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Born: March 05, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 2
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Jasper Thompson

Elisa Stratten


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New York[SL] Autumn Equinox Mixer
Created by Melinoe
Created by Janus
Created by Flahme
Flahme 10/12/19 "Yessss, my baby in the hot seat again!"

Flahme decided this was as good a time as any to steal some kisses from her beau. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she went to her toes and captured his lips.
Roman Godfrey 10/07/19 "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes?" Lips curved into a smirk as a single hand clasped around the man's shoulder. "It's good to see you, Janus."
Flahme 10/01/19 -grins-
Hmm, well it is fun not having to hold back. Some seem to dodge others aren't so lucky. I'm still learning my powers, or at least how to control them. But, I'm getting better.
-nods for emphasis-
Flahme 09/29/19 -leans in-
-grins and pounces-
My love, it's really you!
-holds and kisses-
I have missed you so much. I was about to try and burn your shadow ass.
Flahme 09/17/19 Landon
I don't know what's going on
But, be careful
There's no easy way to put this
There's another of me out there, a twin
Just remember, no matter what
I love you and wouldn't ever hurt you
Flahme 09/15/19 Janus
Something strange is going on.
I'm coming home, can't stay at the coven.
I'll meet you there.
Love you
Flahme 09/12/19 Laughter flows from her as she speeds away from him, only to stop dead at his words.
"I look forward to it!"
Flahme blows him a kiss as she turns and resumes her getaway.
Flahme 09/10/19 Finding Janus for one special moment away from their crazy current schedules, Flahme looks up into her lover's warm russet gaze then pouts and points to the red paint smear on her cheek. She had decided to leave it there thinking it makes her look like a warrior.

"Look what someone did to me! Kira is crazy to have us all playing this game."

Deciding not to tell him who smeared her with paint, in case he retaliated on her behalf, Flahme simply wraps her arms around him and raises her lips for a kiss. As the precious, heartfelt moment ends, she whispers softly with love shining in her eyes."

"I love you, and with this kiss...tag, you're it."

LillyEmperium 09/09/19 * from a darken corner in the hallway Lilly stood waiting before calling out* something for you... *At the first sign of movement she lobbed a balloon full of paint as she said* tag..... you're it
Flahme 09/06/19 Landon
I miss you so much.
Staying at the coven for now.
Come stay with me here?
I will try to get home, soon.
Melinoe 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Liam Moore via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Flahme 08/24/19 My Life
Covered in Gingers, every man's dream!
I promise to be back as soon as I can
Take care of yourself, or I will kick yo butt
Flahme 08/24/19 My Heart
I miss you so much, miss your kisses
I will be back soon
Don't forget to feed and love on Quincy
Flahme 08/19/19 Ice Man
Beach, sunset, drinks.
You and me naked.
Yessss! Gimme. That.
Flahme 08/16/19 My Heart
I might be a little longer with the assignment
Missing you already
Love you
Lark Harper 08/14/19 This had to be but a dream an overtaxed mind thought up. There were no such things as other Realms, no monsters that go bump in the night, nothing to watch over your shoulder for and yet... Here she was once more, stuck in what seemed to be a nightmare and she just couldn't wake herself up. Hands, shaking, carded fingers through her hair in some semblance of an attempt to calm herself. Fingers tense, tug, and grasp at her scalp as she tries to wake up. Again, and again, and again.

"Oh gods... This is a dream... This is just another dream brought on by too much revision and practicing... I'm not here... I'm not here... They told me this wasn't real, just a figment..."

Sine Metu She remembered that, and images of a snarky brunett comes to the forefront. Mackenzie . Oh gods, why was this happening now? To her? She needed to go, to leave, to get somewhere familiar, somewhere safe, but where?

"Sine Metu.... Mack.... Is... Is Mack still there? " She looked frantic and on the verge of a melt down, hands clutching at her shoulders as though she were trying to hold herself together.
Flahme 08/10/19 My Love
My butt is all yours.
Just say when.

