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ďIn the process of letting go you
will lose many things from the past,
but you will find yourself.Ē
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Born: November 08, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 41
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 279
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 25
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10/11/18 at 8:38 pm
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
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Darcy Astor 10/08/18 Why are your hands in my pocket? +narrows eyes+ Nevermind, you could use the money more than I do with that whole dirty lumberjack thing you got going on. I'm bored with you now.

Dovima Bastet 10/07/18 *digs out second bottle*
*tosses that one over*
Has Smiley shown you how big his sword is?
Cheyenne Davis 10/07/18 You're with the dirty gum snatcher, aren't ya??
[eyes over]

Tiber Loche just failed at stealing money from you!

_Soul_Darklander 10/06/18 *hands guards special kind of donuts as she swipes keys opening the cell door* After you!
You managed to break out Tiber Loche.
Travis Faulkner 10/06/18 "Excuses, excuses."
-rolls eyes-
"You totally just wanted to hang with the two cool kids on the block and touch our awesome sword."
"I don't even know how to spell seance."
Travis Faulkner 10/06/18 -offers some whiskey-
"Glad you could make it. I don't like mead. It taste like honey water."
-holds up the sword-
"I knew you couldn't resist the call of the sword."
Dovima Bastet 10/05/18 *purrs*
*sounds like growls but really purrs*
*begins grooming hair*
*might make him look like a cow got him*
Travis Faulkner 10/05/18 -yells back-
-is kind of a perv-
-is running toward Dovima's cabin-
Dovima Bastet 10/05/18 *successfully pounces!*
*lays on*
Travis Faulkner 10/05/18 -smiles victoriously-
"Could always partake. We even managed to nab some of the Viking's snacks...though, I'm sure he let me grab those. Such a giving man."
-gives Tiber's butt a grab-
"As promised, a butt touch for youuuuu!"
Travis Faulkner 10/05/18 -leans in closer-
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
"Maybe I'll tell ya sometime, Potato."
Travis Faulkner 10/05/18 "Vee and I are gonna have a mead party. It's gonna be the t!ts."
-holds the sword close-
"We need this for the party."
-narrows eyes-
"You can have it after we're done."
Travis Faulkner 10/05/18 -runs by with two bottles of mead-
-and a sword-
"He's an actual Viking! I hit the motherload!"
-blinks at Tiber-
"You didn't see me... but want some mead?"
Dovima Bastet 10/05/18 *runs at*
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 Very good. I'll let you know.
-starts to leave-
-removes card from pocket-
-reaches into jacket for a pen-
-scribbles number on back-
For a new... friend.
-hands card over-
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 -locks eyes-
No, it isn't.
-looks away-
Wouldn't dream of it. Bros before.. eh, you know.
I'll consider your proposal, assuming you don't need an answer immediately.
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 -nods along, taking mental notes-
There is no such thing as innocent, unless you're talking about small children, but I'm guessing you already know that.
-rubs scruff on chin-
Adara, I'm guessing she's the boss who you think will like my face. Correct?
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 I wouldn't know what to do with myself if life was boring. It might be nice, come to think of it.
-shakes his head-
Maybe I'll do that.
-slips the card into a back pocket-
Anything else I should know? Important details?
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 -stoic expression-
-lovesbeing psychoanalyzed-
You caught me. My mom put me through years of Boy Scouts when I was a kid. I guess it left its mark on me.
You're observant, I'll give you that much. More than boy band pretty. Unexpected and refreshing.
-examines Tiber a second time-
-extends his right hand, steel watch band peeking out from under the cuff-
Lennox. What can I do for you, Tiber?
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 -his attention sharpens-
-appears intrigued-
What is the purpose of your Den, exactly? No cultist or religious bullsh-t you say, yet you bring up my "aura." Pretty mystical sort of talk.
Adara Litvinova 10/05/18 LOOK. -spins-
-waves hands around her entire backside-
Make yourself useful and help.
-huffs and tosses Tiber's business card backwards-
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 No more strange than waiting to be noticed while pretending you're not wanting to be noticed.
-gives the man a look-
-takes the card-
-examines the card-
-examines the man-
If you're trying to bring back boy bands and looking to recruit for one, I am not your best candidate. I can't carry a tune in a bucket.
Lennox Orlav 10/05/18 -tries not to notice-
-totally notices-
May I.. help you?
Dovima Bastet 10/05/18
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -leaves a can of peas on Tiber's desk-
-turns to leave, stops-
-turns the volume of all electronic devices to 'max'-
-replaces moonshine with water, wine with grape juice.. in other words, reverse Jesus' the beverages-
-looks around-
-uses thumbtacks to turn desk chair into a Judas chair-
-covers said chair nonchalantly with a very soft, cashmere throw-
-drops one of Adara's business cards on the floor as 'evidence'-
-struts the f-ck out like a boss-
_Aurora_ 10/04/18 Strolls along and handsome over a bag of candy. "Don't let anyone take those!"
Kristoffer Forseti 10/04/18 Confetti Fiend
I hope you transition better than I.
I still have a hard time with my phone...
Travis Faulkner 10/04/18 -dances by-
-is singing all operatic like-
"On the third day of Halloween my true love gave to meeeeee!"
"Three screaming banshees!"
"Two spooky spiders!"
"And a creeper hanging in a treeeeee!"

