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RealmSalt in a Wound on a Warm Afternoon
Created by Erica Stone
Los AngelesLovin’ with No Meaning // Running from a Feeling
Created by Erica Stone
Erica Stone 06/25/18 Rickie hums in thought. "My parents would come. But, my brothers - they're both military doctors. *******s are both in the Navy, so it'd depend on where they're stationed." This is pretty much the first time she's opened up about her family. Not that she's ashamed; it's just never been a topic of conversation. It'd never really occurred to Rickie just how military-centered her entire family is. She's the true epitome of a military brat.

"It'd better be me at the end of the aisle," she adds, leaning in for a slow kiss.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Rickie snorts. "Beer pong? I'm not a college Frat boy, babe." Hands move to give Zara's hips a teasing squeeze. "But, the steak sounds like a very plausible option."

The couple is silent for a moment, and then Rickie pipes back up. "I'm going to ask Jared to fly out and be my best man," she states, smiling, "And we can train Barney to be the ring bearer."

Don't get ahead of yourself, Stone.

"Who would you invite?"
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "Dance floor? Uhm, that's..." Erica Stone's worst nightmare. Just the thought makes her want to let out an adamant 'no.' But, if Zara wants one, she'd compromise. The mention of cake makes her laugh, however. She absolutely would not put eating 12 pieces past Zara and her voracious appetite.

"12 layer cake, wildflowers, dance floor, barn. Got it." Rickie lifts a hand to brush some strands of hair away from Zara's face, fingers lingering behind her hear. "Do you have any idea how much I love you, Zara?"

God, you're f*cking soft.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "I want a real ceremony."

The statement is made before Rickie can stop herself. She blinks, heart stopping in her chest. All she can do is stare at the woman below her, entirely unsure of how to proceed. After what feels like an eternity, Rickie clears her throat. "Or we can just file the paperwork, that's fine too."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "Like you mean it," Rickie whispers, leaving just enough room for only the words spoken. When Zara turns her head, the lieutenant peppers her jawline and neck with gentle kisses. Intoxicated by the proximity, she's only able to offer a content hum in response to Zara's request. Afterall, she's an absolute sucker for those puppy dog eyes.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "Bruises no one can--"

Rickie lets out a quiet 'oof' as Zara's body collides with her own. "You don't mean that," she laughs, arms circling the smaller woman's waist, "You loooooooove me."

With that, she flips over, effectively pinning one of Zara's flailing arms to the couch. "Say you love me."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 The clatter around the house makes Rickie cringe inwardly. She knows, however, that in her panic, Zara is not concerned with cleanliness. When the woman returns, Rickie is grinning behind her hand, almost incapable of suppressing her laughter any longer. "I'm not going to break up with you, babe," she responds, hand falling away from her nose, "But, now you have to promise that you won't break up with me."

Rickie's half-expecting an onslaught of tiny fists, so she grabs a cushion to shield herself. It was a little bit of a mean prank - kind of like the time she'd feigned a broken ankle on a hike back home. But, she was beginning to enjoy capitalizing on Zara's naïveté.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 There's a loud, hollow thump as Zara's elbow connects with the bridge of Rickie's nose. She tilts backwards, a hand immediately reaching to cover up. It hurts, yes. But, she's felt worse. There's no blood, but Zara doesn't need to know that. Yet.

"Fine, I'm fine," she says, voiced muffled by her palm, "Can you just, do you mind to get some tissues?"

The expression on Zara's face clearly reads panic, and Rickie almost feels bad for milking the injury. But, it'd been her intention to get back at her girlfriend for banning red meat. However childishly vindictive it may be. "We might have to -- nevermind. Tissues, if you could? Please?"
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Rickie’s plotting, and she knows Zara can tell, making the entire process that much more amusing. “Not moody,” she states, simply and earnestly. A cheeky grin splits her typically stoic features then, letting Zara know that she’s not at all upset.

With Zara happily satiated and the groceries neatly put away, Rickie collapses onto the couch. She pats her lap, beckoning for Zara to join her. It’s not until she’s comfortable that Rickie reaches around to squeeze Zara’s sides. The smaller woman yelps, but it’s not enough to halt the lieutenant’s efforts. “No meat, no naps!” she hollers, tickling fingers reaching in once more.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Rickie rolls her eyes - there's no point in arguing with Zara any further, the lieutenant knows she's only digging herself deeper into a hole. "Yes, mom."

Once they've collected everything on their list, Rickie flashes her military ID at the check-out counter. The trip home is made primarily in silence, yet affectionately hand in hand; Rickie's just too preoccupied with devising a plan to get back at her girlfriend. She hopes Zara doesn't think she's still brooding over the lack of red meat in the backseat.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "I need real protein, Zara. I love you, but I can't do that compressed bean bullsh*t." Rickie shudders at the thought of eating tofu - she'd try it, of course, but only for Zara's benefit. "Just one good cut of steak, baby. Please."

Pleading seems childish, especially since it's about actual, nutritional food (and not snacks). She follows silently for a while, moping alongside the cart as Zara shuffles down each aisle. "We're naked together quite frequently," she comments finally, leaning in to speak in a hushed tone, "Is my body just not that memorable?"
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "Who c-- hey! I care!" Rickie exclaims, blinking. She hops out of the truck quickly, following Zara through the maze of parked cars. Catching up, she takes the woman by the waist, interrupting her endeavor for food. "I will do your laundry. Okay?"

After stealing a kiss of her own, Rickie cops an unabashed feel as Zara once again sets off toward the storefront. She's amused by the list of food, always amazed by how much the smaller woman could pack away.

"Don't forget the meat. Real meat."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "You're ridiculous," she mutters, pulling into the commissary parking lot, "I just don't know who's walking past our windows during the day. I don't need the higher-ups getting an eyeful of my girlfriend." Always protective, always slightly possessive.

"Now, c'mon. I'm on the hunt for brownies."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "You're woman, huh? Who wears the pants in this relationship?"

Preferably no one.

Rickie is perpetually grinning when she's around Zara. That's a fact. Without looking away from the road, she reaches out, hand giving Zara's thigh a firm squeeze. "Good to know I'm just here to be used."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 The redhead falls silent for a moment, realizing how she'd just compared Zara to other Army wives. It hadn't been meant as a reminder of what had transpired a few days prior, but it still makes her heart ache a little. She's desperate to accept Zara's proposal. But, the part of her governed by caution and order prevents her from saying yes. After clearing her throat, Rickie continues, "I would've thought Barney is enough in the morning, no? He always manages to wedge himself in between us, anyways."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Rickie lets out an uproarious laugh, which is somewhat uncharacteristic of her. But, she can't help the way Zara makes her feel. There's always been something about her free spirit, something that draws Rickie in and keeps her absolutely captivated.

"I'm sure there are plenty of Army wives on this base just dying to be a part of this new club," she quips, smirking, "As if their spouses don't do enough around here."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 "Of course making up is your favorite part," Rickie responds with a playful eyeroll. Truth be told, it's hers, too. But, getting into fights just for the aftermath isn't particularly a habit Rickie wants to form. She glances over at Zara, offering a gentle squeeze and a wide grin of her own. There are no words to express how happy she is, being back in the younger woman's company.

