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Taylor Ainsworth 03/13/18 "And what exactly will you do if I pack my entire room, my love?" She questioned her fiance before pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. "I packed enough. I will meet you there with our daughter."
W_Kat 02/16/18 Congrats on PotD!
Circe De Pont 02/16/18 - She didn't really know the man but what the hell. Making a stop before going into hiding she said softly- Congrats on POtD
Taylor Ainsworth 01/30/18 With a innocent but sweet grin she lifted her head up to kiss him lovingly. "Oh stop it, you say the sweetest things to me all the time without trying." She let her pointer finger gently boop his nose before hearing his words again. "Oh how? Gonna ask me to fly off to a remote island and have some alone time?" She asked with a cute wink.
Taylor Ainsworth 01/29/18 Her cheeks turned a soft pink as he complimented her, her cheek pressing into his hand as she smiled ever so lovingly. "Life is such a miracle, my love. It should always be the brightest." Her own small hand touched his cheek softly before glancing at her baby bump and grinning a bit. "Who would have thought, the two of us. The busiest people I've ever known could make something that has not yet met the world but it more than perfect?"
Taylor Ainsworth 01/28/18 With a teasing grin, she tilted her head. "Which part? The I love you, or Miko. Because I'm pretty sure you like when I say Miko more." Winking as she then rested her head upon his chest softly
Taylor Ainsworth 01/15/18 With a soft but cute sigh, she rested her head on him as well. "And I love you, Miko." She leaned back, poking his nose gently with her small finger before grinning, teasingly.
Taylor Ainsworth 01/10/18 She was always nervous when her love was around, her made her so incredibly happy she couldn't stand it. As his lips touched hers, she grinned, kissing him back ever so lovingly as her eyes closed. She loved every second of his skin touching her own.
Taylor Ainsworth 01/10/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Taylor Ainsworth 12/15/17 she ran her hands over his chest with a soft giggle, "We can always pick a different middle name of course my love?"
Taylor Ainsworth 12/12/17 Her legs tightly around his waist as she softly giggled. "you're only agreeing to Finnley because I love the name so much."
Taylor Ainsworth 12/02/17 As she was picked up she squeaked loudly, her arms wrapping around his neck as she kissed him ever so softly. "I enjoy it. do you? do you have any suggestions?"
Taylor Ainsworth 12/01/17 She practically jumped on him as he agreed he liked the name, her hands going around his neck and pulling him closer. "I love the name!"
Taylor Ainsworth 12/01/17 Taylor threw her arms in the air. "Finnley!" She yelled, doing a cute little dance in his direction. "Finnley James Mikoto."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/30/17 Taylor approached her boyfriend with a massive grin on her face. "Okay, so I was thinking of more baby names and I know it's stupid to pick a name this early on in the pregnancy." She grinned wider as she poked his chest. "But I think I found the name!"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/27/17 Rolling her eyes she closed them momentarily as he kissed her nose, opening them once more and smiling up at him. "That's true my love."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/26/17 A soft innocent smirk spread across her small pink lips as her fingers trailed up his chest slowly to his shoulder, gripping gently. "Or you'll punish me?" She questioned her boyfriend, softly.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 She laughed a little, her nose rubbing his softly as she nodded ever so slowly. "I do live to tempt you... among other things." She whispered, happily.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 Her hands rested on his chest softly as she laughed a little. "Well if I didn't would we really be in this situation?" she questioned with a grin.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 Letting his tongue in she let her own tongue move with his, her hands rubbing his chest as she pressed her body to his own.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 She laughed a little when he pulled back, remembering he couldn't hold his breath for long. She felt his lips brush hers, kissing him back deeper as her hands pulled him closer to her body.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 Nodding the best she could to his question as her small short figure was pressed to his, her hands roaming his chest before planting themselves, gripping his shirt gently as her lips moved with his.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 She kissed him deeply, pulling him closer to her body with a massive smirk. "Doesn't mean we can't make out a little bit." She mumbled against his lips.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 Her fingers curled into his hair as she realized they were in public she pulled from the kiss gently, laughing. "im sure everyone in the realm wants to see the two of us getting it on out in public, though I don't mind one bit I worry about the little ones."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 She practically gasped as he lifted her up, smirking as she pressed her lips back to his, lovingly. Her fingers moving to the back of his head, holding him there in their embrace.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 Taylor let out a soft laugh and then a smile of pure innocence. "I was around werewolves all day, of course I was an unruly child. Didn't go to bed on time, I used to chase my siblings into the woods, i think our child will be unruly."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 "I will never not miss you my sweet. Especially with our unruly children, yes I will constantly miss you my love. And well of course our little guy always misses you." She sighed happily as she felt the kisses, smiling like an idiot.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/24/17 Feeling her boyfriends hand on her stomach made her press closer to him, happiness in her eyes as she smiled. "Hey my love." She whispered, placing her hand over his. "We missed you."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/18/17 'You can have one of our children... 