-throws candy and spider rings-
Travis Faulkner 10/04/18 Grumpelstiltskins
'Mysteriously' you day?
Definitely wasn't me.
Now you can be my navigator on road trips.
And you can get Snapchat.
And play Pokemon Go!
Adara Litvinova 10/04/18 Pretty One
It's about time.
There was no way I was going to Cali with you using actual paper maps.
Dovima Bastet 10/04/18 Tiberbear
True! You and Smiley.
There's cold beer here with your name on it.
Dovima Bastet 10/04/18 Tiberbear
I don't want to kill you!
You're bringing me food. I will love you forever.
Chase Cooper 10/04/18 Itís fine, man. Rejection can be hard. Youíll find Mr. Right.
Heís out there. Somewhere.
Dovima Bastet 10/04/18 Tiberbear
I'll buy you a steak dinner, too, if you get one for me.
Chase Cooper 10/04/18 Sorry, man. Iíve got a girl.
Dovima Bastet 10/04/18 Tiberbear
Who delivers out here?
Chase Cooper 10/04/18 Youíre kind of rude, arenít you?
Wren Birdsong 10/04/18 Oh, the pleasure is mine, for sure.
-Shakes head at question-
-slides hands in her back pockets-
I wish I could say yes, but Iím new around these parts. Maybe I just have one of those faces? Iím not sure how many Cherokee you have running around these parts.
Adara Litvinova 10/04/18 -blinks- Well, of course. You are the pretty one. So, it goes without saying that you'd be the best potato ever. -nods-
Wren Birdsong 10/04/18 -arches a brow-
-gives a wolfy grin-
I don't think so. I'd definitely remember. We have now, though...
-extends hand-
I'm Wren.
Lunette Beaux 10/04/18 *blinks*
*laughs along nervously*
*moonwalks away*
Lunette Beaux 10/04/18 Excusez-moi monsieur, pourquoi Ítes-vous rose?
Travis Faulkner 10/03/18 -yells back-
"Don't be jealous! I'll touch your butt later!"
Travis Faulkner 10/03/18 -points to Kristoffer-
-smiles brightly-
"I think I have magic powers of recruiting. I'm gonna go touch peoples butts and see if they will join!"
-scampers off-
Kristoffer Forseti 10/03/18 -gives a golf clap-
"Very impressive. I'll make sure to remember that."
"I would love to give it a whirl; but first."
-picks up bag of doritos-
"Good. They didn't fall out. I'd hate to start off on the wrong foot. Snacks are life."
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -wanders out of his cabin-
-trips over a plastic pumpkin-
-grumbles loudly and grabs all of the cotton cobwebs he can find-
-stuffs said pumpkin with cobwebs-
-wanders close to Tiber's cabin-
-lights cobwebs on fire, kicks pumpkin at Tiber's door-
Kristoffer Forseti 10/03/18 "In this case, the clock was your face and my fists would have been cleaning it. Painfully."
-drops fists-
"I was definitely not expecting that. I like it."
Kristoffer Forseti 10/03/18 -throws up fists-
-drops bag of chips-
"By the Gods, I almost cleaned your clock."
Travis Faulkner 10/03/18 Grumpelstiltskin
You wound me! I wasn't that high!
I'm getting there now, though.
Want in?
I got a bunch of snacks and stuff.
Adara Litvinova 10/03/18 -pouts- But you are the most prettiest potato around. Makes all the girl potatoes go... well, I'm not sure what potatoes do but you make them do it well.