"You know I love Cosmic brownies! Add them to the list."
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Zara Peer
Come outside.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Zara Peer
Baby, this isn't me trying to start a fight.
But, I hope you went off-base to smoke?
I'll be by to pick you up shortly.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Zara Peer
Did you want to come with me?
I'll show you the commissary.
Erica Stone 06/24/18 Zara Peer
I'm just wrapping up a meeting with my Captain.
Be home in about 30 minutes?
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -snorts-
Barney was meant as an apology, babe. Not as some ploy to get you here.
-gets all serious-
I wanted to make sure you knew I was willing to make a sacrifice like that for your happiness.
-leans away to meet her gaze-
You didn't think it was actually a bribe, did you?
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -playful eye roll-
I just moved here, babe.
-gentle squeeze-
But, yes. Grocery shopping first thing. -laughs a little-
I didn't exactly expect you to be here. Otherwise I would've had all your favorite things in stock.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -pauses-
I'm not sure we have any of the necessary ingredients for sundaes.
-sheepish grin-
You know I never kept that stuff in my apartment back home.
Car ride?
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -nods-
I'm down for all of those things.
Any particular order?
-absentmindedly plays with her hair-
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -blinks-
-wide grin-
God, I love you.
-carries her over to couch, plops down-
Tomorrow night, then. I'm sure the guys will be at the bar again, anyways.
-pulls her close-
I'm going to show you off.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -brow furrows-
No, I... I just figured that maybe you weren't keen on, you know...
-so nervous all of a sudden-
I'm not ashamed of you. Don't ever think that I am.
-eskimo kisses-
If anything, you're my piece of arm candy.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -lifts her off the ground-
You have me for the rest of the night.
-leans in for a kiss-
Unless you wanted to go out. Sage and the guys...
-stops, clears throat-
Let's stay in, I want to snuggle and binge watch the new season of Luke Cage.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -coughs-
Well, you could've just asked.
-scratches cheek-
I guess I could...
No, I'm good. I did everything I needed to do today.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -squints even harder-
-folds arms-
What are you trying to play at, hmm?
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -shrugs-
I hope by now you know that I always worry about you.
Don't look at me like that.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -relieved sigh-
-tugs her close-
I thought something happened. Don't do that.
-presses kiss to her hair-
It worries me too much.
Erica Stone 06/22/18 -rushes around house-
-slightly panicked-
Where are you?
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Rickie’s chest feels full for the first time in a weeks, knowing that Zara has made her decision to stay. It’s that same exuberance that prompts the lieutenant to lift Zara off her feet, and swing her around. “I love you,” she’s saying, over and over.

Finally, she sets Zara back down, smiling like an absolute fool. “Even though I know you’re primarily here for Barney.” Rickie reaches out to poke Zara’s side, teasingly.
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Rickie arches a brow, surprised by how quickly Zara had come to a decision. “Are you sure? Absolutely sure? Because forever is a long time, Zara, and I don’t want to lose you again.

There’s something about the look of silent pleading in her eyes. Rickie’s sincere in her expression of commitment; Zara had thrown her entire life for a loop, but she’s sure that they were meant to balance one another out. “You know I love you, right?
Erica Stone 06/21/18 You’ve got to be kidding.” Rickie lets out a groan as Zara slips from her grasp, although somewhat amused by the reminder of just how OCD the woman can be. She watches for a moment, a smile still displayed upon her lips.

Would you come here, please?” she says finally, turning and opening her arms to Zara, “I want you, baby. I want an ‘us’ and a ‘we’ and I want for this to be our home.

Rickie grows silent, arms tightening around her slim frame. Somehow, Zara still smells of freshly ground coffee, and it makes Rickie let out a content hum. “But, this has to be your dream too, babe. I know this isn’t really your thing, and it’s probably... a lot. But, we can make it work. You know?
Erica Stone 06/21/18 That’s what I thought,” Rickie responds, offering a sly grin. Suddenly, her hands are on the back of Zara’s thighs, lifting her onto the countertop. Leaning in for a kiss, Rickie grins. The feeling of having The other woman close is indescribable.
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Rickie can’t help but smirk when Zara appears in the kitchen doorway, slack-jawed. “Figured you’d change your mind once you saw me,” she laughs, “What were you saying about the Army?
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Zara Peer
Come say that to my face.
I’m in the kitchen.
In uniform.
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Zara Peer
We protect your freedom.
All the rights you have is because of what we do.
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Zara Peer
Let’s start another fight so we can have more make-up sex.
Erica Stone 06/21/18 Zara Peer
I think you'll just have to take my word for it.

Zara Peer
I've already thought about it, Zara.
I knew the second you put it in my hand. I want you, and us. Always.
But, I need you to understand, or at least acknowledge my hesitation.
This relationship is nothing like what I had with Sage, which is why I don't want to f*ck it up by rushing into it.
You are worth the wait.

Zara Peer
Now, come home because I'm craving you.
Erica Stone 06/20/18 Rickie stands under the shower-head for a while; normally, she’s efficient in maintaining personal hygiene. But, this morning, she just needs… a moment, or two. After getting dressed, she feeds Barney, retrieving her phone from the kitchen table thereafter. She’s not expecting the string of texts from Zara.

Zara Peer
Honestly ask yourself if you could ever see me with a man.

Zara Peer
Sage is my ex-wife.
We were married for 2 years, back when we were at UCSB. We were both in ROTC, and in the moment, it felt right.
But, Sage was deployed right after our commissioning. I opted into the Reserves. Long distance marriage is hard when you’re 22, and new to the real world.
Being active military makes it even harder.
It's been 7 years since I've seen her, and we've been out of touch this whole time.

Zara Peer
I love you, too.
Erica Stone 06/20/18 Yeah, yeah. A walk. Enjoy, it’s nice out. Fort Bragg is… it’s nice, too.

It’s all Rickie can offer because she’s at a complete loss for words. She watches as Zara disappears from view, head hung and hands stuffed into her pockets. Doesn’t take a detective to figure out she's heartbroken.

Job well done, Stone. You f*cking moron.

After a couple deep breaths, Rickie is able to suppress her temper. There’s no point in putting a hole in the drywall - she’d just moved in, afterall. Instead, she just rolls her eyes at her own behavior, although is not at all shocked by how stupid it all seems. It would’ve been easier to have just agreed, to have taken the leap because at the end of the day, Rickie knows what she wants: Zara, forever.

So, why is it so hard for you to admit that?
Erica Stone 06/20/18 Reluctantly, Rickie reaches up to unfasten the slim silver chain that hangs around her neck, military tags clinking against the ring. Giving it back hurts, especially paired with Zara’s passive aggressive dig. But, it’d been Rickie’s conscious choice not to accept the proposal.

Because that’s what a ring usually means, right? A f*cking proposal.

The redhead is admittedly a little frustrated with how Zara’s handling the situation. But, she’s really in no position to b*tch and moan, considering how she’d reacted to Zara’s request for time. So, instead she begins to backpedal toward the kitchen.

I’ll start breakfast."
Erica Stone 06/20/18 Rickie has to bite her lip to keep herself from grinning too wide. She almost can’t resist how cute Zara is when she’s rambling. But, she’s clearly just as amused as the woman in front of her. The redhead holds up a hand, halting any continuation of Zara’s monologue.

C’mere,” she says, beckoning her over with a wave. Rickie’s tempted to pull Zara into a tight hug, but remembers that she’s just returned from a run - it’s a guarantee that Zara would not appreciate a sweaty hug, especially since she’s already showered.

Pressing a gentle kiss to Zara’s hair, the redhead sighs. “Marrying you wouldn’t be a trap,” she said, quietly, “It’s my dream.

She leans down, then, to press another kiss to Zara's forehead, nose, and finally, lips. “I meant it when I said I love you more than anything. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know, and because of that…

Rickie cups Zara’s chin, tilting her head back so she can see just how sincere she’s being. “I can’t risk losing you by rushing into a marriage. I’ve done it before, I won’t do it again. Not with you."
Erica Stone 06/20/18 Rickie's just rounding the corner when her AppleWatch chimes. Only a quarter mile left, and then she'll be home to respond to Zara's text in person. Her pace quickens, and then, she's all but sprinting down the street. Only partially because she's relieved to hear that Zara still wants to kiss her after... well, earlier. Sweaty and panting, she pushes through the front door, kicking off her sneakers thereafter.

"Zara, I'm home," she calls, sauntering down the hall and into the master bedroom, "Breakfast? We can talk?"
Erica Stone 06/20/18 Zara, I…

Zara's in, out, and back into bed before Rickie can collect her thoughts enough to respond. It’s a sudden whirlwind of emotion, and despite Zara’s best efforts to mask her hurt feelings, it shows. Rickie’s not too sure of much in that moment, but she knows she’s not about to give back the ring.

You’re doing everything you should be.

She knows Zara doesn’t understand her hesitation, and accepts that it might be rather offensive. But, the redhead has her reasons, aside from being abnormally cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. Rickie’s voice drops to a whisper as she stands, resigned to having that one particular, crucial conversation right now. That’ll be for later on.

I’m the problem.

Without another word, she slips quietly out of the house. Morning routine calls for her attention, afterall. Typical Rickie Stone.
Erica Stone 06/20/18 I can’t.

The admission is out of her mouth before she can censor it. At first, she hopes that Zara will take it as a response to snuggling - morning routine always takes precedence, afterall. But, she knows Zara is perceptive, and would pick up on the tension in her voice. Rickie kneels beside the bed, leveling her gaze with Zara’s in hopes of conveying her own sincerity. She moves to brush some hair away from Zara’s face, marveling at just how beautiful the woman actually is. It’s a sight she would die for over, and over again. Day after day.