Leigh Roberts 08/09/19 Thank you.
Flahme 08/07/19 While out shopping for her Santa Janus gift exchange she picked up a thing or two for her beau.

A couple of new t-shirts and a bottle of Jameson 18-year-old limited reserve.

Flahme placed both on the bed and it was at that point she got the text to go out for ladies night. Scribbling a message on a gift card she left it on top of the gifts

Just a lil something from me to you. Love Flahme xxx
Jasper Thompson 08/06/19 It had taken the better part of three days of non-stop working, but damn it, he'd done it. The old lady that helped him - understatement of the year, though she was not given a vote in the matter - lay dead on her floor and is most certainly being eaten by her nineteen cats, but that is no skin off his teeth. The finished product is beautiful.

If you consider mismatched patterns, terrible stitching, and bloodstains (all of them from his own personal supply) to be appealing. And he has a feeling, or at least hopes, that Janus does.

Sneaking into the shared space, he finds Flahme, but silences her with a finger to his lips, shooing their ginger cat off the bed with a gentle hand. With a flourish, Jasper spreads the quilt over their comforter, enjoying the lopsided way in which it covers the surface. There are no straight edges, the patches are different shapes, and he is fiercely proud of it.

Blowing a kiss to Janus' lady love, and with one final, loving glance at his handiwork, Jasper slips out of the room before he can be discovered as this particular Secret Santa.
Flahme 08/03/19 -bites her lip and grins-
"You are such a sucker for that cat, you know he will have both of us wrapped around his paw now?"
-pets Quincy-
-leans in, kisses her man's pouty lips-
Flahme 07/31/19 “This is me, moving in. There’s pizza and beer in the kitchen, and a ginger cat needing some attention. Love you!”
-blows kiss-

Flahme 07/29/19 Santa Baby
Is it the white hair?
So long as no one is sitting on your knee, except me, you will be able to handle it.
I believe in you!
BTW, there's NO getting my appetite under control.
It's not a thing. ;)
Melinoe 07/29/19 She shrugs her shoulders, face still fallen.
"'is fine. You don't have to say it to be nice, mister."
She hands him the plate and walks away.
Mel didn't often go out of her way to be nice and normal. She had always known that she was a tad bit... odd. She just didn't expect Santa to be so rude.
Jewel 07/29/19 Aren't you just the sweetest?
You just got my vote.

We are voting, right?

Melinoe 07/29/19 A pout instantly forms on her face as she hears his question. Her shoulders fall in defeat as she pulls the plate closer to her petite frame. Mel shakes her head softly, curls swinging.
"I tried really hard..."
Jewel 07/29/19 Well, that's different.
You see her nakie.
It's in the relationship by-laws to eat all unedible foods made by significant other.

I've already broken free from one contract.

Melinoe 07/29/19 She glances up at the man, eyes narrow as the wheels in her head churn. A tray of colorful, frosting slathered cookies resting in her dainty palms. Her head turns to the side as she puts two and two together, in a way that makes sense to her childlike mind.
"Are you Santa Claus?"
Roman Godfrey 07/29/19 How about instead of baked goods, I leave you whiskey and smokes?
Jewel 07/29/19 -scoffs-
Then it's all Chips Ahoy for you, buddy.
No home baked here.

Unless you enjoy your cookies dark? I mean black.

Jewel 07/29/19 So, I have to break you out..
Annnnd.. leave you milk and cookies?

This is bullsh-t.

Flahme 07/29/19 "You already do, all day and every night!"
-licks lips-
Flahme 07/29/19 "Yes!" -throws a fist in the air- "My baby gonna rock it, third in command."
Kira Garrett 07/29/19 Well this is f*cking rigged.
Congratulations on snagging the third in command position. For the time being.
Flahme 07/27/19 Ice Ice Baby
I am not seeing a downside to this.
We can make it look like someone else's fault.
Also, let's not get into the age thing, I don't want to be called a cradle snatcher!
I am over four hundred years old.
I'm pouting now.
Flahme 07/27/19
Ice Ice Baby
I am blushing right now, but back at you, only for you.
We could run romantic getaway tours there!
"Looking to put the heat back into your relationship? Then do we have the place for you."

