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Cheyenne Davis
Killed: January 25, 2019 at 10:58 am EST
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just a diamond 💎
in a rhinestone world 🌎
Born: August 07, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 1
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Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 6
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 Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
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Tiber Loche

Dr Van Helsing

Last five threads posted in:
The Xenomorph 12/20/18
Addison 12/13/18 *runs up to with the look of punching the girl in the face. STOPS. Leans in face to face. Licks the girls face.*

"You taste of Azhi fresh meat and insanity. Lets be friends!!"
Livia Vlcek 12/12/18 Stay itchy? THAT ISN'T WHAT LIVIA SAID. "Stay SEXY, Don't get murdered.. Girl.. Seriously." Livia releases the woman from her light grasp and steps aside. "See you back at the compound.. Or.. somewhere."

Livia's always watching whether her Dahakans realise this or not.
Livia Vlcek 12/11/18 So what am I so afraid of.. I'm afraid that I'm not sure of.. Livia starts to sing the lyrics of the song inside her head. A visible twitch to her left eye, slender arms encompass the woman, her hand patting at Cheyenne's back. "Did you find your tribe then?" A quiet laugh and she pulls away from Cheyenne. "Ok, off you go.. remember, stay sexy don't get murdered."
Summer 12/10/18 Delivering a mature aloe plant along with a smile, she greets the newest member. "Welcome to Azhi! Here's an Aloe plant. For burns." Scrunching up her face, she tilts her head and laughs. "Just seems like you might need it."
Genesis 12/10/18 Naners, plastic bag and a hammer. Sweetie, there are easier ways to go about making banana daiquiris.
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 "If you bring it back.. the authorities won't find it." Livia's head cants but she appreciates the woman's attention to detail. "And if there is no body.. there is no crime." And Livia can take care of that detail too. She's invested in many 55 gallon drums. "Just bring the body home.. but use the back door hm?"
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 A brow lifts, Livia grins darkly. "Nah.. I like dna samples."
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 "It's my favorite one, don't lose it." Livia's bashed a few heads in with it. "Seriously. Do not lose it."
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 "You'll find the banana in the kitchen, next to an empty grocery bag.." Livia pulls a very large wrench from knapsack. "How about a wrench..will a wrench do?"
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 "Pears. I don't like bananas. Well, that's not true. I like bananas that are still a bit green.." Livia gives a nod, "Good. If you need anything, please let me know."
Genesis 12/10/18 Welcome to the crew. I'm Genesis, or Gen for short. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 Rude of Livia? Pale pools blink. "You are the one that started the conversation. I was not rude.." She half scoffs, half laughs. This woman was bonkers. And Livia liked it. "You better be extra best then."
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 A lopsided grin pulls at the corner of the Slayer's mouth. "Just be good or my ugly face will be the last thing you see." Livia stands there, head canted, before adding. "Welcome home.." She still hasn't gotten the woman's name yet. "I'm Livia by the way. And you are?"
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Wa.. was she crying? Livia shifts uncomfortably. "ARE YOU CRYING? THERE'S NO CRYING IN SLAYING!" The Czech woman peers left then right. Gods, hopefully no one passing by thought she had hurt this woman. "No. No you can't. It's all just a farce. A mean game that am I am playing with your heart.."

Slips the woman a key to the gate.
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Livia's about as religious as an atheist, thank you very much. With the life she's lived.. no time for that. "We have kool-aid but the ranking kind, it's extra speshul. No hippies here. We adore violence and hate the scent of patchouli. Bibles, we use them to roll joints."
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Good. She dislikes snakes as much as Livia does. Or so it seems from the wince on the woman's face. "Are you in need of Sanctuary? By chance?"
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 This girl. She's lost the plot, hasn't she? "I meant, how do you feel about pears, the fruit. And then, separately, how do you feel about snakes. Poisonous ones."

