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That Girl 10/23/17 *watches ooze*

Nate Mishal 10/21/17 "Don't tar me with that f*cking brush* he snorts. "You angels are so f*cking common. I'm happily something else. Why the hell are you down here anyway?"
Nate Mishal 10/20/17 "Really? You think? Your face isn't ringing a bell. Take off your clothes and turn around for me - I may remember you naked."

Summer 10/20/17 It had been a difficult week. Kiernan had been there for her, amazing man that he was. But in times of raw emotion, sometimes it was easier to be among strangers. So Summer set out on a walk through the city. The crisp Fall air felt nice on her face. Underdressed for the weather, the angel wasn’t bothered by the cool air on her bare arms, tank top not doing much protecting at all. Cold rarely bothered her.

Lips in a straight line, eyes hyperfocused on the busy streets, Summer navigated the populated streets with a purposeful stride. What exactly was she looking for? Or who? She wasn’t sure if she even knew. Not consciously anyway.

Then she saw her, the familiar face from a few months back. They’d had a nice chat. Summer remembered her energy, it was so familiar. Could she be…? She didn’t want to dwell on it because it really didn’t matter. Hell, her siblings were vampires after all. Sucking in a breath at the thought, she nearly stopped short. Pushing forward, she approached the young woman.

Summer’s brown eyes crinkled as she smiled warmly. “Hello! Fancy meeting you out here!” Summer laughed almost nervously. Why was she nervous? Perhaps because she’d nearly marched over here, hell-bent on possibly finding this person? That wasn’t reason to feel nervous. Still, the feeling lingered. She parted her lips and heard words tumble out. “I actually was hoping to run into you. Our last conversation stayed in my mind. And umm...I guess I just wanted to see a friendly face.” Summer’s smile faltered as she looked off into the distance. A kit of pigeons fluttered around an old man tossing bits of a half-eaten sandwich. Licking her lips, she looked back at the girl. She felt calmer near her, similar to how she felt around Kiernan. Her voice was small, tight with barely kept in emotion. “My brother died. The one closest in age to me. I...I feel like a rudderless ship on a shoreless sea.” She laughed dryly, nothing about it funny of course. Face scrunching, she shook her head. “I’m sorry. What a weird thing to do- rush up to you and blurt out my sad life problems. You just...I remember feeling calm near you and wanted that again. Does that make sense?”
Elis Griffyn 10/16/17 Elis studies his phone, curious as to which bugger put the app on there to begin with. What was a Tinder? Who was Marcie? And where the hell had the home button gone?!
Tucker Reid 08/28/17
Summer 07/29/17 Talking to Marcie was easy, considering she’d only just met the girl. Something about her begged to keep talking. She was a good listener, a rare attribute. And so, Summer talked. “I read once that because of the very real and present danger in the Middle East, life is experienced with a little more joie de vivre than citizens living in more stable conditions. You are right- I think that does add to the exhilaration.” Smiling with eyes bright, she nodded. “Yes! It did absolutely feel like it connected with my soul!” Her brows twitched, also finding saying those words to be strange. But it was true. She hadn’t thought of it like that, but it was true. Face lifting in recognition, she grinned. “I feel the same way about cities. There was a time in the not too distant past where I was...definitely sheltered. “ Summer chose the words to describe the past seven years carefully. “Because of that, I don’t mind crowds of people at all. In fact, I love it. One of my favorite beaches in Sydney is Bondi Beach. It is so crammed full of tourists, you wouldn’t believe it. I am not sure many locals even go there. But I do. I love it. New York is great. I don’t go there too often, but it is an amazing city, no doubt about it.”

Having a bit of a gnat-like attention span, Summer was unfazed by the subject change. Smiling softly, she answered, “Yea, I have a few siblings. My parents were prolific.” She said the last word pointedly and with some distaste, complete with a wrinkled nose. “Probably another reason I don’t mind crowds.” She laughed lightly. “But yes, my sister Autumn is the one married to a techie guy. I’ve got, umm...two sisters and two brothers.” Her smile was smaller, a bit tighter as she did a quick, mental headcount of her still-living siblings. “Brothers are older and sisters are younger. Me, I’m smack in the middle!” Letting out a little laugh, Summer realized she was yammering on about herself. “What about you, do you have any siblings?”
Summer 07/26/17 Tilting her head slightly to the side, Summer listened as Marcie talked of her adventurous spirit. Eyes transfixed on Marcie’s hands as she adjusted her ponytail, Summer pressed her lips together. So much to say, yet so much experience in keeping it all in. Lifting the corners of her lips up in a smile, she said, “I very much enjoy adventuring and exploring new places. I’ve done a fair bit of it within the past year or so. Been all over now, currently residing in Australia. The weather suits me quite well down there.” She laughed lightly, knowing just how silly it sounded, what with her names and all. Her laughter petered off and her expression grew thoughtful. “I…we didn’t really have the opportunity to travel much growing up." Summer gave a small smile. Now there is an understatement, she mused. "It wasn’t until recently that I was able to actually take myself on far away adventures.” She brightened, brown eyes warming. “My favorite places are Sydney and Israel. Have you been to Israel? I find it quite grounding. For lack of a better term.” Her brows furrowed, not quite pleased with that description, but it was the only one that came to mind. She didn't know how to describe the feelings she had when there. Only that it felt good.

Her frown morphed into one indicating deeper thought, then turned into a sneer of sorts. “People actually came up to you that often asking where the loo was? Ugh.” She paused for a few moments, thinking. With a gasp, Summer looked at Marcie with laser focus and excitement. “There should be an app that tells people where the nearest loo is so they don’t have to ask strangers. It’d be called 'Piss Off'.” She grinned, laughing. “My brother-in-law is a techie chap. I ought to see if he could make that. I’ll split the profits with him.” Nodding her head sagely, Summer was quite sure she just figured out how to bankroll her next round of adventures. As if realizing she was still in a conversation, she looked back to Marcie. “Do you have any favorite places that you seem to return to again and again? I mean, besides home?”
Summer 07/25/17 Marcie’s lilting laughter was infectious. Nodding knowingly with a chuckle, Summer replied in agreement. “It has changed quite a bit. Were you gone for long? I ask because your accent seems lesser than someone who’s been here all her life.” Her tone was light, even though her curiosity was piqued. As with many, perhaps there was more to Marcie than one might expect on first glance. Then again, perhaps not. Perhaps she was simply an astute young woman who took notice with the many changes going on around her. So many simply looked down -metaphorically and literally- that they never noticed the world shifting around them nearly constantly. “I’ve never been to Amersham. The tourists can be a bit much in London, that is for sure. I don’t mind them terribly, never had too much of an issue with crowds. I lived in Brixton for a spell. Not many tourists in that neighbourhood. A bit dodgy.” She laughed, indicating she didn’t mind the place she laid her head for a bit wasn’t the poshest of boroughs.
Summer 07/24/17 Smiling warmly, Summer’s own brown eyes took in the slender woman. Her accent reminded her of home. Replying in her own British accent, heavily laced with an easy Australian twang, “I’m Summer Summers. Pleased to meet you, Marcie. Your accent reminds me of home- I’m from just outside of London. Haven’t been there in a while though. Whereabouts are you from?” Marcie’s accent being slight, Summer wasn’t able to pick up on exactly where the young woman was from.
Summer 07/24/17 *waves hello*
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