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“Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I'll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.”
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Born: December 29, 2011 Forum Topics Started: 6
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Note to self: Do NOT feed the monkies. Also, do not imbibe during scientific research.
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I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
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My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
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Katherine Murray's Biography

"I like to burn my bridges while still standing on them... This way people know just how serious I am about my crazy."

And I was in the darkness, so darkness I became.
And let's be clear, I trust no one.

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Valentin Metzger
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Solomon King

Quinn Abernathy

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Last five threads posted in:
Derek Norse 01/17/18 Derek glances the woman over. It's no lie, the Realm's resident stoner is thirsting. Better yet, he has his brother's badge. Stepping up, he glances left to right before finally addressing her. Shady mf. "Hey. Lady. You got any goods?"
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Mrs. Solbear
He will know. And I will marry you and Sol.
I can because I said so.
You’re not with Tiber? 😕
He’s in my phone too.
He’s a dog. Yea. But he is kind of mean.
Don’t think he likes me.
Sol wears skirts no undies.
It’s on.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Mrs. Solbear
I'll marry you!
Just need to know if he wears skirts.
Without underwear, that is.
This is a match from heaven.
No such place.
Tiberious IS a dog!
You're with Tiber?
Are you at the Den?
Is Sol there too?
Tell Tiber I say hi.
Tell Sol to text back.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Mrs. Solbear
You watch people while they sleep?
That's so sweet.
Marry Sol. Yes.
He's a fireman, too.
Why are you setting yourself on fire?
Excuse me. Miss. Another.
No. I'm not drunk. You're drunk.
You don't know me.
Thank you!
Tiber Loche 01/16/18 Scotchbreath
Oh. OH. Okay, well. That's fair, I guess.
She must be THAT Quinnbob, then.
I was married to Quinnbob once upon a time, what a smallsmall world.
She's married to some knob now.
Don't tell her I said that.
Tiberius is just my pet dog.
He doesn't smell as good as I do.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Soul Solved
What language is that?
Trust me.
I'm good at this.
Sol is good.
Someone called him a beefcake.
That's a good thing.
I love everyone.
I am on everyone's team.
Even you! And I don't know you!
Mormons. And Scientologists.
And Scientists.
Tiberius is mad.
Sol is not mad. Sol has a beard.
You need a beard.
You will marry Sol.
And he will not be a virgin.
Tiber Loche 01/16/18 Scotchbreath
I know A Quinn. But I'm sure there are lots of Quinn's in the world.
You're better off in the woods. You can set things on fire and no one will ever know.
.. Just don't set yourself on fire.
Actually just stay away from fire.
Tiber Loche 01/16/18 Scotchbreath
Are you still in New York?
Any spare lumberjacks kicking around up there?
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Seems a little lost
You can be anything.
Down with the batriarchy!
What's a batriarchy?
Is that a word?
Sol is good.
He's better than all of us.
He needs to do it.
You know. DO IT.
I think he's a virgin.
Not Tiberius. Tiber.
Tiberius is bad.
Tiber is good.
He's husband one.
Giddy is husband two.
But only in order.
Giddy is a good husband.
Not at the same time.
That'd be gross.
Don't marry more than one person.
At the same time, I mean.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Is completely unqualified to handle her love life
Catholics are okay.
I don't know what we're called.
Birds? They call it a flock.
I'm a bird.
Oh. Like that sad movie.
I will ask.
I pick Sol for you.
Giddy will not be happy.
Do you know the moonshine man?
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Definitely needs help
Jim Jones! Google him.
Google, tell Katherine about Jim Jones.
Scottish people don't wear underwear.
Is Solomon Scottish?
Does he wear skirts and no undies?
I will ask him.
This is my second marriage.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Katherine should marry the Irish
The first. We're different.
Fun fact!
His dad is Jim Jones.
Potatoes are people too.
They have feelings.
I don't know what doona means.
Doona. Dooooooooooooooooooona.
Solomon is gay?
Google asked who is different.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Katherine and Solomon, Sittin in a tree
We're different.
Not me. I'm normal.
Irish people are angry.
And eat loads of potatoes.
And sing. All the time.
You know Solomon?
Are you gonna marry him?
He lumbers Jack.
Another drink please!
Don't gimme that look.
This is important.
Ok Google.
What does it mean when someone gives you heads?
Oh. No.
Quinn Abernathy 01/16/18 Katherine is an only child
Never had an Edmund.
You know Giddy? That's my husband!
Kind of. I think. Mostly. Yea.
We lived at the Den! I miss Miss Addie.
She was my favorite. Shh. Don't tell.
And all our friends were there.
And moonshine.
You should date Solomon.
Quinn Abernathy 01/15/18 Katherine
Beards are itchy.
I can read. I love to read.
Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe is my favorite.
Bad is bad. Bad makes Giddy mad.
Secrets don't make friends.
I married Giddy. He's so nice.
He has a beard.
What is not bad for you?
Quinn Abernathy 01/15/18 Mi>Yes, she is using dictation... typing is just too hard.

