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Lucifer Morning Star

Devilish One

Lucifer Mourningstar

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Raven_D 11/13/18 Jedi
Please tell me you got booze!? I have a migraine and need booze and green. Unfortunately my stash as been rid of while I was gone.
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/13/18 "Dont scowl at me. Jesus dramatic head injury here. I am still trying to figure out where the hell I have been for a friggen year. My last blink was telling Gabriel off. Falling asleep and being told Gab buried me. Give me bit of a break. Your still the best damn demon hunter I got." He stands back and covers his mouth. " **** did I say that out loud,"
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/13/18 **** he knew it. And whats worse was he would later and she would remind him continuously forever."Would it help if I told you I fell on my head?" He asked biting his lip.
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/13/18 "You'll have to excuse me. The past 24 hrs has been rather hard." Another that looked so memorable. He rubs his temples softly, then the bump on his head. He looks at her again squinting through half closed eyes."I know you, I know I do." Shakes his head. "I am sorry if this doesn't make sense. Not much does for me right now."
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/13/18 A slightly confused look crosses his face. "Azazel?? I know a Azazel. Fairly large build, pothead, yellow eyes." It then hit him. She said husband.... **** how long has he been gone?
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/13/18 Eye brow raises slightly. "Aye but not much of a bird darlin. My wings where clipped years ago. Kinda leathery now."
Raven_D 11/13/18 Jedi
The disturbance has his mass critical! Ghh..I'm running!
Raven_D 11/13/18 Jedi
Wtf did I miss? Do I need to go back into hiding?
Devilish One 10/24/18 I truly do love it I got it from you and what's not to love about you hmm?
Devilish One 10/24/18 *Smirks* Fine Mother I blame you for making me sooo dang devilish!
Devilish One 10/24/18 *Smiles wide* I won't blame much on you just the sass
Raven_D 10/22/18 Young Jedi
I sense a disturbance in the force. What are you up to? Hmm..
Devilish One 10/21/18 *Smiles happily* What until you teach me how to torture correctly everyone going to blame you for my evil ways
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Snickers as she looks over the banister down to her mother* I get the sass from you!
Raven_D 10/20/18 "It's cclear here Sunshine iis MIA"
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Squeals* So innocent my horns turned in to a halo!
Raven_D 10/20/18 "Smart ass! See ya soon!
Raven_D 10/20/18 *reads text* *Drops phone* *dies laughing* *reply* "Bahaha! I will teach you the lessons of the force"
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Speaks loudly as she runs up the stairs* Innocent my arse!
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Covers my ears* Mother! ewww just no no *she runs from the room*
Raven_D 10/20/18 "Cool! No need to come. What's up?"
Raven_D 10/20/18 Has phone in hand trying to ping the ball of sunshine when text pops up. Text back "sure am meeting you here."
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Gags* They gooey and slimy
Devilish One 10/20/18 I can do it but the eyes freak me out >.
Devilish One 10/20/18 *She shivers and sticks her tongue out* I'm going to gag!
Pandora 10/20/18 So it wasn’t her then. That’s interesting. She had wondered who it was and at least crossed one name off of her list. “That’s good to know.” She smirked. This girl was good. But she told her everything she needed to know. She knew she was speaking with someone regarding her. She just didn’t know it was Raven. The same woman who had used Dante to invite her to her club. She smiled softly at the woman. “Thank you for all of the information. I greatly appreciate it. But for now, this birdie actually does have to be off.” She zipped up her jacket before snapping her fingers and disappearing.
Devilish One 10/20/18 Eyeballs *covers her mouth* Mother ewwww
Pandora 10/20/18 She burst out laughing. “I don’t want to be friends with YOU! That would be stupid.” She paid attention to her last words. “Pluck our feathers? That’s ironic. But then again, I’m not the one who shot my husband. Now am I?” She took a step closer to the woman. “Let’s make this very clear. I said I had ally’s, not friends. I have no friends here in the realm. Nor will I EVER have friends. Feel free to tell your boss who was too much of a coward to come here herself that.” She took a step back to give the woman her space.
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Makes a face* I am so not going down there
Pandora 10/20/18 She nodded as she observed the woman. “That makes sense. It lets you know who is an enemy or an ally. Luckily for me I have a lot of the latter.” She smiled softly at the woman. “If you want answers from me. Just ask. I’m an open book.” She gently crossed her arms as she stared at the woman. “What would you like to know?”
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Makes an oh with her mouth and zips her lips* Okay!
Pandora 10/20/18 Birdy? Interesting. That was a new one. Eh, she had been called worst. “You’re exactly right. But I don’t hide to watch someone’s moves. That was all you.” She tilted her head to the side as she observed the woman. “Which makes no sense. I’m no threat to you, or quite frankly, anyone. Why are you watching me?”
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Smiles and nods* No victims tonight? or just straight kills?
Pandora 10/20/18 She started to walk into work and couldn’t help but grin. Her smile turned wicked as she rubbed her hands together. With a snap of her fingers she had teleported back to find the aura now that she was out of hiding. She smirked softly as she appeared behind the woman as she walked. “Tweet. Tweet.” She said very loudly waiting for the woman to turn around. “Why are you following me around?”
Pandora 10/20/18 She stood still for a few moments. The aura hadn’t moved but was still there. Whoever this being was, they were very good at hiding. She would have to seek them out later. But for the time being she had more important work to do. The actual reason she was here. To fix the park.

