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Born: June 21, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019

Marah Whitmoore's Biography
Name:Marah Danielle Boru
Born: May 21,1988
Height:5ft 2in
Hair:Blonde(Falls to her waist)
Parents:Ronan Boru & Marie Reilly
Race:Wolf,Vamp,Witch&Fire&Ice Phoenix
Children:Twins Marcus & David Venom(14 years old born dec.7)Triplets Dylan,Arya,CC(born 9/3/16),Robert Matthew(August 3,2017)
Powers:Fire and water elements,energy blast,time manipulation, Blowing any living thing up by molecule combustion.
Transformations:Witch, Wolf, Werewolf,Fire & Ice Phoenix,Dark witch when angered.
Statues: Alpha Queen of St.Claire wolf pack. Former Queen of Wulfhaven
Relationship Status:Married to Rafe Whitmoore
Occupation: Singer owner of Insomnia and Emerald Isle Recordings
Pets:2 Dragons Damian and Daxs

Marah Danielle St. Claire was born in an aristocratic family of pure blood wolves only. They had very little magic nothing extreme. She had an older brother Marcus, a twin brother David and a baby sister Rhianna. when she was 5 years old a vampire Master turned her older brother and took him away when she was 10 Marcus came back and murdered her parents. The remaining 3 children were separated never to see each other again.When Dutchie first came to the realm she was a mere 15 year old just a few short months of turning 16. She was alone knowing no one till a man with dark hair and dressed in black approached her handing her his card telling her his name was Knight Kravenoff. She placed the card in her pocket not sure if she would ever need it. A few days passed when she took him up on his offer and gave him a call. He helped her with her problem but their story didn't end there they continued to see each other and one thing led to another and just after her 16th birthday they were wed,Years past and they had 2 children Abigor and Mya. But soon their life would have a messy ending with lies from who he thought was his friend and the death of their children. That was when she found her twin brother David.After her break up with Knight she married Danny Ocean Years later she found out he was the reason for her divorce from Knight. The Marriage was to fail from the beginning and never should have been. He refused to let her go He not only killed her 2 kids with Knight but their 4 children as well. Making her watch him blow up the house with the babies looking out the window looking at her.Because of his torment to his sister her brothers David and Marcus bountied him, Killing him to finally set their sister would be safe and free. A year later she met a nice guy just a year older then her his name was Velkin. They had a good life but then it ended with his death. For months after she believed that she was cursed and never to know love again till Digger Venom entered her life. They had 2 children together twin boys David and Marcus named after her brothers.
The greatest loss of all was the deaths of her sister and brothers and weeks later her husband Digger. Not wanting to go on she was killed but before her death she was turned by a Carpathian Vampire. For 6 years she lived their ways and even changed her name.After months of living in Ireland she left to go back to her home in Big Bear.On her Journey she came across and old dear friend a fellow wolf. Who changed her mind and returned her to her rightful roots. That of the wolf. Little do her enemies of the real wolf that dwells within her.Now she has returned to LA her City. The city that she had fond memories along with that of heartbreak. But being back she has managed to run across many of her old and dear friends and some new ones. Also 2 very close friends whom she holds deep in her heart and one of the is the main key to her past. This is a new year with new beginnings where it leads only the fates know for sure. But she does know the road she is on its nothing like the past months that she spent promised and wishing on a false dream. No more lies and no more deceit in her life. She has found the one who accepts her for who she is and doesn't have to pretend and be what he wants her to be. He loves her for her and always has. She is herself again an Alpha Wolf and may god forgive who ever crosses her again.

(full bio is in my blog till it can be posted on my page)

