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True nobility lies
in being superior to
your former self.
Born: November 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Sine Metu Mail Replies Sent: 62
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 8
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Mihas is more commonly known as Michael.
A variation of the Romanian Mihas.
Most people wont know his real name.
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party

Mihas Lovren's Biography

November 2, 1563 It’s six minutes to midnight. From somewhere inside a cold,
desolate cabin, a baby cries. There are no neighbours. Despite
the winter wind whipping tirelessly at the crevices in the siding,
the night feels like its stopped in its tracks. Something lingers
outside. It’s patient, and it’s hungry. A mother weeps for her
newborn son, cradling him in her arms as time creeps forward still.

Midnight strikes, and so does a fist at the door.

December 31, 1585 Twenty-Two years pass. A Romanian father
and his Croatian wife have long lived out the rest of their years. In
the centre of London, a strong heart flutters. It’s been raining for
days. It’s always raining. Each new drizzle brings the countdown closer
to an end. Time is a carefully constructed illusion. A boys life
bartered away for a promise. The past is simply borrowed time.

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Jamison King

Jasper Thompson

Fiona MacKay

Theodora Hawthorne

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RealmI've Been Everywhere.
Created by Mihas Lovren
Livia Vlcek 12/07/18 The honesty.. it was refreshing. Not about her glutes but her bank account, his only interest. With a quiet laugh, the Czech woman gave the departing man a wave. "I try!" Her body gently shakes with laughter. "You should keep trying too!"
Theodora Hawthorne 12/06/18 Theo grinned at his words despite her annoyance, appreciating the levity he injected into her otherwise massive headache of a day.

"Oh, they'll need a lot more than mercy with what I've got in store for them." She lifted her bag slightly with a mildly threatening raise of her brow before releasing a soft chuckle. "Thanks for trying to help a girl out."
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 She was minding her own business really, standing outside the old Ursaline Convent, contemplating if what the tour guide had said was true when someone decided to make grabby hands for the few large bills she carried. Maybe her pants were too tight, maybe the person found the twin firearms and decided against the theft. Whatever the case, Livia glanced over her shoulder, a dangerous grin turning the scarred flesh of her cheek inwards. "What.. No drinks or dinner first?"

Mihas Lovren just failed at stealing money from you!
Aleister Carlisle 12/05/18 Despite his best efforts, comedy had a tendency to go over his head unless it was that of a sarcastic nature. Light hearted antics never really appealed to the man. Once their hands released he would cross his arms over his chest. "No magic needed. Just fantastic genetics."Michael. A rather plain name in regards to the rest of the coven. Maybe that was a good thing. "A simple, but strong name. Don't worry, Mackenzie will find you a clever pet name soon enough."

Blue hues glanced around the area around them as he contemplated his answer. As he spoke his eyes would slowly find their way back to Michael. "Yes, our fearless leader has gone above and beyond to make everything to my liking. Now she seems obsessed with making me be social. And friendly." If he desired to show an emotion, it would be that of disgust. "A stubborn one, that Mackenzie."
Theodora Hawthorne 12/05/18 Theo raised a somewhat distressed stare at the stranger's kind attempt at assistance. "Any other day and I'd call you a genius. But," She sighed, "The guy I'm getting a gift for? He works for me. In my bar. Giving him liquor just seems.. I don't know. Lazy? Ugh. I'm so bad at this stuff."

She returned to fishing for the receipt, which she quickly realized was not in the bag. With a quiet curse of defeat, she crossed her arms over her chest. "No receipt." Amber eyes raised to her helpful compatriot. "Well... I guess I can always just use this to smite my enemies, right?"
Fiona MacKay 12/05/18 Multi-colored auras of others passed perpendicular to the two, just ahead. Some human, some the heat register from vehicles. Fiona's fingers leave the safety of the concrete wall and fall to her side. Here lies in the reason the Gael avoids large cities of small landmass. Her senses are on overload. There's apprehension. Posture stiffening, Fiona steps from the building and stops, there's no reason to look the bumbling fool to a fellow coven mate. "Ah def'nitely apprecia'e th'antics." She turns suddenly towards the man. "M'name's Fiona, ye can call m'Fi though." A hand raises, outstretched towards her dungeon angel. "Ah've got some shoppin' t'du, thenks again f'r th'elp."
Nicolas Laurent 12/04/18 The man who approaches Nico gets a heavy stare with a long-paused greeting. "I can say the same, but thanks, mate. I'm sure I'll see you around."
Mackenzie 12/04/18 Cheeky.