I love you, Zara. More than anything in this world, and I want us, forever. But…

Don’t do it to her, too.

“I want to get it right.”

Erica Stone 06/20/18 Not much had been said after Zara’s abrupt appearance. Rickie had silenced herself by kissing the barista, who had responded in the way Rickie would’ve hoped. Sort of. At least, Zara hadn’t screamed at, or rejected her - instead, she crawled straight into bed, giving Rickie the opportunity to text Sage in frantic capital letters. It felt creepy, staring at Zara’s sleeping form in absolute disbelief. But, she couldn’t help it.

Eventually, Rickie made her way to bed, as well. Arms instinctively found their way around the smaller woman, nose pressed to her sienna hair. It’s the best night’s sleep she’s had in weeks. And she’s beyond reluctant to get up when her alarm sounds in the morning. She’s pleasantly surprised when Zara stirs at that hour.

Hey, baby,” she whispers, lips brushing gently against Zara’s forehead, “What’s this?

Time stops, then. And so does Rickie’s heart. The ring feels unnaturally heavy in her palm, and all she can do is gape. “Zara,” she says finally, shuffling over to the side of the bed, “Get up, please."
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Unknown Number
F*ck you too, then.

You don’t mean that.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
I need walls because I don’t have the luxury of drug use to help me cope.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
Of course I want you.
I also respect you enough to not force you into forever.
If you need time, take it.
I'll be here when you're ready.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
When you’re ready, Zara.
It’s not my decision to make.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
Don’t joke about that.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
Read 18:04

Zara Peer
I’m heading home, off base. Call you when I get there?
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
I told you I was stepping into a meeting.
I'll respond later. Give me, 30 minutes. Max.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
Read 16:47
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
Love you too.
Erica Stone 06/14/18 Zara Peer
I'm stepping into a meeting with my Captain.
Text me later?
Erica Stone 06/08/18 It’d been a long day - she’d filed the last of her Parsons case paperwork, debriefed with Bruce, even squeezed in a quick workout at the precinct gym. Now, all Rickie really wants is to snuggle up with her girlfriend for the rest of the night. She can’t help but grin at Zara’s request for more hummus - Jesus, that woman had an impressive appetite.

Junk, junk, junk.

Rickie’s sifting through the pile of mail quickly when one particular envelope catches her eye. It’s from the government, addressed to ‘Lieutenant Erica O. Stone.’ It’d been a few years since her ROTC graduation at UCSB; she’d been placed in the Army Reserve, and hadn’t anticipated being recommissioned so soon thereafter. Even though she already knows of the news the letter contains, Rickie’s heart beats violently against her ribcage. Silently, she makes her way down the hall, standing in the doorway of her bedroom for a moment. She watches as Zara flips through the channels, letter clutched in one hand, and container of hummus in the other.

I have a week to report to Fort Bragg in North Carolina.” It’s a little bit of a blurted admission. But, Rickie has reverted to military mode for the time being. Efficient, candid, blunt.
Erica Stone 06/07/18 I'd prefer if you were never mad at me, really.
*taps her butt*
I'll be there in a few.
Love you just a lil, too.
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Aw, babe. C'mere.
*sets down cereal to take her by the waist*
Don't be grumpy. I missed you today.
*pulls her close, presses nose to her hair*
Let me just get organized, and then we can snuggle. Okay?
Erica Stone 06/07/18 *hums*
*lifts spoon out of reach*
Excuse you, get your own bowl.
*sticks tongue out teasingly*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 *unabashedly checks her out*
*shrugs, distracted*
Say my name again. I like the way it sounds when you say it.
*shoves huge spoonful of cereal into mouth*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Barney appreciates any hand that feeds him, cutie.
*continues shuffling away, calls over shoulder*
Want anything from the kitchen?
*begins rummaging around in cabinets*
Kashi, or Special K.
*mutters, primarily to self*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 *rolls eyes, grins*
Alright then, guess I'll just...
*starts to wander away*
You know, do this and that.
*shuffles toward kitchen*
Make myself a bowl of cereal, watch TV. Shower, maybe.
Erica Stone 06/07/18 No, you're right.
*side eye*
You give yourself a lot of credit.
*is expecting more protest*
The average squatter just makes regular ol' love to me.
*tries so hard to contain laughter*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Clothing optional, huh?
Since when do you make the rules?
*arches brow*
I thought this was my apartment. You're just an adorable, irresistible... squatter.
*huge smirk*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 *is pulled closer*
You're adorable.
*presses kiss to her forehead*
Especially when you're wrapped up like this.
*tugs at blankets*
Let me in?
Erica Stone 06/07/18 *squints*
Uh huh. That I know of.
*takes a handful, munches*
Are you...
*leans in to whisper*
Are you high right now?
*genuinely non-judgmental, just curious*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 *kicks off shoes, pads into bedroom*
*tsks playfully*
What'd we say about snacking in bed?
*reaches out for bag*
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Zara
Be home in 20.
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Zara
I was going to get some, regardless. I like hummus, too.
But, I’m not at all opposed to the cheerleader thing. 😏
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Zara
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Zara
We just bought a new thing of it like, 2 days ago?
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Zara
That’s alright, we’ll just have to bake some more. :)
Erica Stone 06/07/18 Zara
Sorry, not sorry.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *shakes head*
I'm good right here.
*soft smile*
You're all I want.
*runs fingers through her hair*
*pauses to be super gay*
God, do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *puts takeout box down, follows immediately*
*scoops her up*
I know you know I'm just kidding around.
*peppers her with tender kisses*
You're my number one priority.
*nudges her with nose*
Stop pouting, baby. You're breaking my heart.
*holds her tight*
I... I love you, more than you know.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Nope. I'm choosing my Lo Mein over affection right now.
*is totally being a brat*
Enjoy your spare ribs, and we can reconvene after dinner.
*tries to hide cheeky grin*
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *huffs and mutters*
*grumpily eats noodles*
I can't believe you'd tease me like that.
*scoots to opposite end of the couch*
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *squints*
That's a little rude.
*sticks tongue out*
I can't help that I'm hungry...
*grabs noodles, takes a seat*
I can't believe you'd say that, either.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *stomach growls*
*steals a kiss*
We can snuggle while we eat.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Aw, you're so cute.
*so, so f*cking soft*
We can do whatever you want, babe.
*leans in for a kiss*
I'm just happy you're here. With me.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *rolls eyes playfully*
Wow, you're... smooth.
*takes her hands*
At least be assertive if you're trying to be handsy.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 You're the one with the voracious appetite.
We can work up more of an appetite after.
Unless... you just want to relax tonight.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *heart eyes*
Tell me how?
*cups her chin*
Maybe after dinner because I'm starving.
*sheepish grin*
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *laughs*
Baby, c'mere.
*wraps arms around her tighter*
I don't like you, you're right.
*so soft*
I love you. Just a little bit, anyways.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Fine, I'll start being mean to you again.
*pushes her away, holds her at arms length*
I can hold the snuggles, and we can eat dinner on opposite ends of the couch.
How does that sound?
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *takes her by the waist*
That was meant as a compliment, silly.
*presses a kiss to her forehead*
I don't mind, I like that you're a hungry person.
I like all of you, Zara. I thought I'd made that clear.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 *saunters through door*
I swear I've gained like, 20 pounds since I started dating you.
*sets food down on kitchen counter*
I don't get it, your appetite is... impressive.
I always thought that I could pack it away, but...
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
I literally just parked the truck.
Patience is a virtue.
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 That's the spirit!
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
I have everything I want, as long as I have you.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
We'll see.
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
Wow. That's rude.
How about I prove you wrong?
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
Excuse me?
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
He's going to sh*t orange for weeks now. Love that.
I'm actually on my way home.
Wanna come on a run with me?
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 Perfect. So, you're coming to live with me, then! It's settled!
Erica Stone 06/06/18 Zara
I’m sure you’d be fine without me.
But, you’re most welcome. ;)
How’s your day?
Quinn Abernathy 06/05/18 How would you like to see one in action?!
Erica Stone 06/05/18 Zara
Anything with you, babe. :)
Erica Stone 06/05/18 Zara
Not correcting, just asking!!
I don’t typically use abbreviations and slang while texting.
Erica Stone 06/04/18 Zara
Isn't the acronym ILY?
Erica Stone 06/04/18 Zara
Thank you for this weekend. :)
It was really nice to get out with you.
I'm sorry I pretended to be hurt on our hike, it was a mean prank.
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Do you enjoy documentaries?
Erica Stone 06/02/18 Rickie can’t help but laugh at Zara’s honesty. “That was meant to be a rhetorical question,” she replies, cheeky grin still playing at her lips, “Because you know, I’m such a smooth talker.