Summer Bloodies 2019
Runner Up
Best Couple: Marah & Rafe Whitmoore
Runner Up
Realm Lush
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Katrina 10/14/19 ~She smiled at the woman~ Thank you kindly Miss.
Sinead O Tuathail 10/09/19 "Thank you very much." She smiled shyly at the kind woman.
Jamie_Fraser 10/05/19 "I will look in to it in a bit Lass. I have a few things to do before then."
Marah Whitmoore 10/02/19
Marah Whitmoore 10/02/19
Ronan Boru 09/29/19 "I can confidently say it was my shadow Spawn demon double this time and not me. Thinks happen mistaken identities and all." * He grins*
Marah Whitmoore 09/29/19
Marah Whitmoore 09/29/19
Marah Whitmoore 09/29/19
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/10/19 Yeah been here for a few days now. Left Eternal Embrace I w ill explain later and in private.
Flahme 08/09/19 "Haha, yes it is indeed the same man. He is delicious, and now I get to nibble on him every night! We will catch up soon, okay?"
Flahme 08/08/19 "That is great to hear, Marah. I left because I need to experience different environments and the best thing of all? I met someone, or rather I had already met someone but our friendship blossomed into so much more. Don't worry, he adores me, and we take care of each other."
Flahme 08/06/19 Pheonix Queen
Marah, how are you?
I hope you and your family are well
I miss our chats
Loads to talk about
Let me know when you're free
Samantha Winchester 08/02/19 Thank you Miss Marah. Hope things are going good for you.
Jared 07/24/19 "thanks I appreciate the welcome"
Ronan Boru 07/11/19 "how many times do I have to say it was not me but my evil twin Nanor." * Ronan looks at her*
Maeve 07/08/19 Thank you :)
Dita Morgenstern 07/05/19 [giggles.] Well, you are prettttty awesome so I can believe it!
Angelica Star_ 07/03/19 "Angel walks up to Marah, *Congrats* on your win on best witch* "Angelica smiles to her coven mate*
Hector Olivier 07/02/19 "Thanks. Actually, umm, got a tenner?"
Dark Sinner Man 07/02/19 *Looks at the Witch* I'am Staying Evil Laugh*
Dita Morgenstern 06/29/19 I just heard! From another lady. I'm shocked honestly. Thank you Marah. [warm smile.] I suppose a big congratulations is in order to you as well. [hugs.] Best Witch ..sounds amazing.
Amethyst 06/29/19 Congratulations on your wins and runner ups
WildKat 06/28/19 "This can't be happening. We need to go because there is some serious drinking that has to occur."
WildKat 06/28/19 "Well, I remember that part. Hard to forget but I can't have lil minions running around. They would eat me and yes, I was informed, so, lets go because this..this, is making me wanna drink."
WildKat 06/28/19 "See??! I can't doo those. Oh lord, why did I even ask how?! What is wrong with me?!"
WildKat 06/28/19 "Yeah and you know..those things that crawl around."
WildKat 06/28/19 "He's talking the 'M' word and the 'C' word..ooh, not THAT word but the 'C' word. That's not me. I can't have those.."
WildKat 06/28/19 "Cause he's saying unthinkable things.."
WildKat 06/28/19 The laughter died down as she sat there. Staring at Marah, every now and again she would blink."Huh...I see."Leaning forward, whispering as if a wall were to come crumbling down, her head shook."You don't here the things that come out of his mouth."
WildKat 06/28/19 "I shouldn't be either but girl, you gotta hear the things he's saying. I think he's lost his mind. Makes me feel like drinking."
WildKat 06/28/19 By this time, she was laughing herself. It was so weird that it was actually fun."Girl, I wish I had something to throw at you right now."
WildKat 06/28/19 Seeing Marah doubling over in laughter, caused a brow to raise, Leaning forward, all she could do was watch her. "No I'm not. He's weird. I just try to sing and he might be sick! Like..I don't have the degree or a cure. Not smitten but he is easy on the eyes."
WildKat 06/28/19 "See, that's what I'm afraid of! What if it ends like..the past few months. Here one minute and gone the next and I seriously think there is something wrong with him. Do you know how many times he's been at my door and I just..well I try to ignore him. So glad he hasn't flashed me. Not sure what I would do then. How do I know and can't I shake him? I shake everyone. I'm soo weird and he's like..well, I won't tell you what he's like cause one, I wouldn't know but two, I think there is something wrong with him."
WildKat 06/28/19 There was always a fine line of wanting to strangle someone and 'seeing'. It all depended on the situation at hand not to mention, if you wanted to strangle someone, you'd have to be looking at them. Shrugging, a heavy sigh escaped. Kat wasn't sure what to say."That's a very good question. I wanna kick his ass and yet he is so damn fine lookin. I mean, he's there and I've I'm really not sure what to think and so much has happened in the last few months, even weak, that..I'm really not sure. However, I can't kick his ass but that doesn't mean I don't want to. And I've been really cold and he's still here. What do I do because I'm a lot of words." What she said was true. The fear of moving on and yet wanting to be happy. It was a choice that she had to pick and Kat was at a crossroad.
Dessa Chambers 06/28/19 Dessa returned the hug, "Thank you! And you too! Our family took quite a few awards home. I'm very proud of everyone."
WildKat 06/28/19 "Love you too but I'm gonna smack the hell out of you two. Quit messin around and pick a day."All that could be seen was a grin."Although that is something I would completely do. Mess around."It was then her phone went back down and her smile faded."Marah, do you think I'll ever be married?"
WildKat 06/28/19 "Yep..TMI...I'm good." Lifting her phone, she went back to finding more pictures.
Flahme 06/28/19 Flahme returns the hugs of her good friend who had been on the adventure with her.

