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Those who play the victim when they are not the victim makes me laugh. Jealousy is a very ugly thing it doesn't suite you very well. Bless your little hearts. The Realm has spoken!! I am coming for you.
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Cassandra Malinov's Biography


[1600's]--Roman & Emeline Carnivale (King and Queen of the Dragon Seeker Clan of the North) and Fabian & Chander (Mages of Good Magic) were born in the 1600's their birth date was never recorded so it was unknown. They grew up as great friends so they made a pact when they would have children their first born were to be married.

[OCTOBER 31, 1711]--Zindella daughter to Roman & Emeline Carnivale, Fallon Malinov son to Fabian & Chander were both born on the same day a very rare occasion but it was a joyous day.

[OCTOBER 30, 1721]--Roman, Emeline, Fabian and Chander were all invited to a gathering the night before Halloween. But when they arrived they discovered that they were walking into a trap. Before they could escape it was too late they were killed by a master vampire. Roman and Emeline left Tabius Roman's right hand to raise, teach Zindella all she was supposed to know until her 16th birthday when she would be crowned queen. Fabian and Chander left Fabian's mother Theroadora in charge of Fallon where she would teach him everything there was of the mage along with good magic. They both were ten years old when their parents died.

[1727]--Zindella and Fallon were reunited when they both turned sixteen years old. It was the day she was having her coronation like she was supposed to have so she may take over the kingdom like her parents wanted her to do. Neither of them knew that their reunion was already arranged by both their parents a long time ago.

[1729]--Once both Zindella and Fallon turned eighteen years old they both were married then was told by Tabius that their union had already been decided by their parents but fate had brought them together anyways and their union was mad joyous even more.

[MARCH 2, 1732]--Zindella gave birth to their first child a son named Agustus Daeyan making the land blissful. Little did anyone know that he was part of a prophecy.

[JANUARY 15, 1740]--Once again the land was brought to joy when Zindella gave birth once again eight years later to triplet girls named, Cassandra Marie, Cassidy Nicole, and Rayna. Zindella and Fallon both then noticed that the three girls were born with a dragon birthmark. They did not know that these three little girls were meant for something great.

[1741]--Fallon had a right hand, another fellow mage kind of like an advisor named Xavier. But things had changed when Fallon noticed how he was around the Agustus, along with the girls once they had turned a year old. The following day Fallon was walking down to the girls’ nursery, hearing the girls crying but this was not their normal cry and it raised an alarm within him. As he entered the room he saw Xavier with a blade up high above his head and was about to bring it down on Cassandra but he was just in time. Fallon tossed him across the room with a wave of his hand then when he went to kill Xavier he vanished. That is when Fallon knew that Xavier was no longer good he had turned to dark magic. Zindella and Fallon had guards searching every inch of the kingdom, the lands but never could find him. They both then saw the birthmark of a dragon upon which their daughters glowed that was when they then decided to look into it further about what it meant.

[1745]--Fallon and Zindella never stopped on finding answers about their children nor stopped the search for Xavier. The children were coming into their powers way too early for their ages making them more of a target then anything. More and more as time went by, rogue vampires along with mages turned evil and to dark magic and every one of them tried to always kidnap the children. It took just one time they were lucky to have captured a rogue who had spilled everything that was needed to know except the name of the master vampire who was trying to make a name for himself. Zindella then spoke to Tabius about the matter only to find out that the children were destined to be something great for their people. Among the past there was a boy then followed by three sisters who bore the mark of the red dragon. This mark they were known as female assassins who would hunt the rogues and master vampires who turned and killed the people were protected and their brother was their protector, the one who would finish the job that the girls could not finish. This happened every hundred years, if the girls found their mates having children of their own their children would also bear the mark making the line continue.

[1750]--Five years later on a normal night had turned into a dark one. Agustus who was not eighteen studying and the girls now were ten, were playing with Fallon and Zindella when they heard screaming coming from within the castle. Zindella looked at the children then told Agustus to watch his sisters do not leave the room. Once both Fallon and Zindella had left the room Cassandra decided to follow, not letting her parents know she did not do nor did Agustus know she had sneaked out through a secret tunnel of the room. Coming to another room she hid behind the wall watching the scene unfold when she heard yelling.

A man started pacing back and forth then saw two others she did not recognize holding her father captive. He was brave as he looked into the eyes of his enemy. Then she heard the name Xavier escape her father's lips, then the next thing she saw was her father being killed right in front of her eyes. Feeling a hand over her mouth and someone behind her she stayed still not making a sound for fear that someone would hear her. Hearing a whisper telling her to not say anything she knew that Agustus figured out she was gone and came looking for her.

