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To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world.
That's what everybody does every hour of their lives.
If I asked you to keep your soul - would you understand why that's much harder?
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Soleil Whitaker

Tucker Reid
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RealmLions and temples and wolves, oh my
Created by Dovima Bastet
Soleil Whitaker 11/09/17 V
We're ready when you are!
Soleil Whitaker 11/06/17 V
Just let me know when you wanted to roll through!
Tucker Reid 10/15/17 Vee
Heh. That's a loaded question. The honest answer is everything. A simpler question would be where do we start?
Caitlyn Darrow 10/11/17 *squeals*
Tucker Reid 10/10/17 Vee
Alright, so I was being dramatic.
She's cute! Sisters kid? Brothers?

It has occurred to me that I don't
really know that much about you.
Tucker Reid 10/10/17 Vee
Wow, congratulations! You already have a niece? Or nephew? I can't even remember the last time I saw someone under the age of 10.
Tucker Reid 10/10/17 text to: V
I am horrible at guessing. Tell me!
Soleil Whitaker 10/02/17 V
Wilson is our boy, yes. He's an absolute nugget!
Wine and company sounds like a great time.
Keep you in the loop, doll.
Soleil Whitaker 10/02/17 V
Our door is open for when you want to come through.
Most of our time has been devoted to Wilson, so we're here and there.
But, no plans to go elsewhere any time soon.
Soleil Whitaker 10/02/17 V
I'm sure she'd be alright with a house guest, especially if she knows you like children.
Lemme just double check.
And let me know what your schedule looks like for the next few weeks, yeah?
Soleil Whitaker 10/02/17 V
NY was my home before Moscow. It was Rhiannon's, as well.
You should visit sometime. We have a guest room, if you wanted to stay for a bit.
Although, we've recently acquired a toddler. His name is Wilson, and he likes big cats.
Soleil Whitaker 09/21/17 V
Ah, life happens, you know?
Good for the most part, as well.
Officially moved out of Moscow, made NY our permanent home.
That's about all that's changed, though.
Soleil Whitaker 09/18/17 V
Just wanted to say hello.
Sorry for being MIA.
Hope all is well. :)
Tucker Reid 08/30/17 V
Technically, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do it again.
You know how it is.
Tucker Reid 08/30/17 V
Err, I have no idea what happened. I know I woke up with a killer headache and a bruise on the side of my head, Here's hoping everyone went home in one piece.
Soleil Whitaker 07/09/17 Soleil catches sight of the striking young woman she’d been waiting for, and out of courtesy, stands as Vee approaches the table. “Hello indeed,” she responds, trademark grin tugging at the corner of her mouth, “I’m sorry to say that my wife is unable to join us tonight. Caught up at work.”

Although she is genuinely saddened by the absence of her wife, Soleil is glad to be back in Vee’s company. It’d only been a few days since their first encounter, but the young Whitaker has found herself utterly fascinated by her. She can sense that there is more to this woman than her impeccable eyebrows and high cheekbones.

“Beer, usually,” she states, “But, I’ll have whatever you’re having.”
Soleil Whitaker 07/09/17 V
Around the side of the bar, kind of toward the back.
Sorry for the crowd, I didn't think it'd be this packed.
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 V
Great, text me when you get here.
Took the liberty of finding us a booth, figured it'd give us some privacy.
See you soon. xx
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 V
Tavern in the Square.
Meet me there in, oh say, half hour?
[Location Shared]
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 V
Have you been to TITS?
Tucker Reid 07/07/17 V
I'm a sucker for surprises.
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 Vee
Absolutely not.
In fact, I know it's last minute, but are you free tonight?
Tucker Reid 07/07/17 V
Tucker Reid 07/07/17 V
If it's Thai food then I am 100% down for that. I hope you like local channels and/or connect four.
Tucker Reid 07/07/17 V
I'm technically free for the next two days, though that's entirely dependent on my crew. Whatever works for you. I'm an easy man.
Tucker Reid 07/07/17 V
Hey, it's Tucker.. Raincheck soon?
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 Vee
Thank god. I was hoping I wouldn't have to rethink this friendship.
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 Vee
Who doesn't?

Tell me you're a cat person and you don't like to cuddle...
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 Vee
You can't resist a face like his.
Or mine, for that matter....
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 Vee
See? Told you - happy boy.
[IMG Attachment]
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 Vee
He sure is a cutie, trust me.
He hobbles, too.
Tucker Reid 07/06/17 A daffy grin overtakes the lower half of Tucker's face, but disappears almost as soon as it had appeared. Graciously, he tugs at the receipt and places it in the back pocket of his jeans, right next to his cell phone so that he'd remember to programme it in the next time he took it out.