"We sure did, Marah. The retelling of our story was almost as exciting as living it."
WildKat 06/28/19 Putting down her phone, Kat couldn't help but shake her head as she looked at Marah."You do realize you're running out of time, right? July is right around the corner..literally. Have you and Rafe talked at all about it?"
WildKat 06/27/19 "Girl!"
WildKat 06/27/19 Still scrolling through photos, her head nodded."Mmhhmm, for a last minute idea, it was the best one. Have you even thought about a Wedding date?"
WildKat 06/27/19 "I'm still flipping through pics. Have you thought about anything?"
WildKat 06/27/19 Almost drops the phone"A Halloween costume."grins"I wonder how many kids I can scare..."
Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 Likewise, Marah.
WildKat 06/27/19 "Ahhh, the pressure of thinking. What to come up with."
WildKat 06/27/19 "Best. Ever."
WildKat 06/27/19 "Ok, okay, you got a point. Totally crashing your bar though. And for Halloween..what to do, what to doooo. Ha, I've got to think about that one."
WildKat 06/27/19 "Lush. Still not seeing it."
Rafe Whitmoore 06/27/19 #Rafe walked up to his wife pulling her closely as he placed his lips upon hers then smiled.# "I am so proud of you."
WildKat 06/27/19 "Yeeees. We. Must. Drink. Moooore!"
WildKat 06/27/19 "See! You did win."*grins*
WildKat 06/27/19 That's what I'm talkin about!"
WildKat 06/26/19 "I'd say we go back to the part and drink more."
WildKat 06/26/19 "We effin rock! We totally should drink to that..."
WildKat 06/26/19 "So we all voted for one another? Awwww...we are cute. Who knew?"
WildKat 06/26/19 "No, what you have been doing is freakin me out a few weeks back. Can't deny it and I don't even stay sober. However, you and Flahme got my votes. Both of you a couple of times. Just sayin..."
WildKat 06/26/19 "Oh, you told me. Cause I wanna still give him a piece of my mind but I'm not gonna and I didn't vote you as the realm lush. But you did get my vote. Just not gonna tell ya.."
WildKat 06/26/19 "Whaaaat? Who told me what?"
WildKat 06/26/19 "What? How the hell did that info get out? You sure ghosts aren't real? Hoooow? Hell, I wanna blast his ass but I was told not to and I haven't cause otherwise I would."
WildKat 06/26/19 "I don't wanna be sober. Waaaay to much. I just wanna lay here and forget a lot of things...ya know?"
WildKat 06/26/19 "Are you sober?"
WildKat 06/25/19 "Meet you there!"
WildKat 06/25/19 "I mean when. When? Please let it be noooow."
WildKat 06/25/19 "Then lets go! Ooh, I invited Lilly. My head is damn torn...could be heart. But. I. Need. This. WE need this!!"
WildKat 06/25/19 "Trust me, I know all about guy issues. I'm so torn, it's not nice. But I seriously, seriously, need a goddamn drink. Possibly more. So, where are we going?"
WildKat 06/25/19 "Then what are we waiting for? Lets go!!"
WildKat 06/24/19 "When is it safe to start drinking?"
Rafe Whitmoore 06/22/19 You managed to break out Marah Whitmoore. "I freed you my beautiful wife." #He gave her a big smile.#
Rafe Whitmoore 06/20/19 "I am doing great every day with you along with our children is a blessing. I am truly happy. Fatherhood is great love the kids are great. I wanted to take Marcus and David fishing actually sometime this week."
Rafe Whitmoore 06/20/19 #He kissed her softly upon her lips as he pulled her closer then he smiled.# "I love you too always will. How are you feeling?"
Rafe Whitmoore 06/20/19 #Coming up from behind her he bent down to kiss her neck softly wrapping his arms around her.# "Well hello my beautiful wife."
Rafe Whitmoore 06/14/19 #He continued to smile holding her close.# "You will see. Hold on my love." #With that said he vanished taking her to her present.#
Rafe Whitmoore 06/14/19 #Rafe smiled as he walked up to his wife pulling her close as he kissed her lips. He wanted to give her something that he hoped she would like.# "Hey you have a little bit to come with me? I have a surprise for you."
Rafe Whitmoore 06/13/19 #Placing his finger under her chin softly lifting it up so their eyes met.# "Being with you and the kids is all I will ever need, well besides our family along with great friends. But this with us will always be remembered with me. I wish you never had to go through all those heartaches but then again it has made you a very strong woman standing in front of me. Still the love of my life that is all I could ever need or want."
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 I fully understand dear
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 Sweetness...just let me know when and if you need a place
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 *gently Lilly hugged her* I know sweetheart, and thank you
Rafe Whitmoore 06/13/19 "October sounds like a great month we can do it whenever you want to I will be there. Colors I am sure I can find out. Hey Aunt Cassie would be a great choice to do the wedding. October gives us more time to get everything ready." #Smiling he gave her a kiss upon her lips. He was happy but excited all at once.#
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 *chuckling Lilly nodded* as long as he's happy I'm happy dear. We're good, trust it would take more than that to ever cause a problem
Rafe Whitmoore 06/13/19 #Rafe hugged her close kissing her forehead then shaking his head.# "It does not matter any more we are together now it will never change. We will go get the papers drawn up with a lawyer. All the kids will be part of our wedding no one gets left out. I love you Marah always will."
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 The rare one, for me that is... your father.
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 Ah not so much the sitting down much as focusing on the topic at hand...
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 Well talk it over with rush dear
LillyEmperium 06/13/19 *tapping her shoulder, Lilly smiled* sooo I need to know colors and what not....if you wish help dear
Rafe Whitmoore 06/10/19 #Rafe listened to her words and a smile continued to stay upon his face as she showed her cares about it.# "I would not of asked if I was not sure frumoasa mea soţie frumoasă. So yes I am sure about this but I make the promise they will never loose me. I meant what I said not going no where."
Rafe Whitmoore 06/10/19 #Rafe looked at her with a smile as he touched her cheek softly.# "I want to adopt all the kids as my own. Will you let me do this? I told you before I take all of you including the kids. I knew from the beginning that you came with responsibilities, I love them as well as I love you. So what do you think but most importantly how do you feel about this?"
Rafe Whitmoore 06/10/19 #Rafe gave her a soft smile to her idea then kissed her.# "Now that sounds like a great idea but we can have a late dinner. How about we take the kids out for ice cream then get them settled into bed. Maybe watch a movie with them before they do go to bed. There is something I would like to ask you?"
Rafe Whitmoore 06/09/19 "Nope I will do whatever you want to do love. The sky is the limit so whatever sounds good to me." #He kissed her again then chuckled a bit.#
Rafe Whitmoore 06/09/19 #Kissing his wife back Rafe smiled.# "I love you too. What would you like to do this evening?"
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/09/19 "Sounds good. Yeah I did but I was polite about it. Da not so much but could be why he hasnt come to you as well."
Rafe Whitmoore 06/09/19 #Rafe placed his forehead against hers then placed his hand behind her head gently stroking her hair.# "I would do anything for you so there is nothing to thank me for. A BBQ sounds awesome to me."
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/09/19 I dont think you do .This is a bit different then your thing with Kravenoff the thing with my mother being back but we can talk in private yeah. Name a place and time .
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/09/19 How was your trip and time away then sis? everyone here is fine and safe few things happened but we are good for now.
Ronan Boru 06/09/19 Hello my darling Daughter . I am guessing your honey moon was a fun break for both of you and Rafe.
Rafe Whitmoore 06/09/19 #Walking up behind his wife his arms slipped around her waist smiling as he pulled her softly near him. His lips were upon her neck as he kissed it then whispered into her ear.# "Well hello my beautiful wife. I missed you."
Flahme 06/07/19 Feeling completely shameless and bold, Flahme glues one of her badly made posters up on the door she is currently in front of then knocks.