She watches Zara’s every move, completely enraptured by how stunning the woman is. How she managed to hook someone so goddamn attractive will remain, in her own mind, one of Earth’s greatest mysteries. “I don’t have the words to describe how beautiful you look.” With that, she pulls Zara into an tender kiss, hand cupped under her chin to pull her close.

Rickie can barely keep her eyes off Zara as they make their way toward downtown LA. So uncharacteristically distracted, she finds herself drifting into the adjacent lanes from time to time. A quick apology, and then, her eyes return to the road ahead. But, only for a short period of time. At the restaurant, Rickie helps Zara out of the truck, arm slipping protectively around her waist as soon as her feet touch the ground.

“Detective! Welcome.” The couple is greeted cordially, but Rickie holds up a hand, politely dismissing the mention of her title. She doesn’t particularly enjoy being recognized outside of her work place, simply because she’s indubitably made some enemies over the years. But, the host is gracious as he seats them.

Anything you want,” she insists before Zara can question the meal’s limitations. And then, she’s smiling exuberantly across the table.
Erica Stone 06/02/18 Always prompt and punctual, Rickie makes her way downstairs soon after receiving Zara’s text. She’d been ready to go for at least half an hour, anyways, having been much too eager about going out for dinner. Tonight’s attire is a variation of her work wardrobe, just slightly more casual - a crisp, white button-down, and a pair of dark wash denim jeans. Of course, the Cognac colored Oxfords match her belt, and the neutral tones are starkly contrasted by her riotously red hair.

Her pace quickens slightly when she catches sight of Zara in the apartment complex parking lot. As usual, she’s so stunning that Rickie silently reminds herself to breathe. “Hey, gorgeous. Come here often?

Wow, Detective. So smooth.

Cringing inwardly, she offers an apology, and a sheepish grin before taking Zara’s hand. They have a dinner reservation to keep - Rossoblu is one of LA’s most popular restaurants, so booking a table on a Friday night had required a little bit of string-pulling. Nothing the detective couldn’t handle, however.

Ever chivalrous, Rickie opens the passenger seat door, holding out a hand for support as Zara steps up and into the black 1970 Chevy C10 truck. It seems cheesy and excessive, but if this is their first date, Rickie Stone is sure as hell going to make it memorable.
Erica Stone 06/02/18 Zara
Wow, you’re really gay...
But, I guess that’s how this work, huh?
Since I like you too. So much.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
You’re only dating me for Barney.
And for the pantsuits. And the sex.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
DQ it is, then. Sorry. 😅
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
To dinner? Maybe next time.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
You're ridiculous.
But, yes. See you soon.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
As tempting as that sounds, I have a routine.
You know this.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
I have to workout, shower, and change.
Relax. Our reservation isn't until later.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
I'm teasing, babe.
Can you be ready at 7?

I love you too, by the way. Just a little bit. ;)
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
That's kind of rude, don't you think?
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Don't objectify my body like that.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
What’s that?
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Guess you’ll just have to wait and see.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
I’m at work. Take a wild guess.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
You look cute in anything. And in nothing, so...
I can’t help you there.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Wear something nice. Not that you don’t always look nice.
I was thinking we could go to Rossoblu?
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Yeah, maybe.
That, and I want to take you on a date.
Erica Stone 06/01/18 Zara
Little known fact: I f*cking love cosmic brownies.
Thank you for getting them, you’re the best.
Let’s go out tonight, somewhere nice?
Erica Stone 05/31/18 Zara
Explain to me what you mean by “snacks for my snack.”
Erica Stone 05/31/18 Zara
Did you wear it the other day? Is that why it was in the laundry?
Why’re you bringing groceries?
Erica Stone 05/31/18 Zara
I’m not insecure!
Of course not. Nothing more romantic than making out cliffside. ;)
Your place or mine tonight?
Erica Stone 05/31/18 Zara
Legitimate question. I was just confirming.
Hike and picnic?
Erica Stone 05/31/18 Zara
I was thinking more along the lines of a day trip. Or maybe a hike.
I’m hoping this relationship isn’t just sex to you?
Erica Stone 05/31/18 Zara
I’m taking Saturday off. Let’s do something.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Dinner. Yes. That sounds wonderful.” Rickie can’t help but stare down at their interlocked fingers. It’s not the first time they’ve held hands, obviously. But, this time… it feels different. It’s the realest thing she’s experienced in months, and given her career, that’s no notion to scoff at. Rickie deals with the real world - however harsh it may be - on a daily basis. She knows, for the most part, how things operate. But, being in this moment with Zara doesn’t quite fit with her perception of reality.

Zara begins to lead her out of the apartment, and she follows dutifully. “You make me happy too, Zara,” she says after a long pause, “I can’t remember the last time…

Rickie shakes her head to stop the thought from progressing any further. She’s here to enjoy Zara’s company, not wallow in the shortcomings of her past. Instead, she smiles down at the barista, hand lifting to tuck a strand of sienna-colored hair behind her ear. “You’re beautiful, do you know that?"
Erica Stone 05/30/18 7 months since their first curbside interaction. A couple months of intermittent bantering, and a handful of painfully awkward dialogues at Reed’s. Only a few weeks of talking, or rather, of having legitimate, civil conversations. It seems quick, careless even, to be saying the biggest four-letter word in the English language. But, it feels right. There’s absolutely no doubt about it in Rickie’s head.

It takes a few minutes for Zara to respond. She’s frozen in place, gaze locked with Rickie’s, who reaches up to scratch her cheek nervously. The detective begins to second guess her choice to reciprocate the emotion. Had Zara been joking when she’d texted earlier? Had Rickie overstepped her boundaries in saying it back? Did Zara regret admitting it in the first place? But then, a voice breaks Rickie’s downward spiral.

I do think so, yes.” Zara’s smile is as beautiful as Rickie’s ever seen it, and it knocks the wind clean from her lungs. “But, this is still new to me, to us. And I think we should take things step by step.

Whatever the f*ck that means.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Rickie rolls her eyes at Zara’s non-committal attitude regarding food. She would be the type to just shrug when asked to make a dining choice. Rickie doesn’t mind, though; she finds it oddly endearing since Zara seems to be so eager to please. “Meal prep is done, but I have some… you know what? Let’s go to this salad place.

It’s a nice night out, anyways. They might as well take advantage of the LA warmth. The expression of surprise that takes command of Zara’s face makes Rickie laugh out loud. Yes, salad is not a meal. And yes, they’d previously discussed that very topic. But, Rickie’s now willing to do things she’d previously been opposed to, if nothing else but to put a smile on Zara’s face. “If I get hungry later, it’s your fault.” She’s teasing, of course.

She’s doing all she can to put Zara’s heart at ease. Rickie can tell that she’s nervous about the absolute bomb she’d dropped earlier in the day, and her nonchalance isn’t meant to exacerbate Zara’s anxiety. Standing in the middle of the kitchen, arms wrapped tightly around the smaller woman’s waist, Rickie presses a kiss to Zara’s forehead, and pauses.

I think I love you just a little bit, too.

The confession comes as a whisper. But, it’s loud coming out of her mouth.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 F*ck, you were serious.

Rickie lets her head drop back against the door, needing a moment to regroup. Not that she would’ve denied Zara… she’s just taken aback by how quickly it all happened. Magic fingers, or something. Zara’s already sauntering away as Rickie begins to button her shirt up.

Yeah, dinner. Do you just want to get takeout?” It’s not ideal - she's not a huge fan of the grease, but it’s really their only viable option at the moment. After all, the detective's fridge is nearly empty, save for a few beers and some pre-packed tupperware.

Or, uhm, I can whip something up with what’s left over from meal prepping…

Rickie’s nervous. The two had talked about dinner, and yet, she has nothing to offer. Fidgeting with the cuff of her shirtsleeve - an obvious tell - she shuffles over to where Zara is standing, and offers a sheepish grin. “We never determined what we were going to eat…"
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Rickie’s too busy pretending to be engrossed by something on her phone to notice Zara push through the front doors of the apartment complex. Her attention is torn from the screen when Zara’s hands take command of her face, effectively pulling her into a fervent kiss.

Now that’s a greeting.