Ice Ice Baby
You know you just want to be a ginger like me.
Just say the word, and I'll pick up some hair dye on my way home.
Though, I admit to loving your hair that colour, suits you.
Flahme 07/27/19 Ice Ice Baby
You are such a romantic!
I think I'm the lucky one. Oh, and Quincy will want to sleep with us. I vote no, on this.
Flahme 07/27/19 My God
Even when it sticks out every which way?
You give me serious bed head, just saying.
Flahme 07/24/19 -grins as her beau kisses her cheek-
"You're so good to me. I adore you."
-takes his face between her palms-
-kisses deeply-
"I'll bring the whiskey!"
Jewel 07/22/19 How many ladies does it take to keep Janus out of trouble?

You managed to break out Janus.

All of em'.

Elisa Stratten 07/21/19 Whiskey stained clothes, and bloodshot dry eyes came down on Janus like knives being cast in his direction. She wasn't going to cry over this one. Janus had no idea what this recking ball of a woman had endured while away. She'd admit she wanted him to feel her pain, but why spill tears over a man that couldn't keep it in his pants while his wife was being tortured and held captive by the state? She'd seen them together, once or twice. His new replacement. Who can blame him? She didn't even know his name the night they were hitched. And what's worse? He brought the woman into her home.

She wasn't even allowed to be mad. After all, she was the one that disappeared. The small blonde chucked her diamond ring at him, with as much might as she could muster. Her body was warn down and beaten to a pulp, and the ring probably missed him by a few feet. Smoldering eyes now watered, and she broke her attention from Janus and clutched at her chest. This feeling of abandonment, it shouldn't be there. This feeling of heart ache, shouldn't exist. Elisa turned herself away from the man, ready to find a drink. She needed something to numb all these new sensations. El would be damned if shed let a little jealousy get in the way of her celebrations tonight. She had bigger things coming her way.
Jameson Orlav 07/20/19 You're just so...
Jameson Orlav 07/19/19 -sniffs around-
Flahme 07/19/19 -grins and looks him over biting her lip-
"You would kick someone's ass for me?"
-fakes a swoon-
"What feathery friend? I must meet this creature!"
-looks about-
"Blonde thing is mean and nasty? Then I will kill her with kindness."
-snatches a kiss from him and goes in search of a bird and a blonde-
Flahme 07/18/19 "Psst, I have a problem"
-sits next to him and takes his hand in hers-
"Remember that blonde I stole some cash from to buy you the Jameson? Well, she's here, in this coven."
-looks about nervously-
"I need a peace offering. Any suggestions?"
Melinoe 07/18/19 "Is the lady with fire for hair your girlfriend?" Mel giggles.
Flahme 07/18/19 Flahme grins and winks at him.
"Thanks! Couldn't be apart from you."
Flahme 07/16/19 A laugh escaped her as he snatched the bottle. She now knew he would be thrilled when he found she put two more in the kitchen.
Katherine Murray 07/16/19 Thank you!
Flahme 07/16/19 Creeping up behind him, Flahme covered Janus's eyes with her hands.
"Guess who?"

Laughing she hands him a bottle of Jamison, then points to it.
"I had to filch some money off an irate blonde woman for that. Totally worth it!"
Roman Godfrey 07/14/19 A story for another time, eh? Roman was sure that Janus had quite a few stories up his sleeve. “That sounds like a plan. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities for tales. Tonight, we drink.”

Following the demons lead, he produced a cigarette of his own and signed softly as the smoke hit his lungs. He ran a quick hand through his hair, releasing a his puff from the stick. “Hmm, maybe I’ll end up getting in some trouble after all. I wouldn’t mind seeing my bondswoman.” He chuckled.

