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Gavin McGrath
Killed: October 21, 2019 at 10:22 pm EDT
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Born: March 22, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Manannán mac Lir 09/23/19 -takes a defensive stance-
-raises fists-
Gavin! You approach a man like that you might get a punch in the face.
-drops hands-
Aye, there's another of me running around.
-leans in conspiratorially-
Never enough of me, am I right? Glad to see you haven't taken another trip to the grave.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/01/19 ~When the bearded man's words met her ears, she turned on her heel and walked toward him again. Stepping close, she raised a brow and reached out to touch his beard. As she spoke, she silently marveled at the softness of the facial hair beneath her fingers.~

Well? Should we try it again? Give you a chance to enjoy it properly this time?
Manannán mac Lir 09/01/19 "Well then, I will have to make good on that offer sometime soon."

Surprised at the colour in the other man's cheeks a lopsided grin hit his lips. Then his brain caught up with what the man was telling him and the grin slid off his face immediately. Thunder replaced his pleasant visage.

"Oh she did, did she? Kissed you? No! That is not her usual greeting. Gingers! Am I right? I have to go find her. Raincheck on the meal?"
Manannán mac Lir 09/01/19 "Well, look at you, if it isn't the pretty bearded man. Of course, you were heart broke, you were bound to miss me. Besides we never did get to have a meal together.

Holding out a palm in greeting to the hungriest demon he'd ever meet.

"Gavin, it's great to see you again. How've you been? And, you haven't seen my wife about at all, have ye?"
Harlowe mac Lir 09/01/19 ~In her search to find, and kill, the man she'd been married to, she spotted a familiar face. With blue flames blazing in her eyes, Harlie marched up to the sexy, tattooed man. Without a word, she reached up, tugged his head down and planted her lips firmly on his. After a long, thorough kiss, she pulled back, wiping the pink lip gloss from his lips.~

I've been wantin' to do that...forever. See ya around, sexy.

~She gave a wink before she turned and walked away, a sway in her hips.~
Marius Tournier 08/25/19 Congrats on pod again buddy
Marius Tournier 08/17/19 Congrats on pod buddy
Jared 07/21/19 "i never turn down food, and thanks, I appreciate it!"
Dita Morgenstern 04/26/19 Then she and I have much in common. [blinks.] Is she afraid of spiders like I am?
Dita Morgenstern 04/09/19 [swallows hard.] Spider?
[curious.] What kind?
Kyla 04/09/19 Gavin
He can be charming when he wants to be.
Just... be careful, aye?
Dita Morgenstern 04/04/19 [whispers.] It's human flesh though.
[eyes brighten.] Bojangles is a tiger and Matias is a wolf.
[soft smile.] They're my best friends.
Kyla 03/30/19 Gavin
You never know... he might like it.
No, I really don't know any of his kinks.
That is what it's called, aye?
Kyla 03/29/19 Gavin
That would be too easy.
He's good at finding people when he wants to. I told him he could find you himself.
Kyla 03/28/19 Gavin
You'll be drinking water this time around, mo chara.
Kyla 03/28/19 Gavin
You're precious to think you can and sweet to offer.
I don't know his kinks. It isn't a discussion we've had nor do I wish to have with him.
Besides, I don't kiss and tell.
Kyla 03/28/19 Gavin
Sounds like something he would say.
He's an... old acquaintance. We have a complicated history.
Kyla 03/28/19 Gavin
Is that so? What did he have to say about me?
Kyla 03/28/19 Gavin
Aye, eating people is bad.
There are exceptions... but let's stick to bad for now.
Dita Morgenstern 03/28/19 [listens to his stomach.] Duly noted. I'll go remove the 'meat' that is there for Bojangles and Matias.
[weak smile.] Not sure you would want to eat that to begin with be honest.
Kyla 03/27/19 Gavin
How are settling in this time around? Better than the last?
Dita Morgenstern 03/26/19 Yes! Dita.. [gentle smile.] It's good to see you back, Gavin.
Dita Morgenstern 03/25/19 You're back! [waves lots.] Welcome back!
Kyon-gel 03/23/19 "So what is your forte?"
Marah Whitmoore 03/23/19 +Marah smiled when she saw him in the halls of the coven.+

" Welcome back Gavin please dont pass again."
Alice Barbour 03/23/19 ~Alice giggles softly and blushes~
"You're way too handsome to be a roach. And I don't think roaches have luxurious beards like that."
Alice Barbour 03/23/19 ~The tiny woman approaches the tall man, admiring his beard, but still shy as ever~
"Welcome home, Mr. McGrath."
~She clutches her hands before her, wring them nervously.~
Edward Brollachan 03/23/19 "In that case, welcome back t'the Menagerie. Ye already know most o'the dear creatures, and ye may find a few new names as well."

When he mentioned Kyla, a single eyebrow arched inquisitively.

"Steady, ye say? Is that a thing? Aye, out paths have met and we move to a future together, as steadily as man and woman may go, nae?"
Edward Brollachan 03/23/19 He saw a familiar face, one that he had suspected would return from the Otherside.

"I see ye ha'e found yo'r way back through the veil between worlds, nae? Welcome back! Yo'r room at the Manse is as ye left it, should ye wish to rejoin the coven..."
Kyon-gel 03/23/19 "Know any good singers? I'm better with strings myself."
Kyon-gel 03/23/19 *laughing* "A time long passed... when the Realm was filled with voices. When knowledge was the true currency. When blood rained from the sky and zombies walked the earth."
Kyon-gel 03/22/19 I'm from the Way Back... I would not making a new friend, though!
Kyon-gel 03/22/19 Didn't know you, but welcome back anyway!
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
I prefer healing to killing, but will do what I must.
I'm here. Have you out in a minute.
You and Spindle.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
Good thing. I'd hate to have to kill you again so quickly.
Make friends with the spider. He just wants to be warm, too.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
I prefer my Scot over even Sean Connery.
See you in a little while.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
Don't forget the food and whiskey.
Hush and I will be there soon.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
Fair is not fun.
Didn't you know that?
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
I'll be sure to let him know if you manage to annoy him.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
There are fates worse than death.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
Aye, that one.
Soft isn't a word applied to him often, I'd wager, and would advise against you telling him so.
I didn't realize you knew me well enough to trust me.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
You're not bad, but I prefer a certain Scot.
Crutches, whiskey, and food. Got it.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
Technically, I think so.
Will crutches work? You're heavy.
Kyla 03/22/19 Gavin
Nice to see you keep your promises.
Earlier than I expected, too...
I'll be on the way shortly.
Does this mean I'm a grave robber?
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