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Jsi můj svět.
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You were successful in stealing $122,151.00 from Mackenzie.
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Liam Moore 12/16/19 Liam bit his lip as he placed the wrapped gifts in front of their doors, he had to give them something for Christmas but they weren't easy to shop for. So he simply decided to go for a gift that was somewhat comedic but he also felt it came from the heart. He would knock on the door before turning to leave he wasn't even certain they were within their chambers but Liam had lots to do and wouldn't creepily linger.

When they would find the gifts they would be wrapped in overly colorful wrapping paper adorned with bows, and a little tag stuck to them.
Merry Christmas! I hope you like these.
Love your favorite pain in the ass,

When unwrapped each would be reveal a mug, one would say #1 Mom and the other would say #1 Dad.
Jewel 12/13/19 Mr. Orlav.
You get what you give.

Jameson Orlav just stole $0.00 from you!

Bishop Orlav 12/10/19 -leans against-
"Mmm yes, twas a grand getaway. A much needed one."
-looks up at him-
-cracks a grin-
"However, I am glad to be home. Our home."
-looks around suspiciously-
"Yes, the silence is quite... unsettling. Should I fetch the pots and pans?"
Bishop Orlav 12/10/19 -drops bags-
"Same as we left it, non?"
-crosses arms-
"I suppose the kids can be left unattended. Color me impressed."
"I was expecting more blood about, truthfully..."
Gray Taylor 11/30/19 J. Orlav
Lately, I have considered a great many things.
Most of all, my place in this world.
It's time for me to go home, Orlav.
With your blessing.
Solomon King 11/12/19 With a soft, pained grunt at the surprisingly strong grip upon his hand, he deftly twisted his fingers from the man's hold.

"I don't. Might be smart to keep an eye on you and yours."

Refusing to show or acknowledge the bruising already welling beneath the skin of his arm, the hulk of a man took two steps back before turning and stalking away.
Mackenzie 11/10/19 You're just like your father.

Jameson Orlav just failed at stealing money from you!
El Orlav 10/21/19 James
I feel like you're doing lifts without me.
Liam Moore 10/20/19
Mackenzie 10/12/19 Jameson
I'm in L.A.
I'm sure your second favorite person would be a great alternative.
Liam Moore 10/11/19
Mackenzie 10/11/19 Jameson
What'd you break?
Liam Moore 10/10/19 Stares at
Bishop Orlav 09/24/19 -crosses arms-
"I'll go do another perimeter check."
-purses lips-
-glances at Jameson-
-looks back at the floor-
"Check the West hallway. You tend to leave leftovers there more frequently than not."
-brushes past-
Bishop Orlav 09/24/19 -arches brow-
"The new member has cats. I held them for him."
-and snuck in to pet them more but would keep that to himself-
-is still avoiding eye contact-
"Where the hell is what?"
Mackenzie 09/22/19 Chin held high despite the climate, she glances at Jameson as she passes by, immediately trying to discern if it is him. The pauses in her step before decidedly coming to a complete stop, sights trained downward toward the floor. "Your first meal."

The only way to figure it out, is to ask the right questions.
Mackenzie 09/18/19 Jameson
We will talk at the mixer.
Make a plan, get everyone on board,
take back what is ours.
Mackenzie 09/18/19 Jameson
I just got here and our home is overrun.
No. I’m not okay.
Mackenzie 09/18/19 Jameson
Are you safe?
Elowen Jocosta 09/16/19 -stares at-
-walks up to-
-stares at harder-
"What the hell is going on? Why did you ignore me earlier? What the feck is happening?"
Jewel 09/16/19 What the flying fvck?
-shook her head-
I know your man isn't exactly any fan of mine but damn, you don't have to be so damn crazy.


Melinoe 09/16/19 Shifting Beetelgeuse to one arm, she tossed the other around his torso. She had no idea how the man would react, but whatever was happening had started to impact what she was. For the first time, Mel was experiencing fear. "They're gone." Her voice cracked as large tears fell from her eyes. "My powers are gone and Mackenzie isn't here and I'm scared."
Melinoe 09/16/19 "It wasn't long after Mack sent out a group text. I was leaving my room. You were in Sine, walking around the tunnels. You walked around the corner and I couldn't find you." Her voice grew even smaller as she swallowed. The girls throat felt tight as she felt the air around them shift. Something was nearby, watching. "I don't know where she is. Or Jasper. She told me not to look for him. I don't wanna be by myself, but she said not to trust anyone." Her eyes were wide and pleading as she brought her gaze level to his. "Please don't make me regret trusting you right now, Jameson."
Melinoe 09/16/19 Her words were a whisper as she took a cautious step away from him. Curls swayed from side to side as her teeth gently gnawed at her bottom lip. “No, you aren’t. At least, not right now. But, I saw you earlier. You seemed... off. Your smile was so wide and the air around you felt like ink. It made me uncomfortable. But, you feel like you now. But Mackenzie said not to trust anyone and to hide... Jameson, what’s going on?”
Melinoe 09/15/19 Everything was... off. And it was causing a throbbing pain to develop between the girls eyes. Her brown orbs darted from side to side as she held the tank containing Beetelgeuse closer to her chest. The backpack was heavy on her shoulders as she hurried through New York, looking for somewhere for her and her little family to hide. Taking a moment, to glance down at the creature in the plastic case, she made firm contact with a body. Wild eyes met the man's face as she pulled her pet closer to her body. "Are you a strange Jameson? Or are you the regular Jameson?"
Virelai Tylwyth 09/15/19 Yule had been taking the time to tour this new home that she was suddenly a part of. The invitation had caught her off guard. She was a little odd at the best of times. But she had seen them around, leaders weren't exactly inconspicuous. And she was intrigued. She really did just want to fit in somewhere. It couldn't be with the humans and she had been taken from her home and left to wander for so long as a spirit that she had no idea how to interact with even other supernatural creatures. Not that she had met many before the death of her previous body so long ago. It was just her luck that her first time out in the world had resorted in death at the hands of the only other living creature she'd ever met that wasn't an animal. Go figure.

So it really wasn't out of any sort of disrespect that when she saw her new Leader stroll past her and caught sight of his wallet hanging halfway out of his back pocket she decided to have a peak. He seemed distracted anyway, not that she had any real basis to go on since she'd hardly even spoken to the man. And old habits die hard as they say. So she turned on her heel as he continued down the hallway and casually trailed behind him. She was pretty stealthy and went easily unnoticed so she didn't suspect anything was strange.

