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Freja's Biography
Name: Freja Thorgaard
Ethnicity: Danish/Viking DOB: June 21, 1935
Place of birth: Odinsgaard, Denmark
Parents: Arne and Brigitta Thorgaard
Sibling: Erik Thorgaard
Eyes: Blue with Green Flecks
Hair: Dark Blonde
Age: 17 years
Height: 5 foot 2 inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Skin Tone: Fair slightly tanned
Marks: Norse rune on left upper arm and Wolf paw on right upper arm
Nationality: Danish
Status: Single/Betrothed
Occupation: Apprentice Jeweler
Hobbies: Ancient languages and Arcane books
Race: Witch/?
Powers: Unknown
Familiars: Raven called Frigga
Shadow Wolf called She-Wolf
Weapons: Shadow Sword and Daggers
Transport: A Black 1999 Dacuti Monster 750

Freya Thorgaard was born to Arne and Brigitta Thorgaard. She had an older brother called Erik Thorgaard. Odinsgaard was a small fishing village that drew it's livelihood from the sea. It was a traditional village that kept to the old ways of their Norse ancestors. The people of Odinsgaard were the descendants of the sea-faring Vikings.

The Thorgaard family raised their two offspring Erik and Freja in the old ways and the old faith of their people. The modern world encroached very little except for the fish cannery that supported the people of the village. Life was good for the Thorgaard family. Everyone worked to contribute to making a living to support the family. Arne and Erik worked the fishing docks and the boats that fished the waters. Brigitta worked at the canning factory when she was not at home. Freya helped with the daily aspects of cooking,cleaning and mending various items. Freja in her spare time played like any young child of the village. She spent time with the village wise woman called Sybil. She was an apprentice of the wise woman who taught her many things. The woman had chosen Freja to follow in her footsteps.

Change can come in the twinkling of an eye and it come to the people of Odinsgaard. It started with disappearance of her brother Erik. She was saddened by his loss and she saw people one by one die mysteriously and this was whispered about by the adults. Freja saw both of her parents murdered in front of her by a being who drained their bodies of blood. They had hid their surviving child in a hidden bolt hole.

The village wise woman found her barely alive and sent her to a place of safety. Freja survived learning from others who taught her their magick and tricks. She learned many things in her travels, but she always carried with her the consecrated symbols of the ancient Norse faith. A shadow She-Wolf became her guardian and mentor who brought her to an old one eyed man called Woden. There she stayed with him and his household. She was given a Raven called Frigga and a necklace from her friend Woden. She kept traveling with her familiars through other realms. She shape shifted as she journeyed always one step ahead of someone searching for her. Who is this person? Friend or Foe? She has an inkling they are a possible ally...

Freja is a solitary young woman who searches for meaning in all life. She is quiet in her demeanor and seeks to be in the background. She has found her brother Erik by accident. She wonders if he is the same brother she used to know and love. Freja resembles her mother Brigitta and has her farher Arne's love for the seafaring life. Freja is a Viking at heart. She has embarked on another journey Woden has asked her to return to Valhalla.

OOC: Please do not attack or steal from me when online. IF you need the attack, please contact me and I will oblige. Attacks and Steals are acceptable when offline. Thank you.:D
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