“Oh, Marah, sweet sis. Please consider nominating me for Most Promising Character (3-6 months old). I promise to come and remove this when the campaigning is done,” she smiles impishly then sprints off to put up more posters.

Dessa Chambers 06/07/19 *Wraps lithe arms around Marah in friendly embrace* Welcome back! I'm glad you're home. *Pulls back but rests a cool hand on Marah's shoulder* How were your travels?
Michael Starfire 06/06/19 Yep cause my sister is very beautiful like you* Have a Wonderful day Marah*
Michael Starfire 06/06/19 Welcome to the Realm. Michael Stop's and looks at Marah* You Look like my sister he smiled"
Rafe Whitmoore 05/31/19 -#-He chuckled then looked at her with a smile.-#- "I think I just met one of them before my walk. As for our wedding you can do it as big as you want, I can make sure I get what needs to be done on my end. Well at lease there will never be a dull moment we have a lot of things to do when the time comes."
Rafe Whitmoore 05/31/19 -#-He placed his finger to his lips then looked at her.-#- "The past stays there love we will not go back to that we have our whole lives together this time." -#-When she took his hand he grinned then followed her.-#- "Wait no alien leaders woman." -#-He laughed as they walked.-#-
Rafe Whitmoore 05/31/19 -#-He sighed feeling really bad still but it was the past but he was going to prove to her that he was not going anywhere.-#- "I am sorry I didn't leave cause I wanted to love, I wanted you to be happy thought I was doing the right thing. I am back I do not plan on ever leaving you again my actions will show you that." -#-He bent down kissed her then looked into her eyes with a smile.-#- "Well come on I can't wait to hear them. You lead the way."
Rafe Whitmoore 05/31/19 "It was good missed you. So what do you want to do today?" -#-He wrapped his arm around her shoulders then started to walk down the street with her.-#-
Rafe Whitmoore 05/31/19 -#-Rafe smiled as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. Kissing her forehead he.-#- "Thank you it is just good to be with you. How you feeling now? I didn't want to wake you up you needed the sleep so I went for a walk."
WildKat 05/29/19 Grinning from ear to ear, Kat had truly fooled the Demon as she shoved her in and sat her down. "Sorry but not sorry. Enjoy..."
WildKat 05/29/19 "Nope, you're coming with me! Sorry..." Her hand latched onto Marah's arms and yanked her in. There was no way she was letting her out of her sight.
WildKat 05/29/19 "I don't care if you're comfortable or not, I'm hungry. Now lets go!!"
Rafe Whitmoore 05/29/19 -#-A evil smile appeared upon his face as he continued to keep his mind closed off to the demon.-#- "Oh you have not begun to imagine but you are going to find out." -#-Grabbing hold her Marah tightly he vanished with her in his arms.-#-
Skylar Ravenwalker 05/29/19 Thank you Marah
Ronan Boru 05/29/19 Oh Im a Boru and I will find a way with allies that I have. so dont get to comfortable.
WildKat 05/29/19 "Good! You see, I knew she was fighting. You didn't think she would." Walking into the nearest building, Kat stopped before continuing on. "Huh..why don't we check out what's inside. Maybe there's a human hidden. Could be fun.."
Ronan Boru 05/29/19 "Oh Yuki . Yes I now know your name and I know why partly the Ocean is back. Neither of you and the demon in Ocean will be staying here long. I will be protecting my daughter this time around. I couldnt before but I can now. "
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-A smile played upon his lips as the demon spoke. Staring at it he knew exactly what to do and his thoughts were blocked from it even if it meant that Marah could not see or hear his thoughts like mates normally would but he was not going to take any chances. This demon was bold he would give it that much but he wouldn't let it control the situation anymore.-#- "So you think you can't be removed? Oh wow you are really a stupid one now aren't you. If you were placed there you can be removed trust me. I don't care if you like it where you are cause you are not staying I can promise you that. As for me leaving well I didn't do it cause I didn't care about her I did it for reasons and this so happens to be one of them. You see you are so wrong about anyone not wanting to be with her those others were not real men they were scum just like the one who put you where you are he was nothing more then a psycho derange a$$hat. I am here not going anywhere but you are like I said so don't get to much comfortable you Yoshi wannabe."
WildKat 05/28/19 "How delightful you can hear her! I'm guessing she wokek up?"
WildKat 05/28/19 "So it's a man not a boy. You see a boy would be an adolescent and a man, well, an all grown up boy. Anyways you get it. But as you, for a lack of a better word, hold, Marah. You tell me? You see, I could tell you but I'm not going to."
WildKat 05/28/19 "Some boy?"
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-His eyes went black then back to his normal color but his fangs extended some. He could here this thing mocking what he said about his feelings for Marah.-#- "You sound like a very stupid demon if you are from Danny Ocean. Yeah I know all about that a$$hat and let me tell you don't get comfortable cause you are not staying. I don't plan on going anywhere this time. I will make it my mission to get rid of you for good she is not a pawn to you or Danny. So here is the deal you can leave her and go back to the pits of hell you were born from or I will send you back screaming."
WildKat 05/28/19 "I care about Marah and if she knew what you were doing and smelt like..well, she'd gag. Tell me, what is she doing in there?"
WildKat 05/28/19 "Nope, safer for me so I can breathe. Not everything is about you. And can I just say something? You smell like burnt toast."
WildKat 05/28/19 "We're going some place safe. People make me edgy. So, I find that walking through here helps. You know, makes it so you can..breathe.."
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-Rafe's smile suddenly faded as he watched her eyes shift and her tone was off.-#- "You were Marah so do please tell me who I have the pleasure in speaking to right now? I know you are not the real Marah I know that girl inside and out she so happens to be the real love of my life so I have all day. Who are you?"