Hey, yourself,” she breathes in response, grinning as Zara pulls away slightly. She can’t help how deafening her heartbeat is in her own ears, she’s almost sure it'll just crack a rib or two. Rickie is amazed by how quickly Zara has endeared herself to her heart; safe to say that she’s never experienced anything so intense before - both in terms of animosity, and affection. Rickie bends to pick up Zara’s bag because chivalry isn’t dead, at least not for lesbians.

In the elevator, the detective presses Zara back against the metal wall. Normally, she’d take the stairs; it’s only 4 flights. But, she needs just another moment to overwhelm Zara with her affections. Then, they’re stumbling and giggling down the hall, pausing every few steps for more tender kisses.

"What did you say you wanted for dinner?" she asks, using her foot to close the door. Zara's still enveloped in her arms, pressed tightly against her side. Rickie doesn't plan on letting go any time soon.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Hurry up and get here.
I’m waiting downstairs.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Why are you like this.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
What do you want me to pick up?
Just got in the truck.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
You know how I am.
Come over for dinner, and I'll bend any way you want.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
C'mon, baby. Don't be like that.
At least come over for dinner.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
So you say.
Apparently, you love me. ;)
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
We'll discuss when I get home.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
... or not.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Sounds great! See you soon.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
My work day is just about done.
Put a cap on the double homicide, case goes to trial next week.
Meet you?
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Oh. Well, then.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
You have me already.
I meant for dinner.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
What're you in the mood for?
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
I'm not going to break up with you.
I'm asking so we can decide on dinner.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Your place or mine?
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
I'm not, no.
There's little in this world that phases me.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Do I have a reason to be?
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
I know, and I encourage honesty.
But, there's nothing really to be scared of, I promise.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
I scare you? Still?
Oh honey, I really shouldn't.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
What’re you scared of?
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
You can do that after dinner.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
We’re going to talk about this over dinner.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
You don’t need permission to be honest.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Good. You don’t have to, either. I’m yours.
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
You’re cute.
You didn’t actually give my number out, did you?
Erica Stone 05/30/18 Zara
Oh man, and here I was thinking some babe was texting me those sexy things. 😉
Erica Stone 05/30/18 You just... Nevermind.
*carries her to bed*
I like you as you are.
*plops her down, crawls on top*
We might have to warm the food up later if that's what you really want.
*squints, then smirks*
Erica Stone 05/30/18 *shrugs*
I'm in no place to judge.
*is definitely also a neat freak*
I like that you're...
*clears throat*
Surprisingly organized.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *picks her back up quickly*
5 minutes. Tops.
*toothy grin*
Promise. And then we can eat.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Is that so?
*takes tray of food from her, sets it down elsewhere*
I think, maybe I might be able to convince you to like me again.
*lifts her onto countertop*
We have a few minutes, you need to let the steak rest before cutting into it.
*settles in between her legs, pulls her into a kiss*
A little better, now?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 You think I'm that gullible?
*wags finger*
I read people for a living, Zara. Don't forget that.
*takes a sip of wine, so casual*
And plus, doesn't smell like there's anything burning.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *squints*
That's not fair.
*wide eyes*
Everything alright?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *chuckles*
Just curious!
*retreats, leans against countertop*
C'mon, babe. Let me just watch you work.
*huge grin*
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Medium rare.
*leans over her shoulder to watch*
The proper way to eat meat.
*can't get enough physical contact*
Soooo... just steak and Malbec? Or do we have a side?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *can't help but laugh*
I'd watch the internal temperature of those meat slabs, then.
*sidles back up to her*
Chef Peer.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *rolls eyes*
You're ridiculous.
*collects plates and utensils*
You do realize that we're both adults. I can feed myself if necessary.
*arches brow again*
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *shakes head*
No, I'm alright with you using my full name.
*forehead kiss*
It's pretty when you say it.
*so gay*
I just like being with you, that's all.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *snorts*
Everyone calls me Rickie, darling. I grew up with it.
*pours two glasses, offers one over*
Oh yeah?
*arches brow*
Who says?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Rickie.
You sound like my mother when you call me 'Erica' and it's unsettling.
*laughs against her shoulder*
But, you're right. Less gay.
*moves to grab two wine glasses*
Maybe. I was just told it was a good pairing for steak.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *follows, takes her by the waist*
I wasn't complaining.
Smells great in here.
*kisses her neck*
I brought a bottle of Malbec, and a little something harder for later.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *blinks*
*ushers her back inside*
Public indecency.
*kicks door closed*
C'mon, babe.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 *knocks politely*
*knocks again*
Little help?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
I'm heading over now!
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
I think I died a little inside, if I'm being totally honest.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Not your father, but you can call me Daddy later.

Wow, that was a lot. I'm so sorry.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Don't be gay.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Thank God. Never cook shirtless, I've heard it's a nightmare.
FYI I'll be over in an hour? Just need to feed Barney.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Upper or lower half?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Uh huh.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Well, I'm sorry to bore you...
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Oh my god, yes.
I was going to ask someone for a good wine pairing for steak.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Wanna try something new?
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Sounds great!
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
I wish that would fly with my team.
Good news is I won't be as late tonight!
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
You know you're important to me.
But, so is justice. And so is my job.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
You know I can't just take a day off.
If I could, I would.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
I'm sorry, but duty calls. Literally.
I wish I could stay in bed with you.
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
I was just saying that Barney will probably stay home tonight.
But, I can certainly come over, no problem. ;)
Erica Stone 05/29/18 Zara
Your place tonight? Sure.
Barney doesn’t do well with new places, honestly.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Others before you, Zara.
*hushes her with another kiss*
They mean jacksh*t to me, now.
*whistles for Barney to get down*
Erica Stone 05/28/18 He'll be fine.
*leans in for a kiss*
He's seen... a lot, trust me.
*winks at Barney*
He's a champ.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 I'm good with that.
*places pizza box on kitchen counter*
We can take a sustenance break in a bit.
*lifts her off the ground*
Sound like a plan? Good.
*marches straight for bedroom*
Erica Stone 05/28/18 What if I wanted to be extraordinary girlfriends?
*is really liking the new label*
What would that entail?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 *single nod*
Same page.
*lifts her chin with a finger*
Hey. I like this label.
*tilts head toward couch*
Now, can we snuggle and eat pizza like normal girlfriends?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 *nods slowly*
*brow furrows*
Take a breath, babe.
*puts hands on her shoulders*
Labels are good. What is ours, then?
*is so confused*
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Hey, hey. I'm teasing.
*reaches out for her*
Zara, pause for a second. Come here.
*pulls her close*
This is new for both of us, okay? There's no need to panic, you just need to talk to me.
*tender forehead kiss*
I like you. A lot. And if we want to put a label on whatever this is, then we should do just that. If not, if you're more comfortable with no labels, that's great, too.
*another kiss*
All I know is that I'm happy to be here with you. Alright?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Apparently.
*grumbles a little*
Sausage? How'd you know?
*totally heard parts of that conversation, grins*
Have you been like, stalking me? Doing side research?
*takes pizza box*
Although, I suppose it's something a --
*clears throat*
Girlfriend would know.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 *looks to Barney*
My poor, poor baby.
I admit, they look pretty good.
I'm not sure how I feel about you being my dog's new BFF, though.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rolled around in my bed so that my sheets would smell like you. And watched more TV?
*wraps arms around her waist*
Feels like forever since my lunch break.
*presses a kiss to her forehead*
I just missed you all day. Is that... that's gay, even for me.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Come here.
*waves her over*
You look cozy.
*might have heart eyes*
Watch TV out here with me?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 *practically kicks down door*
Thank God I don't text and drive.
*saunters further into apartment*
You know, I might just hold you to what you said, Zara.
*grabs a beer from fridge*
Want a drink?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
Excuse me? No.
Don't sully my truck like that.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
For God's sake, woman. I'm trying.
I'm almost to my truck.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
I'm already losing him to you, I can tell.
But, I suppose that means you're a keeper.
Barney doesn't play nice with a lot of people, honestly.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
Is that so?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
Honestly, what's the difference? Both have lots of milk.
I'm moving as fast as I can, you brat.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
What a lush life you lead, darling.
It's enviable, really.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
You're in luck, I'm clocking out as soon as I can usher Lyla and her team out the door.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker
Or both?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Bonnie Parker???

