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Mykol_Heart 05/27/17 "Thanks Taylor I know my way around this place I have been here before Its been a while but I have been here. Its nice to meet soem new faces thought. I am Mykol."
Sky Frost 05/24/17 I might be a little sour haha. Everyone just needs to stick it up their ass. Thanks though lol
Pagan 05/22/17 He smiled and kissed her softly before seeing the bag "what's this baby? You didn't have to get me anything" he kissed her nose
Pagan 05/22/17 "buy a few dozen cats and eat ice cream all day while Declan would try to find a way to raise me from the dead so he could kill me all over again?" He grinned and held her close "I'm never going to leave you so smile love because we are eternal"
-Samael- 05/22/17 A popularity contest? Really? These were the types of things to cause civil unrest. The man brought a hand to his face so he may pinch the bridge of his nose, letting out an annoyed sigh. "Why on Earth would I vote in a popularity contest in which I have no knowledge of the ones it involves?"

The man hadn't meant to come off so rube, he just had a terrible knack of being blunt. Very blunt.
-Samael- 05/21/17 Samael froze in his tracks when yet another denizen of the Realm had decided to greet the man. For a land in the grip of a never ending war, people sure were friendly. The woman's sickeningly sweet smile caused the man's wrinkle into that pf discomfort. Her aura was much too bright and friendly for his taste but it was definitely better than one of pure aggression and hatred.

"Thank you, and if I knew what a 'Bloodies' was I would probably take a gander. However, I know not. Good luck, though...I guess?"
Pagan 05/18/17 Opening the door he kissed his girlfriend quickly "hey baby, I missed you! I'm glad you're back" he smiled
The_Demon_Lord 05/13/17 He smiled and slowly took the daisy accepting it. "Thank you for welcoming me."
Vesper Vaughn 05/02/17
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 ^laughs^ No we dont really explode if we have pent up magic. Had you believing it though I see. I like being out in nature as well just depends on my mood really
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 the Shamrock that is family owned its a privet pub . Have to be on the guest list to get in , on occassion the Blood brew or the Green dragon depending on my mood.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 Oh I get out and talk to people I have favorite places to go and relax . I am by no means a hermit.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 Good or bad I dont really have time to keep up with who has what hair color or who has what beach house.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 no I dont do the gossip thing . I had my family name dragged through enough tabloids to know how it feels to have the trashy talk crap and make up lies just for the sake of readers and being popular.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 Once and it ended really bad. Not right now and things are well complicated enough right now in my life.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 No not at all. Just took me off guard was all.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 I said I wasnt ready to settle down not that I was a virgin. You are very up front arent you?
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 I'm not even like that. I am no play boy . Parents raised me better then one of them. Dont get me wrong I talk to girls and yes like them but none have struck me as "Gods of old I have to have her" kind of thing if that what you want to know.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 nah I am good right now besides when the right girl shows I will know it is her. that and I really dont want to settle down right now .
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 Nope and havent had the time. Family things have kept me busy else where til recently. Havent really been looking either . Sorry to hear he hasnt been around. Maybe he will be the lad soon and explain to you why he hasnt been til then.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 Yes well I have been busy with a few family errends . I heard that you were engaged. Thats awesome. congrats to you and the lucky lad.
Matthew Boru 04/27/17 Thanks. I didnt even notice til Ciaran said some thing to me.
Pagan 04/25/17 He smiled and kissed her "I'm glad" he stroked her cheek
Pagan 04/25/17 He snaps and whips his hair jokingly "im high maintenance all the way" grinning he tickles her "you're my best friend Hun and I love you just how you are"
Pagan 04/25/17 He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck "I'm sorry baby I was only teasing" he kissed her cheek
Pagan 04/25/17 He laughed "that's a 9-5 job in and of itself" he teased
Pagan 04/25/17 He kissed her softly "I'm about as hard working as lady gaga is normal" he laughed
Pagan 04/25/17 "well yeah but I mean that's not aaaaalllllllll I do..." He thought a few moments about what else he does then shrugged not thinking of anything
Pagan 04/25/17 He looked confused for a moment's then did the 'oh yeaaaaaaah' face before saying "I was joking saying you were a kid but I completely forgot the fact that you are a school teacher" he laughed softly
Pagan 04/25/17 Grinning he kissed her forehead "I got to see you smile so I am a winner too" he stroked her cheek "you're such a good hider, bet none of the kids on your playground at school can ever find you
Pagan 04/25/17 Pagan heard her giggle and knew it was all over looking her directly in the eyes he thought a moment before turning around and saying loudly "I guess you aren't in the tree and you must have won I suppose I'll go home defeated" he took a few slow steps from the tree
Pagan 04/25/17 Losing sight of her he stopped and looked around before he took in a deep breath with a grin he stepped towards a tree before saying "i can't see you but I smell your perfume, it's quite lovely actually, what brand is it"
Pagan 04/25/17 He took off after her following her into the woods
Pagan 04/25/17 He grinned "oh really?" He smiled "sounds like a challenge"
Pagan 04/24/17 Pagan smiled softly "I miss you as well babe" he kissed her cheek softly then watched as she turned to leave "I might just stop by more often"
Katarina Valentine 04/16/17 Happy Easter future cousin
Sara Triton 04/16/17 Happy easter
Cassandra Carnivale 04/16/17 Thank you Happy Easter as well.
Pagan 04/16/17 Thanks best buddy
Kiernan Tigra 04/16/17 Kiernan was a bit startled at first by the woman offering him a card out of the blue. After a moment of thought though, Kiernan recalled what Holiday it was in the U.S. "Ahh! Easter right?" With a still slightly confused expression, he took the card from her to examine it.

