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Raven Dragoon


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Born: September 10, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 12
Affiliation: The Basement Mail Replies Sent: 2147
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 129
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02/22/18 at 2:23 pm
Current Mood: Homicidal 
Chin up Buttercup.. For you will cause beautiful Chaos..
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
TokyoCafé Number Six
Created by Sixeriosix
NeighborhoodMatters of Business - The Nephilim Mogul
Created by Diego Kaspar
Azazel_ 02/22/18 "Love naaa, Commitment to torture, Likely!" He nods while closing two fingers together till they were about 1 cm apart. Truth be told he was completely smitten with Lyl. But hell he wouldn't tell her that.
Lylith 02/05/18 I don't drag him anywhere. He's own person.
Lylith 02/05/18 Um dungeon? What dungeon?
Lylith 02/05/18 Wait until Az gets a load of this. Oh, crap. I better grab more alcohol and green before he gets here.
Lylith 02/03/18 Boring? Come now. Can't be all that bad.
Lylith 02/03/18 *Blue/Grey hues turn to the woman as a smile graces her small lips* Thank you very much. I will keep that in mind.
Declan A Black 02/02/18 Thinking about it he nodded. "Hey, you're just jealous that I have very meaty thighs, wait your turn and one day you can maybe touch them." He teased and chuckled. "Yeah I think my 3 year old would really like that. You should stop by the house sometime I'd love to introduce you to the squad... I think that's what kids call it these days.. squad. right?"
Declan A Black 02/01/18 He chuckled and opened the bar, taking a small bite. "It definitely got bigger, bigger than my thighs." He winked, chuckling. "Yeah the twins were born last week. Two little monsters to add onto the family."
Declan A Black 02/01/18 Tilting his head he chuckled. "What is it?" Catching the item, he grinned across at her. "Also you're never slacking, I should put in more effort to annoy you."
Declan A Black 02/01/18 Thrusting the chocolate in her direct he chuckled. "No I felt bad that I've been gone lately and have been around to completely annoy you, so I brought you food. Well Semi-food."
Declan A Black 02/01/18 Declan found himself kind of missing his friend, after a very long and productive day at work he grinned a little, on the hunt for her. Stopping by the store to get her some chocolate to tame the beast. "Raven." He yelled as he sauntered around town, grinning to himself.
bhddeath 01/26/18 From now on it’s you and me over the world my beloved wife
bhddeath 01/26/18 Hello my beautiful bride
bhddeath 12/18/17 he softly taps his glass on her as he takes a drink of his scotch after
bhddeath 12/18/17 he goes to the bar and orders them a drink as he comes back handing her a glass of whiskey as he holds a glass of scotch in the other
bhddeath 12/18/17 he softly smiles as he walks in with her " so what can i get you my dear"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he open the door for her " after you my dear"
bhddeath 12/18/17 " am a scotch man"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he takes her hand walking to the bar with
bhddeath 12/18/17 " it would be my pleasure "
bhddeath 12/18/17 he looks at her eyes while standing next to her " I hope you enjoy them"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he walks over getting the blooded daggers back and hands them to her " for you my dear"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he watch as they fight to the death " so what do you think"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he walks up to two young ladys and hands them each a daggers as the looks in there eyes became blood hungery
bhddeath 12/18/17 "they where made from a dragons bone this dragon all it wanted to do was kill"
bhddeath 12/18/17 " it is a little some thing i been working on over the years" he hands her two daggers " want to see real fun hand them to two random people and watch"
bhddeath 12/18/17 He walks towards a crowd of people as snap his fingers making a riot break out
bhddeath 12/18/17 "very nice" he watches as he start clapping his hands
bhddeath 12/18/17 " i see the same goes for me it has been many many years since i came topside"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he smiles at he walks beside in her a dark ally way " so raven how long have you been around here"
bhddeath 12/18/17 "would you care to join me darling"
bhddeath 12/18/17 " just looking to cause a little chaos and get stronger what about you"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he softly kisses the back of her hand " the pleasure is all mine raven"
bhddeath 12/18/17 he softly shacks her hands as he smiles "nice to meet you raven my name is death but u can call me Khal Drogo"
bhddeath 12/12/17 Turning around looking at her a evil grin comes across his face “thank you my dear” he puts his hands out to meet hers
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