“I’m a whiskey man, but I can settle for a beer. What’s your poison?”
Jasper Thompson 07/13/19 Careful, Budget Thanos.
I'm already falling in love.
Save me a bottle, I'm on my way.
Jasper Thompson 07/12/19
Jasper Thompson 07/12/19 Oh, holy hell...
Are you here to play your love games with me?
Roman Godfrey 07/11/19 Roman chortled, giving his head the slightest shake. He was positive that Ave would be up for any sort of mayhem he encountered, but he was selfish. He enjoyed the time alone that he shared with his companion.
“She sounds like a hell of a woman. Seems like a good match to me. So, how’s this? If we get into trouble, we handle it like the men we are. We can raise hell with the girls next time. For tonight, let’s be two bros on the town.”
Flahme 07/11/19 Thank you! I've been lucky with writing partners, helping give me inspiration.
Warm hugs.
Roman Godfrey 06/30/19 A chuckle left Roman’s lips as he listened to the demon. He nodded, snuffing out the smoke. “If it’s the right woman, it’s all worth it. But, I may be a bit biased. A certain blonde temptress may have compromised my idea of relationships.”

Glancing at the wrist, the vampire checks the time. “Well, my schedule is clear if you want to find some hole in the wall and drink. Hopefully, we won’t have to call the girls to bail us out of trouble.”
Flahme 06/29/19 'Eligible bachelorette', Flahme couldn't stop laughing.
"My heart's already taken! Seriously, some demon dude came up and literally tore it out of my chest. He better be taking good care of it."
Roman Godfrey 06/29/19 A trail of smoke left the vampire’s parted lips as he spoke. “So tell me, when are we getting that drink? Or are you too busy now that you’re a free man?” The signature smirk was on full display as Roman took another long drag from the cigarette.
Flahme 06/28/19 “Most. Shipped. I got something that needs shipping…just sayin’”

Flahme 06/18/19 “Why thank you! I like to change it up now and again…variety and all that.”

Melinoe 06/17/19 A giggle leaves the woman’s lips and she curtsies. “That’s the sweetest thing I have ever heard.”
Mackenzie 06/16/19 Budget Thanos
Did you set my dinner free?
Tall. Blonde. With a tan.
Flahme 06/15/19 "One drink, I promise," she turned to head towards the exit when he reminded her how he slept and explained his other expectations.

Turning back to him she slowly wet her lips, then raised an eyebrow, "I could tuck, and I hope you remember I sleep nude too." With a sparkle in her emerald gaze, Flahme grabbed Janus by the hand and dragged Janus him out of the building towards a local bar before any other ideas stopped them leaving at all.
Flahme 06/15/19 Janus moved in close to her, very close, and she shivered when he brushed her hair over her shoulder. As she looked up at him, noting how tired he appeared, she altered her plan a touch so he could still get some sleep.

"I promise just one drink and no karaoke. You can even just nod now and again so I think you're listening to me. Then I'll get you home to bed," she decided not to clarify that last part in keeping with her current cheeky mood.
Flahme 06/15/19 Flahme leaned against Janus's door, her arms crossed since she decided they would go for a drink together. He wasn't aware of this yet, but she could be persuasive when she chose to be.

"Strawberry daiquiri or Pina Colada?" She said with a smirk as he walked up to her. Her suggestions were making her laugh as beer and whiskey were all she'd seen him drink. "Wait, wait, I got it. Wine Cooler! We're going out!"
Roman Godfrey 06/14/19 I'll even play nice and cover the tab. This time.
Word on the street from some of the ladies is to not listen to you, friend.
Looks like I'm just here to disappoint. Get in touch with me sometime.
Roman Godfrey 06/09/19 I've always preferred to drink whiskey, so kool-aid will be easily avoided.
I assume you speak from experience?
Flahme 06/08/19 Flahme's jaw dropped as she saw Janus at her door with a huge ginger cat. She held out her hands doing 'gimme' signals with her fingers and took the cat into her arms.