-smiles pretty- Also, be prepared, we'll leave in a few days. Might need to find that Derek, I haven't seen him.
Travis Faulkner 10/02/18 Grumpelstiltskin
I just met a viking.
He gave my snacks.
I swear, I'm not that high so he had to be real.
Adara Litvinova 09/30/18 -snorts- You know what, Potato, we can go with that. It's way better.
Mackenzie 09/29/18 Like?
It certainly isn't in grooming.
Mackenzie 09/29/18 No. No, you definitely can't.
Can you even help you?
Mackenzie 09/29/18 -sniffs at-
-wrinkles nose-
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 Grumpelstiltskin
That's why my Dance Wife is with us.
She will make up for your short comings.
Which you have few of.
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Tiberbear
For now.
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 -From somewhere over the rainbow-
"I don't have a crush on you! I have a crush on the money and things you give me!"
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 Grumpelstiltskin
Eat your heart out, my legs look killer.
Video Attached:
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Tiberbear
I appreciate a well dressed man too.
You'll make us both happy. C'moooon. Live a little.
It was all his idea and I'm 110% on board.
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Tiberbear
Don't be so sure. Certain people might appreciate seeing you snazzied up.
Just sayin'.
Uh... Karaoke Duet 35. Haven't heard of it. You?
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Tiberbear
Glitter is life!
No flannel.
I'll bet you a drink he'll let you borrow one of his smexy outfits if you ask.
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Tiberbear
I can't. I promised to wear something shiny to go with his silver shirt.
You might want to put a little shebang in your outfit, too.
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 Grumpelstiltskin
I'm so proud of you!
I'm about to go fight with my leather pants and I'll be good to go.
Meet up infront of the main building!
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 Grumpelstiltskin
It's because you're so motherly and caring.
And manly And tough.
And grumpy.
Sure, yeah. Den mom. Got it.
Start the pre-drinking!
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -body shakes with laughter at Tiber's shriek-
-calms himself-
-yells after- DO NOT PUT THOSE IN MY YARD!
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 Grumpelstiltskin
Some place I knoooooow.
We gonna get hammered.
She mentioned something about a uber?
I dunno how those work.
I never used one.
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 Grumpelstiltskin
The new girl and I are going out for a crazy night of drinking and karaoke-ing.
You should come.
I can help you sneak in moonshine.
I'm very good at causing distractions.
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -holds up a hand, shakes his head- Nein.. no love for you.
-rolls over in his bed-
-watches as all the Halloween decorations crash to the floor.. like their LOVE-
-pulls his comforter tight to his chest- Please leave Tiber. I was almost over you.
-buries his face into his pillow to muffle his laughter-
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -is never really 'asleep'-
-hears someone enter his room-
-sniffs at the air, realises it is male-
-feels things being placed on him?-
-one eye opens, sees Tiber.. for the first time in a very long while-
-feigns crazy ex-girlfriend behaviour- Ja? Did you miss me? You do not call. You do not send letters. You just disappear. Do you not know how this might make a person feel? And now, you just waltz into my room and start placing decor on my body?
-pats on the mattress- Did you need cuddles Herr Loche? Is that all I am good for to you? The inbetween days?
-sniffles and tuts- Very hurtful.
Cheyenne Davis 09/28/18 Calm down. Calm down.
Can't go bragging about your abilities. You'll have to beat them off with a bat.
[shakes her head]
Bet your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, too.
Cheyenne Davis 09/28/18 No. Not in so many words did you say it.
[narrows gaze]
But you kind of reacted like my kiss might melt your lips. So you had to wipe it off quick enough to keep your skin intact.
Can't win them all..
[focuses on him]
Yeah.. You look like you could shell a pistachio or two.
[blows her kazoo]
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Should probably name it.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'm fast when I need to be.
As is my lioness. We're good at taking care of ourselves.
You can pet her if you see her. She's super friendly.
*looks amused*
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 Lioness.
Yeah, sure, we'll call her a pet.
*lips twitch*
Raul? Is that your Bobcat?
Travis Faulkner 09/28/18 -plugs ears-
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 *mumbles*
This'll be fun...
If you see one wandering around here, do me a solid and don't shoot or otherwise attack it?
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 I like sleep.
I also like drinking.
Decisions, decisions...
*scrunches nose*
Hey, ever seen a lion?
Up close and personal seen?
Dovima Bastet 09/28/18 *smiles*
Not yet. Any suggestions?
The smell isn't bad. I've been around worse.
Cheyenne Davis 09/28/18 Oh... really??
[cants head]
You're silly.
Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for you.
You never answered. You think I'm icky?
James Kelly 09/27/18 Like a baby's bottom.
James Kelly 09/27/18 Hmm..
Art. Definitely art.
James Kelly 09/27/18 If you were a library book, I would check you out.
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [scrunched up her face]
Really? I'm gross or something?
[shakes her head]
Lips help guide the flow of air.
Like blowing a bubble.
But from your lack of kissing ability I'm sure you couldn't blow a bubble to save your life.
[just sighs]
It's magical.. or it used to be.
[looks over her kazoo sadly]
It used to bring people together..
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [smirks]
That's a no.
It's not defective. Give me that!
[takes the kazoo back]
[blows on it, making a sound]
You aren't great with direction, eh?
[leans in and presses a kiss to his lips -- light and innocent]
Now try.
[hands kazoo back over]
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 Better not..
[watches as he takes her magical kazoo]
[raises brow]
Been awhile since you've kissed anyone, hm?
I want to say it's like riding a bike..
[purses her lips together, showing him the trick]
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [eyes him over during his mini meltdown]
[waits til he's done]
Excuse me..
Are you dismissing my kazoo? Same as a cowbell? Really??
[holds the kazoo up in front of him]
You see this??
This bad boy is magic.
[brings it back to her lips and blows]
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 Ah!!
[yanks hand back to avoid swats]
[has no sense of boundaries]
No biggie. It was just your willy.
[raises brow]
You know you're talking crazy, right? What kind of band would a kazoo attribute to?
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 Tell you?
How about I show you?
[invades his space - again and retrieves object]
And I think I just rubbed onto second base..
[shows the once hidden object -- a plastic red kazoo]
Magical. I know.
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [blinks more]
You might not feel that way if you knew what was sitting in your pocket right now.
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [blinks]
Well,.. honestly?
You kind of have this look about you..
[taps chin]
Like, you wouldn't know what to do with it without instructions.
Carina Quinn 09/27/18 She looked puzzled a moment. Her name was interesting? Weird.
"Sort of, here and Boston."
What a strange question.
"Sure, I probably like them more from afar though."
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [tips over]
Wrong? Wrong??
Did you know, that in your pants now rests this large, HUGE item that is desired by most?
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [runs back to]
[wiggled atop of him til successfully covering his mouth]
They'll hear you.
[peers about]
[holds him down until the coast is clear]
Cheyenne Davis 09/27/18 [runs past]
[slides to an abrupt stop]
[wanders over to]
[takes his hand and leaves something within it]
Guard this with your life!
[darts off]
Carina Quinn 09/26/18 "No, I think we have. Taking his hand she gave it a light shake. "Carina Quinn. Nice to meet you Tiber."
Travis Faulkner 09/26/18 "So... you have salt water eel? Or is that some lingo? Like yeet. And lit. I don't get those words."
-looks excited-
"Awwwwww d@mn! You gotta pay, though. Since you offered. Just saying. It's a courtesy."
"I don't make the rules."
Travis Faulkner 09/26/18 "There it is! Making people smile is my druuuuug. So is setting fires, so I love fighting fire with fire. Win-Win."
-gives a shrug-
"Nobody has humored me enough to flip the script. This is brand new territory!"
"Isn't unagi fresh water eel in Japan?"
Travis Faulkner 09/26/18 "I mean, you are definitely not ugly but do you got the smile?"