She reached out and plucked his wallet just as he made the perfect step and turn to round a corner, the weight shifting and the slight tug wouldn't hardly even be noticeable. But when she opened the wallet she was quite disappointed. $75.00 That was it. And that, to her, was unusual. She had expected a leader to carry at least a little more cash on him. Frowning, Yule watched as he turned another corner at the end of the hall and then sighed. No point in keeping the wallet. She jogged to catch up to but when she got there he was out of sight. And she wasn't certain which way he had gone. Of course, she could just return it later.

So she turned to go back the way she had come – and ran straight into his chest. Holding her nose she stumbled back a step and looked up, startled. “Oh, um. Hello. This. This is yours.” She held out the wallet gingerly, trying not to cringe. Maybe he's caught her swiping and came back to get her. “Sorry. The temptation was too great. But you sure don't carry much cash on you, do you?”

You were successful in stealing $75.00 from Jameson Orlav.
Victor Lockheed 09/14/19 Crying into my pillow because everyone's found a man except me.
Any tips?

Not like that.
Mackenzie 09/14/19 -doubles back-
What did you just say to me?!
-cracks knuckles-
Mackenzie 09/14/19 You should probably stop drinking so much.
Melts your f-cking brain.
-waves off-
Crazy b-stard..
Mackenzie 09/14/19 -swats-
Bishop Orlav 09/14/19
Liam Moore 09/13/19
Bishop Orlav 09/11/19
"Mmmmm, Dnes večer vypadáš skvěle, má lásko."
Liam Moore 09/09/19 Stares at
Jack Horton 09/08/19 Mackenzie will never kill me, Jameson. She doesn't have it in her. Same reason Tanvir is still walking. She's a coward and far too attached.
Jack Horton 09/08/19 Because you only do what Mackenzie tells you. Don't think I don't know how it is. Must be a f*cking depressing existance being so utterly under the thumb of your sire. Remember free will, Jameson? It's nice. You should try it out sometime.
Jack Horton 09/08/19 That's it? That's the best you can do? Seriously?
Jack Horton 09/08/19 My upgrade? From Mackenzie? Jameson, any available ars*hole is an upgrade from her.
Jack Horton 09/08/19 My sweet man, I promise you that you'd thoroughly enjoy yourself and forget all about that second-rate piece you call a husband. Though, well, at least he's an upgrade from that old wife of yours.
Jack Horton 09/08/19 Sweet Jameson, don't go making such promises. We both know how much you'd enjoy yourself doing that. You're only going to go get yourself all worked up.
Jack Horton 09/08/19 COWBOY?!

Bishop Orlav 09/06/19 -gives into the tugging with little restraint-
"I quite agree. I believe she would just be ecstatic to have the opportunity."
-slides arms around him-
"I suppose we should start packing our bags, hm?"
Bishop Orlav 09/06/19 "Mmmm mon ours, such a sweet talker."
-one more peck-
-releases his chin-
"In house babysitter you say?"
-grins wide-
Do you mean your mommy dearest?"
Bishop Orlav 09/06/19 -grabs his chin-
"I have a feeling we can change that mundane part."
-brings his face close-
"I feel we could use a little get away, non?"
-gives a peck on the lips-
Bishop Orlav 09/06/19 "Black. With red hearts. The other has Elvis lyrics."
-tries to glare-
-can't help but smile-
-rolls eyes-
"I will be sure to fawn more often."
-offers envelope-
"Mirbeau Inn and Spa. Rather quaint. Delightful scenery. Open bar."
Bishop Orlav 09/06/19 -keeps pulling-
"Obscene? What is obscene is being offered silk boxers and books on gratifying sexual relations from our members because of your outburst."
"At least we got hotel reservations out of it."
-pulls out envelope-
Bishop Orlav 09/06/19 -snatches him by the ear-
-gives a pull-
"Not fawning enough, hm? Neglecting my marital duties you say?"
-pull pull-
Melinoe 09/05/19 "It's your home, mister Jameson. I don't wanna make you mad... again. Sorry about poking your face... That was rude." Her gaze fell to her feet once again.
Melinoe 09/05/19 Melinoe kicked the ground a bit, slowly bringing her gaze to meet the mans. "So, would it be okay if I stayed with Li while we planned our party? I promise that I'll be good, mister Jameson."
Liam Moore 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Melinoe via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Liam Moore 09/03/19 Stares at
Elowen Jocosta 09/02/19 -sighs-
-wraps arms around self-
"Thank you for your help....I-I should go."
Bishop Orlav 09/02/19 "I have tried, mon ours, but she is not like us. I cannot properly train if I do not know what exactly she is."
-leans into his touch-
"Maybe, if I can find out more about her origins I could decipher a way to help her."
-looks tired-
"Helpless is an emotion I despise. And yet, here I am, feeling it."
Bishop Orlav 09/01/19 "I swore I'd never have children. Now, here I am, with a coven full of them."
-looks up-
-narrows eyes at him-
"I blame you. Completely."
"First, we must figure out what to do. I know how to bring her back from her episodes but who knows how long that will work. If only I could find where they changed her..."
Bishop Orlav 09/01/19 -runs fingers up his back-
"I sympathize with her. The trauma she had endured I am not surprised at her current state of mind."
-nuzzles him-
-starts to relax a bit-
"And I am sure she is feeling lost. She's one of us, but also not. All my training and I was never prepared for this."
Bishop Orlav 09/01/19 -wraps arms around him-
"We must do something about Elowen."
-sighs heavily-
"The slightest shift in atmosphere or situation sends her reeling into a paranoia induced episode. I am at a loss on what to do."
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 -wraps arms around-
-hugs quickly-
-takes a step back-
"I don't know who I am anymore."
Bishop Orlav 09/01/19 -is massaging temples-
-rests forehead against Jameson's chest-
"These children are going to be the end of me."
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 -looks away-
-bites lip-
-steps closer-
"Do you promise? To help me?"
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 "He didn't really let me. He came back and he was bleeding and I kind of attacked him. So then he bit me and then threw me across the room."
-takes a step back-
"Jameson,I'm sorry but I don't know what the feck I am or what is wrong with me. I'm not human, I'm not a vampire. Or I am, kind of... I don't know. All I know is this fecking hurts and I don't know what's happening to me."
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 "Yes, fecking Liam did this. He threw me against a wall because I lost control a little and my fecking bone snapped in half and then, I got hit by a fecking car!"
-throws arms up-
-cries a little-
-cradles cast arm-
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 -stares at-
-has cast on arm-
"So apparantly, I'm not normal. Obviously, but I mean vampire normal."
-points to broken arm-
"I dont really least not as quickly as the lore promises. Do you have any idea what the feck that means?"
Bishop Orlav 08/31/19 -happily accepts the kiss-
"Baby, I was made for you."
-devilish grin-
"Let us paint the tunnels red."
Bishop Orlav 08/31/19 -swoops under his arm-
-is now infront of him-
"I thought as such. Didn't sound anything like your work."
"How about we show her how messy we can really be? Hm? Give her something to complain about, non?"
Bishop Orlav 08/30/19 -comes up from behind-
-wraps arms around him-
"Mon ours... I heard you made a mess."
'Your mother is not pleased."
Mackenzie 08/30/19 I swear to f-cking God, Orlav.
When I find Victor...
Mackenzie 08/30/19 You left a f-cking mess on the stairs.
Bishop Orlav 08/28/19 "Don't mind me, amour. Just passing by. Nothing going on here."
Bishop Orlav 08/27/19 Following the man's gaze his own eyes fell upon the symbol of their marriage that graced both hands. For so long Bishop had hidden the band to avoid attention from prying eyes. A time or two he had actually lost it while keeping their marriage a secret. After a short while an attachment had started to develop with the metal band to the point it never seemed to leave his finger. He stopped hiding it, became more open. Now, he was finally ready to be known as Bishop Orlav.