"Awesome! He's a ginger like me. Thank you so much, Janus. He will get loads of love back."
Flahme 06/07/19 Feeling completely shameless and bold, Flahme glues one of her badly made posters up on the door she is currently in front of then knocks.

“Janus, please consider nominating me for Most Promising Character (3-6 months old). I promise to come and remove this when the campaigning is done,” she smiles impishly then sprints off to put up more posters and throws over her shoulder. "By the way, lucky cat!"

Flahme 06/05/19 Flahme grinned and sank her teeth into her lip as she watched Janus eyeing the poster.

"Most shipped couple! You can roll with it? Then so can I.

She spun around and headed back the way she came then stopped and looked back over her shoulder and threw him a soft smile and a wink.
Flahme 06/04/19 In her haste she had ripped the poster off the wall and tucked it under her arm. When Janus opened the door and made his cheeky remark, a slow smile spread across her face and she bit her lip nodding at him before she realised what she was doing. Snapping out of it, she shook her head and held up the poster.

"This! Look at this!" she said a little frantically. "Who would have done this?"
Flahme 06/04/19 After leaving his apartment, Flahme happened upon a poster on an alley wall. She moved closer inspecting it not quite certain what she was looking at.

"Janus and Flahme. Most Shipped Couple. Holy crap!"

Freaking out she blinked back to his place and banged on the door with her fist.

"Janus! Janus? Have you seen these posters? About us? Janus?"
Averly Amoret 06/03/19 As coven mates, I'd be honored if you voted for me.

Flahme 05/09/19 Janus
We will always be friends.
I have a few things to finalise, then will be there.
That's okay I'm pretty enough for both of us.
Flahme 05/09/19 Flahme jumps at the sound of her phone, so engrossed in the book she was reading. When she sees Janus's name appear, she frowns and pouts a little.

I'm upset with you!
I will come to New York because I agree there is a lot to discuss and you are still my friend
Fair warning. I may singe your hair or your eyebrows. I haven't decided which yet.
Thank you for getting my things back to me
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 You are a life saver.
-very sincere-
I'll even share half of whatever you can get out.
-nods sagely before leading them somewhere... private.-
Jewel 05/07/19 No problem. I figured I should be nice to any man that Elisa hasn't, ya know, killed.


Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 -coughs-
It is my sensitive place...
-blinks deliberately-
Hence, the secret keeping.
Also, this really sets the tone for us, y'know?
Jewel 05/06/19 Welcome. Don't fear the kool-aid.

Very little crash.

Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 -brightens considerably-
Excellent, okay.
-deep inhale-
Mackenzie and I just got back from out of the country with... sensitive cargo that she made me swear not to hide in a... sensitive place.
-blinks, hoping he understands-
-and that he's not completely put off-
All the girls are on her side, and I just need some male camaraderie, plus I'll give you whatever you want, deal?
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 I have whiskey...
-considers, comes to a decision-
How's your secret keeping?
No lies, our relationship's on the line.
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 Budget f-cking Thanos.
-glares up and down-
Can your fingers fit in small places?
-arched brow-
Mackenzie 05/06/19 But did you die?
Mackenzie 05/06/19 You foul little f-cker.
-Points at-
Come along, Budget Thanos.
You're coming home with me.
Mackenzie 05/05/19 -glares-
I bought stock first.
Mackenzie 05/05/19 -sniffs at- smell...
Is that... is that eau du Elisa?
Flahme 04/03/19 Flahme blushed and laughed at being called a hot redhead.

"Why thank you, Janus. I do try to stay out of trouble...sometimes."
Flahme 03/30/19 You managed to break out Janus.