"This smile is contagious. Come on. You know you wanna."
-wiggles eyebrows-
Travis Faulkner 09/26/18 -gives a firm shake-
-keeps hand out for a twizzler-
"I charge a twizzler per hand shake."
-gives a big smile-
"Bro Tryouts sounds like good fun. We should trademark that."
-smile gets bigger at the mention of The Den and bad decisions-
"There hasn't been a person I haven't gotten to sing karaoke. It's like a virus. Especially with a face like this."-points to face-
Caprice Divine 09/26/18 Furrowing her brows as she looked at the man in confusion, trying not to laugh at his serious expression. ďMhhmmm...Oh yeah! Yes! Iíve seen it!Ē She exclaimes and perks up.
Caprice Divine 09/26/18 Startled by the sudden interaction, she raises a brow. ďI donít believe I have...what did I look like?Ē The corners of her mouth turn up into a subtle smirk.
Travis Faulkner 09/25/18 -audibly gasps-
"Bros? Already? That's more of a jump than best friends, in my opinion. We need beers and a night of karaoke to get to that level."
-offers a hand-
"Travis is the name."
Travis Faulkner 09/25/18 -gives finger guns-
"Hey! Thanks! Got anymore twizzlers?"
-is a sugar fiend-
"Cuz, if you do, I'll be your best friend."
Adara Litvinova 09/25/18 Ella will eat anything. She has teeth. LOTS of teeth. A brick wouldn't break them. -thinks- But her mother is kind of feeling that chocolate cake you mentioned, you should bake one of those.
Adara Litvinova 09/25/18 -snorts- Emergency, sure. We can just call this whole thing even then, yes? Good. Hmmmm, also, I do believe the super agent man will be going as well. -grins- It'll take both of you to handle EJ.
Adara Litvinova 09/25/18 -stares- Didn't you take my phone without asking? How about if you come to California on a trip with us, I'll bake you something?
Derek Norse 09/24/18 Nah. She's a raptor.
And she doesn't bake.
You know this.
Where is it now?
Derek Norse 09/24/18 Oh f-ck off.
You are not blaming this on me.
Just slip it in her bag.
If you move real slow, she'll never notice.
Derek Norse 09/24/18 You're not above it.
Nah. Go see her.
...did you ever return her phone?
Derek Norse 09/24/18 The f-ck. No.
I'm hiring a chef. Soon.
I need to buy a place.
What the f-ck is in Amsterdam?
Are you high?
Have you seen the boss yet?
Derek Norse 09/24/18 F-ck off.
Well, I'm going to Cali with the boss lady.
Someday. I think.
Still got Ghosty, too. She's so goddamn good.
Think I'm gonna open a restaurant.
With weed.
Derek Norse 09/24/18 Okay. But.
Where you been?
Like, dude.
Derek Norse 09/24/18 Bruh. What the f-ck.
Adara Litvinova 06/13/18 Mr. Pretty
You think I don't know.
But I always know.
Fill me in later, Pretty one.
Quinn Abernathy 06/12/18 Miss Addie
Heís getting used to the idea. It was kind of an oops. Babies were never part of the plan. But itís good. Itís really good.

Miss Addie
I would tell him. Iíd tell him everything. But I donít think he wants to see me. He didnít seem like it at the Den. Not really. 😕
Quinn Abernathy 06/12/18 Miss Addie
I just don't want to disappoint you.

Miss Addie
Tiber and I.. we're broken. We broke. We've been broken for a long while. Please don't be mad at him. He's not a bad person. It isn't his fault. He doesn't deserve to be punished.

Miss Addie
And Gideon. I'm married to Gideon. He's a really good man. You remember him, don't you?

Miss Addie
...I'm pregnant.
Quinn Abernathy 06/02/18 Miss Addie
I know. I'm sorry. I really am.
I just really need some advice. And I need to tell you the truth.
Quinn Abernathy 05/19/18 Miss Addie
Miss Addie, it's Quinn. I'm sorry I've been quiet. And I'm sorry for changing my number. And for not telling you. I'll explain later. I promise.

Miss Addie
I need help.
Katherine Murray 05/02/18 Ringleader
You stole my boyfriend.

Weston Norse 04/25/18 Cap'n Kirk
Fvcking deal. But you've got to day drink with me until the 'shine burns this week from my brain.
Also, who is "we"?
Weston Norse 04/25/18 James Tiberius Kirk
When my brother isn't inhabiting and hotboxing it, yes.
Quinn Abernathy 04/21/18
Derek Norse 04/20/18 If you're a potato, why don't you have a mustache?
Quinn Abernathy 04/20/18
Katherine Murray 04/14/18 -stares-
Derek Norse 04/14/18
Derek Norse 04/14/18 You know, we are ridiculously handsome.
Derek Norse 04/12/18 Broski
Dude. Weedshine. Letís make it.
Itíll be our lovechild.
Derber. Like Gerber for adults.
Quinn Abernathy 04/05/18
Quinn Abernathy 04/05/18 -Forgives, waves, peers-
-Taps SOS on thigh in Morse code-
Quinn Abernathy 04/05/18 -A 'little' offended-
Quinn Abernathy 04/05/18 -Incognito-
Quinn Abernathy 04/05/18 -Glances around; kinda paranoid-
Tiber Loche, Quinn Abernathy
Derek Norse 04/05/18 Broski
Don't give me lip.
We should combine blueberry and grape into one massive blunt and smoke some juicebox nostalgia type sh-t.
Derek Norse 04/05/18 Broski
Dude. wtf. I'll be there in five.
And f-ck you for not sharing.
Derek Norse 04/05/18 Broski
You have been holding out on me.
Derek Norse 04/05/18 Broski
Bro. Fresh pound just arrived.
Where we smoking?
Katherine Murray 04/04/18 Ringleader
Is Tiberious why you had an appointement?
And if I knew where it was, would I be asking you, telling you, to find her?
When I spoke to her, she was drinking her problems away.
Maybe the happy at the Den was feigned?
Or she was just happy to be away from the crazies.
Worse crazies than all of us.
Katherine Murray 04/03/18 Ringleader
Are you talking about Gideon?
He is part of it. That Jones man is his DA!