Rafe Whitmoore 05/28/19 -#-Rafe looked at Marah when she approached him then he placed his hand gently upon her cheek with a smile upon his face. She was still beautiful there was never a day that went by when he was gone that she was ever far from his mind or his thoughts. With gentleness his thumb brushed against her cheek as he stared into her eyes.-#- "Yes it is and you Marah are still beautiful. I missed you. Are you still you?"
WildKat 05/28/19 "Humans do walk and so do Demons. I should know. In fact, I did fight one...once. Needless to say it didn't go well and I, well..I won." Taking a detour through the woods, every now and again Kat looked back at Marahs figure.
WildKat 05/27/19 "It's only true if you believe it to be true. What you don't understand, is that she has a lot of people who care for her, so the option of her dying and rotting in hell, well that's simply out of the question. Sure, she's buried in heartache right now and who wouldn't be? It's not easy to lose someone you love. One minute they're here and the next, well they're gone. Marah is extremely strong and when she decides to fight back, your ass is toast. I hope do hope you're prepared. So, now that you know that, shall we take a walk?"
WildKat 05/26/19 Yes you are! Otherwise you wouldn't have to hide, using Marah as your protection. Since when to Demons hide? That's right, they don't! I have fought many of others such as yourself but hide. You're hiding now. How about you pop out of there and be who you really are. But you know why you hide? You're scared. You're scared that someone will find out who you really are. You can say what you wish but you, Marah, and I know you're a coward. Not once did you answer my question. Don't tell me you're to scared of a very simple question. If that's the case, other ones have more of a backbone than you do."
WildKat 05/26/19 "Well I doubt your name is Lucifer. But hey, I've been wrong before." Kat really wasn't sure what to think about this but keeping her talking seemed to be working, even if it was only temporary. There was one thing she liked doing and it was to see what made one tick and not once was Kat let down. "A lot of us know he was piece of sht and Marah didn't deserve it. However, I still believe she'll fight you to the end. Mark my words, you won't win. She had a lot to live for but you...not so much. Only a coward would hide behind someone else and that is exactly what you're doing. Hiding..."
LillyEmperium 05/24/19 *Deep down Lilly had her suspicion as to what was happening. As she led Marah, she asked* was it Yuri or Yuki... remind you remember when you first met me face to face Marah?
WildKat 05/24/19 "Mmm, yes, I'm sure you like it in there but...ya know...Marah will fight you. Hopefully she kills you. Yes, I know she's hurting but you see, she won't stay down for long. hurts but I'm telling you, you won't last. " It was times like this that made situations, like the current one, interesting. One never knew what the next step would be. More like dancing with the Devil but also one that made Smiling, Kat stood there and nodded. For her, it was interesting. "Tell me Demon, what is your next step? Do you not have a plan?"
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 *Lilly saw the change. Gently she touched Marah's arm as they went to talk* breathe Marah.....come let's talk
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 *smiling she nodded* you're choice dear....are yare you feeling ok?
Ronan Boru 05/23/19 "Depends on if he is the brain dead bird I think he is or not. Either way you can do what you want to him . He has the same name from what I understand as the idiot brain dead one so we will see."
Ronan Boru 05/23/19 Bird huh? * Ronan thinks for a moment and laughs* Ah if it is who and what idiot brain dead bird I think it is yeah he is more then a bit stupid to show here again. If not have fun with that.
Ronan Boru 05/23/19 Actually I know Hell spawn Demons lie so had to be sure. Mistaken ID Marah lass for you but for you as I said demon it was me testing my powers out to see what I can use to help her. So you do sleep good to know. * he grins*
Ronan Boru 05/23/19 "Depends on who is asking Marah or the demon . If it Marah Mistaken ID and if it s the dark entity then it was from warming up to get rid of you. I know you were warned never to underestimate a Boru and yeah its can be deadly if on the wrong side of our powers."*The Irish fire witch grin and laughs a bit.He knew that Wild Kat had said something about them to this dark entity and it amused him greatly.*
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 *rumors had made their way to Lilly's ear. Shaking her head slightly, Lilly went to see if it were true. As she approached Marah, Lilly spoke gently* Marah....let's get some tea dear
WildKat 05/21/19 A brow raised as her arms crossed. Head canting to the side, she studied figure. Granted, it resembled Marah but it definitely wasn't her."Huh....interesting. But you see, there is something you don't know or quite understand. Marah is definitely a fighter. Oh sure, pain has taken over but that's just it. You won't last one...dear one." The corner of her lips pulled into a grin as her head straightened. Kat had seen these types of Demons before and they always intrigued her. Taking a step back, head rising, she a tad bit more than amused."Marah will be back, for there is something I know and you don't. That..THAT is something you'll find out soon enough. Never under estimate the power of a Boru. Now, it's quite simple from here. You leave her and leave her alone completely have Boru's to deal with. Your choice. May I suggest you choose wisely..."