When they were back into the room where Cassidy and Rayna were, Agustus had hid them once he heard someone coming to the room protecting his sisters like he was trained to do at all cost. Agustus then grabbed a sword he had practiced every day, getting ready for whatever came through that door he was ready for a fight if needed to protect himself and his sisters. Tabius then came into the room making Agustus sigh in relief. He watched Tabius checking to make sure he was not followed then he gathered the children together so they could escape through the hatch that was planted a long time ago before Zindella was born. He then told the girls to hurry on in, but before him and Agustus could go he had quickly shut the hatch behind them once he heard someone coming.

The girls then realized that their brother was left behind, but being the oldest Cassandra had to get her sisters to safety knowing that Agustus would have told her to do so. A part of her did not want to leave him behind but to go back and help him and Tabius. Cassandra, Cassidy, and Rayna escaped through the tunnels that lead away from the castle. They climbed the ladder that led up to the surface. Once out they started to head up the mountain to the sacred caved only to see their childhood home in ruins with flames and smoke rising. Not knowing what happened to her mother, her brother or Tabius she vowed that her sisters will be kept safe.

Past, Present, Future

[1775]--Ten years passed by very fast. Cassidy, Rayna, and I had survived on our own becoming strong with each passing day, month, and years. We continued our training like our parents would have wanted, learning what we could do. Some days were a struggle then most days but we managed to get through them together. Being triplets had become a blessing. We always knew what each other were feeling. Our search for Agustus and Tabius continued but it always turned out to be a dead end. But it did not matter to us because we had vowed that we would keep looking no matter what it took.

[1785-1990]--(Search for Agustus)--Centuries continued to pass by hoping, traveling everywhere around the world, realm to realm that we could imagine, but it always was the same. Still no luck finding our brother and Tabius, me and my sisters thought we were close a few times but it just turned into heartbreak. After a while we stayed in a realm where we wanted to just plant some roots down and not travel for a while. We were not going to give up in our search but in our hearts we knew we could not keep going the way we were.

One day we were walking through a nearby village when we felt our brother was actually near. A part of us didn't want to get our hopes up but the other part could feel it was him so we continued to search to make sure we were not just wishing it was true. We continued to walk through the village then saw this man who was about 6′ 5″ standing in front of us. We then knew we just found our brother after all this time but it was confirmed even more once Rayna said, "See I knew that whole blood calling to blood thing actually worked." I could see that Agustus didn't recognize us at first, so could Cassidy and Rayna. I too could see it.

But then watching Cassidy walk up smacking him on the back of the head along with her saying, "Do you remember us now airhead?" The look on our brother's face was priceless as he began to rub where Cassidy smacked him at. He then smiled as he hugged us then it became real that we actually finally found him after all the centuries of searching along with wondering if we will ever see him again. The only one who was missing out of this was Tabius. But when asked all Agustus could say was he didn't know once he was trained by Tabius he had left him one day and he had not seen him since.

[1991-1994]—(Luka Justicano)--Time seemed to fly by after finding Agustus, but then again living in certain realms time moved faster than most. We did move back to Transylvania for a while. There was a fair being held by one of the villages so Agustus, Cassidy, Rayna and myself all decided to go to have some fun to celebrate that we were all together finally. The one person that was still missing was Tabius. The last thing he told Agustus was he would return as soon as he could but that was a long time ago. I would ask Ag where he was but he would just go quiet about it so I would just let it go and kept looking.

Once we walked around for a bit together I had decided to go get some drinks so we were blending in with others. When I got the drinks finally I turned around so I could head back, that’s when I met my husband. I was smacked into losing all the drinks on me of course. I growled with frustration remembering saying. “Hey why don’t you watch where you are walking?” I knew it may have sounded rude once the words were out. Once I looked up my anger had disappeared when I looked into his eyes. I didn’t realize he was trying to hand me a napkin. I was just so lost in his eyes I felt hypnotized. I did come back to reality once he spoke back. “I am so sorry ma’am please let me get you some new drinks. Can I do anything?” I just was in awe with this man, my cheeks were turning red and my words just slipped out. “Can I lick you?” I covered my mouth and was completely embarrassed to say the lease.

Once I said the words I just looked at his face seeing his huge grin appearing upon it. It didn’t seem to faze him because all he managed to say back was. “Anytime.” Who knew that the weirdest things can sometimes bring someone together? Besides the fact that we were life mates we just bloomed all by ourselves. We never really knew that our futures had not already been decided nor knew our parents knew one another. I did know that it was only a matter of time that my siblings would one day find their mates that they were out there somewhere.

