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Born: August 13, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 5
Affiliation: Azhi Dahaka Mail Replies Sent: 631
Home City: Sydney Mail Sent: 120
In Union With: Adam Frankenstein Last Login:
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12/11/18 at 12:58 am
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Only the Living can kill the Dead.
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 Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary

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Livia Vlcek

Eden Kennedy

Zaynah Mubarak

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Jackson McCarthy

Doom Bringer

Briahne Dancescu


Last five threads posted in:
Genesis 10/29/18 "Just checking in on you Olivia, making sure you are doing alright and stuff. ~Smiles~
Genesis 10/23/18 ~walks up to the woman and holds out a rather dirty and bloody hand, looks, pulls it back and wipes it on her pants before presenting said hand once again.~ "Hello. I'm Genesis. A belated welcome to the team, seeing as I've tried stealing from you already. How are you finding things? Need any help?"
Genesis 10/22/18 You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Olivia Pierce. What? Not even enough to for a welcome home drink?
Zaynah Mubarak 10/13/18 ~pleased smile~ Thank you.. Miss?
Autumn Summers 09/27/18 Thank you!
Dayne 09/24/18 A grin playing on his lips he spoke softly. "Thank you hun."
Eden Kennedy 09/22/18 Thank you.
Remington Agnes 09/18/18 "The Realm." He repeated the words, blinking in confusion, but ultimately just shrugged. "Wonderful. Thank you!"
James Kelly 09/13/18 How friendly. Thank you!
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 “You. Are. My. Hero.” Jasper rattles the bars in excitement as the key clatters to the ground. Fumbling around in the dark, it takes a few good tries to get the tumbler to turn, but when he’s free, he’s out like a bat out of hell, calling back his thanks until they are nothing more than echoes in the darkness.

“I owe you big time!”
Josie Nathan 08/26/18 Looking up to the stranger in front of her, the young girl bit at her bottom lip, the dirt scraping onto her teeth. "T-Thank you miss." Pausing the girl thought for a moment fingers tugging at the edge of the purple dress she wore. "I don't know... I'm lost. I don't know where I am."
Livia Vlcek 08/20/18 Livia had begun to retreat back to her room when the door opened. A slow, scarred smile tugged cruelly at the woman's cheek and she nodded her head. "Sounds great..." Polished ivories pressed deeply into her lower lip as she stepped into the room. It appeared Olivia brought a plant with her. Cacti. Or were they succulents? Livia always got the two confused. Maybe they were one in the same. "Am I your first guest?" Livia chuckled quietly. "I'm sure you will be invaded by others. Especially Briahne. But don't be afraid, she's not dangerous at all unless she has a nerf gun." Livia cleared her throat and looked around. "As far as bath stuff...what girl does not like a good soak and pretty smelling stuff to go in said bath? She'd have to be mad not to!" The Slayer accepted the glass with both hands, careful not to spill the contents. "To you, Olivia. Welcome home." That said, Livia raised the glass to damaged pout and took the shot.
Briahne Dancescu 08/19/18 *WAVES*

"So hi, I'm Briahne, welcome to our happy lil family, if you need anything or just want to hang out or practice or whatever, give me a call."

*watches the crazy leadertype female run the opposite direction ...."yeah, don't mind Livia too much, she'"

Livia Vlcek 08/19/18 Livia made her way to Olivia's room and gave a quiet knock on the door. Anytime Azhi had a new member join the house, the Slayer made sure a very useful welcome basket was given. In it was a cell phone with Livia's personal number programmed. This was a way for the Slayer to track her family in case something happened, better than lo-jacking them right?! That would be kind of itching or painful. A bottle of Tequila because who doesn't like Tequila?! Heathens...that's who. Along with some assorted bath bombs and such from a boutique the Slayer loved. Really, it was Kat's fault, but it made for a lovely bath and was quite relaxing after a taxing day in the city. Also found in the basket was sweets. Chocolates, truffles of different sorts and various hard candies. Because what good is a bath without bonbons? She waited quietly for a few moments then set the basket by the door. The card included would simply say 'Welcome to the family! Much Love, Livia.'
Summer 08/19/18 Summer read the ‘all Azhi’ email announcing the arrival of a new member whilst lounging on the beach in California. She avoided the cooler season like the plague, hence not being in Sydney at present. Knowing what little she did about the crew, Summer wasn’t entirely convinced Livia was joking when she said the girl didn’t like friendly people. Well, sh-t. What the f-ck was an angel to do? Her sunny disposition was divinely given, goddammit! Tossing her sunglasses aside, the blonde sat up in a hurry and opened up a few apps on her phone. Chewing her bottom lip, she set up an order for rush delivery to the compound. Surely Olivia would make it there sooner or later.

Within a few short hours, a rectangle stone pot was delivered to the compound, filled with artistically arranged succulents. Most of which were especially prickly. Summer did not send these tongue in cheek. Far from it, succulents were hardy and resistant to death. Qualities found in every Azhi member. Plus, they were pretty damned far from fuzzy puppies. The plain card attached held a message and included Summer’s contact information.
Olivia- welcome to the crew. I tend to be a bit on the friendly side, but to make you feel most at home, I will channel my inner b-tch whenever needed. I come from a long line of them, so it should be relatively easy.
Truly though, welcome.
Jackson McCarthy 08/16/18 A wee bit late, but welcome tae the Realm, lass!
Livia Vlcek 08/14/18 Slipping the card into a jacket pocket, Livia gave a large grin as she walked the narrow corridor. It wasn't often she had the chance to peek into the dungeon and find someone in need. "You are most welcome..." The words drifted lazily from scarred lips, tendrils of smoke bringing them to life. "I'm Livia, if you ever need anything, give me call." That said, the young woman pulled her pack of cigarettes from another pocket, tore a piece of the heavy paper from it and proceeded to scribble her number down for the girl. "Call anytime, I keep odd hours."
Anyssa 08/14/18 "Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
VaylinShadow 08/14/18 Welcome!
Livia Vlcek 08/14/18 Livia had decided to troll the dungeon when she saw a new face. Looking first at the guard then the girl, the Slayer slipped a key card from her pocket and dragged it through the lock. With a beep, the door opened. "C'mon, before the guard decides to question why I'm here and how I got one of these nifty multipasses."

You managed to break out Olivia Pierce.
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