Watching the ring leave his finger a concerned look was given to Jameson. He trusted the man more than any other yet still he was uneasy with the jewelry being removed from his finger. "What are you-" Words stopped at the replacement his husband offered. Moments like these were what kept him grounded. In the light of Jameson's love his insecurities seemed so small. For a few moments he admired the ring in awe at it's simplistic beauty.

Gazing up at his husband he began to follow suit. From his finger the old ring was removed. Taking the new one from him he slowly slid it onto his digit, a content smile present on his visage. "Jsi můj svět," he mimicked. After the ring had been placed he reached up to Jameson's cheek, pulling him closer for a loving kiss. A thank you of sorts for all he had done. All they would do. And there were plenty more thank yous to come. "Now. And forever."
Bishop Orlav 08/27/19 Feeling the man's arms coil around him Bishop leaned backwards into his husband's embrace. Try as he might the jubilant smile that spread across his visage could not be restrained. Resting his head against Jameson's he chuckled softly. "Congratulations, you found me." Though he'd have preferred the embrace last a while longer he was content with the man's hands in his own. Intertwining their fingers he gave a curious look. "Oh, do you now? What ever could it be?"
Liam Moore 08/26/19 Stares at
Elowen Jocosta 08/26/19 -walks up to-
-says nothing-
-wraps arms around-
-hugs tightly-
Bishop Orlav 08/26/19 A miluji tě víc každou noc.
Mackenzie 08/22/19 It is easy to hunt the hunter when the hunter is in your own back yard. Creeping up behind the man, her own prideful, vengeful creation, she taps his arm before taking off, calling over her shoulder. "TAG!"
Virelai Tylwyth 08/22/19 Yule gave a small half-bow and smiled. "Thank you, kindly."
Roman Godfrey 08/22/19 Just... meeting the neighbors I suppose.
Roman Godfrey 08/21/19 -sniffs-
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -sputters-

-tosses Jameson's clothes, as well as the rest of his own, back on the shore-
"As you wish, mon ours."
-swims after-
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -accepts the underwater kiss-
-is literally in a wet dream-
-surfaces, laughing-
"I think I will take that as a win."
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 "I've heard I'm quite good, actually."
-another playful growl-
"My man tearing the clothing off me? Oh, definitely."
-is giggling and laughing the whole way-
-finally gets close to the water's edge-
-grasps onto Jameson-
"Omae wa mou shindeirou."
-leans back, falling towards the water with hubby in tow-
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -coy grin-"Are you?"
-steps closer-
"Or do I just let you think that?"
-clicks tongue-
"I thought you were gonna take my pants off?"
-looks disappointed-
"Or are you simply just not quick enough, hm?"
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -tries not to laugh-
-shakes head-
"Blbnout?! Oh, you're going to get it."
-pushing Jameson off of him, he tossed his shirt off-
-gives a playful growl-
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -watches his shirt be removed-
-admires the view-
-goes deer in headlights as he is tackled-
-thuds on the ground-
-is now laughing his @ss off-
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -smiles-
-wraps arms around torso-
"If you crush, just promise me you'll get me a pretty coffin and not just throw my body in a hole."
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -follows-
-laughing all the way-
"Then why did you ask for one?!"
-catches up-
"Now the lake? Amour, what are you planning?"
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 "Why do you think I just carry a mirror with me? So I can powder my nose?"
-laughs joyously-
"Amour, you know I'm past that. Come back, come back."
-begins to follow-
"I will help you find a mirror."
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -giggles-
-throws arms out-
"Hug me!"
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -stumbles up-
-isn't stealthy-
"Boss man!"
-attempts to smack rump-
-smacks thigh instead-
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -laughs softly-
"Oh, I do adore you."
-arches a brow-
"A mirror... uh... I have a polished knife?"
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -pats his cheek softly-
"Bothering me? On the contrary, I am very pleased to see you."
-presses a kiss to his cheek-
"You are going to stay right here with me. Got it?"
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -is in pure bliss-
-bites back laughter-
"Ah, you get happy hm? What is the occasion?"
-helps hold him steady-
"Oh, mon ours, such a charmer."
-smiles lovingly-
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -blinkblinks-
-grabs his hands-
-can't help but smile-
"Mon ours, are you drunk?"
"Without me? I am hurt."
Liam Moore 08/20/19 "Sooo what did she do? Just aking so I don't do it. Her poor face will never be the same."
You witnessed Jameson Orlav attack Beatrice Abbot!
Stares at his "Father" very concerned.
EtaineNightBreed 08/20/19 You managed to break out Jamison Orlav. "Time to get your are out of Dodge!" 🐎
Flahme 08/19/19 You managed to break out Jameson Orlav.
"You see? Sometimes I steal from you, sometimes I help you out of a dungeon. Sometimes I might singe your eyebrows for a laugh."
-grins impishly- "You never know what you're going to get."
Elowen Jocosta 08/19/19 Elowen walked through the dungeons, a sickening feeling eating away at her insides. She didn’t like this, she didn’t like to see these people caged up like wild animals. Her own freedom had been stripped from her from behind locked doors and she could bear the thought of these people rotting away in cells. Her shoes softly scuffed along the floors as she swung the stolen key around a single finger. Stopping in front of one cell her head tilted to the side, a mischievous smile folding onto her visage.

