 He gave a small smirk, seeing her look at him like she was scouting outva rare peice of chocolate that belonged to only her. Then as she growled, he followed her into the cabin, he Shook his head. "See anything you like, My Dear?" He said seductively
Aven 02/23/21 Seeing her get off and pull her jacket around her too keeo her warm, he then saw her sister nod her hellos and speak about something. Then as he got off the bike he transformed a bit, he wore no shirt, and only jeans, he had markings on the side of him that matched Tenkai's a bit.
Aven 02/23/21 As he finally came to a stop, he turned off the engine, he smirked, seeing her hands still locked around him. Her growl echoed in his mind, he gave a half smile. "We are here, sweet girl." He spoke softly.
Aven 02/23/21 And with her answer, he started up the motorcycle, as he felt her get on behind him. He then grabbed her arms around them around his hardened stomach, making sure she held on nice and tight. He waz sure she could smell his colonge as the end blew past them as he drove to the outskirts of the city. He then started to lightly read her mind, on the directions to her cabin. He finally came to a stop, as he turned off the motorcycle. He smirked, knowing all too well, she was fully aware of him, as as he was of her, but he didn't show it.
Aven 02/23/21 He looked sf her and looked at the sest behind him instructing her to get on. He Shook his, head, "If you wish it, I won't leave, come on I wanna talk to you away from all these humans and such.. Makes me uncomfortable." He spoke softly.
Aven 02/23/21 He stayed put as she leaned towards his ear, then as she nipped his ear, his eyes turned to slits. As he listened to her comment, he looked over at her. "So you know of me huh? How cute, you know if we continue down this path, I will end up making you mine for enternity." He whispered against her ear.
Aven 02/23/21 He looked back at her as he got onto his motorcycle, as his eyes seemed to settle into a dominance. "If I told you I was darkness.. Would you still think I'm a pussy cat? If I said I was dark god, would you still think the same? If I said I was the darkside of Tenkai himself, would still think so.. " He mostly whispered to himself. Then more towards her he said, "Haha, hunny if you knew exactly who I am.. I high doubt you would say the same thing you are saying right now." He said winking.
Aven 02/23/21 Hearibg her laugh, made feel a bit curious now, as he listened to her comment he snorted. "If only you knew just how much of a bad boy I, am sweet girl.. Okay, you will do what you want regardless of what I say, so I will only say this once.. If we continue going down this path.. There will be no turning back.. So before you continue remember that miss innocence." He said, slightly teasing
Aven 02/23/21 Aven taken a back by her sweet kindness, he nodded, "I'll be sure to do that." He said. He could see her curious of him, he gave a slight smirk, shaking his head. "You know innocent girls like you shouldn't come near me.. Might end up getting into trouble with me." He ststed soctly. His voice sounded soft but cold, as he started to walk towards his motorcycle.
Aven 02/23/21 Seeing the woman stop before him showing her pale blue eyes to him, his dark bluish purple eyes looked at her. Watching her go off to do her own thing, then coming back to greet him, he gave a nod to her.
Aven 02/23/21 Aven a being of all darkness, moved out of the way easily of the animal. He was a bit amused at the woman, but instead of making conversation, he walked the opposite direction of her, minding his own business.
Calico 01/02/21 Cali went to her daughter as she saw her laying in the furs crying. Scooping her up and rocked her gently " oh mah icy. I'm here for ye mah sweet girl"
Calico 09/23/20 Cali walked into her daughters home with arm full of gifts for her granddaughters and smiled. Looking down into the cribs and gently touched each cheek "they are beautiful my daughter. Your papa would have been so proud of ye if he was here" She gave her daughter a hug as she cried tears of joy.
Raoul Silverblade 07/26/20 *applauds* well done my friend, congratulations on Profile of the day
Daxx- 07/26/20 Congrats on Realms most wanted.
Asger Thorbergsson 07/26/20 "Congratulations on making profile of the day, my sister in law. Seems the family is getting their place in the spotlights." Asger says with a smile on his face
-Savannah- 07/26/20 Congratulations on making POTD
imashe 07/26/20 Well done my twinny. You been giving them people a run around again *she chuckled and hugs her twin*
Calico 07/26/20 Cali smiled as she hugged her daughter "what ye been up to mah girl. Congratulations on making profile of dah day"
Calico 07/24/20 Cali pulled her daughter close "I nay did anything mah ice." Feeling her pain
LillyEmperium 06/10/20 Congrats on pod
imashe 06/10/20 Imashe stood in the darkness after hearing her twin had come to find. "Two minutes being ere sis and ye are wanted by dah guards." She smiled and hugged her twin
Raoul Silverblade 06/10/20 congratulations on profile of the day *claps and cheers*
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