WildKat 05/21/19 "Wait. What?! His headstone is...smooth? Like there was never a name there?! How..and Why?! He's gotta be back..somewhere. Maybe he's just..lost but why?! Marah, that has to be more to this. It can't just..I don't" Kat had seen this once before and it brought back her own memories. Ones she tried burying for quite sometime. But it was times like this that made one remember all to well and knew exactly what the pain felt like. This was not an easy thing to deal with and someone just didn't 'deal' but had to live and breathe it. Seeing her turning black, her heart broke. Granted, she would be okay but again, it was a hard pill to swallow and it would take a whole lot longer to heal and far to many questions to be asked, if ever given the chance to ask. "NO! You're not going going to go completely dark! I know what it feels like and it's so damn easy to give up but you...even though it doesn't feel like it now but you have everything to live for and do you know why? You have those babies! Marah, the don't need their mom going completely cold. Yes, light **** on fire, kill anyone..not everyone, that you can. Scream, throw **** but DO NOT go all dark! I've been there and I've come dangerously close but you, that's just not you. Yes, it can become something you wish but don't. Listen to me! Your babies need you more than ever and they'll be the ones to carry your through this, even if you're carrying them. We don't know what happened besides from the obvious and you have a lot of questions that need to be answered. I've seen this before. Maybe but the if the so called slate has become clean, so be it. HE left, that doesn't mean you have to!"
WildKat 05/21/19 A feeling of shock and fear ran along her veins and she was just about to do the unthinkable when a familiar voice was heard. Spinning around, eyes locking with the familiar blonde strands, she grinned and heard what was said. Kat's face fell into shock and disbelief as her arms locked around Marah's frame. Her eyes closed and popped back open as she pulled away. Head shaking, Kat couldn't believe the news but saw the pain across her face and knew instantly it was a truthful nightmare. Something that no one should have to go through. "What?! WHAT?!?! You've got to be kidding me! I mean, your not but how and why?! Oh my god Marah! I...I..Oh my god!! I'm glad you're doing well and are remarkably better but this is not something you should feel. Ever! Seriously?!" As her hands finally let go of Marah, the fell onto her own face and her own head wouldn't stop shaking. "He can't be gone..gone. I mean...No, this is NOT supposed to happen! Is there a way to...bring..him..back?" Arms slowly falling to her sides, head slowly stopped shaking but her mind wandered. "There has got to be a way to bring him back. I mean...right? I know you're devastated but how are the lil ones taking it? I'm sure this is a nightmare well not even sure, know it is but come on, he can rise again. I hope.."
Tony Hawk 05/19/19 Walks up to the young lady, hands her a note. Meet me at Devils Cliff alone) Eric turns into Black Smoke and vanishes)
Dessa Chambers 05/03/19 Well, I'm not sure about most popular. Maybe most wanted *cheeky grin*
Kyla Brollachan 05/02/19 Thank you for the kind words.
*smiles as well*
Edward Brollachan 05/02/19 "Thank ye kindly, Marah."
WildKat 04/23/19 Hearing the familiar chime, giving it a swipe, she read the incoming message and shook her head."Oh no, he's not the one. Well, it's not him but I do know who you're talkin about but no...another one. And you know..Jack..well, I call him Jack. Some call him Daniels. But yeah, I might have had a wee bit to much of the drink. So...I guess...ah...see, I knew I should've never drank! I think my soul is gone except I'm still here. Ooh, maybe he didn't take it. Again, not entirely sure." Hitting the send button, her head nodded.
WildKat 04/23/19 "Is blaming jack ok? But yeah..the one that's in hell. I think I...bit him? I'm not to sure about that. I could be wrong Not entirely sure." wincing, she hit send.
WildKat 04/23/19 "Made a deal with the devil. Is that a bad thing? And you need to let me know what's going on. I'm hiding cause..I don't wanna catch it. I didn't think us vamps could get sick but rumor has it that we can."
WildKat 04/23/19 Not liking what she read, her head shook. This was horrible."Well, I'm hiding from it and so far so good. Glad those imagines disappeared, I'm sure that was hard. Do you think they'll find a cure soon? This can't go on."Pushing send, she waited as her mind wandered from one thing to another.
WildKat 04/23/19 Picking up her phone, she decided to send a text. A few questions popped in her mind but one she couldn't help but ask. "Are you still sick?"
Skylar Ravenwalker 04/18/19 Congratulations cousin on making ptod
Amethyst 04/18/19 Congrats on making the realms most wanted
LillyEmperium 04/18/19 So what did you do??? (Congrats on pod)
Ronan Boru 04/18/19 yes well now the red death is airborne so more are going to come down with it.It will spread faster.
Ronan Boru 04/18/19 "What did you blow up now? Nice job on POTD AKA most wanted."
WildKat 04/18/19 Congrats on PotD, Marah!!
Flahme 04/18/19 Flahme dances around and cheers when she sees the most wanted of the day and gives her friend a hug.
"Congrats on being most beautiful!"
WildKat 04/08/19 She couldn't help but snort. "I know you don't hate me but I'm not very well liked. Not to mention, it has a ring to it."
WildKat 04/03/19 "Yess! Absolutely perfect and I'm fifty shades of pissed off in a one gallon bucket. Or something close to that."
WildKat 04/03/19 "No. What was his...Ooh, it was Anakins Cafe. He was the bomb in baked goods. I thought I had tasted something like that before but I was definitely wrong. Cookies and a bottle of Jack Daniel's..possible two."
WildKat 04/02/19 " should try these unless you don't like blood..anymore but there was something irresistible about these. Nothing I've ever tasted. I felt bad because I ate the whole tray..well..not the tray but all of the cookies. Gosh, they were sooo good. And for some reason I had to stop there. I always walk about this lil caf'e called Drake's caf'e..think that's what it's called but you can't miss it. Right on main street...I think. Haha, I'm sure I can sniff him out and I'm not even a Wolf. Buuut...Maybe a drink or two I could use. Seems like a really need a few. Oooh, maybe I can order a bunch of those cookies. Poor guy will be baking up a storm. So..when shall we go? "
Kira Garrett 04/02/19 Thank you for the welcome! It's lovely to meet you. I shall definitely keep you in mind, for such an occasion.
WildKat 04/02/19 "I wouldn't say exciting and vibrant. But sitting here doing nothing is definitely not working. See..this is why I shouldn't sit and think. I feel like I'm on self destruct mode. And I shouldn't drink. Walls become friends and the floor is my enemy. I discovered that I like chocolate and cookies that are made from or with blood."
Flahme 04/02/19 Flahme giggles and gives Marah a big hug."