And by you, I mean you. Not Tiberius.
Katherine Murray 04/03/18 Ringleader
He is very happy. And doesna mind bodies or blood. Strange.
I am very concerned. Her phone is off.
I read up on Jim Jones and so-called flocks.
She is in trouble, I think.
Katherine Murray 04/03/18 Ringleader
Derek says I have to give the cat back because cats are arseholes.

Also, Quinn is missing. I cannot find her. :(
Derek Norse 04/03/18 Broski
Itís okay. Itíll be our secret. And anyone else I tell.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
Dude.. you have ball cancer?
I'm so sorry. I never should have said you have lice.
Katherine Murray 04/02/18 Ringleader
Are you sure about that?
I am not sure he would like Uganda.
Are you sure you do not have lice?
You did only say you did not have Malaria.

Are you sure you are not his girlfriend?
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
Why you so evasive?
You scared?
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
Go ahead. I've been reading these texts to her the whole time. But if you just tell me what your appointment was, this all stops, Gidget goes home to Daddy, and you get to smoke a fat blunt.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
If you ever want to see the cat again, you will tell me what kind of appointment you had.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
Ghostie! My blond. She's so pretty. And she loves my weed.
Cat is fat. And happy? Might be high, too.
It's smoky af in here.
This cat looks like he's seen some sh.t.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
Alright. I squinted.
93% sure.
Ghostie says it's your cat. But really, it's hers. She brought it. Her cat. Named Gidget.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
Bobcat? This thing is definitely domestic, bro.
Tag says Gidget. I think. Maybe Midget?
F-ck. I'm high.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Broski
We have your cat.
Katherine Murray 04/02/18 Ringleader
Do you have lice?
And conjoined twins?
My Derek says so.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 Your funeral.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 I run a f-cking weed farm, you douche canoe.
Tell me what the appointment was.
Or I tell everyone your conjoined.
And infested with lice.
Down there.
Derek Norse 04/02/18 OF COURSE I DO.
You act like Iím unemployed.
What kind of appointment?
You finally take care of the conjoined twins?
Down under?
Derek Norse 04/02/18 You left me.
Didnít call. Didnít write.
Katherine Murray 04/02/18 Ringleader
What is a brocode?
He shares everything! Even his shirt.