Because if Livia is going to offer a home to the woman, she really needs to know.
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Hula hoops and dreams? Livia barks a laugh. "How about swingsets and cigarettes.." It's a rhetorical question, really. "Tell me, Miss.. how do you feel about pears and snakes?"
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Livia stares at the woman incredulously, "THAT IS LIES!"

1. She's a vegetarian.
2. Livia lives life with no regrets.
Tiber Loche 11/30/18 I am glad we see eye to eye on my dreaminess.
*rolls eyes*
You caught that?
Pfft. His beard was disgusting. The smell of it just made me so angry.
Tiber Loche 11/30/18 Ow, what the hell!
You're kind of a bully.
Bet you don't have many friends.
*kinda glares, kinda sulks*
Tiber Loche 11/30/18 *swats at finger*
Yes I can. Look at me.
A walking example.
*general waving motion in the direction of his face*
Pretty and wounded.
Tiber Loche 11/29/18 That is not very nice. You wound me!
Tiber Loche 11/29/18 -squints-
-looks around suspiciously-
Tiber Loche 10/24/18
Jackson McCarthy 10/13/18 *struggles to keep a straight face*
Aye, pony haters. Pity.
*looks to the man she's pointing at*
Well, he doesnae look s'bad. Certainly doesnae look like a pony hater.
*leans in to whipser* He looks a bit like a pony lover, honestly.
Dr Van Helsing 10/11/18 *whistles*
Jackson McCarthy 10/06/18 *very alarmed at first*
*feels a very strong need to protect..*
He..stole yer gum?
Wait. He hates ponies? *shakes head*
Pynt me in his direction. Cannae gae aroun' invading wee lass's privacies an hatin' ponies!
Jackson McCarthy 10/06/18 Aye..*tilts head a little*
*wondering just where this is going*
Are ye being haraassed, lass?
Jackson McCarthy 10/05/18 *looks down to the hand at his sleeve, then up to the face of the owner*
*offeres a half smile*Aye, lass? Whit kin ay do fer ye?
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 *puffs chest*
I can shell all the pistachios.
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 No, I never said you were icky.
*shifty eyes*
I am an adult. I don't believe in cooties.
*small eyeroll*
I am not silly. I am tough.
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 I... am feeling very confused about your strife right now.
*eyes the kazoo*
It could be that it doesnít like me. If itís as magical as you say, Iím sure itís at least a little... sentient.
*eyes land on the crazy stranger*
You have turned me into an insane person, havenít you?
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *tempered scoff*
*scrubs at lips with the back of his hand*
WHAT do my lips have to do with kazoo?
*shakes head and steps back*
Listen, lady. Iíll stick to the cowbell. Magic or not!
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 That is a very personal detail that I detest, thank you.
Maybe I just never learned to play the kazoo, geez.
*waves it around*
This thing is clearly defective anyway.
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *hands up*
Woah, woah, I would never.
*swiftly snatches said Ďmagicalí kazoo*
Whatís magic about it, anyway?
*brings to his own lips, fails at kazoo miserably*
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *all sorts of high pitched* Justmywilly?!
*brushes off, clears throat*
Right. Iím mature. All good.
You could play a kazoo in a band...
People play cowbells and triangles.
*more scoffing* WHATS IT FOR?
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *coughs, swats at*
HEY. Be mindful of my space, d@mn.
*eyes suspicious red... Kazoo.*
Are you. Uh.
Starting a band or something?
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 Well then.
Tell me.
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *scoffs*
I feel like that is really rude.
But I'm also feeling super important, so.
I'm going to let it slide.
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 ... Well yes I did.
Oh, you meant...
Why would you trust this responsibility to me?!
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *screeches in to the strange hand*
*wiggles, kicks off*
What is wrong with you, woman?!
I donít know which base that was, but I usually wait until the third date before the maiming and gagging.
Tiber Loche 09/27/18 *panics*
*shoves thing in pocket without peeking*
*yells after*
If this isnít a puppy, Iím going to be very mad!
WildKat 08/16/18 Congrats on PotD!
Anyssa 08/07/18 "Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
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