Great, we'll pack when I get home.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
Well, that'd make me guilty of aiding and abetting.
Guess we're both f*cked.
Time to give up my career in law enforcement, change my name, and move to Cape Verde.
Want to come?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
Are you trying to blackmail me? I'm offended.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
Although I'd prefer if you stay.
Still your choice.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
If you want. It's a free country.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
Hey! Still my apartment.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
Let's talk about the last time you tried to wrestle me.
How'd that go? Do you remember?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
I admit, that made me laugh.
But, I can handle my own partner.
Plus, assaulting an officer is always a no-no.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Public Enemy #1
Jared just asked about why my shirt is buttoned all the way....
Erica Stone 05/28/18 "Did you... is that a... Zara." Rickie's cheeks turn a deeper shade of red than when Jared interrupted earlier. She can feel the heat of embarrassment spread to her ears as she fastens the top button on her shirt.

"You're unbelievable," she chides, shaking her head. Despite the obvious embarrassment, Rickie can't help but smirk. Zara had left her mark, and at least in the detective's mind, that meant war.

"I hope you know you're going to pay for this."
Erica Stone 05/28/18 "The sooner we can... yes, you're right. Okay." Rickie's frantically trying to regain her composure as Zara climbs back into the driver's seat. Disheveled and discombobulated, she fumbles to re-button her shirt. When Zara offers to drive her back tot he precinct, Rickie nods politely.

"I'll see you in a bit?" she asks before unbuckling. She's reluctant to leave, can't quite bring herself to say goodbye yet.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rickie groans when her alarm sounds, head dropping forward onto Zara's shoulder once again. "Work is such a c*ckblock," she grumbles, equally breathless, "I don't want to go back."

She's being a brat, and she knows it. But, in all honesty, she'd rather play hooky, and just go home with Zara - something she never would've even considered just a few days ago. However, the barista is inadvertently influencing her to do things out of the ordinary. It's almost pathetic how willing Rickie had become in such a short period of time.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rickie is absolutely mortified when Jared's face appears in the window frame. Grinning ear to ear, he introduces himself to Zara, giving a small salute before being interrupted. The look on his face is a combination of confusion and amusement as he glances between Rickie and the woman straddling her hips. "Not a f*cking word of this, or I swear to God," Rickie growls, wagging a finger at her partner.

"Hey, relax. I was just passing by, recognized the red hair through the back window," Jared replies, putting his hands up defensively, "I'm just jealous you're getting some, Stone."

Rickie laughs, both at Jared's honesty, and Zara's rather crude forwardness. She presses her forehead to the barista's shoulder in attempt to hide how reddening cheeks. Her partner is beginning to say something about illegal parking, but Zara's already rolling the window back up. "Time is of the essence, huh?" she teases, returning her attention back to Zara.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 She hums in response to Zara's recollection of the day's events, too distracted by the way her lips move to respond properly. When Zara pauses, Rickie takes the opportunity to pull her back into a long kiss. "You know better than to keep talking," she whispers, leaning just far enough away for her words, "I have limited time here."

With that, Rickie nips at Zara's neck, hands wandering. What feels like all but three seconds later, there's a loud knock on the window, making both women jump. Rickie desperately tries to fix her disheveled hair before reaching over to roll down the window. "F*ck."
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rickie takes a gentle hold of Zara's hands, halting the downward progression. "Nudity in a public place is still a crime," she responds, guiding eager fingers away from her shirt buttons, "Even if it's in a parked car."

She pulls Zara into a lingering kiss, and shakes her head after. "Nothing exciting, really. Although we're closer to a conviction than prosecution thinks." She shrugs again; work is work, and she doesn't want Zara to get bored.

"How was your morning? What'd you get up to?"
Erica Stone 05/28/18 "I actually have a pretty good poker face," she insists, squeezing Zara's sides playfully, "I just can't seem to fool you, is all." She leans in to press a kiss to the other woman's jawline, muttering something about the smell of coffee beans and lilacs.

"It is, and that's exactly why I left my badge and gun at the precinct. Now I just look like a well-dressed civilian." She winks for good measure.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rickie tilts her head, as if to pretend she’s considering her options. She’s sure Zara can see right through her, though. Shrugging with feigned nonchalance, she consents. “Sure,” she says, patting her lap, “Come here.” A wicked grin tugs at her lips as she assists Zara over the center console.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rickie hums happily; just seeing Zara has relieved a great deal of stress. She reaches across the center console for her hand, fingers interlacing quickly thereafter. “There’s a deli down the street,” she responds, gesturing with her free hand, “The guys and I usually get food there when in a bind.

The detective had brought her own lunch, but she needed an excuse to see the sienna-haired angel. She’d grown attached to her, genuinely happy for the first time in... well, quite a while.

Erica Stone 05/28/18 Rickie's already waiting on the curb when Zara pulls up. She's fidgeting with the cuff of her sleeve, trying to decide whether or not to roll them up. Her lips spread into a wide grin as she leans down to greet the barista through the passenger seat window. She'd caught on to the beginning of Zara's Freudian slip, but chooses not to mention it any further.

"Good to know you're still alive," she teases, slipping into the vehicle, "Thought I lost you for a second."

Erica Stone 05/28/18 "Jesus. I thought you... nevermind."

Rickie isn't one to f*ck around with texting and driving jokes, especially when it comes to someone she cares about (ie. Zara). Hypersensitive, that's all. And maybe a little dumb. But, that's alright.

"I got scared for a second. Anyways" - Rickie clears her throat - "Carry on. See you soon."

Erica Stone 05/28/18 [Incoming Call]

"You better f*cking pick up, Zara."

Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
That's not funny.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Drive safe.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
You're the one who kicked them off the side of the bed.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I didn't throw them!
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Meet me in front of the precinct.
I'll take my lunch break when you get here.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I can't tell through text, Zara.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Are you being sarcastic?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I don't need sex to validate this relationship.
Like I said, I count myself lucky just to have you.
Whatever combination, Zara, I like you as you are.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Perfect combination of what? Sass and ass?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
None of my belongings are pilfered.
Oh. Nevermind, I get it now.
I'm good with pizza. I already know I'm going to need a beer or two. What better combination is there?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
That's true. I count myself lucky.
Don't bother with the real clothes, either.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I honestly have no idea.
You ex could've been a slave driver in her last life.
No offense.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Just so you know, the 'others' were few and far between.
And there won't be any at all from now on.
Big fan of monogamy, you know?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I find that incredibly hard to believe.
No one's born with your natural talent.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Don't usually have anyone to share it with.
Jared's f*cking useless in the kitchen, and I don't let the others stay long enough to ask.
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I didn’t ask you to leave at 5:30, did I?
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
Touché. 🙄

