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Born: March 24, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 50
Affiliation: Requiem Mail Replies Sent: 1574
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 97
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08/18/17 at 1:46 pm
Current Mood: Optimistic  Optimistic 
Do not fear death, for someday you will see the beauty in it.
Special Items:
 A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017
Jessayla's Biography
Name: Jessayla or Jess for short. Hair color: Platinum blonde/ pale silver Eye Color: Vibrant Blue Occupation:Artist Marital status: Single. Family: None Tattoos:Celtic fairy in a half moon, left shoulder. Scars: scalpel cuts along inside both thighs, whip marks across shoulders and back, and a six inch incision across stomach. Age:appears 22 Race: Reaper Demon I was born in Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem. A quiet and yet prestigious neighborhood. I was the youngest of three and the only female born. My life started out like any normal life would. Seemed my parents doted on me and my brothers adored me. These affections however did not last long. At the age of 1, my parents noticed I was considerably different then my siblings. They all had dark hair and brown eyes. I was cursed with platinum blonde/ pale silver hair and vivid blue eyes. Things quickly began to change. My parents grew disinterested and aloof. My siblings seemed to forget I even existed. Sometimes weeks would go by before I seen another member of my family. Whether it was because my parents were ashamed or disappointed in the way I turned out I will never know. I do know however that I was shut in from the outside world. Never allowed out of the house I would sneak my siblings books and paper, teaching myself the basics of reading and writing. It was then that I found my passion of sketching. Having been disregarded and shunned for so long by own family, caused something inside a young mind to snap. I don't personally remember it happening, only what I was told. I was told that I snapped completely one night and slaughtered my entire family in their sleep. Of course this was frowned on as was everything I ever seemed to do. Being a young age still they locked me in an institute. Perhaps I would get the help I needed then. That couldn't be any further from the truth. From the outside the institute looks like a normal facility. Made of brick and housing many patients. But on the inside it was a dark and torturous hospital. They believed the more they tortured you the better you would become. I try not to think of the years I spent there and what occurred while there but the scars are still hard to hide. The nightmares are worse yet. Fleeing from the darkness and pain of my past, I am usually seen wandering around. A sketch book in my hand and my blue eyes weary and timid. Not one that normally approaches others, I tend to stick to myself. Though I do welcome conversations and friendships with others when presented. My goal is to now make something of myself and leave the past where it belongs.
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Beck Ruud 07/28/17 Jessayla
LOL I hear ya. People watching much more fun than dealing with them. If you ever want to hang out and people watch let me know.
Beck Ruud 07/28/17 Jessayla
No worries. I'm a bit of a loner myself working on reaching out to others. Some would say it's therapeutic. Thank you for the belated greeting I appreciate it.
Beck Ruud 07/28/17 Jessaya
Found your number on the Coven phone sheet. Thought I would drop you a text to say hello.
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