Mihas Lovren just failed at stealing money from you!
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 "Of course not. It is a common occurance to forget one's meeting then suddenly recall- Suddenly, it clicked. the man was teasing. "Ah, you are making a joke. Noted." Smooth as sand paper, Aleister was. His own hand reached outward towards the man's giving a firm shake before speaking his own name. "Aleister. You might have heard the name Blue tossed about."
Theodora Hawthorne 12/04/18 Somehow the stench managed to fill up the entire elevator carriage to the point that, upon the doors opening, everybody immediately got out. More than a few dirty looks were thrown her way, but she was too busy nursing her eternally ruined nose to notice.

Theo stopped a few steps from the door, hastily repackaging the heinous little stinkbomb. "What was I expecting? Not that. Jesus..." A southern turn to her words somehow managed to add another layer of distaste atop her statement. "I figured it would be something a little more... you know." She did her best impression of a sexy growl, which really wasn't good. Whatever, he'd get the point.

With a huff, she fished in the bag for the receipt. "I'm just trying to find a gift for a guy I work with, and I don't know what to get. Men are impossible to buy for."
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 -backtracks-
-points at the man-
"You seem familiar."
Jewel Saxton 12/04/18 Grinned, couldn't help herself. He was irresistibly charming whether he meant to be or not. Blood soaked and handsome. Jewel nodded her head finding his reasoning agreeable. "You're not wrong, sir.. Not at all." She'd wink.
Fiona MacKay 12/04/18 "Aye? T'e'ryone 'r just us?" Calloused fingertips drag along the wall, her steps careful. Hopefully the two wouldn't encounter any stairs, or kryptonite as she referred to them. "Well ah do apprecia'e tha'ye find yo'rself in trouble from time t'time th'n." A cheeky grin. "Helps m'out'f th'dunge'n that much fast'r."
Theodora Hawthorne 12/04/18 Amber eyes widened slightly, and she reached into the bag emblazoned with 'Spencer's' to lift and examine the back of the small black box.

"You've got to be kidding me... 'made with bits of real panther'? Huh. I guess that's how you know it's good. I did wonder why there was no tester, though."

Carefully, she opened the small box and unscrewed the top of the bottle shaped in the likeness of a snarling panther head, dipping her face down slightly to catch a whiff. Instantly alarmed, she yanked her head back and screwed the cap back on, pulling a disgusted expression. "Woah, nooope. Smells like pure gasoline. I need to go back upstairs."

Urgently, she repeatedly pressed the number on the elevator panel of the floor she'd just come from, causing the car to halt, then travel slowly back upward to a chorus of groans from the packed little room.
Jewel Saxton 12/04/18 -blinks; silently watching-
Wowzers.. Calm down, doll..
-hadn't known he was so violent-
-admittedly appreciates that about the man-
I'd ask if you were okay but I see you can handle your own..

You witnessed Mihas Lovren attack Remington Agnes!

Theodora Hawthorne 12/04/18 Does anyone actually enjoy Christmas shopping? Theo didn't. However, when you're a small business owner - especially when that small business is a bar and you hassle your staff on the reg - giving them a little something for the holiday is basically mandatory.

So, here she was, stuffing herself into an overcrowded elevator in a packed department store while internally agonizing over her first purchase. She was so harrowed today, she didn't even realize she still had some of her breakfast on her face - a thin streak of dried blood on her chin. Of course, not a soul had said a word.

Like any entirely sane individual, she turned to the man she was squished awkwardly next to, and posed a serious question:

"Hi, sorry, do you have an opinion on Sex Panther cologne?"
Fiona MacKay 12/04/18 Where was this angel the previous night? A rare smile given, Fiona stepped from the cell towards the man's aura as she heard the lock pop and the door swing wide. "It seems as'f ah'm. Lucky, ah mean. Thank ye.. ah w's mindin'm bus'ness n'th'city wh'n ah got caught'p in a situation."
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 -walks past-
-backs up-
-looks up and down-
"Hm... interesting..."
-continues walking-
Camille 12/03/18 LIsten here, b-tch boy.
-tosses fuzzy elf costume at-
Put this on and make me proud.
You’ll still be plenty pretty.
Mackenzie 12/01/18 Sweet Michael,

That's Jamison. I adore her. Reminds me of my worst self. You've really taken your life in your own hands. Your safety cannot be promised in closed quarters with her. I suspect that she might have set a cop of fire. Don't worry about the wig - we can cut off Jamison's hair and weave it together.

