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Ravenna Levey 07/25/17 SHe walked over to Miko and did something uncharacteristic of her she hugged him quick and pulled back just as quickly. "I am sorry for your loss if there is anything you need please do not hesitate."
Sky Frost 06/29/17 She smirked playfully at him and sighed happily. "I told him. Which I figured he will tell you eventually. Obviously." She looked at the ice cream and shrugged, licking it. "You know.. I'm not scared of her germs but I'm definitely terrified of the little ones inside of me and all of their poop in my body. That's gross to think of.."
Sky Frost 06/29/17 Sky took the cone and laughed softly. "Done eating, princess?" she questioned before she poked her stomach. "I mean.. that's accurate and you might be 4 and 5 if this whole situation becomes more than one.. which scares me." She grinned at him and up at Rae. "Who wants to do something fun?"
Sky Frost 06/29/17 After a stressful day at the office Sky was ready to crash on the couch and watch horror movies until she felt the presence and smirked up at Ry. "Well well well.. my two favorite people on the planet." She grinned and poked his face. "You know.. your hair is going to be covered in ice cream. Right, Rae?" She grinned.
Ravenna Levey 06/23/17 Picking up Rae and kissing her. Giving her a bite of the ice cream. "How was your day with her?"
Sky Frost 06/08/17 Mai Tai
Declan sent his butler over to bring all the toys for her so they're getting unpacked now and of course Rae is going to tell me to get with her uncle.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 She let out an evil laugh as she hid behind her phone screen, giggling softly. His dad, oh this will be the best ever.
Mai Tai
Okay well Lucifer might actually be names Gabriel and Gabriel might be a newly turned vampire... Soooo... Go poke around him, get a feel. Make man friends with him to do some sort of spy mission to find out if he even likes me. I don't like wasting time.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Mai Tai
Uh... I don't know... I've spent a lot more time with Lucifer than I have with your dad. But I don't know how I feel. I give.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Mai Tai.
I know that. But the guy I'm talking about.. he's a vampire too and he's different. I can't explain it. But what do I do?
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Mai Tai.
Have you ever really liked someone and you think things are going perfect.. and then they just act a little weird.. and you can't get them to tell you what's wrong? I'm having issues.. I like this guy, it's not Franklin but I like Franklin too. But let's call this guy... Lucifer. And everything was going great and suddenly he was weird..
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Mai Tai.
Ew.. I'll be dating your dad? That's weird.. you've seen my boobs.. oh.. my god.. my almost step son thing has seen my boobs. I'm done with the world. I'm done! It's like weird porn up in here. Help. Someone call Dr, Phil! Also.. I am. Like right now going to the store to spoil this little girl.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Mai Tai.
I'm indifferent. I don't like to like people.. it never ends well when I do.. so maybe I shouldn't like him.. He is sweet.. but I mean you know what happened last time I liked someone. I'm not sure.. and um.. hell yeah she's cute as well man. I'm like half tempted to make an entire play room in my house for when you bring her over.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Mai Tai
I bumped into him on accident and then we started talking. And I know I'm one of the cutest people on the planet besides tiny baby version of you. But it's complicated.. like I think he likes me but you obviously know him and the stuff that comes with him.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Sky laid her head back, laughing a little harder than she probably should have.
Mai Tai.
Love, Everyone makes you look skinny. I make you look skinny but I also make you look tall. But anyways, back to the task on hand. I think he likes me.
Sky Frost 06/07/17 Laughing to herself she agreed, she does.
Mai Tai.
Soooooooooo..... you know Franklin. You're little dude friend?
Sky Frost 06/04/17 She giggled softly and shook her head as she replied
Mai Tai
You are not allowed to steal him.. and if you do you have to come and steal me too. I miss you.
Sky Frost 06/02/17 Sky rolled her eyes as she texted back.
Big Bad Ry.
I did not steal him!! and he is completely happy with me thank you very much. And you are welcome to come over and pet him if you want.. Well I mean unless you just want to come over and see me instead.
Sky Frost 05/28/17 Sista
 photo 715e91e0462120334f0cd2d384e53416_zpsgizlzmxc.jpg
Sky Frost 05/24/17 The evil little smirk played on her lips as she sighed happily. "You know for a fact you would have been so excited if I took my shirt off that day. Come on. Don't even try to deny it."
Sky Frost 05/24/17 Smirking at him, she gave his nose a little poke and grinned. "Yeah? Me either.. it's like car accidents."
Marah Kravenoff 05/16/17 "Thank you Ryuugo.If I knew I would get this much attention I would have blown up that oil field when I first got my powers."
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 *chuckles* Lj needs to grow first....
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 Oh boy..... Got to show Lj how to do it right..... Chop stick style lol
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 *snickering, Lilly shook her head* oh boy
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 I'll have send maracas next
LillyEmperium 04/22/17 *Laughing, she smiled * serves him right
Marah Kravenoff 04/18/17 "Well I am doing the best as expected. And how are you?"

+ Giving a soft smile "
Bella Eda Kuroda 04/18/17 "I am doing as well as to be expected Ryu. My little guy there keeps me busy which is a blessing." She said with a smile
Marah Kravenoff 04/17/17 +Hearing someone call her name she turned and saw a man. She nodded as she spoke+

" Hello Mr.Mikoto"
Bella Eda Kuroda 04/14/17 Bella stopped the stroller as Ryu played with LJ " Hello Ryu. Go ahead take him out you know that is what you want to do" She said to him with a smile. She loved watching them play.
Declan Black 04/12/17 A chuckling sound left his lips as he nodded a bit. "Yeah, she's a keeper and she's definitely mine." He laughed and nodded. "Some girls are just waiting to pounce on newbies, though Abbie just likes making friends. And Taylor, Taylor's pretty cool and usually kicks some ass, her fiance's awesome too. They've been here for quite some time they might be of some pretty good help."
LillyEmperium 04/12/17 You're very welcome
LillyEmperium 04/12/17 Welcome to the realm
Declan Black 04/12/17 Declan chuckled, watching everyone flock. "Well I see my girlfriend already welcomed you, but welcome to the realm, ever need any help just holler our way."
Athena Maximus 04/12/17 Welcome to the realm!
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