Zara Peer
I’m going to be late tonight. The DA’s office really wants a wrap on this case, so my unit is pulling late hours just to appease.
You’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like, Barney likes the company. But, if you leave, could you make sure he has water?
Please and thank you. :)
Erica Stone 05/28/18 Zara Peer
I spit the chocolate chips back in FYI.
Hope you’re enjoying my backwash. ;)
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *chuckles*
So eager all of a sudden.
We'll get pie another night.
*glances at basket*
I'd say we have enough food. For now.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *exaggerated eyeroll*
You're ridiculous. C'mon.
*drags her along to retrieve cookie dough*
Now, we can go home and cook.
*presses forehead to hers, whispers*
I plan on having you for dessert.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 The only thing I want between me and my uniform is your hands.
You're the one loitering. I'm waiting for you to pick a loaf of bread.
I'm getting hungry, too.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Please don't do that.
*slightly panicked*
It could really... It'd jeopardize my career. And my military status.
Law enforcement kind of puts a damper on the fun stuff. So does the military, honestly.
*cups her chin*
But, hey. I don't have any issue with you using, and I'd never ask you to stop if it's something you enjoy. I promise.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *rolls eyes*
Okay, pause. Ground rule. No cannabis in my apartment.
*doesn't mean to be a b*tch about it*
Recreational use is legal. For you. And it doesn't bother me that you smoke. But, it's just not something I can do.
I'm sorry. Sometimes I wish I could.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara. No hemp oil, for the love of God.
Do you just conveniently forget that I'm a... You're doing the thing again.
*mumbles under breath*
Anyways, I won't be pretending! I don't dislike wine, I just prefer other alcohol.
*pulls her close again*
Guess we'll just have to make up for the beer breath and wine teeth now, huh?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *shakes head*
I'm not opposed to eating raw cookie dough.
*laughs, leading her down aisle*
It's not vegan, so I have not complaints.
*squeezes her hand again*
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *smirks*
We're in the pasta aisle, but sure. We can get salad dressing next.
*bumps foreheads gently*
Vodka sauce, right? So, we'll do penne.
*reaches for a box*
Is that alright?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *puts her down gently, but doesn't let go*
So what? Hmm?
*pulls her close*
*presses a gentle kiss to her forehead*
*another kiss to her nose*
*last one to her lips*
I know. But, you live for it.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Barney's loyal. And smart. He knows when not to trust a hoe.
*smirks, braces for another flick*
You keep telling me to shut up, and yet, you're the one who's initiating the interaction.
*shakes a little more*
Make up your mind, woman!
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Excuse me?
*pretends to drop her*
It's my apartment. If you're unhappy, you're free to go home.
*shakes a little*
And Barney stays with me.
You can't even say 'not gay.' What was last night? So heterosexual?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *feigns offense*
I'll have you know that Jared and I have been Day Ones since the Academy!
*tilts head*
Okay, that's not true. But, close enough.
*wide grin*
That might've been the gayest thing you've ever said to me.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *laughs*
Believe me, I've been called much worse.
*catches her easily*
Ah well, I guess you're alright, too.
*tries so hard to keep a straight face*
*marches into supermarket*
Why don't you get your leaves? I'll get the good stuff.
*teasing wink*
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Hey.
Don't do that. I was only implying that you'd be picky if you were vegan.
But, you're not. So, we're good.
*pulls into grocery store parking lot*
Now, come on. We're on a mission.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *purses lips*
Okay, fair. Forgot about that. I was a little preoccupied.
I'm kidding, really. If I'd drink wine with you, I'd find a way to tolerate your unnecessarily selective diet.
Please don't make me eat tofu.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *wide eyes*
Why the ever living f*ck would you eat vegan?
Wait. You're not... are you? I'm not sure this would work if you don't eat meat.
*is only half joking*
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *leans into kisses*
It’s early for terms of endearment, no?.
*smirks, winks at*
General rule of thumb is 24 hours.
*squeezes her hand*
Salad is a side. But, agree to disagree?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *coughs*
I didn’t mean that. I apologize for overstepping your boundaries.
*glances over*
I never said I disliked salad. It’s just not dinner. It’s a starter, or a side.
*waves hand*
We’ll get salad, too.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Salad?
Pasta. I’m not a rabbit.
*clears throat*
Unless salad is what you really want for dinner.
*sheepish grin*
Whatever you want, babe.
*wide eyes*
Uhm...Zara. Sorry.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *suddenly self-conscious*
No, I don’t. I showered this morning.
I don’t stink.
*tangles fingers with hers*
And I said I’d drink wine with you.
I’d do a lot to you, honestly.
For you, I mean. And with you.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 *arches brow*
You like the grocery store, huh?
*laughs, side eye*
Alright, then. Whatever you say.
*puts truck in gear*
So, pasta.
*glances over*
White wine sauce? Red sauce? Bolognese? Your pick.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Wow. Original.
*eskimo kisses*
*can't stop smiling*
Yes, grocery store. Are you reminding me? Or yourself? Because you've mentioned it quite a few times in the last, like 20 minutes...
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Hey, yo--
*is interrupted by kisses*
*pulls her close*
You smell like coffee. I like it.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Uh huh. Say that to my face.

Zara Peer
Actually, though. I'm in front.

Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
You just like me for my uniform.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Safe to say, I’ve never been called cute.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Oh! Oh, yeah.
Be there soon. ;)
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
I can wait if you need extra time!
Just let me know when to swing by.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Yes, groceries.
I'm wrapping up, give me 20.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Make me.

Zara Peer
No coffee for me, thanks.
You'll be my little 'pick me up.'

Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Uhm, that's not what you said last night.
Are you home, or at Reed's?
I'll pick you up, and we can go grocery shopping.

Zara Peer
I'm sorry, was that too domestic?
I can also just send you my address.

Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
I work tomorrow, though.
You're welcome to stay in my bed all day.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Fine. For you.
Why don't you come over, instead?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Do you think I honestly drink wine, period?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
Wine? Who do you think I am?
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
You're one to talk.
Erica Stone 05/27/18 Zara Peer
I think you're having a more eventful day, honestly.
I'm making dinner tonight FYI.
Any preferences?
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
Read 9:35 am
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
I wanted to be friends.
From day one, all I wanted was to get to know you.
But, apparently that isn't good enough.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
Don't pretend to know what I want, or don't want.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
It might be. But, I'm really not looking to get played.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
Nothing, I guess.
I just figured we could start over.
But, I realize now that was stupid of me to assume.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
I don't have to, if that's what you'd prefer.
Erica Stone 05/19/18 Zara Peer
I'm not sleeping with you again, Zara.
You're in a committed relationship, and had I known, I never would've come over in the first place.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Because you have a girlfriend.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
No. Ice cream.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Admittedly, Rickie is in a good mood. But, she wouldn’t dare let Zara know.

Zara Peer
Yeah, maybe.
When do you want to go?
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Milkshake. And maybe extra whipped cream.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
No, no. I can pay. I’m a generous person.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
I passed out because of the blood rushing to my head.
You’ll “let” me pay? Wow, good to know some things haven’t changed.
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Well, you screamed like a little b*tch, so...
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Does it change your perception of me, at least a little?
Erica Stone 05/18/18 Zara Peer
Look, I seem to recall a very explicit statement about us not being friends.
But, fine. If bungee jumping will prove to you that I'm really not uptight, let's go.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I still don’t know what you’re playing at.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I’m not sure if I’m obligated to prove anything to you, though.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Not a lot scares me.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Camaraderie requires two parties.
If that’s your idea of fun, we’re definitely on different pages.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
My perception of you is based on observation.
Do you not agree that our interactions have been... less than friendly?
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Sure. But, your definition of fun is different than mine.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I don’t think I’m uptight.
I’m sorry you think having discipline is equivalent to being uptight.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
I’m not uptight.
Erica Stone 05/17/18 Zara Peer
Excuse me?
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
Last time I checked, you texted me first.
Sex isn't a form of validation, either.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
I think you'll be seeing her before I do.
Or, maybe not. It's not like she has all that much to come home to.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
The experience was mediocre, at best.
But, at least now I can kind of understand why Singh clocks so many overtime hours.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
Certainly a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. Bold, fierce, resolute.
DA's office is lucky to have talent like her.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Zara Peer
I work in law enforcement.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 A small smile tugs at the corner of Rickie’s mouth when Zara says the word ‘detective.’ But, she suppresses it before the barista could take notice. Squaring her shoulders, Rickie replies, “Don’t bank on it being any time soon. So, you’ll have plenty of solo time.

Just as she turns to leave, she notices a framed photo mounted on the wall. It’s of two women, one of which is undeniably Zara. The other is a familiar face Rickie just can’t place in that moment. They’re leaning into eachother; Zara’s hand is placed possessively on the other woman’s thigh - body language indicative of a close relationship. But, Rickie doesn’t come to the realization until she reaches her truck: Zara is involved with Lyla Singh, one of LA’s most distinguished prosecutors. To what capacity? Well, she has her suspicions. And they leave her feeling dirty and amoral.

Zara Peer
Lyla Singh a close friend of yours?
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Rickie scoffs. Forgetting her wallet had been an honest mistake. But, it's clear that Zara is otherwise convinced. "You give yourself too much credit, babe."

She taps her back pocket, and then lifts two fingers to her forehead in the form of a sloppy salute - one that her commanding officer would, no doubt, find offensive. "You're welcome for brunch, by the way," she continues, backpedaling toward the door.
Erica Stone 05/14/18 It’s all yours,” she responds quickly, gesturing to the bowl between them. She’s thrown by the woman’s seemingly genuine cordiality. But, in catching the minute change in Zara’s expression, she’s immediately reminded of her own suspicion. She’d asked this question before, but was given an unsatisfactory cop-out of a response. So, she tries once more.

What’s the play here, Zara?
Erica Stone 05/14/18 Eyebrows knit together as frustration begins to build in her chest cavity. She finds everything about this young woman irritating - her unwavering self-assuredness and nonchalant attitude, the way she can see right through her resolve, her high cheekbones and glorious smile. Ugh, stop it.


To both inquiries.

Very rarely am I rendered speechless by the sheer arrogance of another human being,” she states, indignantly, “And believe me, I deal with stupid sh*t like that everyday.”