Now accepting hints on the gift,
Jamison King 12/01/18 LIES!
-brows furrow-
I was here first, buddy.
-thinks on it-
Perhaps, just maybe.. we can share?
Jamison King 11/30/18 -eyes-
Hey, hey! Coven weirdo position has already been taken. You can't come barging in and showing off all of your 'issues' and think you're gonna be taking over.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Okay.. whew! For a second there I thought you might be one of those easy sleazy types.
No worries. No matter how messed up I get, I don't sexually assault. Just wanted to see your stance.
Though, the teddy bear begs some questioning..
Jamison King 11/30/18 -...'s-
So, just so I have this straight.. I can sexually assault you as long as I don't dare touch your teddy.. bear?
-looks at him; concerned-
Jamison King 11/30/18 Boo, you wh-re.
Thought I was special.
I dunno. Smoother you? Sexually assault you? Matters the amount of drugs and alcohol I've consumed prior to.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Wait, you accept cuddles from possible stalkers?
Jamison King 11/30/18 -eyes over-
I'll be watching you..
..while you are sleeping.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Well, well, well..
Lookie at what we have here..
You following me?!
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Michael,

Flattered? Of course. I only ever pursue what interests me. You must tell me more about this nun. What did you do to deserve such negative attention? Did she cry? Scream? Faint? Did she live? Did she enjoy it?


P.S. *Dearest Mackenzie
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Michael,

It's been 24 hours. Still no letter. Are we still pen pals?

Have you broken up with me already, pal?

Jewel Saxton 11/27/18 "Thanks, I guess?" His comment on her name, not that it was common but it wasn't uncommon. Unlike Michael. Unsure with his hesitation if he were lying or not but it mattered not to her. She wouldn't judge. Everyone had their reasons for their lies and who was she to even accuse him of such. Michael. She'd repeat softly.

He'd make her laugh a bit at the bedtime statement. "No. No bedtime in awhile. Soon? You sure of that? Trusting? Hm.." Looking him over a bit. Some judgement slipped through. "I'm not too sure of that.. I can say from experience that some of the most trusting looking individuals could possibly be just the worst when it comes to just that." Cants her head. "But.. we will see." Spoken in a teasing manner. He seemed genuine. Pressed a kiss to the tips of her fingers before blowing lightly against them with a wink. Parted from him with the hope this wouldn't be the last she saw of Michael.

Mackenzie 11/27/18 Michael (if that’s your real name),

You wound me. Each and every member is hand-picked by yours truly, and my reasons are many. But you are right on one thing - you are quite pretty. It’s in your eyes, honestly. They’re incredibly haunting.

My favorite lighter has gone missing? Will I find it on the black market?

Two Johnny Cash stamps enclosed, you cheap b-stard.

Leviticus Walker 11/25/18 Jail wasn't something they liked. The figure they could see through the bars made them smirk. One glance from side to side, a cigar is pulled out from his shoe. Lighting it he stares at the other with newfound confidence. They adjust the hat they think is atop of their head, "These coppers. They just don't get it. A smile can get ya far, but a smile with a gun can get ya furtha'. Capisce?"
Mackenzie 11/24/18 Her eyebrows would raise in mock surprise at his answer, only followed by a slight shake of her head and a delighted smile. Honestly, this is all simply perfect. Different. Fresh. Very unlike the safety of the home she built. "Elvis? Please. Johnny Cash was clearly superior. But fine," she would ultimately acquiesce. "Elvis it is. But only because you said precious."

A wink would be bestowed upon him before she waves and backs into the room once more, mumbling something about how expensive it is to send mail within the same dwelling, albeit playfully.
Mackenzie 11/24/18 "You know," Mackenzie leans out the doorway of a room, head turning to catch sight of Mihas. A wicked grin crosses her features, prepared to lay it on thick. "I'm beginning to think you just don't like me. Still no name to speak of, you don't call, you don't write. Honestly, I've only one feeling left and it's hurting."
Camille 11/23/18 *smacks her lips and points*
Um, I think you have to do whatever I say.
Rules are rules.
Camille 11/21/18 *eyes skeptically*
Do you have any experience being a b!tch?
Nevermind. You’ll do. It’s been too long.
Mackenzie 11/21/18 "Well, that could be arranged." Seriously. It could. But she'd never do that. This one is far too enticing. No, she has other hopeful plans. "Have you, as in add you to my collection. I'd love to see how you grow."

