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Syrenity's Biography
NAME: Syrenity
AGE: unknown
HAIR: Raven Black.
EYES: One blue/ One green
RACE: Siren
WEIGHT: 145 lbs
Ren, Ren. Ugh, that voice. It haunted every waking minute of every bloody day. Who did it belong to and why did it call her by that ridiculous pet name? Green orbs close as she places small hands against her ears. Even that didn't drown the voice out. Damn it. Why couldn't she remember anything?(work in progress. Open to rp)
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New OrleansA fear of the End
Created by Syrenity
Dimitri 12/01/17 "I told you baby."
Franklin Jackson 11/30/17 Grinning he bowed at her tipping his hat in the process. "Why thank you very much."
Dimitri 11/30/17 "Me too baby.'
Dimitri 11/29/17 He flexes his muscles as he gets more powerful.
Dimitri 11/29/17 "Just remember your loved as you got through your day."
Dimitri 11/29/17 "Your right but I mean I need you in my life like I need food and water."
Dimitri 11/29/17 He kissed her back and smiled. "With you by my side who wouldn't sleep well. You rock my world my love."
Dimitri 11/29/17 He walks up to his love and wraps his arms around her. "Morning my sexy baby. Did you sleep well."
Dimitri 11/28/17 "Your perfect for me as well baby."
Dimitri 11/28/17 "I am just me my sexy lady."
Dimitri 11/28/17 "Our life is gonna be perfect. I know we will have a very happy one."
Dimitri 11/28/17 "I'm sorry just think of our future."
Dimitri 11/28/17 "Love you too. Hope you have a wonderful day at work."
Dimitri 11/27/17 "Welcome home my lover." He smiled. "I missed you."
Dimitri 11/27/17 "Just remember I am home getting stuff ready for you and I love you."
Dimitri 11/27/17 "You are being missed."
Dimitri 11/27/17 "I can't wait my love." He smiled and counted the time.
Dimitri 11/27/17 "Miss you and hope to see you soon."
Dimitri 11/27/17 Honeybun "Hope you have a wonderful day at work"
Dimitri 11/26/17 "I guess I thought that time was part of our life."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Well time is all we have."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "You haven't asked either." He laughs.
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh I don't see whats not to like."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh I see you want me to tell you but you no tell me."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Sorry but I bet you like the thought."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Hey you shared and so did I."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Thats fine I sleep naked and Don't use covers."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "I would never laugh at you baby." He smiled and touched her cheek.
Dimitri 11/26/17 He laughs and shakes his head. "Babe I can turn everything into a good thing."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "I am good with that after all that I am use to that" He laughs and pokes fun at her.
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Me too so I can last forever seeing as we haven't yet."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh ok I will see how long you last."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh really well I guess its not so bad I like my couch."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh then that means no kisses for you either." He laughs
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh kinky."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Oh but I have ranked again my dear." He winks at her.
Dimitri 11/26/17 "Thats wonderful but I think your mistaken my dear. I am still ahead of you."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "You are too good to me."
Dimitri 11/26/17 "I hope you are doing good this morning."
Dimitri 11/26/17 He smiled and puts his hands on hers and turns his head. "Hello Beautiful."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "Maybe I need to use it more often."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "You seem to like my silver tongue."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "What can I say your worth it."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "Yes and I am willing to wait for as long as it takes."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "You are my reason to want to be strong."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "Oh I know I never thought that. I just want to be strong for us both."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "I know and I want to be strong so I can protect our future."
Dimitri 11/25/17 "Congrats beautiful I am ready to move forward myself but I am training to be stronger before I do."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "It's ok Beautiful I am working hard enough to protect us."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "I'm not too far from ranking again even thought I just ranked a moment ago."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "I am getting stronger for us my dear."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "Thank you for a wonderful dinner."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "Just remember to smile often cause someone is always thinking about you."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "Oh and why is that. Afraid to let me ego grow."
Dimitri 11/23/17 "And mine seems to matter in this case." He smiles and winks at her.
Dimitri 11/23/17 "They are nothing compared to your beauty."
Dimitri 11/23/17 He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Beautiful."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Oh and how tempting are we talking."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I bet in time you might like it even more."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Oh and why is that my Beauty."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Well I will try to keep it under control."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Whats so silver about my tongue."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Well it's as cute as you are beautiful."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "It's ok I know what you meant. I think it was cute."
Dimitri 11/22/17 he thought about it for a moment. "I am confused b that one. Why are you supposed to be the one choking."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Well I would hope so. After all its at your place."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "As long as your there that's all that I am concerned about."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Sounds like its gonna be a fun day for us."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I know I am looking forward to spending the day with you."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I like any pie. I am sure everything you make is gonna be wonderful."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Let us hope that will happen. Being able to focus is a good thing."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Oh ok I guess I can understand that."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "So whats on your mind Beautiful."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I like the way you are you make me smile."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Honestly I rather be me and be damned whether or not I am liked or not."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Well I think being me is all I know how to be. After all I am no one else. Why pretend to be."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Oh is that so and why is that Beautiful."
Dimitri 11/22/17 He smiled and looked into her eyes. "Just smile for me."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I just thought it was a nice jester."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "No I think I should have thought about what I was saying first before I spoke."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I didn't over step myself did I."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "But your giving me a reason to want to be stronger."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Thank you I decided it was time to work hard. Cause I might have to have a reason to be strong." He smiled.
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Then its a date. I will be there at 1."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "Ok I can do that." He smiled and nods his head.
Dimitri 11/22/17 "So we shall see tomorrow. I look forward to the cooking. Should I bring anything special."
Dimitri 11/22/17 "A little char doesn't bother me. I have lived through a lot worse trust me." He smiled.
Dimitri 11/22/17 "I would love to join you. I didn't have any plans so I was just gonna go to a local spot and get some food. I think joining you would be a better idea. Thank you for the offer."
Dimitri 11/21/17 "I look forward to it as well." He gave her a soft smile.
Dimitri 11/21/17 "Some how I think that wont happen. I am sure we will talk for a long time."
Dimitri 11/21/17 "Your not boring me so I think we are good on that one."
Dimitri 11/21/17 "I agree I think people being around is always better then just being alone and bored like I have been."
Dimitri 11/21/17 "Thank you for that and welcome yourself. Maybe we can figure out this place together."
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