Her name is Katherine
No. I have one. Hashtag forever.
No. Hashtag. Make a hashtag symbol.
It. Never mind.
I don't have bottle. I have a glass. Two. Glasses.
I think I'm going to regret anyway.
Being bad.
Hashtag. It's a hashtag.
Quinn Abernathy 01/14/18 Really not Giddy?
They're good people.
I know. Them. We are friends.
More than.
Hashtag forever.
No. I said hashtag.
Quinn Abernathy 01/14/18 Thought I was texting Giddy
I’m not Giddy! I’m Quinn!
You don’t sound like Giddy.
No Uber. Ax murderers.
Quinn Abernathy 01/13/18 Wrong Number
Yes! One abort pleese bartender.
Where are you.
Quinn Abernathy 01/13/18 Wrong Number
Is it sfe to mix vodka and weasels?
Atticus Hammond 01/13/18 -stares at-
"Special balloons, yet. Cat, maybe? I'll look for videos. Tiny phone Gods... Probably. Camille?!"
-involuntary swoon-
"She can do anything. SHE could make a balloon cat, I'm sure of it!"
Valentin Metzger 01/12/18 Very good to hear, Madchen. -gives a smile that meets his eyes-
And I am well.. there are times I wish to return to the Taiga and times I feel the need to play fetch with the dogs or chase things but generally speaking, everything is fine. -furrows brow-
Did you finally acquire your monkey army? -chuckles deeply at the thought-
-realizes that she might actually have a monkey army now-
Livia Vlcek 01/12/18 *stares at, completely perplexed* Why do you live in the attic? There's like a bunch of rooms.
*might want the attic to live in* Who is supposed to be watching over me?
*looks down at her pajama clad body* Is that why I have all these scars?
*looks at Kat's capri sun then to her coffee* Whatchu got...sounds delicious. Can I have?
*puppy eyes* don't want what she has in there. You're a vegetarian.
Atticus Hammond 01/12/18 -squints-
"Siri IS a little God, isn't she? I don't think Siri can help, though. We'd have to watch some tutorials. YouTube."
-affirmative nodding-
"I'm Atticus. Now, about those balloon animals..."
-fidgets with phone-
"Snake seems easiest... But I was a dog."
Atticus Hammond 01/12/18 "Camille! Can we learn how to make balloon animals?"
-stares at-
"You're not... Are you? Why is everyone blond here?"
Tiber Loche 01/12/18 "What makes you think I don't have one already?" -Ponders ways to acquire a jack in the box-
Livia Vlcek 01/12/18 *sips at her coffee*
*turns to gaze at the city*
*hears something*
*sees Katherine*
You live with me?!
Livia Vlcek 01/11/18 *studies the woman* Right, Katherine...Kat.
*a rush of light washes away the shadows* Chinkilla was the chinchilla...
*ponders the suggestion* How was my life before all this...monkey lime amnesia?