"Thanks." He's offered a nod, pulling the sack of groceries from under his arm and cradling it in his hands before he heads towards the few short steps leading into his building. "I'll take good care of it."

Just a quick pause before he heads inside, and he turns before Vee has had a chance to hurry off.

"See you soon." This time a genuine smile, not at all cut short by his will to publicly sedate his own amusement.
Soleil Whitaker 07/05/17 Vee
Three legged pitbull. Total love. Quite a happy boy. :)
Tucker Reid 07/05/17 His hand lands somewhere against the center of his stomach, palm flat against the churning of his hunger. Another small chuckle erupts in his chest, though its less audible than the one he let loose before. Tucker is always grateful for the people who can appreciate his hunger. He'd often found them to be better company than those who weren't up for late night tacos.

Opening his mouth to speak, he realizes that in a few short steps they'll be at the mouth of the foyer to his shoddy apartment. He is prepared to turn the conversation into an invitation inside, allowing her salvation from the street while he put away his few groceries. However, somewhere between his thoughts and the verbalization of his plan, his phone vibrates in his back pocket. Tucker is fast in fishing for it, aware that most of the people who contacted him were associated with his business.

Jo called out. Need an attendant for tonight. No ones answering their phone.

He huffs, stuffing his phone back into his pocket before his freehand pinches the bridge of his nose as his eyes screw shut in irritation.

"Sorry. I've got to head back to the... office." Tired eyes open again, finding the gaze of Vee with an apologetic look across his face. "Raincheck?"

He tries his best to sound nonchalant, but it's entirely possible that he sounds more hopeful than not.
Soleil Whitaker 07/05/17 Vee
I think you just need to meet Fish and Luna.
You might just fall in love with them.
Soleil Whitaker 07/05/17 Vee
Uh huh.
Maybe I can change your mind. 🙃
Soleil Whitaker 07/05/17 Vee
Double ouch.
Should I be reconsidering this invitation for drinks?
Soleil Whitaker 07/05/17 Vee
That's a bit of a low blow.
Dogs are loyal, at least.
Soleil Whitaker 07/05/17 Vee
Dogs. Duh.
Admittedly, my wife and I own 3 kittens. 🙄
Soleil Whitaker 07/04/17 Soleil is reluctant to part ways, thoroughly amused with the young woman before her. But, she has promised Rhiannon she’d be home for dinner. So, with another flash of her white teeth, she bids Vee a good evening with another two-finger saluted. “Catch you around,” she calls over her shoulder, feet already carrying her in the direction of home.

New Contact: Vee
It’s Blondie. We’ll be in touch. xx
Tucker Reid 07/04/17 Allowing for a firm grip on the hoodie, Tucker pulls the pouch close to his body and tucks the goods under his arm. It was incredibly light in its essence, but he preferred to bear the burden of his own mistake.

Vee is quick to offer a name after Tucker opens the door to introductions. He offers a solid nod and a half of a grin, while his stomach immediately rattles off a ferocious growl at the mention of food. If there was one thing that anyone who knew him would come to discover, it was that he was burdened by an almost insatiable hunger. While he tried his best to keep his diet balanced, his steady intake of red meat and liquor were sure to catch up with him soon.

"I feel like I haven't eaten for days." He side eyes Vee as he walks along, "But I'm always ravenous. What good is a scotch without a good ribeye anyway?"

Brows raise over amused eyes and he flashes a toothy smile.

"Though I'm afraid I don't know my way around the food scene very well. This burrough is much different than the one I came from."
December-Rose 07/04/17 Emerald irises burned through the darkness as she stood just within the mouth of an alley, silver hair hanging in curled curtains around a youthful face. Dark lashes fluttered on her cheeks as she looked around, spotting someone that she hadn’t seen before. She could smell the blood, and she knew that she was quite covered in it, her simple white dress splattered with it, her face crusted thickly in places with the substance. She shrugged slender shoulders and stepped out into the glow of a sickly yellow street light, glancing up at the bulb as it buzzed softly with electricity. Her shadow raced up the brick wall to her left, vanishing where the light died. She took a step forward before pausing for a moment. What to say to someone that one had never met before. After a moment she began to walk again, bare feet silent on the sidewalk, drops of blood still falling around her as she moved, She walked past the stranger quietly before whispering in her sweet southern accent, “Try not to die around here, there are some rather nasty little creatures wandering around.” She laughed softly as she turned her head slightly to look at the newcomer. “I’d say you can find me if you need anything, but heaven knows I’m the wrong person to ask for help."
Soleil Whitaker 07/04/17 Soleil winks; Vee had obviously caught on. Smart girl, she thinks. She offers her phone over, urging the young woman to add her contact information. “I’ll text you sometime. Drinks sooner than later, though?”

