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The Evil Twin.

July Soire's Biography
Fortune to some, misfortune to others.
Our parents were disappointed to say the least that we were of opposite sex.
We wouldn't be as 'magical' as identical twins.
They thought us a misfortune to the home and maybe we were.
They did, after all, burn to death.

Kept as a novelty, Augustin and I became closer than any identical twins could ever be.
We catered to our Sire's every desire. Oftentimes I was sent to retrieve her meals; sometimes we were required to entertain her.
One thing was certain- she favoured Augustin above all things.
Enough to allow me to live, to become what they were.
And in this rebirth, the bond Augustin and I shared- the unspoken words, the emotions, they too grew stronger.

He is my best friend, my life, my twin, my one true love.
Do your best to avoid his beauty or suffer the fate our Sire did.
Madness comes in pairs.

"The blood of the Covenant is thicker than the water of the womb."

Augustin and I have shared both.
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August Soire


That Girl

Last five threads posted in:
August Soire 11/08/17 -The urge to laugh as almost too much at this point. He loved seeing July's powers work and the sniffles and tears didn't hurt either. It was so easy to shifts peoples perception of them, when the people should really be running from them-

Ahhh, yes. Even though he wasn't outwardly smiling, there was no doubting he was delighted by her choice. Perfect!

-His features were kept solemn as July told a story. It was a great story to just to ensure the girl continued to feel bad for them, but he understood July's sentiment- Just remember how good it felt when she was finally gone.

I'm so sorry to hear that. We're almost there. You two were very close, they just mixed up a street name and a turn. -The woman offered the twins a smile, unphased by where she was leading them-

We could always keep her for a bit and torture her? Find one of the working girls for dinner?
August Soire 11/07/17 -He could see the tell tale signs of unexpected thoughts entering her mind. It was a little intrusive, but a necessity on those who might be a little hesitant to, you know, walk to their death. He allowed the girl's smile to relax him and pulled a piece of paper from his back pocket. It was blank, but July could make her think she saw something there.-

Send her where ever you want. She seems pretty willing. Do you feel any resistence?

We've been around the block a couple of times, but I'm starting to think we're not even on the right block -he laughs quietly-
August Soire 11/05/17 I almost feel bad for giving you such high expectations.
-gives her hand a squeeze in return- Sounds like a deal.
-Aug starts towards their target, sorting his features into slight distress and a whole lot of confusion-
Excuse me, miss? -he spoke softly, and in French, once they reached her. She looked up at the two, confusion notable on her face as well, clearly not expecting an intrusion on her afternoon trek-
My sister and I are lost. Could you help point us in the right direction? It's our first day here and I'm afraid the instructions we were given haven't help us much.
August Soire 11/04/17 You're just picky. Not that I would approve of any of them, even if you did catch a liking for one of them.
-follows her line of pointing- Hmm she does, doesn't she. Just has that hint of innocence she was lacking though. Good eye.
-drops his arm from her shoulders to take her hand-I think this one should be done together.
-starts leading them towards the dark haired girl, slowly in case Juliette changes her mind- How shall we play? New to town and lost? Case of mistaken identity? What do you feel like?
August Soire 11/03/17 You spoil me. But you know I don't care about gender. We could find a young pretty boy.
-smiles down at her-And I adore you.
-so they were a little mushy while talking about their next meal. She was always there for him. The one who kept him sane when he thought everyone would be better off without him. Luckily, he was wrong.-
Hmm I think we compliment each other. Boy, girl. Sweet, savory. Tall, not so tall. -he hugs her close again- See? We fit together perfectly.
August Soire 11/03/17 I have a vague idea...-his feelings hated changed about them; it gave him satisfaction to remember how they died-
Perhaps you're right -he nods thoughtfully and leads them outside-
-laughs loudly and squeezes her close for a minute-That's exactly what it does.
-wipes the blood off his nose and licks his finger- Hmm. I do enjoy watching you lure them. Or we could get one together. It's always fun watching them get so flustered
August Soire 11/03/17 That we are -grins-
Home sweet home. Perhaps we should visit mother and father while we're here.
-hint of bitterness is his voice-
-shakes it off-
-gets dressed quickly-
Let's go to both. Maybe we can have seconds. I'm parched. Plus, a coffee and some donuts would be nice for dessert.
-drapes an arm over her shoulders-Ready?
That Girl 11/03/17 Always darling, always. I'm the eyes on you right now.
That Girl 11/03/17 Do they exist? The realm is dying to know. xoxo
That Girl 11/03/17 I'm That Girl...It's a maybe. xoxo
That Girl 11/03/17 Welcome to the realm where twincest is the best. Three would make more glee. Is May coming? xoxo
August Soire 11/03/17 -laughs but makes his tone disapproving- You fight unfairly, pulling at my heartstrings. You know I wouldn't be here if you weren't.
-gently tugs on a strand of her hair- Besides, breakfast isn't near as fun when you're not there.
I still want something young and pretty. Just, not as pretty as you.
August Soire 11/03/17 I have no one to torture today. Besides. This bed is pretty comfy.
-stares at the cup-
-contemplates that whole, no one to torture today-
Fine! I'm up. And I'll go get my own coffee. And maybe some breakfast. For myself. -ponders- I'm craving something young and pretty.
August Soire 11/03/17 -glares- I'm not lazy.
-small pout-
Where's my coffee?
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 *listens*
*chuckles again*
It could always be worse, and you're welcome. The pleasure is mine.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 July and August?
How terribly amusing...
*takes the hand*
I'm Autumn. Julliette is a lovely name. You'd be fine using it, I think. But that's up to you, of course.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 *chuckles*
It's an amazing thing.
Well, if you need any help finding your way, feel free to ask.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 *arches a brow*
'Different' depends entirely on one's perspective.
Different for me may not be different for you.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 *leans back*
*avoids the touch*
It's always interesting, no?
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 I'm not blind. I have my share of experience with twins...
With siblings in general.
Autumn Summers 11/03/17 Welcome to the-
*looks back and forth between the pair*
Well... this should be interesting.
August Soire 11/03/17 -lazy grin- I know you do. But just remember, I always return the favour.
August Soire 11/03/17 -feigned shock- Oh, no! Not the biting! -laughs- Don't make promises you can't keep, love.
August Soire 11/03/17 Flattery will get you everywhere and every thing, my Juliette. -kisses her cheek and whispers in return- Except the title of most evil.
August Soire 11/03/17 -grins- How else would you learn, if not from the best?
August Soire 11/03/17 -scoffs- Please. We both know it's me. I mean, you're a really close second, but, like, I'm just a little bit more -pinches fingers together to show just how close it is-
Spring Taylor 11/03/17 Oi! Are you my f-cking cousins?
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