Valid question...
Who the fvck is that?
Valentin Metzger 01/11/18 Yes, you are correct. -was he agreeing with her?-
Another traumatic event should right her.. -grimaces-
Or break her completely.-raises a thick brow-
Other than Mexico, how have you been, Madchen? -intent gaze-
Miryam 01/11/18 *Stops*

*Removes an Irish Coffee from a cup caddie and hands it to her*

"Top of the morning to you lovely!"
Tiber Loche 01/11/18 Ok, that's fair. I think? Just so we're clear, the monkies are a bad thing????
Tiber Loche 01/10/18 *grumbles*
You got lime juice all over my pants.

Katherine Murray just stole $20.00 from you!
Valentin Metzger 01/09/18 -leans forward to scrutinize- Are you feeling well, Madchen?
-starts to believe everyone has lost their minds- Maybe Mexico is not such a good place for you and Livia.
-adds- And monkeys. Maybe they aren't good for your health either. They sometimes carry disease.
-ponders- I once heard of a small monkey ripping a person's face off.
Livia Vlcek 01/09/18 Is Mexico EVER good to anyone?
*cants head* You have pretty eyes...
*smiles proudly then frowns* What was your name again? Chinkilla?
*taps lip with her index finger* No no, that isn't correct.
*ducks* Who said that?!
Mackenzie 01/07/18 I can see you, but you can't see me.
Valentin Metzger 01/07/18 What did you do to Livia? -bewildered mien- She was agreeable..

You broke her, Madchen, didn't you?
Livia Vlcek 01/07/18 Amnesia? *tries to follow, doesn't understand* I got hit in the head with limes and got amnesia? What the hell happened in Mexico? *blinks* Wait, I was in Mexico? Where am I now?

*whispers slightly frightened* What chinchilla?
Livia Vlcek 01/07/18 *looks around slowly* Where's the coconut...
Livia Vlcek 01/07/18 *gazes at over her sunglasses, squints* Got any limes?
Victor Lockheed 01/07/18 I suppose you could say that.
Of course, she doesn't let me hang around just because of my looks. My bite is legendary. How about yours?
Victor Lockheed 01/07/18 *stares* You're not a dog. Why are you in Mackenzie's cabin?
Mackenzie 01/07/18 KitKat
B-tch, get in here.
Mackenzie 06/30/16 Jaaaaaaaaaaysus Christ, girl. I've had glitter in my eyes, glitter in my hair, glitter stuck to my bloody breasts... I need a f-cking drink. Let's go. But if you f-cking put even a single piece of glitter under my nose, I will whip your arse into next week. Deal?
Valentin Metzger 06/29/16 Hide the hose or lotion, Madchen? I am unsure of which you speak of.. -waves away the confusing thoughts- Did you have a particular monkey in mind for this horde of monkeys? Spider? Squirrel?
Livia Vlcek 06/25/16 *hates the dry heat*
*glares at*
*gives up, sulks like a mofo*
Livia Vlcek 06/25/16 *cackles* FVCK YES YOU ARE.
*cants head* But we need to speak about some humectant pomade for that frizz...
*shifty eyes*
Valentin Metzger 06/25/16 -presses thick lips to her forehead-
You are very pretty, Katherine.
-laughs.. hard-
Valentin Metzger 06/23/16 -chuckles- Ja.. I understand. And what about the hose? -tilts head-
Valentin Metzger 06/21/16 -a thick brow raises-
-accepts the hose and lotion-
-stares at in mild confusion-
An army of monkeys?
-gives a smile that reaches his eyes-
No.. I have one. But if it is an army of monkeys you wish for, I am sure I could arrange that.
Valentin Metzger 06/20/16 -has an eerie feeling he is being watched.. places another lime on the altar-
Valentin Metzger 06/20/16 -leaves a lime in a particular cave in Sydney.. as an offering-
Mackenzie 06/17/16
Mackenzie 06/17/16 Ugh. You always were the pretty one.
Bastion Lennox 06/02/16

He waited patiently for the faintest sound of footsteps to depart. He shut off the inside lights too, just to be sure the woman got the hint. Maybe she was after him. On a job herself. Beautiful or not, she seemed dangerous. And that mouth...he could think of much better ways for it to be used other than running a mile a minute. He reached blindly, but deftly, into the nightstand nearby and pulled out a handgun; one of many stashed already. He released the clip and unloaded the bullet already inside. Reaching again into the nightstand, he pulled out a small box of blanks. It really was unnecessary...but if she was on an assignment, and he was the target, he wanted to be prepared for the worst.