[1994-1996]— (Rayna)—Time went by and Rayna finally met her mate by the name of Notoro. It was good to see my sister was finally happy and was expecting triplets, I too was expecting. On Nov 20th Draven was born with a surprise right behind him, Saphire was a surprise giving us twins we were all happy of course. But I began to see sadness, not to mention feel that Rayna was unhappy. When I asked her about it she would just shut down saying nothing.

Cassidy, Agustus and I stood by our sister no matter what but it bothered us to know something was wrong with her that she didn’t tell us. On Dec 19th tragedy came when Notoro had killed himself by meeting the sun. There was no explanation or letter for his reasons. Poor Rayna was so heartbroken and we felt helpless because we couldn’t stop her pain. She was confused, angry, blaming herself for his death when in truth it was not her fault. The following day Rayna gave birth to Desari, Notoro Jr, and Shenmaru.

Ten days went by and the babies were all healthy growing strong. We thought everything was going to be just fine until that day. Rayna took her life leaving her triplets to be raised by us. I knew that it was hard on her to lose her mate, and it was a blessing along with being a curse when it came to life mates one could not live without the other, but I was hoping that her babies would be worth living for.

[1996-1998]—Two years had passed after the death of Rayna. The children were growing fast and things started going great. Lukas and I were blessed again with being pregnant. Cassidy finally found her mate Valkire and were expecting their first as well. Lukas and I were out for a walk when we were visited by our old friends Stefan and Raquel Whitmoore. We had met them during the summer of 1990 at a Lukas convention that was put on by his father for negations between clans. Stefan and Raquel were a duke and duchess of North Transylvania.

Stefan was top dog for all the oil companies around the world. Our friendship grew with them every day. Lukas and I were honored when October came that year when Raquel gave birth to twins Rafe and Quinnlyn (Quinn). Being asked to be these two precious babies godparents, their protectors was a high honor. We had lost contact for two years after Draven and Saphire were born until 1996 when Raquel along with Stefan came back to the Carpathian Mountains so Raquel could give birth. That was when Lukas and I found out that they had to disappear due to an enemy who was hunting them. Little did they know that it was Stefan’s brother Laurentiu who had turned and was the one hunting them. I learned that Raquel came from royalty as well. Raquel told us that her mother was from the Gemini Witch Coven and her father was king of the Jaguar Clan. There were legends about the two clans that Raquel told us about. Stefan we already knew he was Carpathian.

July 1996 came when Raquel gave birth to another set of twins Skylar (Sky) and Alexander (Alex) making Lukas and I godparents again. A month later I gave birth to quintuplets which were a huge surprise, but we felt blessed to have Mikhail, Natalya, Nicolas, Raven, and Tatijana. Come the following month on a stormy night in September Cassidy gave birth to a healthy baby boy Jaeysn. Valkire had vanished on Cassidy and Jaeysn a month later which we knew he wasn’t dead because Cassidy didn’t try to take her life like Rayna did. But we would always keep eyes on her for her safety.

[1998-2000]—Another two years had passed, the children were all growing faster than Lukas, Agustus, Cassidy and I could keep up. Raquel and Stefan’s four were with us as well still staying under the radar. All the children were coming into their powers at a young age. I began to notice that my energy was so draining a lot as of late but as fate would have it we were expecting. Zacaria and Paige were born in October of 1998. Years went by as our family grew, fate gave us another set of twins Elizabeth and Melanie were born our children our children were all healthy and grew fast.

[2000-2010]—Time went by. We had our good days then our bad days. 2003 Luna was born. We were sore that Melanie and Elizabeth was the last due to the complications during their birth I went through, but Luna was a blessing nonetheless. In 2005 tragedy struck for us. Stefan’s brother had found them tricking Stefan along with Raquel. Laurentiu had butchered them leaving Rafe, Quinn, Skylar and Alex orphans at the ages of fifteen and nine. We all took them in. Rafe struggled the most having everything placed onto him at the age of fifteen a lot of responsibilities.

His parent’s legacy was upon his shoulders making him and Quinn guardians of Skylar and Alex. I had let him when he asked me to stand back a bit which was hard considering I was the parent. But I did until Rafe along with Quinn turned eighteen. I made them go to college so Skylar and Alex stayed with Lukas, Cassidy, Ag and I. We decided to pack up and move back to Transylvania permit so we were back in Romania, our original home. The kids all grew faster with each given day.

