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Moriko Ayano
Killed: May 15, 2017 at 11:34 pm EDT
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Born: April 21, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 1
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Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 0
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Moriko Ayano's Biography
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Name: Moriko Ayano
Age: 900
Speices: Kitsune
Hair: Long Black hair
Eyes: Silver eyes in Kitsune form Gold
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Occupation: Singer

Moriko born was born in Tokyo,she lived in a quite small town with her parents. When she was 16 she was messing around with witchcraft wanting to know how it worked. She accidentally summoned a demon of some sort,she tried to send it back but couldn't. The demon thanked her and as a reward he turned her into a Kitsune from a gift from the demon but for her it was a curse. Not knowing what to do she ran away from Tokyo and went to another part of Japan. She couldn't face her parents like this. She was a Kitsune for a while till she got control of her changing and kept in her human form but her Kitsune instinct always got the better of her and she would turn into her Kitsune form frequently. After years of running from her Kitsune side she finally embraced her demon side letting the Kitsune control her from time to time but she did know how to stay in human form. Returning to Tokyo to see her parents but she found out her parents died a while back while she was gone. Sad she kept their house and got a job as a singer to pay the bills.

Kitsune Powers:
Kitsune Seduction
The Kitsune's Ball
Kitsune tails
Elemental Magic-Music,Fire,Wind,and Ocean

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Phantom Wraith

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Taylor Ainsworth 04/21/17 Taylor walked up to the new comer with a nice large slice of pizza. "Welcome to the realm. Pizza is the ultimate welcome gift if I do say so myself!" She held out the slice and smiled. "My names Taylor, I'm always around if you ever want to talk or need advice!"
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