More waiting. More silence. No movement. Patience growing thin. Nerves firing. Breath hitched. Just leave and nothing will happen to you lady...

He shot off the bedside away from the door as the thundering sound of wood splintering echoed like an explosion and his front door swung wide open, lock torn clean off. The fire's glow from outside illuminated her silhouette in the doorway. He had but a moment to react. He was trained for this. So much for thinking being at the end of the earth would keep his name and reputation out of everyone's mouth. He should've known better. Click. Aim. Fi----! He hesitates on the trigger as she speaks out into the darkness he was already acclimated to.

”I think you have termites… you should check that out. Also, I am Katherine. Pleasure to meet you?”

His voice, low and in a tone he hoped he wouldn't have to use for at least the year of retreat, rumbled across the space, "You have two seconds to either tell me why you're here or get off my property, Katherine." The word was a warning. The best he could give under the circumstances. He was alive now, because up until this moment, he had always used his best judgement in cases like now. He really didn't want to shoot her. Even if they were blanks. "One." Like a parent threatening a child. His lips pursed and muscles steadied in preparation for the shot.
Bastion Lennox 06/01/16 ”No, no more singing. Though, if you ask nicely, I might scream for you.”

He didn't have the choice of gentlemanly actions as this statement poured from her gorgeous lips, causing him to sputter out the mouthful of perfectly good beer. That was unacceptable. He flushed red. Very rare was it a time when someone could get that reaction out of him. Dear lord. He shifted in his seat and stared at her, his free hand coming to clear away the remnants of amber on his chin. He watched like a stunned mute as she pranced her way up the few steps and began to rock in front of him. This made him nervous. His mind kept replaying the knowledge that he had no gun within arms reach, no means of subduing her besides physical force. She looked small enough to take. He relaxed briefly.

Then she shot into her spanish inquitioning and he resumed his tense posture, wanting nothing more than to slide his tranq gun from its case and give her a straight shot to the neck. That probably wouldn't go over well with the leaders of the Den. His nose twitched and jaw, yet again, set.

”So, why did you choose this place? Do you enjoy your seclusion too? At least you have windows… Oh, do you enjoy television? I do! Survivor comes back in the fall, it is superb. A true showing of humanity. OH! Do you like the Kardashians? I personally think they should be eaten. You might not like television shows, how about games? Do you like games? I have some on my phone that are not easy, but you do not look like someone who has a phone… do you have a ph…”

With every syllable uttered, he cringed away in the smallest fashion. Until he was halfc*cked, sunk in his wicker chair, brows furrowed deeply, the line of his mouth beginning to curve down, and eyes consciously avoiding her gaze. What the hell was happening? Too much. Too fast. Without a single word, he stood and retreated into his cabin, closing the door behind him and turning off the outdoor lights. A click sounded as the deadbolt fastened into place. Jesus.
Bastion Lennox 06/01/16 Navy and indigo covered the clouds as the sun dipped below the horizon, no longer lending its warmth to the Moscow sky. It was a good thing it was summer. He wasn't sure how he was going to handle the weather come winter. When you're used to places like the middle east or southeast asia in the winter, the idea of massive snow fall and being potentionally stuck inside this small cabin made him tense. But it could be worse. It could be a job. Instead, he was placed here for a gap year to take time away from the Agency and re-assert his mental capabilities under the lowest stress possible. That's how he had found the Den. He had searched for a sanctuary in the most remote, opposite-in-all-ways, peaceful place to handle his recovery time. Thus far, it was going okay. But it had only been a week. He was a realist. Chaos comes in waves.

