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" I could be more.
Isn't there more?

Haven't we lost enough already?

Isn't this more than what it's worth?

Have we forgotten where we came from...a long way from layin' in the dirt.

And if I could only dream of Up from Down then God help me I'll be good.

Have I lost sight of everything I've worked for?

Did I get this one wrong."
Noire's Biography

DISCLAIMER: Do not attack me while I am offline. It's rude. Feel free to steal what you can!

What is Dead should Remain DEAD

Pain had filled every ounce of her being as she made the attempt to stagger away from what had once been her grave. Her head was throbbing and she couldn't seem to remember a damn thing of the circumstances that brought her here. Where the Hell was Lucifer? And Anna...? John...Bastet...Names continued to fly out from the darkest recesses of her mind, of those she had assumed could only be friends. She should have been able to remember them...Right? No faces, no memories...just...shadows. Why couldn't she place anything...

Out of the shadows, one face, followed by a mass amount of pain, shone clear as day...The son of the man she had grown to love...where was he?? Was he alright? Wait...Just how in 9 hells did SHE die?? Something here was terribly, unequivocally wrong. Not a damn soul was going to keep her from her truth. She would just have to use a bit of....gentle persuasion.


Weight:130 lbs


Alias:No-no, BÍte Noire

Last Seen Wearing: Black leather jacket with a deep red tank beneath it, black ripped skinny jeans, and Knee high combat boots. New Addition to wardrobe has recently included a Grim Riders Kutte, sleeveless. Two Left Patches state 'Sgt. At Arms' above 'Men of Mayhem'. Two right patches state CHAOS above the word QUEEN

General Attitude: Dead Calm, Deathly insane. Enforcer in the illegalities of her Crew.

Mind you, the story of Noire has been a long one. Without much memory, there is not much to know. Daily, she gains but a glimpse of the events that led to her untimely demise. Such a fragile mind, such fragile times. As she has not much to go on, she relies on the familiarity of others to guide her. Features of one encounter could remind her of a past event. It would not be a stretch to mention that The Voice in her head is that of someone she once very dearly loved in The Realm. Unfortunately, he is misleading and has caused more trauma to the unstable woman. He is also the reason for her quick personality changes. Bear with her as she strains to maintain what is left of her mind. She seems to have found a close group to stick with these days, but her lack of sanity is still quite evident.
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Xander James

Alrick Ivanoff


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Amducious 06/29/18 Thanks
Asherah 06/29/18 Her smile was soft as always, a new book tucked under her arm this time. "Noire, how wonderful to see you again. I'd like to apologize for my slippery leave." The soft pink that dusted her cheeks was sweet as she extended an invitation. "Would you like to join me for a stroll? Perhaps a swim?" Her eyes sparkled playfully as she waited for an answer.
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