“Well, well. Look how got caught. Do I get a prize for saving you? Perhaps, free touches for a month with no threats of dismemberment?” Chuckling softly, Elowen slipped the key into the lock and slide the cage open for her Coven leader.

You managed to break out Jameson Orlav.
Bishop Orlav 08/17/19 Freezing in place, the name douses his body in a sharp pain. Little weak Augustine. Hearing it from Jameson's lips it was easier to swallow, despite the reasoning for it. Even with his gaze elsewhere Bishop could feel the fire in his gaze. "A support can hold only so much, non?" Panic had begun to take over. He was on the defense. From Jameson's grip his hand was yanked while his gaze still did it's best not to meet the taller man's.

Still, his features remained statuesque. "There's nothing to work. The past can remain there, you needn't concern yourself with it." Clenching his jaw he crossed arms over his chest in the way he used to when they first met. Another layer of protection. He was retreating back into himself. "This whole situation has nothing to do with you so, if you don't mind, keep out." At that, he attempted to go for the door. Jameson couldn't see any of what he held within; ever.
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 Could he, though? The possibilities ran through his head. Percentages on the outcomes given certain conditions. As of late, though, Bishop had been relying less on them on account of the fact he had begun to walk the path he had less than a one percent chance of walking. He had begun to question himself quite a bit lately.

Insecurities began to grow heavy on him. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. It wasn't that he didn't believe Jameson thought he could handle it; it was the fact his husband may not have known what he was signing up for.Panic began to replace the rage. His features revealed none of his inner turmoil but they were rather blank. Emotionless.

Like how he used to be.

"Truly it is nothing. Don't concern yourself with it." He needed to change the subject. In an attempt to move on from the situation he tried to depart from Jameson. "I will deal with it as I always do."
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 Jameson always seemed to know just what to say. The thought of Matias' elimination by his husband's hands caused the build up of anger to elevate to a simmer. Blue, distraught hues gazed upwards at the man. Thus began his internal struggle. Would his past ever cease to haunt him? A heavy sigh left the man.

"Sorry, sorry. I just ran into an old...acquaintance. From my last life."

