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"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- Winnie the Pooh
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Albert Harris

Last five threads posted in:
Livia Vlcek 01/30/19 Livia canted her head, an amused mien across scarred visage as the woman rifled through the bag. Mafia? Not unless it was Russian and even then, no. The Czech woman would make sure of it.

"It is going to be ok.." The Slayer quickly pulled a single cigarette from the soft pack in lower coat pocket. "Nyquil? Do you have a cold?"

Not that it was really any of Livia's business what recreational activities this woman participated in. No judgement. At all.

"Here's my number, I have a great personal physician if you need to see a doctor." A business card was produced from the same pocket the cigarette came from. "Call me if you need anything, hm?"
Livia Vlcek 01/23/19 It's true, there were times Livia traveled with a large amount of money on her person.. for reasons. Ahem. But the bag, wherever the Czech woman left it, was never out of line of sight. Sometimes it was necessary to make a 'drop' for an order placed. Sometimes it was a 'pick up' for an order filled.

As the Slayer paced back and forth waiting for a call to connect, a woman began to rifle through the bag. Pale eyes trained on the person in question behind large frames, Livia ended the call and slipped the smartphone into a coat pocket. What happened next was completely unexpected.

"Ahoj.." Livia's brows raised in surprise as the bag was thrusted towards her. A good samaritan? Here? In New York? "Ne.. no.. you must be mistaken." A dexterous hand slipped into the bag to retrieve the passport, palmed it inconspicously to coat pocket before the bag was pushed back towards the woman. "I do not know whose bag this is."

Beau Theroux 01/23/19 Winter had always been the more beloved of the seasons for Beau. Every year he would hope for snow but, alas, New Orleans rarely ever delivered. If back in the day someone had told the man he would be enjoying snowfall in Paris in the future he would have called bullsh!t. Now, he might just experience it.

Beau was enjoying the cold air on a bench, his leather jacket wide open to expose a white t-shirt to the elements. With such a high core temperature the winter winds felt like a gentle caress on his skin. Suddenly the strong odor of dog filled his nostrils. Eyes snapped to a dog lifting it's leg to drench the man! Luckily, he was saved just in the nick of time.

Jumping up to his feet he patted his pants with a chuckle. "Hey, no problem. You'd be surprised how many dogs have decided to use me as a fire hydrant." His thick, Cajun accent laced his every word; he continued. "Would you like some assistance with that? I'd imagine it's hard corralling such a mighty beast while juggling groceries." His hands reached outward so he may be handed the bags of snacks. "I promise, I ain't creep. Just like helpin' people."
Valentin Metzger 01/21/19 -brows furrow over turquoise irides- You have a nice shaped skull.. I do not see why you couldn't.
-arches a brow- A 'tude? Do I have a 'tude Fraulein?
-feigns insult, hand presses to his chest- I am so very upset now.. here I thought I was polite and you have turned my world upside down with this revelation.
-sniffles just a touch for dramatics- My feels.. you have hurt them.
Valentin Metzger 01/21/19 -turquoise irides narrow- Who wants to know, Fraulein..
-chuckles- Quite simple.. spray starch. When I want a softer mohawk for quiet days, I use grooming clay.
-contemplates- Though the blood of my enemies might be useful..
Valentin Metzger 01/21/19 -looks down at-
-curious mien- Thank you, I grew it myself.
Tiber Loche 01/15/19 Sure, Tiber's reflexes were as sharp as a cacti's needles. If he'd been paying attention, he might even have had a chance to combat the flying disk that barrelled toward his head. But the man turned just as the object sailed into his forehead, narrowly missing his eye as it bounced off of him and onto the ground.

"Um, OW." Long fingers grazed his skin where he could still feel the impact, but there was a good chance he was being a bit dramatic. "Was this an assassination attempt? Is that what's going on? If so, I have some pointers."
Gyldi 01/11/19 Her current priest - she wasn’t a priest at all, but merely possessed her ashes - walked through the park, and Gyldi loped beside her, unseen as ever. It was freeing, being outside, as she’d been cooped up for quite some time. She got rather antsy, remaining indoors.

This would come to a head when she set her earthen hues on a dog that rivaled her in size and shape. Stopping, her tail wagged as mischief became her priority. See, animals could see her, but only in passing glances, as though a movement in the periphery.

As she bounded forward, the dog’s head snapped to follow, only seeming to confuse it as it couldn’t find the source of the movement. Gyldi continued her game, finally casting herself directly through its handler and coming to a halt with their muzzles practically touching.

If only she could.
Anyssa 01/10/19 Welcome to the realm if you should need anything just ask.
Malek 01/09/19 There isn't a single reaction to the mess in the truck, but Malek bristles slightly at the dog's appearance. The instinct to affect a posture of strength follows, but he suppresses it behind a careful wall of human intellect. He watches the digging process with only half interest, not even taking the opportunity to 'check her out', as the colloquialism goes. His nostrils flare as he locks eyes very briefly with the dog and then, with the skill of a practiced canine, a practiced alpha male, he allows his eyes to linger before, finally, letting them slide to the side to where he is still staring into the dog's face, but not directly eye to eye. He offers a grin, grotesque even in its 'friendliness'.

The Beast hunches and growls, crying challenge to the canine.

"Nice dog," Malek mutters. Polite nothings? Small talk? Sure, why not. He can be polite, yeah? "Oh... thanks..." Malek says, staring at the spork before reaching out and taking it gingerly between blunt fingers. He holds it for a moment, thinking about where to put it, before popping it into his mouth (handle end first, of course, he doesn't swap spit with just ANYONE).

"'fanks," he says, turning and ambling off. She's been a big help and got about the friendliest response to that she will.
Malek 01/09/19 Rolling his shoulders, Malek sees a female standing a bit ahead of him. He studies her for a long moment and considers. The treasure hunt. It has not ended yet and Malek has not found every item he needs. This one, though? She seems like just the type who would carry around random sh!t and THAT is exactly what he needs.
Social? Nah, that's not really Malek, but he can step out of his shell for the promised reward. Not that he couldn't get the reward anyway by just asking but... this is kinda fun. At least, he'll admit it in private. NEVER to Livia.

"'Ey," Malek says, pausing in front of the stranger. "Y'look like'th' type't carr'roun' weir' stuff, Ah thin'," he says seeming to search her body as he scans her up and down. Nah, he's looking for a telltale bulge that would indicate the item he needs. "Y'gotta... spork? Y'know one'f th' thin's tha' looks like uh fork did uh spoon'n made 'isself uh mutan'?"
Pennywise 01/09/19 Hello there and welcome to the Realm. I am Zoey, and I am here to help with any needs you may have, particularly with writing. If you need any help at all, feel free to mail the Admins from the drop down menu, and one of us with get back to you shortly. Enjoy your time here in the Realm, and most importantly, Have Fun!!
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