She clapped her hands and the swing set came together. It looked brand new! She slowly made her way over to the overgrown bushes behind the set. She gently walked next to them and dragged her hand over the top. The bushes began to twist and bend. They became nearly trimmed and roses began to sprout from all sides. The trees behind them became very neat and trimmed with a variety of fruit developing off of them. She stood back to admire her work. The park was finally having some awesome positivness coming from it. She gently pulled out her phone to look at the time and gasped. “Crap! I’m late for work!” She gently zipped up her jacket and snapped her fingers before she vanished and disappeared in thin air.
Devilish One 10/20/18 Mother!! He is a good friend! and other's bones not his *she mumbles*
Pandora 10/20/18 It wasn’t long before she reached the park. The heavy metal gates seemed to go on for eons. With a snap of her fingers the whole gate shook and trembled and pulled itself out of the ground. It levitated just enough for her to walk under it, and after that it slammed back into the ground.

After she was inside she looked around her. The aura around the park was off. There had been a lot of trouble here over the years. It pleased her that someone was finally trying to make a positive change, even if it was her. She walked up to an old abandoned swing set. She gently held out her hands and with a few quick moments the rust shook off the equipment. After a few more moments the equipment levitated but stayed suspended in the air, but froze in place. She had felt another aura from another being nearby, and it did not feel like a human. She immediately began looking around to see if she could find the being.
Raven_D 10/20/18 "Dammit!! Going to have to ping her aurs!" Pulls out phone
Pandora 10/20/18 She had been in the city a lot for work. But this time it had been different. She had been attacked earlier in the night and some of her wounds were too deep even for her to heal. So she went to the hospital to get some assistance. She had just finished and was leaving for the night. She was heading to the park to practice some magic. No one was out in the park that late so it was safe for her to do it then. Plus her magic ended up actually being good for the city. Most of the time. She began to walk there without a care in the world.
Raven_D 10/20/18 Raven rolled eyes "she not even at the house!"
Raven_D 10/20/18 "Sweeeet! I'm already packed!"
Devilish One 10/20/18 O.O I will not be jumping his bones mother *she squeaked*
Raven_D 10/20/18 Hands pic of a burgundy hair bird. "She is located in NY."
Raven_D 10/20/18 "Lyl I got a birdie that needs hunting you came?"
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Nods as she looks away* I hear a lot of the wolfs I like to bug one Vlad is a funny one
Devilish One 10/20/18 My hearing was everywhere that day must have been a wolf. I need to center my hearing because people drive me up the wall
Devilish One 10/20/18 You had him grunting mother? *snickers* I heard someone whine
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Covers my mouth as I laugh* I heard the whining I just couldn't bear to see what was getting done
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Giggles* I saw that but I stood hidden in the shadows
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Smirks as her eyes flicker red* You know me so damn well! But I do promise to behave
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Smiles* I won't mother I promise
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Snickers* You both so old! but beautiful!! so much knowledge to be learned from you two!
Devilish One 10/20/18 He so damn evil! I died enough this week!
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Looks at you wide eyed* A what?!
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Cracks a smirk* If I say I got it from his stash he wouldn't mind right? Since it was from your garden of evil stuff
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Digs in my pockets pulling out a few green bags* I have these
Devilish One 10/20/18 *Looks at you* I don't wanna ask him he got shot on the butt that makes people cranky!
Raven_D 10/19/18 Cranky! got the hubby cc time to shop!
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Nods* I know mother I see you pulling stuff and cutting I need to learn a bit more about that
Devilish One 10/19/18 You said you used to do *smirks* Like mother like daughter this apple fell right into your lap!
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Squints* I like to jump bones see I did get it from you! I win!
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Snickers* You're my mom I blame a lot of stuff on you since you're evil incarnate
Devilish One 10/19/18 Well, it's your fault I need two different types of ways!!
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Giggles at her mother's words* Umm *A blush crosses her pale cheeks*
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Looks up at you* I have my eyes on a few but one caught my eyes....I doubt he would like someone jumping his bones
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Mumbles and looks away* I am nothing like him he's not here or around so I take after you!
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Her eyes widen as she rubs the back of her neck blushing bright* I am shy mother I can't go hopping on someone's ankle or neck for fudge sakes
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Cackles happily* I just need a little plaything mother I need food a source if you say for not roaming ankle to ankle