1. Rae is on my side and little man will be on my side. I have to have them, but Rae doesn't count she was practically on my side in the first place. and I love you too, sweetie.'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/18/17 'Oh our children are on my side already.' she giggled softly to herself. 'We will go easy on you though, my love.'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/17/17 'I will never abuse the power I have over you, did I want a pool? Yes, did I get a pool? Yes! Do I get whatever I want with a cute smile from you and a kiss of approval.' She smirked as she was typing. 'Just wait until little man is here, you can't say no to me, say no to a tiny version of us.'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/17/17 'It's not weird, we have a lot of things to take care of and he kind of takes care of himself. I think he's a little scared of Rae so when she's running around he's hiding but he comes out every night to lay in bed and kneed my stomach when you're asleep. But we also have molly and she's a handful and Rae and she's a handful and I'm pregnant so we have a lot going on with that. Remodeling the house and getting ready for Christmas I mean he doesn't come out everyday.'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/16/17 'Don't worry I never told you my middle name babe, it's Marie. Also I will cook you dinner my love, also I will cook burgers to make you happy, and also I love you very dearly. I miss you, our little apple seed misses you and Molly misses you. Nimbus is an ass hole, don't feel offended.'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/13/17 Taylor giggled at the two, walking over to the couch she plopped herself down, kissing Rae's forehead. "Hi there Princess Gorgeous." She smiled before kissing Miko's cheek. "Hey love."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 'Be there soon!' she smiled brightly as she ran up the stairs quickly, she opened the door and walked through it, shutting it behind her before running down the stairs.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 She rolled her eyes. 'fine I'm coming over.' She sighed as she jumped up, texting him again. 'where are you babe?'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 'No it's okay my dear, spend time with Rae. Pretty soon there will be two tiny creations of yours running around and I don't want to impose.' She smiled a little at the phone before trying her best to finish up the emails.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 'Bring Rae home... or just send Rae back home so I have someone besides Molly to keep my company and relaxed.' She scratched the dogs head with love.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 'It's because I have so many things to tell you, or I like your kisses...' She giggled as she kissed Molly's face. 'Molly kisses just aren't the same..'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 Taylor laughed a little as she texted back. 'I'm pretty sure we are already working on that sweetheart. I cannot wait to see you tonight.' She sighed softly, petting Molly's head as it laid in her lap.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/12/17 Taylor sat in the office, doing paperwork as she got the text, texting back her love. 'Candy...' She sent teasingly before sending another text. 'You are the most handsome and most caring man I have ever met and I cannot wait until we have a son that's exactly like you.'
Taylor Ainsworth 11/11/17 Taylor groaned as she leaned over and kissed his face. "I do have a lot of work to finish. I have to do my lesson plan for class and finish up this work proposal for the new clients of Black Inc."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/11/17 Kissing her boyfriends head gently she giggled. "I'm pretty sure it's fine if we get pregnant around the same month together." She whispered to him, kissing his cheek softly with love. "We can start trying whenever you want my dear"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/11/17 Taylor watched him confused, Sky had her way with making everyday things into a game for her to try to win, she was definitely obsessed with winning. "How my dear?"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/11/17 Taylor squeaked before she kissed her boyfriend gently. "Rae is absolutely adorable but throw in my tan complexion, bright blue eyes and my attitude, our child will be dangerous." She smirked before she kissed him once more. "So when does she want to do this? Is she comparing our children to the twins? Or is she pregnant again and this is how this started?"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/11/17 Taylor patted her boyfriends hand gently and smiled softly. "I'm sure. If you want to try, I'm ready, why not. All competitions aside and everything, cause I'm not a very competitive person anyways.. but she will lose."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/11/17 Taylor locked her fingers gently with his before she smiled softly. "I'm a very go with the flow person my dear. You're the more... not uptight but you care a little more than I do. I'll be happy either way. I'll be happy if we decide to try for children now or later my dear."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/10/17 Taylor's nostrils flared as she listened. "I'm mad that she thinks her pale ass will be cuter pregnant. Hell no." She glanced back down at him before sitting slowly. "I mean I'm not mad that you agreed to it. But we can obviously forfeit if you don't wish to partake sweetie." She rubbed his hand gently in a consoling manner.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/10/17 Taylor stood up from where she was sitting and stared at her boyfriend. "Um no thank you. Do you see how tan I am. All tan people look way better pregnant. She knows that. She won't win."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/10/17 Taylor glanced up from the emails she was typing out. "I'm sorry... a competition about babies? How does one have a competition about babies? What it about? Why would I be mad? Did you throw children!" She yelled the last part, it was the only thing she could think about.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/10/17 Her eyes widened as she shook her head. "Babe..." she glared over at him. "You're not very funny." Sticking her tongue out at him before she went back to eating her ice cream.