Mackenzie smirks, telling of her stakes. "Be advised, though. I don't let my people leave unless they are taking opening a coven of their own." It's simply what she does. The woman loves to help create future Leadership, yet is more than happy to retain talent, as well.
Jewel Saxton 11/21/18 Would call him anything but shy. He didn't hold back and admired that about the man. Had found most men within the Realm had constantly tossed up some facade of being better than being themselves. Letting it all hang out there. To either be rejected or adored for themselves to her was a treat. It cut the bullsh-t right away.

Jewel was excited that he hasn't been playing when he spoke of them furthering their interaction. His movements were quick but steady, she'd reach for his cell and would begin to enter her digits within the device, leading to a small laugh. "It's Jewel. My name is Jewel." Looking up to him as she lifted his phone back to him after entering all he requested. "You wouldn't make me wait too long, would you?" She had stopped him as he was 'working' and he possibly had to get back to it.

Mackenzie 11/20/18 "I have a nose for talent," she would quietly joke. Mackenzie does not boast. It simply isn't in her nature. Still, she would gift him a small smile, and watches intently as he products the tin. Her brows would raise, and that small smile would grow before she produces a delighted laugh.

"So, you were going to steal something of mine and sell it to some witch? You are fascinating." There isn't a second thought as she takes a step forward, offering a hand. "I'm Mackenzie, and if you're just crazy enough, I'd love to have you."
Mackenzie 11/20/18 "Potential is interesting," she answers easily. Mackenzie is about to define herself, and everything she stands for. "Desire, ambition, quirks. You steal things, and it isn't about the thing. It's not material, which tells me there is something far greater that you aspire to possess. And naturally, my imagination does get the better of me." A soft shrug, and she smiles, "Your turn."
Jewel Saxton 11/20/18 Lips curled into a grin as she allowed his lean, once again he was in her personal space yet this time she had found great humor in it and in him. "I bet."

Seemed drinks it was but he would surprise her with the admission of his germaphobia. For someone with such wandering hands, she was shocked. He didn't let it show. "I make no promises but I'll do my best at keeping my distance from your drink and possibly you but again, no promises." He was already much fun in her opinion and didn't wish the opportunity to slip on by. "So, when should we take this drink? I feel you owe me one right away after the feel up. I always thought drinks came first but.. you know.."

Jewel Saxton 11/19/18 Snickered as he proved to be even more arrogant than she thought him at all possible. "Well, doll.. You are correct. I could be underestimating your abilities. Yet, you could be charged with the same crime." Twisting in her stance as she readied herself for any possible attempts of proof.

Relaxed slightly when in jest he challenged her to be an adult with her advancements. "You may have called my bluff, sir. Maybe a drink first. An attack between friends. We each could take a hand. Maybe a touch or more in between." With a wink, she'd laugh a little at herself.

Caoilainn 11/19/18 The air constraints around her fingertips giving her otherwise fae fingers the invisible needles prickling her flesh. This man was quick both in reflexes and in wit. “Aye.” Replicating his curt nod, before she squints up at him. “Fiosracht. Eascraíonn sé fadhbanna.” A slow mischievous smirk displayed in the reflection of her pale crimson lips. “Ye ‘re a qui-eck lad.”
Mackenzie 11/19/18 An amused huff escapes her at his laughter filled response, and Mackenzie squints for just a second as she finds her response. "Fine. Fine. No more questions." A drag is taken before she continues. "Kidnapping... hardly. I like to collect people of interest, and help them flourish in whatever way they see fit. And you are interesting."
Iria Visile 11/19/18 Iria let a bark of laughter slip between her lips as she leaned back against the cell wall watching the man fiddle with the lock to try and break free. She supposed that she understood his logic but her life as a creature of the night started in chains. Plus, she didn’t have any particular place to be at the moment so her rush to escape wasn’t as dire.

“Maybe there’s a little dog running around with keys. Or we can just kill the guard next time they do a check.”
Iria Visile 11/19/18 Iria canted her head to the side, a mischievous smile pulling at her lips before leaning in close to the person trapped in the cell with her.