He popped the lid off the beer, a locally sourced brew with a name he couldn't pronounce, and slipped his feet into some comfortable sandals so he could go enjoy the outside air. In a day or two, Jack would be sent up from the quarantine facilities near the airport and he would have his best mate by his side. It had been hell not having the German Shepherd's company since he'd been dropped into Moscow. Only a few more days.

As he sank into the chair on the small porch, he kicked the small metal bucket being used as a makeshift fire pit until he could build out a larger one a few feet from the structure. The small wave of embers lit up his face and blocked his vision temporarily, of that beyond the porch. When it settled and his eyes adjusted to the still-darkening sky, he was stunned to find a woman standing at the base of the short staircase, no more than 10 feet away. No gun, no protection, no advantage. His jaw locked. He stilled and said nothing, the chill of the ice cold beer biting into his palm where he held it tightly.

”Hello, you are very pretty, do you know that?”

Of all the things she could've said, this caught him completely off-guard. When she spoke, he recognized the familiar tones of her speech and took only a moment to place her. She had welcomed him when he first got here; ironic that she should be here, off all the places in Russia she could've been post their brief encounter. He didn't believe in coincidences. A moment passed before his eyes narrowed with amusement and he opened his beer hand to motion towards the other empty chair. "Would you like a beer?" If you can't fight them, which he had come to learn over the last few days that no matter how hard he tried to avoid all of these folks, they were going to spring up on him anyways, join 'em. He needed to get some type of security cameras situated before he would actually feel at ease. So much for seclusion on the farthest part of the property.

"Are you here to sing to me again?" He smiled, the dimples around his mouth catching in the fire light as he brought the bottle to his lips for a sip.
Livia Vlcek 05/31/16 *grumbles*
*wraps herself in 'shadows'*
*walks off with her blanket*
Livia Vlcek 05/31/16 *blinks* Sh!t.
Livia Vlcek 05/31/16 *pouts* Where's the love?! I paid your phone bill for years!!! Do you realise how much calling to the aether costs? It's not cheap...
Livia Vlcek 05/31/16 I don't think you can throw them... *flashes*
Livia Vlcek 05/31/16 I have melons but no limes... did you get bit by a monkey?
Livia Vlcek 05/30/16 *attempts to wrap herself in shadows*
*winds up naked beneath a black blanket at Kat's instead* High!
Bastion Lennox 05/03/16 Thank you
Damian Veron 04/24/16 Bad and Dangerous. *nods* Aaaaand the man in the mirror.
*proceeds to do the neh neh*
Damian Veron 04/24/16 *moonwalks back and forth*
Pheenyx 03/17/16 Thanks for the spare change, Love.
You were successful in stealing $236.00 from Katherine Murray.
Mackenzie 01/31/16 Kat, this is us... now. Seriously.
John Doe 01/28/16 John Doe Fact #519: John Doe once challenged Lance Armstrong to a 'who has more testicles' contest. John Doe won by 5.
Jackson McCarthy 01/27/16 *returns the highfive, though slightly confused*
I cannae disagree with that!
Mackenzie 01/19/16 We have personal boundaries? Oh.. um... see, here I thought that we were past all that... awkwaaaaard.
Mackenzie 01/14/16 Three quid? When did you get so cheap? Lord.
Mackenzie 08/26/15 To: KitKat
Text: Oye. Why did the Scottish rebrand whiskey?
Solomon King 08/23/15 *awakens with flowery beard*
*happens to not look in the mirror that morning*
*walks around all day like a lumberjack hippie*
Ransom Porter 08/12/15 Kitten, would you like to get some coffee? Or something stronger?
I definitely need my Kat fix...
Mackenzie 08/09/15 Mackenzie spies a gorgeous head of hair. Yes. That hair. That golden hair of pure amazing. Walking up behind the woman, she leans forward, takes in an obnoxious breath, and whispers, "Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious."
Shayden Rayne 10/28/14 *strolls through and paints the roses red...*
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