Leaning his cheek into his husband's hand he attempted to calm his nerves yet in the pit of his stomach the insecurities began to rise. He didn't want Jameson to know. He couldn't know. "It just sparked something in me. I did not mean to cause an alarm."
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 -stops-
-looks at Jameson-
-keeps going-
"Qui pense-t-il être? Pour arriver ici. M'appelant par mon nom."
-forgot how to English-
-reaches arms out for hug-
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 -storms into room-
-starts pacing-
-is visibly upset-
-doesn't say anything-
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 "You are right. Maybe I should dial it back."
-definitely not happening-
"Yes, yes, allons-y, allons-y."
-ushers him off-
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 "Aw, but I love teasing you, mon ours."
-runs hands down his shoulders to his chest-
-in a hushed tone-
"Why don't we go look, hm? There may even be some toys down there i'm sure you'd enjoy."
-presses a kiss to his cheek-
"I did ask if you were hungry, mon amour."
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 -wraps arms around his neck-
"Why share details when I can show?"
-coy grin-
"Maybe I kept one alive?"
"Maybe, it's a hunter. One who caused a few of these bruises. Quite skilled."
-looks innocent-
"Quite the screamer, too."
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 purrs-
"Of course not. I made it last."
-wraps arms around him-
"Not judgy. Protective. Possibly, upset I didn't invite you to the fun."
-cracks a smile-
"I understand, I understand. I'd have involved you but this was a bit... personal."-bites at lip-
"I would have loved to see you work..."
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 "I would never lie to you, mon ours."
-rolls eyes-
"Truly, it's nothing. You should see the other guys."
-looks at him-
"I needed... information so I went and... got it."
-is very nonchalant-
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 -is pullEd closer-
-flinches at the prodding-
"They are tender, stop."
-swats at the hand-
"They are nothing."
Bishop Orlav 08/15/19 -walks up to-
-may have a bruise on his face-
-and arm-
-a few actually-
"I'm hungry. Are you hungry?"
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 -lets out a laugh-
-just lets it happen-
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 -bites lip-
-is loving this nonetheless-
-looks surprised-
You have been practicing, mon ours. Hmmmm..."
-waggles eyebrows-
"Montre moi ."
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -chuckles-
"I like her. She's plucky. She tries."
-looks up-
"She is much like you. So how could I not like her, hm?"
-still sways even without music-
-grins at the French-
"Mmmmm again. Say it again."
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -watches him-
-is still smiling all stupid-
-rests head on his chest-
-sighs happily-
"Yes, lucky me. And you. I'm a total package."
-starts to sway, humming a tune-
Melinoe 08/13/19 -scrunches up nose and backs away-
Melinoe 08/13/19 -glares-
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -whispers something-
-gives ear a soft bite-
"I am well aware, mon ours."
-does own nuzzling-
-whispers quietly-
"We're married. Forreal."
-smiles stupidly-
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -tries to keep a straight face-
-gigglesnorts almost instantly-
-wraps arms around him-"Imagine what a whole bite would do."
-gives playful growl-
"I have a secret to tell you."
-gestures he come closer-
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -tries to walk sexy-
-walks clumsy-
Look at you, looking like a sexy, uh, sexy zvíře."
-looks proud-
-produces a bottle-
"I saved you some."
Cole Ward 08/13/19 "Po vás. Přináším zbraň jen pro případ."
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -stumbles into room-
"Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?"
-smiles sweetly at Jameson-
"Come here, uh, often?"
Cole Ward 08/13/19 "budeš mě zastřelit bratr? Mohl bych jít na pití. nebo tisíc nápojů."
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 Look. Not any old hands will do.
But, fiiiiine, not yours.
I need to know if they grow back.
Research. It's important.
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -stares-
I need a hand for something.
You will help, yes?
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 Mon Ours
ill try to find you.
Halls areconfusing.
Ugh I wanna hear you saying.
Your voiceis like sextomy ears.
Shes fine. We r fine. Everythins fine.
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 Mon Ours
I am. Very.
Noura neededa drink.
And talk.
Ifyou ever treatme like Cole did herr, I'll killyou.
AndI don't want too kil lyou.
Because you're my husbamd.
Were married.
Cole Ward 08/12/19
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 Mon Ours
That Coole issum piece of werk.
I'mggonna cut his face off.
I'm gonnado iit.
Melinoe 08/12/19 Does this mean that you're going to nibble all of my fingers off?
-she grins widely as she narrows her eyes-
Liam Moore 08/12/19 squints back
"I guess that would be me."
What was people touching him all of a sudden?
"If you were gonna touch the muscles I could have flex, they aren't great but could have given me a little more credit.
And who? What? I literally have no idea what you just said."
Mackenzie 08/11/19 Excuse me? Who the f-ck changed your diapers?
Mackenzie 08/11/19 I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.
Melinoe 08/11/19 -she giggles-
You're funny, mister.
Eat as many as you like! They'll grow back eventually.
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19 -leans in the doorway-
-knock knocks on the door-
"I come bearing gifts."
-raises a bottle-
"Something told me you could use a drink, hm?"
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19 Mon Ours
Oh, I was well aware.
Trust me.
You are not subtle.
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19 Mon Ours
Stop being a brat.
It's not everyday my sister-in-law I thought was dead appears out of the blue.
I apologize for wanting to get to know her.
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19 Mon Ours
Hmmm... I dunno about that.
I think I will have drinks with her.
Maybe she will tell me a few things. I'd love to exchange stories with her.
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19 Mon Ours
Do all of you Orlavs look gorgeous?
Your sister is lovely, by the way.
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19
Bishop Orlav 08/10/19
Melinoe 08/09/19 -she pokes his face again-
Well, I have ten fingers with your name on them, mister.
Jameson Orlav 08/09/19 you're a fvckin' bad@ss.
Bishop Orlav 08/08/19 -turns mid run-
-finger gun and a wink-
-is outta there-
Bishop Orlav 08/08/19 -sneaks up-
-gives big ole slap on the @ss-
Bishop Orlav 08/08/19
"Uh... wha... you... okay?"
Gray Taylor 08/08/19 Dr. Orlav
Stop pawning your dirty laundry on others.
We don't want to hear about your skid marks no matter how impressive you think they are.
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 "I personally think that the occasion for as.s snacking occurs frequently. At least for me"
-turns around-
- smacks own self-
-looks at-
"Feel free to give it a go."
-is great at making situations weird-
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 Hm, well I'll be more than happy to test all your limits. But I don't think buying you dinner would help any, I have a feeling you like the thrill of the hunt more than the dinner itself." -chuckles-
-looks at arm still in his grip- -blinks-
"At least Bishop doesn't try to tear my arm off when I do that."
Elowen Jocosta 08/08/19 -walks up to-
-stares at-
-smacks @ss-
-compares Jameson's reaction to Bishops-
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Mon Ours
Where were you hiding this blonde morsel of yours?
He's very good with a gun, and has a mean jab.
Can I kill him? He started it.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 -is definitely not suspicious-
-certainly doesn't see a super tall man tiptoeing through-
-nope, nothing-
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Mon Ours
There better be a glass of wine poured for me by the time I get back to the room.
My head is throbbing from the game of 1000 questions.
I must say, she has brilliant breath control. Her words per minute is astounding.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Mon Ours
Be that as it may, I refuse to babysit the new recruit.
Where did you find her?
The ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese's?
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Mon Ours
You're an ass.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 -bares own fangs-
-brings face close to his-
"Just you wait, mon ours. When you least expect it..."
-nips at him-
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 "Amour, amour, let's talk about th-"
-is pinned-
--tries to wiggle free-
-watches in horror as a torrential cherry downpour covers him-
-just lays there in awe-
"You. Are. So. Dead."
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 "NO! NONONONO!"
-tries to run-
-is laughing too hard, can't run fast-
"Mercy! Mercy!"
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 -watches the slushee happen-
-absolutely loses it-
-is now dying laughing-
Elowen Jocosta 08/07/19 -Purses lips-
"I don't think Gray is very fond of me so I doubt he will share any of his booze. This is why I do drugs. I miss my needle."
Elowen Jocosta 08/07/19 -saunters up-
"Bishop says we need all the tequila in your supply. We are making bloodaritas. Care you join? You can get us the blood if you like "
Melinoe 08/06/19 -pokes his cheeks-
Are you always so serious, mister?
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 “I still think you’re a piece of sh-t and that you got what you deserved.” He pauses, “But I am sure this will be beneficial for us both.”
Bishop Orlav 08/06/19
Elowen Jocosta 08/06/19 Elowen blinked a few times, as the rest of her face scrunched up to display her discomfort. The way Jameson spoke about dead bodies and feasting both disgusted and enthralled her. She was an addict and the one thing any needle induced user knew what to avoid blood at all costs, never share a poke, and keep it clean. It was unnatural for her to be so lackadaisical around the infectious liquid. She still had a lot to learn about this world and hearing Jameson talk so flippantly about it made her wonder if one day she’d share the same feelings.

“I-I supposed that makes sense, though, how can I do it faster if I don’t ever realize I’m doing it to begin with?”
Elowen Jocosta 08/05/19 "Is there like a special trick to this blood stuff because I'm getting real tired of always ruining my clothes. I don't have a job to be paying for all this feckign shizz."
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 -grabs @ss to assert dominance-
-walks off as if nothing happened-
Gray Taylor 07/30/19 Wow.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Le Mari Agaçant
I have a feeling you'd miss these fingers.
I only went for the lower quality ones, anyways.
I wouldn't disrespect you THAT much.
Come now.
By the way, I'm adopting Seven. So, take that as you will.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Le Mari Agaçant
I'd imagine you would disapprove of me passing out your stash.
Which I may or may not have done.
I'm bringing her in. She calls herself Seven.
Very interesting.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Le Mari Agaçant
I found the most interesting stray.
Bringing her home.
I'm making her my project.
Don't say no. I'll do it anyways.
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 -shifty eyes-
"You? Me? Strangers? I don't know, booze is easier to find in this place than drugs."
-looks up at stars-
"The stars did it."
Elowen Jocosta 07/30/19 Man, I think there is something seriously wrong with me

Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -offers chest plate-
"Keep this on for the next 48 hours."
-puts other hand on hip-
"Don't ask questions, just do it."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -stares at ring-
-stares at Jameson-
-back at ring-
"This is only for the benefits. The tax breaks are substantial."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -wrinkles nose-
"Don't push your luck, Orlav."
-turns on heel-
"I simply had a bottle laying about. I am not a fan so I gave it to someone who would utilize it."
-not completely lying-
Mackenzie 07/28/19 F-ck off. You can do the work, since apparently you have no follow-through otherwise.
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -stares-
-offers bottle of bourbon-
-refuses to make eye contact-
"Say anything, I break it upside your head. Take it."
Mackenzie 07/28/19 And still, I have not received a head.
Ronan Boru 07/23/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic Master Orlav: Just a small thank you for the last DB party your crew was part of with Eternal Embrace.Enjoy with your coven. Ronan Boru
Daxx- 07/23/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walked up to Mr. Orlav. "Sorry it's late but I wanted to thank you for helping us with the Dungeon Break's."
Flahme 07/22/19 "Admit it, you liked it!"
-fans self with all the stolen bills-
Janus 07/19/19 Why are you so obsessed with me?
Elowen Jocosta 07/19/19 -sways-
-doesnt handle booze well-
And what did I if?
That's not englishhhhh.
You're so silllllyy boss man
Elowen Jocosta 07/18/19 -is drunk-
Hellooo booooothssss maaaannn
Averly Godfrey 07/18/19 But...
I like bums...
...and I cannot lie.
-stares at-
-pinchy fingers-
Katherine Murray 07/17/19 -blows kisses-
-toddles off quickly-
Katherine Murray 07/17/19 -pets-
Elowen Jocosta 07/15/19 "Please do demonstrate. I'd love to see that."

-takes step back-
-looks up and down-
Elowen Jocosta 07/15/19
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -stalks-
Elowen Jocosta 07/15/19
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -throws a knife-
"Stop looking at me."
-stalks off-
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -stares from afar-
Bishop Orlav 07/07/19 -hangs a severed hand tied to a rope by the middle finger, the other fingers stapled down, on his doorknob-
-writes 'XOXO' in blood on door-
-walks off-
Mackenzie 07/07/19 This is what moms are for.
Embarrassing the ever-living sh-t out of their kids.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 Squish squish, darling.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 Is that what they call explosive diarrhea?
Mackenzie 07/07/19 What butt? I've looked. It's flatter than Kansas.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 That so?
Shall we go for round two, then?
Mackenzie 07/07/19 So sorry, I was too busy punishing you for nearly killing Tan.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 You are so needy. F-ck.
Bishop Orlav 07/07/19 -stares at door-
-cracks a smile ever so slightly-
-takes a pic-
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 Rude.
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 Hec blinks. "Excuse you?"
Bishop Orlav 07/02/19
"You said to share, non? Well, bon appétit."
-walks off-
-cleans fingers of blood-
Bishop Orlav 07/02/19 -dumps body out of body bag infront of Jameson's door-
-kicks door/knocks on door-
-walks away-
Averly Godfrey 06/29/19 Jameson Orlav just stole $10.00 from you!
Mackenzie 06/29/19 You smell different.
Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 "Could have fooled me. I thought it was Nosy."
Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 "Well, prepare to be cranky."
-walks past him-
-looks over shoulder-
"I don't share."
Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 "Wait, this is YOUR coven?"
"Don't touch my things."
-adjusts backpack-
"Especially not the sharp ones."
Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 "Jameson. Hm."
-gives a shrug-
"I will try my best to alleviate my boredom."
-gives him a once over-
"If I desire company, I know how to get your attention."
-lifts bloody hands-
Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 -purses lips-
-narrows eyes-
-mumbles under breath-
"But I suppose some are interesting, to an extent. Now it's your turn to answer my question."
-insert sarcastic smile here-
Mackenzie 06/28/19 I brought you into this world.
I can f-cking end you.

Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 -sassy hip pops and crosses arms-
"Not the word I'd use but, sure, let's go with that."
-tilts head-
"And who might you be?"
Bishop Orlav 06/28/19 "Typically, it deters others from getting close. It would seem to have the opposite effect here. Back to the drawing board, I suppose."
Kira Garrett 06/21/19 Looking from side to side, “May I help you with something?”
Averly Godfrey 06/07/19 Everyone is good at something.
Even if it's being the best at being the worst.
-smiles sweetly-
Averly Godfrey 06/06/19 Noted.
Can't make any promises.
She's not the first devil I've had whispering in my ear.
Mackenzie 04/27/19 I love being your number one.
You are so sweet.
Kiss kiss, sweet boy.
Claire Thompson 04/13/19 -slight smirk-
Perhaps a little too hard.
But if that's the image you're trying to put out...
...far be it from me to judge.
Claire Thompson 04/12/19 -blinks-
-single brow arches-
Rumor has it?
-clicks tongue-
What does rumor have about you, I wonder.
Mackenzie 03/19/19 Jameson
How is that a question?
I gave you death.
Get on your knees.
Mackenzie 03/17/19 Jameson
You didn't wish me a happy f-cking day.
It's my f-cking day.
What is this sh-t?
Spring Summers 03/16/19 F*ck me you didn't ****ing choke on that ****ing Douche. What kind of bull **** name is Douchlav if you're not going to ****ing choke on a douche you chubby ****.
Ronan Boru 03/10/19 Congrats on the gold again Mr Orlav.
El Orlav 12/05/18 James
I thought I told you about her? Sometimes my mind gets a bit foggy. Don’t worry she’s much more conservative.
El Orlav 12/05/18 James
My sister found me. Don't eat her.
Mackenzie 12/04/18 Wee Robin
Someone is putting up missing posters of your pet.

Wee Robin
[Image attached]
El Orlav 12/03/18 Ella smiled down to the phone. The amorous intent fluttered with each bat of her eyelashes. She could never run away from a James completely. Because something always pulled her back to the spot she belonged.

Good. I’m glad. I’ll be there in twenty. Did they desecrate my painting?
El Orlav 12/03/18 Concealed by the dark shades over her eyes she glanced over her phone. Of course she could never refuse an offer. Ella was still determined that James was hers and hers alone.

Of course, love. Meat at the same place?
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 J. Orlav
I sincerely doubt anything could put a dent in that.
However, I am in the giving spirit.
Your wishes have been observed, and will be respected.
Gray Taylor 12/01/18 Gray had been placed in a position that left him feeling less than comfortable. Letters. He has sealed letters, and the man knows that each one contains Spring's last words. He knows she has bequeathed items to these people, and the only way to find out what goes where is to read them. But he can't.

Slowly, he would begin to send them out, his own personal notes tucked into the FedEx envelopes with Springs sealed last words. He can only imagine what might be inside, but he makes it clear that each recipient could reach out to him at the number provided to collect whatever was left to them.

No one would be allowed on the property in Moscow again.


Please choke on a ****ing pole you stupid gormless wanker ****wad. I, Spring Weed, leave you at the time of my ****ing exit a box of ****ing douches. Maybe you can grow some ****ing balls now and kill your skidmark family stealing parachute **** of a wife. Enclosed are the ****ing douches and a ****ing diaper you can breathe your ****ty ****ing breath into.