“I could slip out, but what would be the fun in that. Being caged like an animal brings out the most basic, wild instincts in people. Don’t you think?”
Mackenzie 11/19/18 Mackenzie would waste no time in lighting up, offering to the stranger only briefly before dropping the items carelessly into her bag. “You collect things,” she offers a cheeky grin, “and I collect people.”

“What does it have to do with, specifically? What is it you collect? The actual it.”
Caoilainn 11/19/18 Once upon a time she would have answered the male voice with an English inquiry. But she wasn’t human anymore and the need of companionship wasn’t as desperate as it once was. She knew small bits of what the male spoke, but not enough. With a deadpan face, she curled sideways her own hand shot upwards in attempt to grapple his. “Cad?”
Mackenzie 11/18/18 A laugh would escape her at the quick wit, icy eyes lighting up with amusement. "You're a right piece of work," Mackenzie reach into her bag, pulling out one of her several bits of junk. This, of course, would be a pack of cigarettes and lighter. "Have you ever considered that perhaps it might be something far greater than just the material?"
Mackenzie 11/18/18 “Fair enough,” she mutters. Further explanation only further ignites her curiosity, and Mackenzie crosses her arms as she studies him. “I’d believe it. But what sort of things. Do you just take what you can find? Treasure it always? What if it’s junk?”
Jewel Saxton 11/17/18 Slightly taken aback -- only slightly. "Whoa, whoa, whoa.. Don't take offense so quickly, cherry. I was just saying. I never said I didn't enjoy the frisking. Plus, my legs can be ticklish and it all might end in some bloody jerk reaction."

Drew closer in. "I'll make sure to have a treat for you next time. What do you enjoy since you don't seem to enjoy hands? It's not easy to hide much else in this binding clothing."

Mackenzie 11/17/18 "Huh," her smirk widens into a grin. Mackenzie does appreciate those who speak up, always having been a fan of speaking ones mind. "I'm sure there are a lot of things you could be called, and precious is hardly the most insulting."

Her attention had, Kenz decides to pursue this just a little further. "What was it you were hoping to find?"
Jewel Saxton 11/17/18 Arms crossed defensively. "I'd pressume you'd know. It felt as if you were traveling." Cants her head as she squinted slightly. "You don't look familiar. Tourist or you looking to become a New Yorker?" Was far from ashamed of her forward nature. Didn't have time to be coy.
Mackenzie 11/17/18 The fumbling hand reaching for her bag demands her attention, and within seconds, her eyes follow the arm it is attached to and further, until she finally meets the man’s eyes. A small smirk would greet him, and Mackenzie inclines her head slightly. “Hello, precious.”
Jewel Saxton 11/17/18 Raised a thin, shapely brow as she looked to the man. "My generation? Well, they are quite tasty once you get past a few tiny bones. Small snacks is how I keep my girlish figure in tact." Gave him a once over. "Anyhow.. Not sure what you thought you'd find. Do I look like I have pockets in this dress?"
Jewel Saxton 11/17/18 Clears her throat ever so lady-like as she felt a stranger's hand. "Here in New York we keep whatever we find.. if you want to keep your hand, you might want to remove it from me." Crimson lips curled into a devilish grin before she snaps her teeth in his direction.

Mihas Lovren just failed at stealing money from you!

Jamison King 11/15/18 "Damnit. I should've known. Hands are everyone's thing. That's okay. I'd be willing to slap you around for a hand or even with a random hand. You might like it."
Kyla 11/15/18 There are many dangers in this world, including ones more dangerous than approaching strangers.
Kyla 11/15/18 You're welcome.
Being polite has me repeating myself.
Kyla 11/14/18 Welcome.
Jamison King 11/14/18 "Shucks."

"Really? You'd do that for me? Hands not your thing?"

Jameson Orlav 11/14/18 Entirely different kind of predator.
Jamison King 11/14/18 -grins-
"D'aw. I like hands. You have nice hands. I just wanted to keep 'em."
Jamison King 11/14/18 -contemplates-
"Please die."
Jameson Orlav 11/14/18 You smell... Interesting.
Pandora 11/14/18 She smiled softly walking up to the newest member of the realm. “Welcome to the realm!”
Lena Prince 11/14/18 Welcome home, let me know if you need any assistance
Jamison King 11/14/18 "Welcome. Please die. I mean, don't die! Don't die."
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