RingleaderCan you even get Malaria?
or Leprosy?
Or West Nile?
Katherine Murray 04/02/18 Ringleader
But he is pretty.
I like him!
You may not beat him up.
You know that one I spoke to at the Den.
Sooo pretty!
Also, did you bring me a souvenir from Uganda?
Katherine Murray 04/02/18 Ringleader
PUPPY! But you kind of pull it off too.
Heyyy, you came back.F Finally.
Where have you been?!
I have a NEW friend.
I live with him.
Pretty sure he knows you.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/14/18
Derek Norse 02/08/18 Broski Sloth
The one you moved in on.
At the table.
Derek Norse 02/04/18 Broski Sloth
Exactly what are your intentions with my blond.
Weston Norse 02/03/18 íShine Bro
Derek Norse 01/31/18 Sloth
Fvck yes.
We should plant stuff in his car.
When we return it. If we do.
Derek Norse 01/31/18 Sloth
Do I look like a bum?
Heís in New Orleans.
Doing some cop ****.
We should steal his car.
Thatís a great idea.
Derek Norse 01/31/18 Sloth
Been thinking.
Roadtrip to Vegas.
Get trashed.
Do manly things.
Still dibs on the blond.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Wanna get high?
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Bro code.
You suck at it.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
She's not going to like this.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Whats her number. I'm texting her.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
I'm telling your wife.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
But I love a challenge.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
I'm giving her a solid 7. But only because she seems like a prude.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
...So like, on a scale of 1-10.
Where does this one rank?
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Stop undressing her with your eyeballs.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Just when I thought you couldn't be a bigger loser.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Don't embarrass yourself.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Outta your league.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
You're like the jewel thief of ladies.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Why you gotta play me dirty?
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
I saw her first.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 Broski
Seriously. Stop.
Derek Norse 01/30/18 I see you, lady stealer.
Weston Norse 01/28/18 Sloth
Smells? What smells?
How much for a bottle, tho.
Elis Griffyn 01/25/18 Iím just saying what she said. Go find Tiber and ask him about head. F*cking woman.
Elis Griffyn 01/22/18 My wife said something about you giving head?
Eva James 01/22/18 "Oh, Tiberius, come on now." she smirked, reaching into her pocket for a trinket, for some sort of peace offering. But all she could find was a packet of gum, with a single piece remaining, and she quickly popped it between her lips to chew. "Are my compliments hitting the wrong buttons?"
Eva James 01/21/18 "Oh!" Her eyes widen in recognition, her mouth forming a near-perfect circle of plump lips, edged with a knowing smile. "Tiberius I know. Tiberius I know very well indeed. Tiber makes you sound like a kitten. But Tiberius? Tiberius is far more...more..." those same lips tightened into a pout as she fought to find the right words. And failing, she simply smiled once more. "Tiberius would kick the sh*t out of Tiber any day. You really should thank your parents and embrace your birth name, kitten. Tiber's got nothing on Tiberius."
Eva James 01/21/18 "Tiber. Tibuuur...Tie-berrr." she works the word about on her tongue, rolling it from her lips with an awkward squint. "In all my years, I can't say I've ever met a Tiber before. Is it Scottish?"
Derek Norse 01/21/18 Sloth
Itís as if you donít know me.
I mean, you have seen me, right?
She wonít be able to resist.
It is on, Sloth. Start brewing that moonshine.
Derek Norse 01/21/18 Sloth
Iíve got a better chance than your busted ass.
Derek Norse 01/21/18 Sloth
Fck you. The blond at the bar.
You ran, your loss.
Heís a fcking detective, idiot.
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Sloth
Brother wants moonshine.
Tell him to fck off.
Also tell him she's out of his league.
And that he needs to trim his nose hair.
Weston Norse 01/20/18 Sloth
Ugh. Effort.
I take it back, can I just pay you?
Or, I mean. I accept bribes, should the need arise.
In the form of 'shine.
Weston Norse 01/20/18 Sloth
Hey. This is the other Norse brother.
I hear you make moonshine.
Hook me up, and I won't rat you out.
Also, I'm a cop. 👮
Derek Norse 01/20/18
Derek Norse 01/20/18
Derek Norse 01/20/18
Valentin Metzger 01/18/18 He tries to hide the smile that spreads quickly across his face. Very hard. Alas, he just cannot. Grinning widely at the man, Valentin pats him on the shoulder before continuing on. "I will return it to you in one week. Perhaps sooner." Blame Adara. She is the one that told Valentin about the tricycle.. and how dear it was to Tiber. It may or may not be his, but the Butcher is insinuating it is.
Valentin Metzger 01/18/18 "Ja?" He stops to accommodate the man's question regarding the small tricycle he carries. "I found it in the garage.." A thick finger points in the direction of the Doe's garage. "It was hidden beneath a swath of canvas. I figure I can appease a friend for sometime with it then clean it up, paint it pink and give it to my small niece."
Valentin Metzger 01/18/18 Valentin isn't one to emancipate a person's property but an unbirthday gift was promised his Liebste and an unbirthday gift she would get. The giant moves past the male, whistling a slow tune, tricycle slung over his back. It seemed like a good gift for the young woman.. who might be a bit reckless behind the wheel. "Guten Abend," he acknowledges the man's presence as he passes by.
Katherine Murray 01/18/18 Ringmaster

What is this?
What was black?
What was this long?
Are you drunk?
Derek Norse 01/18/18
Derek Norse 01/18/18
Derek Norse 01/18/18 "Your... your tricycle?" Derek clears his throat, leaning back to cup his mouth with his hands as he calls out. "HEEEEEEEY YOU GUUUUUUYS! Don't touch his tricycle!"
Derek Norse 01/18/18 Damn. Sloth is here.
Adara Litvinova 01/18/18 Mass Text: My Livi, The Butcher, The Pretty One, Mrs. Pretty, Irish, The King

Weíre home.

And just in case they didnít know who exactly was home Addie sent an attachment; after all, it had been far too long and numbers do change. Like Adaraís number. Constantly. Paranoid much?

Derek Norse 01/17/18 This guy must be stoned out of his mind. Or drunk. Or on bath salts. Probably the latter, because that is a face only a mother could love. Damn. How does someone contort like that? It's like a scary Halloween mask, or that look you get when you watch this girl you were totally trying to get start making out with another dude.

Derek's smile game is on, right along with those glassy eyes and insatiable munchies.

Still. Derek is a b-stard, and that is his brother's badge... never mind that he stole it. Stepping up, that smile stays in place as he meets his gaze with a cool ease. "Lucky for you, I'm on foot. So I can parade you alllll around."

And then, and please trust this went far better in his head, he holds up a pair of plastic handcuffs purchased from the toy section of the Dollar General.
Derek Norse 01/17/18 Well, f-ck. This jerk. Still, the stoned man's chest heaves as he takes in an indignant breath and Derek proudly recites the following. "W-E-S-T-O-N 9-1-1."

He should really work on the details. Why are men so much smarter than women?

"And if you don't give that back, I'm gonna have to take you in, son. Think about your future." God damn, Wes would be so proud right now.
Derek Norse 01/17/18 "HEY!" The man, a stranger, calls out with a booming voice. Seems friendly enough. "Listen. I got this badge, and I'm gonna go do some pat downs, but in order to be faaaaiiiiir, it can't just be ladies. So. By the power invested in me," Derek proudly holds up a Detective's badge with the name Weston Norse emblazoned upon it, "I declare you a drug dealer. Assume the position."
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/17/18 Jocelyn studied the man who didn't want to shake her hand, clearly absorbing his words and actions, or lack, thereof. Why were some humans so grumpy? What had she done? Was this to become commonplace?

"How is one to make new friends unless one seeks to?" A valid question, and rhetorical, since she figured he wouldn't answer the question to begin with. Her turn to shrug.

"If you change your mind, I hope we meet again. If not," she shrugged and then smiled, "I hope whatever is making you grumpy stops. Have a Blessed day."
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/17/18 Jocelyn's face fell and she sighed heavily, disappointed. "That's a shame. I bet you take very good pictures.

