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Devin Landry 07/19/18 Well, thanks!
..I think.
-chin rubs-
Hm.. No.
-steps back-
Not til now.. stranger.
Devin Landry 07/19/18 -pauses-
So far..?
Never know what a person is capable of til you test the waters.
I'm just getting my toes wet.
Dovima Bastet 07/19/18 Vee's grin broadens as the surprise registers. Like Malcolm, she takes pleasure catching people off guard once in a while- the light hearted kind, to be clear. The last thing in the world one might call Vee is cruel, but she will never deny a bit of good fun.

"No, no," she waves the comment away, taking note of the good laugh, and chuckles in response. "I know I'm a black sheep of sorts, in more ways than one, but life would be boring if we were all the same. So, Malcolm, what's your story?"
Devin Landry 07/19/18 -bops on by-
You're kind of scary looking..
Dovima Bastet 07/17/18 While her hand is smaller, Vee is not one to shy away from a good, firm handshake, as Malcolm will discover. No limp wrist here, folks. "Let's call it a mutual pleasure, Malcolm," she grins.

"I'm not surprised." Now Vee chuckles. "We spent a lot of time in Egypt and Israel. I was born in Egypt, actually. Put an archaeologist and a historian together and things get interesting."
Caitlyn Darrow 07/16/18 *heavy breaths*
*nods to stranger and points to toddler trying to shove a toy firetruck in his mouth*
Yess help please. Can't run with baby.
Kristoffer Forseti 07/16/18 -gives him a more exaggerated eye-
-thinks this is a competition now-
-keeps munching-
"American chips, European crisps, delicious either way. "
-munches more-
"Been a while since I've heard that lingo so clearly you're not from the States. Where you from, buddy?"
Jane Darrow 07/16/18 Fvck if she wasn't the least coordinated woman when she'd been drinking. Fumbling with the iPhone in one hand while she fished around her purse for her cigarettes was a nightmare. A flash of silver grazed over her fingertips so she grabbed at the lighter and grasped it in her palm. "Bloody f-" Hadn't even noticed when her phone had slipped from her grip.

"What?" A stranger shoved her phone at her, and she snatched it after she slung her bag up on to her shoulder. "Playing grab ass with my sh^t, love?" Propping a white filtered cigarette between her lips, she flicked the silver zippo and lit it quickly. A few puffs of smoke billow out around her, then she stuffed her stuff into her bag. "Wouldn't be so bad losing it." She confessed, "Could use a proper excuse to ignore the lot of skivers."
Dovima Bastet 07/16/18 "Good. Happy to hear it," Vee's own accent stands out as much as his, except hers is an odd mix of north African and Arabic. "My name is Vee," she offers her hand. "Nice to meet you"
Dovima Bastet 07/15/18 Surprise registers a second before a smile spreads across her face. "A Scotsman. What a treat." She laughs once at herself and gets back on track. "My pleasure. It never hurts to show kindness."
Caitlyn Darrow 07/15/18 *waddle runs after a toddler*
*pauses, waves*
*flails after toddler*
Kristoffer Forseti 07/15/18 -gives a once over-
-munches on some chips-
"Welcome to the Realm, guy. Chips?"
Devin Landry 07/15/18 Welcome.
Cici 07/15/18 And just like that the one person she had had any contact with in several months turned to leave. Somber eyes lowered to the ground and she kept the sigh from her lips as she spoke. "I hope you succeed in your mission then Malcolm."

Tucking her arm back against her body she began walking in the direction in which she came. A quick bursted whistle saw her most loyal of companions swoop down to rest on her shoulder.
Cici 07/15/18 Though he chose not to voice his opinion on the matter, at least for now, she did not find him stand offish, or in the least bit rude. Most people who met the small woman tended to treat her like the child she appeared to be, at least in stature. Dark hues searched his face before the first smile since her return appeared upon full lips.

Her lips moved as though she was attempting to pronounce his name before she finally spoke. "Malcolm, the pleasure is mine. I am sure you are quite busy and I hardly meant to take up your time."
Cici 07/15/18 "The world is what we choose to make of it. Friendly or not, it as we have decided to make it." Dark hues look upon the male, innocence shining through like a neon sign. Her face distorted briefly as she brings a small hand forward. "Forgive me, my manners seem to be lacking. I am Cici."
Pandora 07/15/18 She had gotten off her shift working at the hospital for the day. Despite her having magic powers she had a deep love for science. She loved learning how everything was connected. Starting all of the way from atoms, and elements. Then going all the way up to the universe and all of the people in it.

So whenever someone new came to the realm. She knew! She could feel their presence, and her curiosity made her instantly want to meet them. She kept her eyes open in case she came across them. When she finally found a face she didnít recognize she walked up to them and smiled softly. "Hello there, are you new to the realm? I don't think we've met yet." She had looked him up and down. The man seemed different than most here in the realm. He actually reminded her of herself back when she was a witch, before she died and became an angel. Pushing those thoughts to the back of her mind, she gently held out her hand for him to shake. "I'm Pandora"
Cici 07/15/18 Cici tilts her head to one side, a look of pure concentration upon her face. Pondering his words, small shoulders shrug upwards.

"I suppose that all depends on what you seek. It could be pleasant in its own way. As for us being a welcoming lot, not everyone is. Some are...well some are just stand offish."
Cici 07/15/18 It had been a while since the small pixie like witch, had walked around with the public. She had been in hiding for far too long and wasn't even quite sure if she remembered how to properly welcome someone. Straightening the cloak she wore wrapped around her small frame she cleared her throat, as dark hues looked towards the male.

"Welcome to the realm. May what you seek be sought and your stay pleasant."
Franki 07/15/18 Seeing the man entering the realm Franki decided she must do the proper thing. Straightening her blazer she marched toward him and stuck her right hand out toward him. Smiling warmly she spoke.

Welcome home. Francesca Balti at your service. Anything You need let me know. I will try to help"

She didn't know much but she could find out answers if she had to. She lifted her shoulder and shrugged slightly.
Dovima Bastet 07/15/18 Welcome to the realm!
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