"So this is what happened. I was minding my own business when ten demons rushed me, there was ten I tell ya, and they all tried to tickle me and I accidentally set them on fire. My bad."
Gavin McGrath 03/23/19 "Thank you! As for not dyin' again, I can't promise ya that. Sometimes ya just need a power nap. In a coffin. In the ground. Without a pulse."
Flahme 03/14/19 "Yet that all worked out perfectly, so maybe sleeping late aint so bad?"
Flahme 03/14/19 Flahme giggles and nods, true enough.

"I'll bring some more champagne because those things we had last time were yum."
Flahme 03/14/19 "Sounds great! So long as there are ribs, and hot sauce. I will head up Friday evening."

Flahme grins.
LillyEmperium 03/14/19 Sometimes dear....we wait for the best things. I'm glad you have found happiness again.
LillyEmperium 03/13/19 I'm glad to hear it.
LillyEmperium 03/12/19 *walking up, Lilly hugged her* how's everything dear
Flahme 03/04/19 "More? Girl, I bought a couple of bottles, and staying with you sounds like a great idea!"
Flahme 03/04/19 Comes to see how her friend is doing, pre-wedding and brings a little something for them to share and calm her nerves if needed.


LillyEmperium 03/02/19 That'll work
LillyEmperium 03/02/19 Marah.....where is it to be at?
Flahme 03/01/19 Flahme jumps up and pulls Marah into the biggest bear hug she could muster. Then holds her at arm's length a wide grin on her face.

"I would be honoured to be in your wedding party. This is such wonderful news for you both."
LillyEmperium 02/28/19 *smiling Lilly hugged her* of course my dear
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/28/19 Alright well good then . I will keep that date in mind.
Ronan Boru 02/28/19 You can tell her after yo tell your brother
Ronan Boru 02/28/19 I think we can handle that easy enough. You should let your brother know as well.
Flahme 02/24/19 "Congratulations on ranking!"