Devilish One 10/19/18 I have no idea I just like her ankles *grins*
Devilish One 10/19/18 Once you get to plucking and slicing I pop these babies in *looks at Raven D* She need a little ankle biting from me *Snickers happily*
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Pulls out my earphones and the music blasting high* This works
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Points to my ears* I got the hearing from you that doesn't work for me you *whines*
Devilish One 10/19/18 And this is why I stay locked in my room *covers my ears* the screams kill my vibe ma!
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Makes a face* Ewww nuuu I rather the tongue it's chewy, not gooey.
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Looks at her mother* Did you know by eating the tongue you know the truth and lies of the tortured? The lies are the best to be seen mother.
Raven_D 10/19/18 Tripped him on my way there! Might want to scoop his buck shot booty up. *laughs devilishly*
Raven_D 10/19/18 Going to Luci's house to raid his fridge. Heard Sera made food. Need to make it there before hoover does.
Raven_D 10/19/18 Training the young one to be just as twisted? I like to play with my food.
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Grins* I am just like you next time you have to cut the tongue give it to me I can use it for some food
Raven_D 10/19/18 *belly laughs* that would explain why hell is over run with have twisted humans.
Devilish One 10/19/18 *Nods as she listens to her mother* With skin without skin I could drink either way, The bloodier the better
Raven_D 10/19/18 Riiiight! And we are good demons. Not trying to kill humanity and stuff.
Raven_D 10/19/18 Haha got to love it! What was her excuse for that? Is she crazy mental what?
Raven_D 10/19/18 Grumpy are you having fun pissing off the bird?
_Aurora_ 10/19/18 Neither iit is only to keep an eye on you and said offspring. To prevent you from harming ssaid birdies like myself.
_Aurora_ 10/19/18 Az nope he gets what is coming to him. Luci haha. That is a funny one. He has to deal with the likes of all hell spawn even you. But I don't ffeel bad for either.
_Aurora_ 10/19/18 Ha! Neither actually! I just pitty all souls that hhave to linger with you and your offspring. I thoight you ate the ones you didn't llike?
_Aurora_ 10/18/18 Dear lord she is back and with a kid to!
Devilish One 10/18/18 *Grabs a huge chalice as she walks to the human slicing slowly across the arm she places the chalice under the arm watching the blood drip into the chalice she smiles at her mother* I'm hungry
Devilish One 10/18/18 *Watches closely as her mother tortures the human* Ma! can I try?
Devilish One 10/18/18 *scoots across your page leaving a human sacrifice*
Devilish One 10/18/18 *Nods and smirks*
Devilish One 10/18/18 Thank you for the warm welcome missy
Dessa Chambers 10/18/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 Ahh come on it was freking funny. No worst then things he has done to me. Betcha he didnt even mention he got shot in the ass today as well as i did.
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 Looks to me that he is doing that on his own.
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 Try that again" points to new arrivels
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 Grins."You are and you do. Well more so then me anyways."
Zaynah Mubarak 10/17/18 Welcome to the Realm..
Olivia Pierce 10/17/18 Welcome!
Seraphina Morning Star 10/17/18 "Meh..Guess that depends on which way you look at it."
Seraphina Morning Star 10/17/18 Have you met my sister! She is not exactly personality of the year you know. So not all with wings are happy upgrade.
Seraphina Morning Star 10/17/18 I did and just as confused on how that happened! But your still your raging self. Lovely.
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 Hands her the cigarette. "Do you really think he is going to actually keep them. He is pretty testy about them in the first place. An you think any other women in the realm is gonna go near him with you here." He laughs "I think not."
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 He chuckles while pulling out a cigarette and his lighter. He lights the cancer stick and exhales. "Nope didn't actually change anything else on him. He is all demon just was given angelic wings so he can go places." Glances at her. "You really think he would allow anymore then that. Father sure as hell isn't letting a born demon get anything else."
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 "He wanted to come back but has spent the last few months locked in his chambers for some reason. Then I got a message he wanted to come topside. And well after being a douche bag. I had my say. As for you, that was out of my control. He didnt even know you were coming, so for me that was just the icing on the cake." Grins evilly.
Raven_D 10/17/18 Oh yeah! Someone finally llikes my homicide! Please feel free to tell. I need a good laugh. Haha!
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 "Well hell must be lonely with out the top dogs now. Welcome back darlin. I assume you found him fine. Plz don't pluck the feathers it took work to get the bloody things to stay in the first place." He chuckles. "Ohh yeah I did make him get them. Was tired of hearing he couldn't find me."
Raven_D 10/17/18 Ha! Better not I would have sh!t fit! Besides tthe better tournament him. Just pluck them one by one.
Seraphina Morning Star 10/17/18 Welcome back!
Raven_D 10/17/18 *waves hand in front of* *pokes at* *rubs eyes* Are you real? I know the Asshat is. Which reminds me I have to go laugh at.
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