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 She shook her hand at him, laughing as he laughed. "No! It was amazing but every time I think about peanut butter I think about.. the events that happened after and I'd rather not think about the things we did while spending time with a little kid." She grinned. "Besides who even knows where that peanut butter has been, I'm not feeding it to anyone but you."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 She watched him for a second and shook her head. "One day long time from now if my nieces ever want me to make them a peanut butter sandwich I'm gonna have to quit my job as an aunt cause that's not happening after our recent events."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 Sitting down across from him her eyes widened. "My dogs trying to kill me to get to you. Probably the cat too. He will just never admit he actually likes anyone besides me." She took a lick of her ice cream and smiled over at him. "Well I mean Molly misses you so you should come over tonight. No peanut butter play but we can cuddle and watch some low budget zombie movies."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 Taking the ice cream she rolled her eyes at him with a laugh. "Oh I just wonder why." She poked his nose gently as she watched him carefully. "Do you wanna come over again tonight? I think molly misses you ."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 Giggling at him she shook her head. "No way. Other me is tried right now and current mushy me is not feeling very well. So I think I'll stay mushy for a little while longer before getting kinky again." She teased as she was placed on her feet, watching him get the ice cream.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 She squeaked loudly as she was scooped up in the air. "The other me is an at home favorite. Or a secret out in piblic favorite for when you're feeling extra naughty." She grinned at him before pressing her lips gently to his. "I adore you."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 She smirked, knowing exactly what he was talking about. "Well I like both versions equally of myself. Cause I Do miss you dearly when you leave for work and I have letting you leave my bed even to get a drink of water." She grinned at him, kissing his cheek softly. "I think you like mushy me."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 Confused she looked at him. "What do you mean? Cause there is only 1 perfect version of me and it's me. I am perfect sooo." She shrugged, obviously joking but pressed her back into him again.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 Smiling up at him she wiggles back into his arms and closed her eyes. "I like when you miss me, makes me feel important that you have this sadness deep down cause I'm not around." She turned her face, kissing his cheek gently before pressing her cheek against his and squishing their faces together.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/09/17 Rolling her eyes she pressed her back against him, nibbling on her bottom lip. "Well hello there Ry. Miss me already?" She questioned him in a teasing manor.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 (Wanna take this to messages?)
With a soft laugh she quickly let go of his hand, thinking about what her brother said about them. Maybe she was over thinking the situation but he was a friend and dinner was quite fun. "I'm not sure. I have almost anything you can imagine so.. do you have anything in mind?"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 Slipping her tan fingers into his hand, holding it tightly as she turned on the heels of her feet and tugged him towards the road. "It's a little bit of a walk, but who doesn't mind a work out before the work out?" She grinned before she caught herself, wondering why she was being so kinky today.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 After dying a few times you definitely come back highly confident. "You know what.. I'll cook us dinner.. come over to the house. Maybe I'll use a little bit of peanut butter for dessert." She smirked at him, letting the tip of her tongue run over her bottom lip slowly.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 Her cheeks turned a slightly brighter shade of pink as she watched him, giggling ever so softly. "You're almost as smooth as peanut butter." She giggled, moving her small tan hand to her lips to keep her from laughing too hard.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 Grinning up at him, her cheeks turning a soft pink as she watched him. "Well I wouldn't mind you being a part of that as well.. you know where to find me. I'll wine and dine you." she said teasingly, winking at him.
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 Reaching over she gently tapped his chest with a soft laugh before shaking her head. "Well if you can change my mind maybe I wont die again. But for now I only come back for my animals and my two annoying siblings."
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 Taylor grinned gently at him, watching him. "Well thank you Ry, Though I do prefer the realm of the dead a bit more. The people there are more lively." She giggled a soft and sweet giggle.
Zen Rex 10/31/17 Rushing up to the tall man Zen tugged his pant leg a little, “Happy Halloween Ryu!” His tiny hand was held up offering his a spooky spider lolly, the Neko kitten teetering on his tip ties to try and reach the man.
Marah Boru 05/16/17 "Thank you Ryuugo.If I knew I would get this much attention I would have blown up that oil field when I first got my powers."
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 *chuckles* Lj needs to grow first....
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 Oh boy..... Got to show Lj how to do it right..... Chop stick style lol
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 *snickering, Lilly shook her head* oh boy
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 I'll have send maracas next
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 *Laughing, she smiled * serves him right
Marah Boru 04/18/17 "Well I am doing the best as expected. And how are you?"

+ Giving a soft smile "
Marah Boru 04/17/17 +Hearing someone call her name she turned and saw a man. She nodded as she spoke+

" Hello Mr.Mikoto"
LillyEmperium 04/12/17 You're very welcome
LillyEmperium 04/12/17 Welcome to the realm
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