"Aww, very cute animals." He said with a satisfied nod. "I'm only slightly sad to say that I don't have anything to give you in return. Little One doesn't hold still long enough for pictures, and when he does I can never work the bloody cameras. That and putting pictures of a real dragon online is a dangerous slope to tread." Kiernan trailed off, feeling like he was rambling slightly.

The small Dragon was walking along at Kiernan's feet, and gave a disgruntled chirrup at his companion's comments towards his inability to work with the Angel. Turning his attention back to the woman he didn't recognize, Kiernan gave a small half bow. "I still appreciate the gesture. Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter to you as well. May fortune smile upon you in your future endeavors."
Winter Summers 04/16/17 Now when I start screaming at you, it's because I care! You gonna lose that weight! Or my name isn't Winter Snow Summers! Or just eat the chocolate in moderation!
Winter Summers 04/16/17 Yes yes happiest of Easters! Don't eat too much chocolate and get fat! Or do! Then I can be your coach and make you lose it all! Could be hours of fun!
LillyEmperium 04/16/17 Thank you.... You too
Andrei Codin 04/16/17 Happy Easter to you, too. I hope it's a good one for you
Aziz al Saqr 04/14/17 "Those of my kind rarely make plans beyond the moment, though I do appreciate your kind words" The smile return, though it appeared a touch more wistful this time. "I am content however, and do look forward to being among sounds and smells that are so familiar to me." He glanced away for a moment as the raised voices of a mother and young child speaking in Arabic drifted out from a nearby window. (sorry, I had to edit something out)
Aziz al Saqr 04/13/17 The traditionally dressed Arab bowed slightly as the young woman introduced himself, then straightened. "Salaam Alaikum." A smile came easily to his features, "I thank you, my name i Aziz Farj al Saqr." His words held an Arabic accent, though not one of the local Palestinians of Jerusalem.
Declan Black 04/12/17 Declan playfully punched her arm back, laughing a little harder than he expected. "Well You know, you're happy now. Right? With Zach? He seems like a great dude."
Alex Parker 04/12/17 "thanks......"
Katarina Valentine 04/10/17 Katarina smiled as she looked at her friend. "Don't jinx it"
Winter Summers 04/09/17 TayTay
Just remember it's five o'clock somewhere in the world!
See you tonight boo!💕
Winter Summers 04/09/17 TayTay
We are drinking! I'll pick you up at 7.
Where something nice but not too nice.
It wont be a super fancy establishment but who doesn't like to get all pretty!?
Makes you feel good about yourself!
Declan Black 04/08/17 Declan walked up and booped her on the nose. "Hey little one, missed you. Sorry I was gone, had some things to tend to but how's everything?"
Winter Summers 04/06/17 "Being called cute is such a backhanded compliment! Children are cute, I wanna be hot, sexy hell I will even settle for pretty but do NOT call me cute know what I am saying!?" Shakes his head. "On the ignoring thing totally get it two of my siblings seem to like to do that! Force yourself into their bubble! It doesn't always go well but if they continue to ignore you then sweetpea they ain't worth your time! F#ck em!" He held up his hand to signal he was indeed not done talking!