Flahme looks at him, lips twitching, her green eyes sparkling. "And I thought you had all the keys."
Kira Garrett 03/27/19 She couldn't help but roll her eyes as she laughed. "I don't know what I'm missing? That's a sweet sentiment. I can't remember the last time I missed something worthwhile. But what would I know?" She grinned at him, widely. She took a few long drags from the cigarette before continuing to speak. "S'nice to meet you, Janus. You know, if you dropped the J, your name would be that much better." She shot him a quick wink.
Kira Garrett 03/27/19 She narrowed her eyes as she brought the cigarette from her lips and pointed towards the man, "You look like trouble. And I feel like that may be a hard pass from me." She grinned and brought the stick back up to her lips, "Name's Kira."
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 Surprise flooded the young femme's features as he plucked the cigarette right from between her lips. She had no use for it now anyways, coming to the realization the lighter usually kept in her back pocket was nowhere to be found.

Nimble fingers rummaged through her bag to find a loose piece of receipt and a pen. El scribbled a phone number down, and slowly tucked the paper into his pocket with extra care. She wanted to make sure it was in there nice and snug. Elisa leaned in, her lips now brushing his ear.

"Call me when you're ready for that drink."

Smoldering eyes never faltered, even as she plucked the now lit cigarette from his fingertips. The small blonde took a nice long drag from the cigarette, offering a warm smile before disappearing into the darkness.
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 Smooth

"A man as suave as yourself should have women lining up around the corner. How should I have been so lucky as to have caught your eye?"

Her smirk never faulted, even while placing an unlit cigarette to perfectly pouted lips. Gray hues remained locked into the man's gaze.
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 "Well I guess you're gonna have to take a long hard look, hot stuff."

Flowing blonde locks cascaded down past her shoulders as she flipped her hair for dramatic effect. Stormy gray hues locked into him intensely, as if she were the hunter and he her prey.

"What's a girl gotta do, to get a man like you to buy her a drink?" Blood red lips curved into a smirk, and a playful wink followed.
Liana Ankov 03/12/19 Liana couldn't help but watch him. Walking past she brought up a hand waving hello. Stopping just within reach. "We haven't been introduced yet. I'm Liana."
Flahme 03/12/19 She looked at his hand, there was a lot of artwork here, not much space for her number but she managed to find a place and write it out, she spoke to him as she wrote.

“Janus. The two-faced god with the keys. Are you a god, Janus?

She looked up at him then and smiled a little since she had already told him her name.

“I’m Flahme. So there you have it now, you can call me whenever you like. You know, if you need help.”
Flahme 03/11/19 "I can always find time to help someone in need."

She fished a byro out of the small bag she wore across her body and held her hand gesturing for him to give her his.

"I'll give you my number, if you don't mind me writing on your hand, I don't have any paper."

She tilted her head looking up at him, her eyes momentarily shifting from green to red then back again.

"What's your name?"
Flahme 03/11/19 Walking the streets of NY gathering her thoughts on what was next on her agenda, she scents another demon. She smiles and walks up to the person.

"Hi, welcome to this place."

She gestures with her hands at their surroundings.

"I'm Flahme, if you need any help, let me know."
Raven D Morningstar 03/05/19 Happy to welcome new people. If you have any questions or just to chat my mail is always open.
Geoffrey Drake 03/05/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Loki Jones 03/05/19 Listening he reaches inside his inner pocket and pulls out the pack along with the lighter to go with it. A scuffed hand holds it them out. "Yeah here."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/05/19 NP if you need help just ask always around.
Loki Jones 03/05/19 Cig hanging from his lips as the cherry glowed softly from where he stood. Dark eyes peered out before he steps out enough to be seen. "Welcome to the realm man. Need anything give me a shout."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 03/05/19 Welcome to the realm! Names Bella need any help just ask!"
Raven D Morningstar 03/05/19 On behalf of Carpe Noctem and the demon mentor program welcome to the realm. I am Raven a mentor if you have any question or need help please feel free to ask!
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