A smirk tugs on her lips at the mention of boundaries. As a married couple, Soleil and Rhiannon Whitaker have an... unorthodox definition of the word. By no means is their relationship open since they're both of the possessive nature. But, they've never been known to shy away from added promiscuity. "Admire all you want, doll," she replies, "I think we're going to get along just fine."
Tucker Reid 07/04/17 At first he remains silent while his murky eyes find the can balanced easily onto the girls palm. A lazy chuckle escapes, and he rubs his palm against the back of his neck almost nervously. Tucker offers a quick nod, which is accompanied by the softening of his laughter into something more frustrated.

"You know, I almost never turn down the prospect of whisky." A low rumble in his throat signals a groan, and once again he's shuffling to scoop up a mess of stray cans. The labels were messy now, but were still easy to read. Leaf Spinach. Green Beans. Minestrone Soup?

"Seems you're quite the deductress. I'll need to work on being less transparent."

Tuck is grateful for the makeshift bag, and is quick in placing the items inside. With a nod of his head, he indicates the direction they would walk. She was right. He lived just around the corner in an apartment that was almost nothing like the home he had lived in before his father dropped dead and left him in this fu-k all of a situation. But that was an entirely different subject for a completely different day.

"Tucker." He offers, eyes darting as he holds out his hands and waits patiently for the girl to allow him to carry his own troublesome grocer's load. "And yeah. It's been a hell of a week."
Tucker Reid 07/04/17 He crouches down swiftly, scrambling to gather a few stray cans that try their best to roll away. Taking care to avoid the small tear in the corner of the thick paper bag, he stuffs the goods back inside and waves his other hand casually.

"It's alright, I've got it."

Except he most certainly did not have it. The addition of the last can places added pressure against the bag and the bottom gives way. Once again aluminum scatters across the sidewalk. Tucker drops the bag and throws his hands in the air, seemingly defeated.

"I mean, well. I had it." He grunts. When he finds his footing, he wipes his palms against the front of his jeans.

"I swear this sh-t only started happening when I got here."

He's sure she'd know what he meant.
Soleil Whitaker 07/03/17 Soleil is beginning to enjoy Vee’s company. There’s something about the woman’s cheerful demeanor that she finds captivating - it reminds her some of the way her wife had been so fervently enamored with life when they first met. She offers a laugh of her own before lifting a hand to wave idly. “Rhiannon can be rather possessive, yes. But, so can I.”

With a toothy grin, she adds, “Being territorial is instinctual."
Soleil Whitaker 07/03/17 Soleil gives an empathetic nod. Her own parents were rather unconventional as well - the name ‘Soleil’ might just be slightly less popular than ‘Dovima.’ She can't help but raise an amused brow as Vee mirrors her actions. Bold.

“Tell you what, screw caution,” she says, finally letting go of Vee’s hand, “Come grab a drink with me and my wife. We’d be happy to show you around.”
Tucker Reid 07/03/17 He thinks this one looks new but he can't really be sure. Tucker isn't able to figure out how the people of 'The Realm' manage to decipher between those who are new and those who are not. It boggles his mind just a little, but then he remembers to cut himself some slack. Being quite new himself wasn't going to make it easy to know the difference at any rate.

It's bad luck and even worse footing that carry him crashing into the girl. If he hadn't been paying more attention to his lack thereof than what he was doing, Tucker would not have knocked the paper grocery bag from his own arms grip. Thankfully he hadn't purchased eggs.

"Ah, sh-t." He murmurs, arms flying out to be sure the stranger is stable before he reaches for his spilled goods. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"
Soleil Whitaker 07/03/17 Dovima.

"Interesting," Soleil muses out loud. She gives Vee an unabashed once-over, their hands still clasped between them. Her lips spread into a wide smile, then. "Pleasure, Vee. Don't be a stranger."
Soleil Whitaker 07/03/17 She stops to glance back at the young woman. "Blondie?" she laughs, "I've been called worse." She backpedals a few steps, and then extends a hand.

"Blondie works," she states with a nonchalant shrug, "But, I'd prefer Soleil."
Soleil Whitaker 07/03/17 Soleil gives the new blood a two-fingered salute as she saunters by. "Welcome to the Realm," she says with a grin, "Just holler if you need anything."
Christine Nightshade 07/03/17 Welcome to the realm
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