"There is NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING wrong with being a sl#t! Let's look at it this way, when buying a car do you not take it for a test drive? You don't like it you don't buy it. Getting what I am putting down of course you are! You are a smart girl!" Winter wasn't the best with the feelys type of stuff. "Sweets play the field! Sample all those boys! Have no fear! Some day one of those boys are bound to be mister right! Don't stress it will happen when it happens! And if not we can go pick up men together! Honestly what could be better!?"
Winter Summers 04/05/17 "Why would you let them in your squish mitten if they aren't even hot? You just slept with crazy people, who aren't even good at sex? Why? You are a pretty girl Taylor you deserve sexy men! Do NOT settle you are WAY better than that!" He shook his head and took another sip of his deliciously addicting drink. "Or have me do it! I am so good at leaving people! Before I got paid for it! I'd bang and leave! Rob them first! But fake name it, and never give out your number! Ever! I don't give two sh#ts or a f#ck if they are nice just don't!"
Winter Summers 04/05/17 "Hurt them, every person in your life is gonna hurt you gumdrop. They wont give two sh#ts or a f#ck about your feelings when it happens. Besides the point never f#ck crazy it doesn't matter how hot they are avoid that sh#t." Winter smirked before shaking his head. "No it didn't though I would be lying if I said I didn't sleep with people where I was, I am a wh0re but a classy one. Also known as a escort."
Winter Summers 04/05/17 "I have something like that but it is usually when I am hungover and I call it mush brain sounds much better than stupidity brain. I suggest using it." He grabbed his beverage and took a sip of it almost choking on it when she said she needed someone blunt. Winter would hardly think he is such a thing! Even though it was one hundred percent the truth! "Half the time things wont be okay! Well actually most the time! Why what did you do? I will happily give you the harsh truth!"

Winter simply shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing much just got home after a business trip. Well you could call it that I suppose."
Winter Summers 04/05/17 Winter looked up from his book and arched a brow. "Is that so?" He reached out and took the woman's hand giving it a firm shake. "Winter Summers, funny I knew a woman who looked just like you! I dare say she sounded the same as well! Though I commented on her being flat like a pancake and she stopped talking to me! Which is shocking because I am the best person to talk to! Everyone says so!"
Winter Summers 04/05/17 Winter was shockingly enough in the coffee shop drinking a fancy caffeine addicting beverage that unless he was looking at the damned menu couldn't possibly say what it was. He was flipping through a book sitting near the window.
Gabriel Caine 04/05/17 The realm of what..? This gluten tomato masterpiece?
Katarina Valentine 03/27/17 Just wanted to say hey...Just wondering if we could still be friends even though Declan is back with Abbie
Declan Black 03/14/17 Why do always say what you believe?
Hamilton for ya, little sis.
Katarina Valentine 03/09/17 Katarina smiled as she thought about Declan. "Don't worry I'm not going anywhere"
Katarina Valentine 03/09/17 Katarina smiled as she crossed her arms. "I can't wait to meet Molly...I think Mira would like her"
Katarina Valentine 03/09/17 Katarina smiled as she shook her head. "No I haven't met Molly"
Katarina Valentine 03/09/17 Katarina shook her head and smiled. "You were right the first time...He has met Mira, but he hasn't met Miroku yet...My dragon is still adjusting to moving to a new cave so he's sulking...The last cave was behind a waterfall"
Katarina Valentine 03/09/17 A chuckle slipped from her lips as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "He hasn't seen my dragon yet"
Katarina Valentine 03/09/17 Katarina smiled as she looked at the woman before her. "Its nice to meet you Taylor...Declan told me about your trip to bora bora...are you excited"
Declan Black 03/06/17 Declan kissed the back of her head and hugged her tightly. "I know I'm a good brother right? I'm glad I basically adopted you when you moved here. I adore you. You're my favorite."
Declan Black 03/06/17 Declan was around the school just picking some stuff up, he decided to pop into her classroom while she had her personal time with no students. He brought her a small bouquet of roses. "Hey Beautiful princess. Ready for our trip next week?"
Mordred 03/01/17 Welcome back :D
Declan Black 03/01/17 Thank you. You're cute. Anyways, I was reading your bio and it's so good! If I give you a couple details can you make a profile story up for me and I mean yours looks a little girly so could you make mine like... mysterious and dark?
Declan Black 03/01/17 Well, Why thank you darling. I see you are slightly newer as well so welcome as well deary.
Autumn Dalca 02/27/17 Welcome to the Realm.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/27/17 Welcome to the realm!
Elouise Orlav 02/27/17 Marry me.
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