Flahme claps and smiles.
Dita Morgenstern 02/22/19 She looks at the ring and tries to give the brightest smile she can muster. "I'm happy for you, Marah. I wish you both the best."
LillyEmperium 02/20/19 *nods* She will let you keep it, I'm sure of it. I know it's a pain, but in the end if they want they can sell it. *Chuckling, Lilly nodded* shhhh I Know that feeling dear. I feel the same way about your father.
LillyEmperium 02/20/19 *Gently Lilly hugged Marah* I understand dear, I do. I mentioned well with what I said. Sometimes we hold things in trust till the young are old enough to make that choice. I have couple places in trust for mine. I don't go there anymore. Just staff maintain them. But I do understand dear. Yes I do remember how you were. *Raising her hand slightly she chuckled* enough of the depressing matters... I'm glad you're happy. He best never hurt you..
LillyEmperium 02/19/19 Oh you'll enjoy the studio. I used to have one myself. As to the Kravenoff money and estates, I can't speak for the clan, but I can to an extent Angel... that's part of the littles inharitance no worries there
LillyEmperium 02/19/19 *hugging her tightly, Lilly smiled* see sweetheart, I told you you'd find love again. I'm happy for you....still need to meet this boy though. As long as he makes you happy, and is good to the littles and you...go for it.
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/18/19 "Sure. Since he didnt actually do it the first time with Angel. I'm sure he will be fine with it. I was going to but then I was nah why be mean and ruin it for him and you."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/18/19 "yeah I know he sort of told me after I busted hi are out of jail in Trans a few days a go. Congrats though."
Ronan Boru 02/18/19 "Yeah I know he sort of mentioned it to your brother who told me and I told him he had blessing." * He smiles*
LillyEmperium 02/17/19 Sounds good sweetheart
LillyEmperium 02/16/19 I'd love to dear. Just let me know when. Now what has you annoyed?
LillyEmperium 02/15/19 *gently hugging her Lilly smiled* good.... bout time your happy
LillyEmperium 02/15/19 Happy Valentine's day sweetheart. Hope it's been good to you this year
vamp_goku 02/09/19 "Yes I know you have, but I just wanted make a open reply was all. I know I s uck at comments so to say. Of course anytime,I never mind helping out if I can. Just let me know what you want or need is all." *grins*
vamp_goku 02/09/19 Goku gives a bow with a small grin as well.
"My apologies for not welcoming you to the coven, if there is anything you need or would like please let me know. Again welcome to the family."
Flahme 01/28/19 Memories was something with which Flahme was still struggling. She had precious few of her own; her mother’s face and her long red hair so like her own, her mother’s death, destroying the town and everyone in it, her father and some few words of advice. Nothing more. She didn’t even remember her centuries in Hell. All knowledge of the world and memories came from those she has taken them off.

“I am very curious, and sometimes I ask things that may not be appropriate. I didn't mean to make you feel afraid. Thank you, I have enjoyed our conversation.”

Flahme gave a small smile and hoped to speak to the young woman again.
Flahme 01/27/19 Flahme could smell the fear and regardless of the reason behind it, it still smelled so good to her. She did not like the tears as much and thought perhaps she shouldn’t have asked the question.

“Then it is good that he is dead. Family, I am told, is everything. But why are you still so afraid of him? He can’t hurt you now.”
Flahme 01/27/19 The woman watched intently as the other woman spoke. She could see the emotions running through her.

“Did you ever find him? Your kidnapper?”
Flahme 01/27/19 Flahme’s eyes flickered scarlet for a moment then back to emerald as she took in the information. She was comparing it to what little she knew of the world. Werewolf then vampire, there was nothing in her memory about these creatures being real, but this young woman did not appear to be lying. She would file those pieces away and concentrate on the last part. A witch, that’s what she was smelling? Perhaps they all smelled different. Demons did too, but she was so attuned to them having spent a great deal of time in Hell.

“Thank you for being so…forthcoming,” Flahme frowned, then continued. “I was born a demon, well half witch half demon to be exact, that is my mother was a witch and my father is a demon. But I was supposed to live a normal life, I was never supposed to get any powers at all. Then bad things happened and everyone had to die.”

Flahme shrugged not entirely sure she had answered the question.
Flahme 01/26/19 Another member of the Menagerie approaches her. This socialising is good for her, helps her see what responses work and what do not. She notes the lovely smile on this one’s face. She inhales to get a sense of her…not demon. Human but not human. Like the other human type, this one has something else underneath the human smell.

“Hello Marah, I am Flahme. I think I have all I need right now. Except…is it considered rude if I ask if you are a human?”
Marius Tournier 01/21/19 Thanks Marah
Crimson Belladonna Jones 01/21/19 "Dank you Miss!"
Smiles and runs after a cat she found.
LillyEmperium 01/09/19 I know it's hard dear, I went through similar with mine. In time it will lessen, and they will know who was there
LillyEmperium 01/06/19 *hugging her Lilly nodded* I know dear. Been there... kinda..long time ago
LillyEmperium 01/06/19 Hmmm....of course it is. It's normal I believe. As long as you don't hold it in, nor take it out on the's ok
LillyEmperium 01/05/19 *furrowing her brows, Lilly looked to Marah* nonsense little one. First off...followed by second and third... You ain't troubling no body with nothing. Not to mention the kids are kin dear. People die, family help you pick up your life and go forward.....I know I've kinda scked at this from time to time....but space and time for space is closing....let your family And theirs help you.....not to mention...I offered ... *Sticking her tonuge out she chuckled* this is what family is supposed to do dear
Ronan Boru 12/31/18 Bliain Nua Shona mo mhuintir daor ((Happy New Year my dear family))
WildKat 12/09/18 Congrats on PotD!
Edward Brollachan 11/21/18 *Chuckles*
"Aye, that's what all the lasses sat...
Edward Brollachan 11/21/18 Moonwalks in the confetti and glitter
Thank ye Marah!
And I AM scary! RAWR!
Dessa Chambers 10/06/18 *takes the offered bottle and laughs*
Thanks, Marah. No real secret, just a lot of...patience. *she laughs again* Something of which I sometimes lack. But I know you can do!
WildKat 09/20/18 "Thank You very much, Marah."
Dita Morgenstern 09/07/18 Congrats on ranking!
Amethyst 09/07/18 Congrats on your ranking Marah
Maeve 09/07/18 Congrats on the ranking.
Ronan Boru 07/20/18 Yeah I was set up I tell ya framed. * he laughs* thanks
LillyEmperium 07/14/18 *walking up to her, Lilly hugged her gently *
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
John Doe 01/26/16 John Doe Fact #308: John Doe once built a house from the sky down.
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