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Noah James
Killed: August 04, 2019 at 10:42 am EDT
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Born: July 21, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 0
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Home City: New York Mail Sent: 1
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Last five threads posted in:
Kira Garrett 07/25/19 If you bury your bones right,
a flirting might just happen.
Don't hold your breath.
Or do.
Averly Amoret 07/25/19 Riddle me this.
What kind of bear is best?
Asking for a friend.
Roman Godfrey 07/24/19 Maybelline, huh? No wonder you're so pretty.
Kira Garrett 07/23/19 Unless sardine hair is your version of foreplay...
Who knows?
Maybe a dog can still have his day.
Roman Godfrey 07/23/19 -sniffs-
LillyEmperium 07/23/19 *raising a brow, she chuckled as she looked to him*
Kira Garrett 07/23/19 Okay, so get this.
Apparently some people think that weíre flirting.
Jokeís on them, because I donít like men who
clean their own bits with their tongue.
Tiber Loche 07/22/19 'Get roasted' *super air quotes*
Only if we're gonna manage to convince at least one of the other newbies that big foot roams these woods. Then we have a deal.
William Vance 07/22/19

"Wish granted, adventurer. It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."
*gives a stick of jerky*
William Vance 07/22/19 "There, there, it's alright!"
*offers a blunt*
"Want some?"
Kira Garrett 07/22/19
William Vance 07/22/19

"I haven't the slightest clue what you mean. I'm just little ole me."
*is feigning innocence*
William Vance 07/22/19 "What?! But you're so pretty! I think you are mistaken, my dude."
William Vance 07/22/19

"Uh... what the f-ck was that? You okay there?"
Dante Hayes 07/22/19 -stalks-
I love you.
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 "Heaven no! I would never do that."
Kira Garrett 07/22/19 Kisses on the first date are overrated.
Just nibble on their arm a bit.
LillyEmperium 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm.
Geoffrey Drake 07/21/19 Welcome.
Ashlyn Starling 07/21/19 "Welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun." Ashlyn flashed a soft smile as she offered a basket of homemade cookies to the newcomer.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 Bite me.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 At least I don't smell like wet dog.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19, you're a horse?
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 Aren't we all a bit sick?
Averly Amoret 07/21/19 Take me I'm yours.
Do it. I double dog dare you.
Tiber Loche 07/21/19 Two words.
Bunk beds.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/21/19 Okay then. See you around.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/21/19 Wouldn't say it if you weren't. I'm Cadence. Nice to meet you.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/21/19 Welcome. Again.
Beau Theroux 07/21/19 -touches beard-
"Oh, this? I don't recall gettin' hairballs from it."
"Maybe before I discovered how to tame it..."
Tiber Loche 07/21/19
Averly Amoret 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm.
Are you married by chance? Taken? Fleas?
Cadence LeBlanc 07/21/19 Hello, welcome. Have fun!
Beau Theroux 07/21/19 -gives odd look-
"A...hairball? Been groomin' yourself too much or somethin'?"
Tiber Loche 07/21/19 *flexes*
Beau Theroux 07/21/19 "Uh... you okay there, buddy?"
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu,
welcome to the Realm.
Tiber Loche 07/21/19 Come on, dude. Itís been like five minutes!
You managed to break out Noah James
Beau Theroux 07/21/19 "Welcome to the Realm."
Aubry Moon 07/21/19 "Welcome to the realm. May you enjoy your stay."
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