Spring Taylor.
Mackenzie 11/13/18 Men? I’m flattered that you think I’m so popular.
What makes you think I have men in my life?
Have you met my Jasper?
Mackenzie 11/12/18 It's about time you came to visit, snookums.
Mackenzie 11/03/18 Robin
Pet, I cannot get you off my mind.
What did you do?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Excuse you, he bathes regularly.
And you know where I live.
We had such a good time down there.
You should visit.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 F-ck off. Yes I can.
And that is my Jasper.
I steal his clothes. It's fine.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 You are the worst. I hate you.
I demand you go back to your dungeon.
You're in time out.
And don't call me mummy.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 I'm going to murder you in your sleep.
Mackenzie 10/12/18 Jameson
Your ex wife is terrorizing my people.
Where is her head?
Pheenyx 10/10/18 Wrapped in matte black paper and tied with a blood red bow, a gift arrives on your doorstep. No note. No name. Just a vintage wax seal on the center of the bow, marked with an ornate 'P'.


Pheenyx 10/09/18 "You don't need to go fishing around in my pants for a dollar. I'm not stingy. What's left of my lunch is left in that dumpster back there. Have at it."

Jameson Orlav has just transferred $1.00 to your bank account.
Reason: You look hungry
Tuesday Oct 09, 2018 at 11:22 am

"I'm so sorry you don't have better things to do than to beat up a woman and then throw cash at her when you're feeling guilty." She takes the dollar out of her pocket and tucks it into his loose pants. "Maybe you should wear a belt and then people wouldn't feel like a quick grab into your pockets was easy. A fanny pack perhaps? Thanks though, for all your charitable generosity."

Saturday Oct 06, 2018 at 11:14 am
You witnessed Jameson Orlav attack Pheenyx!
Mackenzie 10/03/18 Wow. Wow.
You do love me.

You were successful in stealing $30,613.00 from Jameson Orlav.
El Orlav 09/19/18 James
there's an angry girl in my house. Sounds like she might have killed the Sailors. I'm hiding in a bush. She's terrifying.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 You're my one and only child, Jameson. Are you getting jealous?
-Coos quietly-
Sweet thing.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 -Pulls face-
The f-ck does that mean?
Are you insinuating I smell poorly?
Cole Ward 07/27/18 "Did..ah... basement move? If this is machine, I shoot you."
El Orlav 07/22/18
Mackenzie 07/14/18 Robin
Don't tell me what to do. I'll take that head you promised me. Thanks.
Mackenzie 07/14/18 Robin
How are you, pet? Long time, no see. Hurts my heart.
Ciaran_M_Boru 07/13/18 -smiles and laughs a bit- I will Mr orlav and thanks for the welcome back.
El Orlav 06/07/18 James
Delivering dinner is a labored task and clothes are a hinderance. Check with the dismembered left overs, please?
El Orlav 06/06/18 James
Have you seen my pink lacy bra?
Mackenzie 04/20/18 Robin
Mackenzie 04/16/18 What the actual f-ck are you talking about?
Mackenzie 04/08/18 Your coven is in a Samctuary. Get it together.
Mackenzie 04/06/18 You’re right. You failed to visit me for some time. That’s very different. You wound me.
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Robin
Feck. Those idiots sound like French tinkers. You have sh-t taste. Go to Belfast. Much more fun there.
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Robin
I heard you miss me. So sweet.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 Czechrish
I demand you dress as a leprechaun today.
Mackenzie 03/09/18 Robin
Goes by The Reverend. No idea on his real name.
Ran into him in New York.
Be careful and don't get caught. He will kill you.
Mackenzie 03/08/18 Vic's Gift
I need you to look into someone for me.
El Orlav 02/09/18 ~Ella turns to face James with a bemused expression, ‘’Whom are we talking about?’’ She honestly has no idea. Did he mean Giddy? Because absolutely not. That would force her Lufcuh away and she couldn’t have that. She stands from her chair walking over to squat in front of the sofa, her head curiously canted to the side. ‘’I’ve seen more pledges enter the basement lately. That’s good’’ She concluded. After all they were a sort of harmonious team. ~
Mackenzie 01/20/18 If I tell you to put on the costume, you're going to put it on.

Put it on.
El Orlav 01/08/18 ~*~ Vid reply~*~

El Orlav 11/11/17 James
Did 'Death' come for you, too?
El Orlav 10/11/17
El Orlav 10/01/17 James
Why don't I just come down there for some fun?
El Orlav 10/01/17 James
You eat mammals. OK. Let me rephrase. If someone hurts Hank, they're going to be tossed down the basement to you.
El Orlav 10/01/17 James
Don't eat my new puppy, Hank.
El Orlav 09/27/17 James
Lloyd Darrow invited me. Do you want to come?
El Orlav 09/25/17 James
If I go to London, will you behave?
Mackenzie 09/18/17 Orlav
Where's my head?
El Orlav 09/16/17 James
Want a midnight snack? ;) I just have to stop in my room first.
El Orlav 09/16/17 James
Are you home?
Mackenzie 08/31/17 Jameson
The Basement? Aptly named.
Clever boy. Protecting what matters.
Mackenzie 08/16/17 Don't forget want that head.
I have big plans.
Caitlyn Darrow 08/13/17
El Orlav 08/13/17 James
I'll catch a cheap red eye. Where do you want to meet?
Mackenzie 07/21/17 Mackenzie sat upon the roof of the building opposite Jameson's chosen hiding place. The girl had kept her watch on him, curious to see what he would do. He did not disappoint. First, his sister showed up. Then, another man. And there he was, her little creation, struggling. She loves it. Catching sight of him through the undressed window, the girl smirks.
El Orlav 04/13/17 That sounded nefarious.
Miryam 11/24/16 Jameson Orlav just stole $0.00 from you!

There she was minding her own business when she felt unwelcomed hands upon her person. With a hiss she turned just in time to see the culprit before he could make his getaway but this wasn’t a stranger and she knew that face. It didn’t take long for her to seek him out, chasing after him until she finally caught up to him. However instead of touching him she merely let her look of disdain do a majority of the talking though she did speak.