Agustus found his mate Blood Rose. On October the 28th 2007 Ag and Blood Rose welcomed their first child Daunte following with the opening up of a coven on Nov 11th the same year. They named it Fractured Reality making bringing it to life. Ag wanted to help those that needed it and of course they were training me so I may be able to help in the future. That time came on May 14th 2008 when Ag and Rose were injured badly putting me in the leadership seat. I still was in the middle of training when it happened. I really didn’t know how it all happened in the first place. I of course did what I needed to do with the help of my close friends and my sister Cassidy.

After what happened the damage was done to Ag and Rose things just couldn’t be the same so they had separated. They stayed close for Daunte neither one of them wanted him to be alone. On Aug 20th 2009 tragedy did strike which turned my whole world around. An enemy who I thought was dead killed our daughter Luna when she was 6 yrs old. I searched high and low for that man but came up with nothing. Time had moved forward. I mourned for my daughter but I knew I had to be strong for the rest of the kids and for everyone else. Cassidy still didn’t know what happened to Valkire so she had moved on with her life then met a man by the name of Nickolas Knight who she married. He was great with Jaeysn which made me happy to see my sister’s face light up just being with him.

Come a few months after Luna died I decided to talk to Ag about disbanding FR so I did. That was when Eternal and Crimson Embrace was born sister covens. I had no idea that our happiness would turn to sadness. Agustus took his own life on Jan 3rd 2010 then followed Cassidy on Jan 18th the same month three days after our birthday. I felt like a whole residing inside me all three of my siblings were gone and left me along with Lukas to raise our children along with all the nephews and nieces ourselves, we managed with no hesitation.

That same year on Sept 16th 2010 Rose died from the red death and Daunte came to live with us as well. Even though Rose was no longer with or married to my brother she was still family and was one of my closest friends since Raquel and Stefan.

[2010-2020]—Time passed once again Lukas and I made sure all the kids were good where they were meant to be. They all were growing like wildfires along with attitudes to boot. But with everything I always could sense something or someone was coming. In 2012 on March 1st I gave birth to twin identical boys named Daeyan and Agustus I named them after my brother. It had been eleven years that I had any more children after Luna. I felt like I was replacing her Luna long ago. It was nice to also have Marah St Claire who I met back in 2010. She was going through so much and on death’s door when I gave her my blood, saving her life she became like a daughter to me along with another girl by the name of Amethyst.

Both of them went through so much but with each day they became stronger showing that nothing could keep them down. Of course back then when I first came to the new realm back and forth to Transylvania, Paris, and New Orleans I had met three awesome women who happened to become my best friends. In 2014 Lukas and I had triplets Garret, Kalani, Khalessi boy were they a surprise I was beginning to feel like out of my sisters and brother I was the one who got pregnant more. But I didn’t regret any of it because I love my kids, I just sometimes felt like it wasn’t normal at times that I was placed on a spell. But my kids were a blessing nonetheless. Of course it scared me because of my enemies and losing Luna practically broke me.

2015 came around the corner my search for Xavier was still going on, but little did I know that he had a child by the name of James. Mikhail, Natalya, Nicolas, Raven and Tatijana were out patrolling when they walked into a trap. James killed them. He was so evil he had made sure to send me a package of five jars with hearts within them. Little did I know that two of my children were still alive. One escaped the other was used to test upon to try to get him to their side. My friend Siobhan Martins was James' target as well. I didn’t know they had known each other at that time until Siobhan told me. But she could not understand how he could turn into such a monster that he became. A huge battle went on. James was killed by Siobhan and Xavier was killed by mine. A part of me felt glad because it was revenge for my parents, my daughters, and my son. But the other part was it wouldn’t bring them back nor change things. I just had also wished that my sisters and brother could have been there to have watched Xavier’s death or been a part of it.

In 2017 I didn’t know that Lukas and I would be expecting as well again. We got so busy with welcoming our grandbabies, running everything that it was unplanned. I thought I was done with the fight until July 14th 2017 Lukas was murdered by a mage named Abraxas. I was so heartbroken that I went into labor with Ethan and Eva. I was touched and go cause my delivery was bad almost losing both babies including myself. I felt so lost without Lukas, he was my life and my other half. There were times I felt like leaving to follow him. It scared me because I knew the pain that my siblings endured. I understood it more so then I did back then. But I looked at my children, my grandbabies and I fought everyday for then. I knew I had to live for them along with the responsibilities I had to my clan.