She looked at her hand, then his, and back at hers. Figuring he had no intention of returning the greeting, her hand dropped back to her side. "I thought shaking hands is what you did when meeting someone. Maybe I was wrong..."
Blue eyes narrowed. "Are you one of the grumpy ones?"
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/17/18 Recognizing the face, hair in particular, from earlier, Jocelyn trotted up to the man, wearing a bright smile. As always.

"Hi! Hello, my name is Jocelyn." She thrust a hand out to shake in greeting.

"Weren't you in the cell next to me a little while ago? Awful place to be... Um, I was wondering if you'd like to be friends so I can take your picture? Sorin said I need to befriend a person before I can take a picture of them, and I really like taking pictures."
John Doe 01/17/18 ďItís just a side effect of the novacain from your root canal, you are hallucinating my being here. Go back to sleep now, the nurse will be back in shortly.Ē
Livia Vlcek 01/16/18 *a smile reaches her eyes* My pleasure.
*waves at his retreating form, is slightly terrified she might receive a beating heart*
*could just add it to her heart in a box collection*
*thinks maybe she should have asked for another body part*
*shrugs and goes back was she doing before he interrupted?*
Livia Vlcek 01/16/18 *cants head* Have you gone mad?
*sly grin* Why yes, it is my unbirthday...
*pointed gaze* What are you getting me for my unbirthday?
*presses lips together tightly then smiles* I prefer hearts still beating...when they're ripped from someone's chest. I detest raspberries.
Livia Vlcek 01/16/18 *looks up from her lime* Whaaa...
*terribly confused, wonders what either of the two have to do with the another* Are the raspberry cookies macarons or, like, those cookies with the jelly in the center?
*hates raspberries really*
Katherine Murray 01/16/18 Ringmaster-Who apparently smells better than a dog

I am not sniffing you, Tiber.
I do a lot of things.
That will not be one of them.
I may sniff Solomon.
Quinn says I have to marry him now.
Is that because I put flowers in his beard?
Why is Quinn married to a knob?
Is that like the door variety?
I doona think she would marry a doorknob.
He had a father.
Jim Jones.
At least, I think that is what she meant.
It could be some other person's father.
What do you think?
I did not know you had a dog?
Is it a nice dog?
Katherine Murray 01/16/18 Ringmaster

She said she knows you.
Granted, it could be a burly man named Bob.
It is all text.
But she said Tiberius is good.
Tiber is bad.
Switch that.
Are there two of you?
I once set things on fire.
A house.
Well, two houses.
Techinically, I set one on fire twice.
That damn place just will not burn.
I leave animals there now.
Lost ones.
The sun would set me on fire.
I think I should just not play with fire.
Katherine Murray 01/16/18 Ringmaster

Currently still hiding in the woods upstate.
Have not found a lumberjack.
Found a good whiskey.
and a love guru.
Or she found me.
Wrong number.
She says Solomon is a virgin.
Do you think so too?
Did you know he lumbers Jack?
I doona know who Jack is.
But you know QUINN!
Quinn Abernathy 01/12/18 Quinn had been in a state. For the past few months, her mind has deteriorated into something darker. There is no considering the state of herself. To the outside world, she is the essence of perfect. To those who know her, who know where to look, it is evident that she is slipping. She needs to get out.

Stop. Please. Tiber had driven herself and Gideon back to this place, and he is what keeps them here. He'd been the catalyst, and it did not take long for the girl to figure out why. I can't stop him, Quinn, he'd told her. To that, she spoke her truth, I can.

And now, sat at the kitchen table in a house that is not her own, suffocated and bled dry of most hope, she finds herself staring at those very same messages that she just could not bring herself to delete. Gideon would come close to murder if he knew, and she understands that, but...

She has done unspeakable things, and it weighs heavy upon those slim shoulders. Quinn can't atone for all her sins, but there are some she could try to begin to mend.

I'm sorry.
Katherine Murray 01/12/18
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 *blinks* Picture or did not happen, that is how that adage goes, yes? But the bigger question would have to be is; what about other circus act costumes? Do you perhaps have one of those leotards for tightrope walking? Or maybe a lion tamer with a whip? Whips are good for tortu... *blinks more* I think I would like to see this costume. Yes, definitely.
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 The only thing that beard needs is a ringmaster's costume... get on that. *hums pop goes the weasel*
Livia Vlcek 01/11/18 *throws a monkey that's attached to her face onto the male*
*cue Patrick Swayze*
*runs like the wind*
Katherine Murray 01/11/18 Um. Well. See... whathadhappenedwas...*blinks at* Mexico. Tequila. Scientific research. Bad vampiric monkies. Jealous chinchilla. Jail breaks. And now Livi has amnesia and thought my name was Chinkilla. Maybe. We are not quite sure.

Merde, what was the question again?
Monkies. Evil. Are they?

Yes, evil. They are. Were. Pretty sure we got them all. *blinks more*
Katherine Murray 01/10/18 *shifty eyes* At least you are safe from the evil monkies; they are not keen on the limes.

Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 *clasps the hand and gives it a friendly shake*
*hooks her thumbs in her jeans pockets*
"A little, but no harm done. Vee is easier to wrap your mouth around. I answer to both, so whichever you'd like to use."
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 "Eloquent. Damn shame it isn't an ideal world. Then again, maybe not. It would get very boring, very fast."
"Nice to meet you, Tiber. Thanks for the lifts. I'm Dovima. Call me Vee."
*holds a hand out to shake*
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 "Don't blame you. Doesn't seem like you mind, though. I keep getting stuck in here and you keep coming back. Might I know the name of my rescuer?"
*offers another grin*
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 "I promise I wasn't holding onto the edge of the wood."
*grins widely*
Dovima Bastet 01/08/18 *waves from the next cell over*
"Enjoying being my partner in this dungeon dance?"
Quinn Abernathy 09/10/17 Her phone chimes, and Quinn lifts it up without hestiation. Fingers tapping at the screen, she opens the message and stares. Tiber. She hadn't expected an answer. His words, despite everything, chip away at her heart. There is a real understanding of what he means, and the warning his words carry.

He would never be able to hold back.

She thinks back to that fateful day, locked in a room with the beast. So sure she had been that it would be the bitter end, but it hadn't. Quinn had been recognized in more ways than one, and she can only hope that she has some sort of significance.

Of all the people she hates, Tiber Loche isn't one of them. Quinn can't hate someone she has loved.

I can.

Her hopes are not high.
Quinn Abernathy 09/10/17 Quinn had seen the note, and she thought long and hard over it. He's sorry. Don't forget him. How could she ever forget? There was such a hold over her, and at the same time, none at all. But this....

Stop. Please.
Gideon Abernathy 09/08/17 They returned to the house covered in blood, Gideon, thankfully, more so than Quinn. No words were spoken, as there is really nothing to say. She immediately enters the bathroom and turns on the shower, no doubt intending to wash off the grimey feeling that had nothing to do with the human lifesource.

There are no words he can use to comfort her; as such, he will give her space. There's a lot that comes with loving Gideon Abernathy, a cult being one of them.

He opts for a wh0rebath in the kitchen sink, only after stripping himself of the soiled clothing. Once he is as clean as he's going to get, he heads into the bedroom and redresses. The shower is still going, and he has a feeling it will remain that way for a while.

As he turns the sheets down, the fluttering of a piece of paper catches his eye. It falls off Quinn's side of the bed and onto the floor, and Gideon is instantly on edge. There was only one person who hadn't attended the ritual - his father. But this didn't fit his motive.

He sits on the edge of the bed and picks up the piece of paper. Unfolding it with slightly unsteady fingers, the words ***** themselves into his mind. The paper crumples in his grip as the only possibility steps forth in his psyche.

Tiber Loche.
Quinn Abernathy 07/31/17 His stare is like fire, and she is sure that she is standing in the middle of a burning room. Quinn keeps herself from flinching at the sound of her voice. He had refused to speak it before, testing her again and again, not believing that it had been her. Once upon a time, the sound of his voice had been music to her ears. That was then.

Her brow cinches together, and she forces herself to let her arms fall to her sides. Still, she fidgets, fighting the urge to flee to a safer place. Her mind is screaming to run, and her heart is aching for relief from this interaction. "You betrayed me..."

Her voice holds no conviction, nor anger. It is a simple statement made with a simple tone, confused and hurt. He had tried to cut out her heart. Refusing her own weakness, her gaze flickers up to his face for just a second before it moves away again. She'd looked at him, just as he asked.

"How did you find me?"
Gideon Abernathy 07/31/17 The clap on the back is undeniably startling, and his unmet hand drops back to his side. Gideon isn't an overly friendly person, though it is something he consciously works on. As such, though the returned grin is forced, that makes it no less genuine.

"It's nothing. I'm not sure how appropriate of a gift it is, but it was important enough for Ella to mention specifically, so I figured what the hell, you know?" He isn't lying, he deliberated long and hard about the implications of such a gift, and he came to no conclusions, so here he was.

To his musing, he nods and points in the direction of the back door. "Yeah, actually, in the garden. Here, let me show you..."
Quinn Abernathy 07/31/17 Quinn is uncomfortable, that much is obvious. The girl steps up, nervous and twisting her hands together behind her back. This was never supposed to happen. Tiber was not supposed to find her. But she has a duty, and must act on it. It is her job as the Lufcuh. Chocolate hues refusing to look the man in the eye, she speaks with a small, trembling voice. "Hi, Tiber."
Anyssa 07/29/17 "Welcome to the crew. My names Dani. If you should need anything please let me know." *she smiles at him*
Gideon Abernathy 07/29/17 Ella had told him the man liked meat, so he came prepared. As he approached with the package covered in that tell-tale brown paper, it was clear he was uncomfortably uncertain. But who was he to deny him the simple pleasures.

Rather unceremoniously, he held out the welcome gift and rubbed at the back of his neck. "Uh, I brought you a slab of the finest, at least according to the butcher. Unless that's not what you meant by 'meat lover,' in which case, I can't really be of any help. I do hear they made a new app, though. Gr-grinder? Or something?" He's rambling, and he has to shake his head to snap himself out of it. Offering a smirk and a hand to shake, he presses on. "I'm Gideon, by the way, resident gardener and scarecrow connoisseur. I hope you enjoy yourself here."
El Orlav 07/28/17
El Orlav 07/26/17
Noura Orlav 07/25/17 One look at the man, and Noura's expression sours. It had been particularly pleasant beforehand, but that is beside the point. "I will f-cking cut your fingers off."

Tiberius just failed at stealing money from you!
Quinn Abernathy 02/04/17 Tiber
They're home!
Quinn Abernathy 11/28/16 Who hates me!? Why!? What did I do?
*Pouts* I swear, I didn't do it.
Quinn Abernathy 11/27/16 *Taps shoulder*
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