”If you needed booze money all you had to do was ask. Then again in my current state I’m not so sure that wouldn’t come without a risk of infection. Better think twice before you try such a daring feat again.”
Caitlyn Darrow 11/15/16 .. Can I change my middle name? It's too normal compared to the both of you.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/15/16 *laughs nervously*
Of course it wasn't Elly!.. *chokes on saliva*
Caitlyn Darrow 11/15/16 Jameson Kingston Orlav!
Amethyst 11/14/16 Congrats on the gold
Ronan Boru 11/14/16 Congrats on your golden robes.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/11/16 *big eyes*
Ok. I just have to remind myself there's no crying in Baseball, I mean birthing.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/10/16 *ugly sobs*
He wants out.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/10/16 @!££€&^#?!!££¥€£!£*@!!!!! Translation~ Now b1tch, Now.
Mackenzie 11/07/16
Mackenzie 11/07/16 One must compliment good behavior, don't you agree?
Keep it up. There's more where that came from.
[wink wink]
Mackenzie 11/07/16 You're a useless tw-t of a man.
Consider that.
mist 11/04/16 *Perhaps trying it when this witch isn't on line...*Gives a witcher look* And besides this witch don't carry candy however i do carry pumpkin seeds they make one invisible laughs*
Caitlyn Darrow 10/27/16 *screams*
*throws remote at*
shifty eyes*
...ohai Jameson. It's in the fridge with Ellie's cake she made. Can you be a dear and bring her back that one too?
Mackenzie 10/18/16
Jaysus f-cking Christ. Can a girl have a goddamn vacation without some stinking bag of flesh groping her arse and tugging at her bag?
Caitlyn Darrow 10/13/16 Text to: Doctor strange
From: Redder Red
I'm alright now. This nice hobo man closed an icky wound of mine with dental floss and gum. Should it still be bleeding? Should I go ask for my $500 back?
Caitlyn Darrow 09/30/16
Caitlyn Darrow 09/29/16
Sofia Johanneson 09/19/16 She lets out a soft laugh, her bright blue eyes darting side to side, mimicking his sudden look of... unease? Trying to keep things light, and unable to *NOT* tease...she takes a long exaggerated inhale, her nose twitching as she whispers in a low tone.

"Sorry, the taco was a dead give-away, might I suggest a different cologne?"

Jameson Orlav 09/17/16 Congrats Jameson. You da bomb.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/13/16 *Runs away shrieking* (
Caitlyn Darrow 09/13/16 JAMESON. JAMESON. WHERE ARE YOU. I need to know howtogrtridofdemonsandboogiemenNdimscared.Start crying and I think you'll scarethemaway!
Caitlyn Darrow 09/12/16
Except Trigger. He kind of grows on you, or maybe he's using mind power. He must have gotten that from Elouise.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/10/16 I miss your friend Lameson. At least he didn't take my oranges.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/06/16 *Only knows pirate noises from SpongeBob Squarepants*

Arggg are we ready tacos?
Who lives in a room of no tacos?
Jameson Squirtpants!
Who's the worst doctor who ever lived?
Jameson Squirtpants!
Absentminded and tan and pompous is he!
Jameson Squirtpants!
If utter nonsense is what you wish!
Jameson Squirtpants!
He flops on the deck and smells like a fish!
Jameson Squirtpants! Jameson Squirtpants! Jameson Squirtpants!

*Stuffs taco into her mouth. Has all day*
Caitlyn Darrow 09/01/16 After the word got out about her stolen beloved oranges. She checked anxiously every nook and cranny for them. Currently, hunched over a couch and shifted the couch cushions on the ground. A defeated sigh passed her lips and then she heard the voice behind her.


She stood up to her full height and whirled around to witness the camouflaged plebeian. Her eyes blinked rapidly at Jameson unsure what had transpired. Did she miss a costume invite? Was she in the middle of a game?

'Finally we meet.'

Caitlyn cleared her throat as her eyes gave him a quick once over. "Umm but we know each other, silly goose." A nervous chuckle parted her lips. Did Jameson have a twin?! Oh this could be exciting! Oh...maybe he got pummeled in the head by a pigeon?

'T'was I who took your precious oranges, and it is I who shall reign supreme over the citric kingdom!!'

The spark of electricity jolted against her spine, and she grabbed the nearest couch cushion for a makeshift shield."Come again from taco man?"The small bit of humanity giving him a chance to take back what he said. Silently she vowed never to miss a taco Tuesday. Apparently this is the result of a taco Doctor missing too many taco Tuesdays . A crazed lunatic with cringeworthy fashion taste. Her right eye twitched involuntarily as she witnessed the waste of juice from his guns. She hated guns.

Then suddenly....

She heard a shrieking crazy lady. What the hell was going on?! Oh, wait that shrieking lady was her. The high pitched shrill battle cry of the orange keeper.

When she finally noticed the cry was from her, she had already bounded toward him intent on tackling him to the ground.

She got hit with orange drizzle from the water guns. Even while in a dramatic race towards him, she took the time to place the upper collar of her dress into her mouth to suck the drop of juice out of it. While the couch cushion took most of the citrus injuries for cinematic purposes.

Caitlyn Darrow 06/12/16 Congrats on your promotion and ranking up! I spent the day trying to become your twin, instead of my twin. How do I look?
Caitlyn Darrow 06/05/16 You managed to break out Jameson Orlav
"You do realize they don't deliver tacos here, right?"
Caitlyn Darrow 05/08/16 Where can I get a complimentary taco around here?!
Caitlyn Darrow 04/29/16 ...Did she just feel someone's hand in her pocket? Her brows met in a curious scrunch, as she pulled out a wad of notes from her pocket. Money on you:$11,423.00
After standing there for several minutes, her weight shifts to her left hip. Her brows return to normal, and her mouth drops open.
"I can't believe someone would take 10 cents! I mean.." Her eyes blink rapidly, as she starts to recount. Was she only off by 10 cents? Maybe they had stolen a whole fifty!
Caitlyn Darrow 04/28/16 Can you even walk after all that pizza?
Caitlyn Darrow 04/28/16 After a considerable amount of time, she resurfaced. Ten boxes of pizza hid her face entirely. She used some small little slit between box four and five to see which way she was going. She was fully prepared for ANYTHING, except if he wanted something weird like anchovies or a taco pizza. "I bring you pizza! I er.. left kind of suddenly so I got random toppings?" All the while she whispered spastic in her mind
-Please don't kill me. Please.don' Pleasedon'tkillme.-
Caitlyn Darrow 04/27/16 The awkward laughter ended with a long drawn out heh. She shrank into an odd crab stance. Of all the times, why today did she carry an invisible pizza to the taco man? Sense seemed to be eluding her, like she would be eluding him soon. "I-I-I.Er.. I-I'm very sorry! Do over! Yes, do over!" With that she clicked her heel, and braced herself to flail run back to the pizza place.
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