[2019]— (Present/Future)—Two years had passed by fast. My search for Abraxas was still going on. I had reopened Eternal Embrace so I could help those who wanted it. My husband Lukas was sent back to us giving us a second chance. It made me sad that he missed out the first two years of Ethan and Eva’s life but they seem okay they knew he was daddy anyways. Kind of made me think that Lukas was always there with them as if they saw him all the time without me knowing. Our family is growing every day.

We have our Luna back; she was reincarnated into a wonderful young lady named Murmur. Our children and grandbabies were growing along with their powers. Now we are expecting five new additions to our growing family. Draven & Skylar, Nicolas & Rosa, Murmur & Daxx and Rafe & Marah are having babies soon. I couldn’t be more proud of my family. And gods help anyone who tries to mess with my family.

(OOC: More to come for the future. I hope you enjoyed reading about Cassandra’s past, present and future. Also keep in mind you do not really know anything about Cassandra unless I tell you in Character. You are not allowed to use any information or assume you know Cassandra unless you are told. Thank you)
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Tatijana J Justicano 08/16/20 Tati smiles hugging her mother back " And i love you."
Murmur 08/16/20 ~Nods smiling~ I think that is what we all want for our children. I cant wait for this one to come bouncing out only 2 more months left."
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LillyEmperium 06/06/20 *Lilly approached her friends home* Cassie...
Ezra Ivy 04/20/20 " Ugh girl you know my love of coffee hehe. Yes party soon sounds wonderful after everything going on i think it is well needed. This way people can forget the problems in the world and just have ton of fun." She nods listening to what she was saying about the kids " Oh iam not worried i know most of them where pretty young at the time but adorable! But yes lets go have some coffee and tell me all about what has happen!"
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Vexa 11/06/19 She bounces across the plantation grounds in the boots that Papa just gave her until she runs into another unfamiliar face. A pretty face. Vexa hurriedly scribbles a note on a card that reads, 'Hi, welcome to the tribe! I'm Vexa. Mute not deaf' then hands it to the woman. Just throwing that out there so the woman knows she can simply speak to Vexa normally.
Murmur 11/01/19 *Smiles* Pleasure to meet you please call me Mur.
Murmur 11/01/19 Welcome to Coven!
Daxx- 09/01/19
Adara Litvinova 08/19/19 Oh, be still my heart. You do know how to get to me, don't you? Brilliant smile, a hug in return, and COOKIES. Legit, best day ever. You know I likely did some sketchy sh-t and got caught; it's never anything normal. I've missed you, love.
Daxx- 08/09/19 "Thank you Lady Jadu."
Daxx- 08/08/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic
Daxx- 08/08/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic
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"I don't remember to be honest it was one of my many trips to different Port's."
LillyEmperium 07/29/19 *walking up, Lilly giggled* how are you this eve Cass?
Katherine Murray 07/29/19 -laughs- I am as well as I can be, lovie. And you?
Daxx- 07/27/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

"Lady Jadu I found these on one of my voyages. Someone told me they are Dragon Eggs. I hope they are worthy gift for M'Lady."
Daxx- 07/26/19
Daxx- 07/26/19
Daxx- 07/26/19
Katherine Murray 07/25/19
Zacarias 07/20/19 "No that they have not." Smiles and claps his hands like a little kid at the mention of his favorite cookies. "Oh yes, yes, definitely."
Zacarias 07/20/19 "Nothings more fun the surprises as long as they're not bad surprises." Chuckles drooling a little bit at the mention of cookies. "Oh yes indeed they are."
Zacarias 07/20/19 His smile brightens. "A surprise?" Chuckles a bit more. "Of course always up for an adventure."
Zacarias 07/20/19 Smiles and hugs her back. "Tough as it should be." Chuckles. "Glad to be home."
Daxx- 07/18/19 "No I am doing rather well Things will be better when I get stronger. I am sure in no time at all we will be stronger and better. Things will always work out I assure you."

Daxx smiled and bowed his head to the leader.
Daxx- 07/18/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx smiled as he walked up to his fearless leader. "M'Lady Jadu I bring you a gift. Thank yyou for letting me join your wonderful home and I will be sure to keep my nose as clean as a Pirate can."
LillyEmperium 06/04/19 *hugs*
Draven Justicano 03/27/19 ~Holding his mother close as she cried he sighed with sadness.~ "I am sorry mom please don't cry. I am home now and I plan on not leaving again. Aww mom I didn't mean to make you cry."
Draven Justicano 03/27/19 ~Rubbing his head after his mom smacked him a grin appeared upon his face then hugged her.~ "Hi mom."
LillyEmperium 01/16/19 Congrats
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