With that, she sets down the bowl of popcorn, folding her arms across her chest thereafter. She’s internally screaming “Move!” but her muscles refuse to comply. Instead, she stares. Just... stares.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Rickie stands in the doorway, blinking down at the bowl of popcorn that had been thrust into her hands. Stay or go, stay or go? When Zara retreats, the detective follows.

Stay, I guess,” she mutters to herself. Zara’s apartment is uncharacteristically clean, and Rickie is almost compelled to comment. But, the compliment get stuck in the back of her throat, and is replaced with a strangled cough. Awkward.

Soooo, uhm...

Double awkward.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Admittedly, Rickie is pleasantly surprised to find the contents of her wallet untouched. She hadn’t left it on purpose, but Zara would think as she pleased. With one hand on the truck doorhandle, she pauses. Somehow, her feet develop a mind of their own, carrying her back into the building and straight toward the elevator, thereafter. She’s silently protesting against her own muscles, and yet, she steps forward, and reaches for the 6th floor button. She doesn’t know what to expect; she doesn’t even know why she’s allowed herself to be so weak-willed.

I suspect you’re looking for some kind of reward,” she grumbles, rapping her knuckles against the apartment door. As if brunch wasn’t enough, already.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Ah, for a second there, I thought you were exhibiting something called ‘human decency’.
Shouldn’t have assumed. Just like you shouldn’t have assumed I would willingly want to see you again.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
I’m surprised you didn’t just run off with it.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
You’re insufferable, and I’m beginning to regret extending an invitation.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Congratulations. The level of disregard you have for human life is unparalleled.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
No, implying that I have other priorities. A legitimate career, for example.
I don’t know why I’m justifying myself.
You offered, I obliged. End of story.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Case in point: you have no idea how good the Overland is. You actually should be thanking me beforehand.
I’m well aware, but don’t flatter yourself too much by thinking it was anything but desperation. I needed to break a dry spell. You were convenient.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
For the brunch.
What makes you think I’m willing to sleep with you again?
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
A genuine ‘thank you’ will suffice, actually.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Guess I’ve hit my quota for good deeds this year.
I should be canonized.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
It’s called charity.
Considering your “job” and your habits, I can’t imagine you’re able to treat yourself to a halfway decent meal very often.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Bad taste in my mouth already.
Don’t need you to make it worse, thanks.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Not in the mood for games, Zara.
If you really want brunch, I’ll be at the Overland in an hour.
Don’t feel inclined to rush, though. I’d like at least 3 mimosas in me before I have to talk to you.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Zara Peer
Implying that I’m your last resort doesn’t necessarily help your case.
I’m nursing a massive hangover, and I really don’t think I can handle a huge pain in the ass, too.
Erica Stone 05/13/18 Bottomless brunch. Tempting.

Zara Peer
It's Mother's Day. Don't you have better things to do than torture me?

Erica Stone 05/13/18 Rickie's bones protest as she groggily pushes herself upright. A lithe body shifts in the bed next to her, which isn't any immediate cause for alarm. She's been known to reel in the occasional lay just by milking the whole 'LAPD Detective' thing; yet, lately, she's been a little too hung up on... Zara. In that moment, to Rickie's displeasure, the stranger's sienna colored hair becomes all too familiar. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

Frantically, she reaches for her phone, which, as expected, has been flooded with iMessages, and missed phone calls. She scrolls past the blue dots, makes a mental note to text her partner back ASAP. She's searching for one message thread in particular. With what she discovers, she doesn't know if she should be horrified, or relieved.

Zara Peer
Guess there's no going back now.

Erica Stone 05/13/18 It’s 1:14 am, and Detective Rickie Stone is belligerently drunk. Her team had cracked a major case earlier in the day, and her sergeant insisted on buying a round of celebratory drinks. But, one round turned into four. And four turned into “too many to count.” Fumbling, she retrieves her phone from her jacket pocket. Numb hands and blurred vision are not conducive to efficient texting. Or to having a filter, apparently.

Zara Peer
I dint know what it is about tou that I find so f*cking attractive. Youre a b*txh and a half with the perosnality of a goddamn bear.

Zara Peer
I hate not being in control of how I feel. I find it to be just about as annoying as you are really.

Zara Peer
I don't even know why om texting you right now it just proves that you have some kindof dumb hold over me. Im goin to regret sending this but you know, whatver.

Zara Peer
You win. ok?

You win,” she whispers, head tilting back against the wall she’s propped herself against. The world is spinning, and her co-workers are much too loud. Only the image of the barista’s smile is clear in her mind. And Rickie absolutely hates it.

Erica Stone 05/12/18 Rickie doesn’t realize how badly her last text has backfired until a read receipt appears under the blue bubble. Of course Zara would take advantage of her folly. Rickie’s hooked, and the barista knows it. But, true to stereotype, she is also impossibly stubborn. So, she swipes her thumb quickly over the message thread, deleting it thereafter.

RIP to that opportunity.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You know what else is cute?
You, leaving me the f*ck alone.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Read 3:59 pm
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You obviously don’t know me as well as you think.
In my line of work, repeating mistakes costs lives.
Brewing coffee is a little more forgiving, no?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Safe bet that’ll never happen.
Not because I’m incapable. Rather, you’re just not worth my time.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Maturity? You’re one to talk.
You’re a 25 year old junkie who brews coffee, and gets off by being a public menace.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Read 3:29 pm
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Haven’t you ever just had sex with someone you despise, and left it at that?
Interest is not required for a one-time mistake.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I have no particular interest in knowing you.
So, thanks for the sex. I’ll be on my way.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
That’s not really my concern.
You were right, I needed to get laid. And I did.
I’m feeling much better, now.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I was trying to be cordial. But, since we’re being honest. .
Not really sure that trek across the city was worth those 20 minutes.
Could’ve done it myself in half the time.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Last night was fun. But, now do us both a favor, and lose my number.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Temptation, temptation. Rickie shuts her eyes, and sighs. To Zara's credit, she's persistent. And smooth. So, f*cking smooth.

Zara Peer
Once. And then never again.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
My entire career revolves around details.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You despise me, huh?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Truth is, Rickie never filed an official report. She'd kept the small vial of cocaine in her desk, and had every intention of submitting it to evidence. She just hadn't gotten around to it, yet.

Zara Peer
There shouldn't be a current conversation right now.
What's your play? What on Earth could you possibly be getting out of this?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I find that hard to believe.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
You're aware that it is illegal for me to fraternize with felons, right?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
I don't know what it is you can offer me.
You've made it abundantly clear that the extent of this relationship is you make coffee that I drink.
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Rickie stares at her phone. And continues to do so until a speech bubble appears and disappears. in the corner of her screen. This is a joke, right?

Zara Peer
I'm not interested.

Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
What exactly is it that you want, Zara?
Erica Stone 05/12/18 Zara Peer
Are you done?
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
How high are you?
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara
I think you need to get off my case.
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
I just deal with a lot of bullsh*t on a daily basis.
You're no exception.
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
There's only one that lacks enough self-respect to even glance in your direction.
Erica Stone 05/11/18 Zara Peer
That would make sense.
You're both raging b*tches.
Erica Stone 05/10/18 It’s been a while since Rickie’s seen that b*tch of barista. Funnily enough, she hasn’t even crossed her mind. The precinct has been so inundated with work that Rickie barely has time for the love of her life, Barney. But, a series of rather rude texts from an unknown number has her searching in the police database in her very limited free time. Of course, the name that appears doesn’t come as much of a shock.

Of f*cking course,” the detective grumbles. She’s surprised that Zara had somehow obtained her personal cellphone number, clearly unaware of the barista’s resourcefulness. She’d left her on read a few days prior, having no particular urge to provoke the offensive conversation any further. But now? Well, now she finds herself tapping out a quick message.

Zara Peer
Just out of curiosity, how did you get this number?
Erica Stone 05/07/18 New Number
Read 8:55 pm
Erica Stone 05/06/18 New Number
Excuse me?
Erica Stone 10/31/17 RS
"I don't know, I just don't particularly remember us ever being friends."
Erica Stone 10/30/17 RS
"Flowers? This is... a joke, right?"
Erica Stone 10/12/17 It doesn’t take a f*cking detective to pick up on the reluctance in Zara’s voice. “Jeez. Sorry I asked,” Rickie quips, “I was just trying to make up for all the times I practically drooled on your register.”

If she had been so inclined, Rickie could’ve found all kinds of information on the young barista with the swift click of a mouse. Even without a last name. After all, it’s what she does for a living. Instead, she chose to be less creepy and admire from across the coffee shop.

That is, before she tried to hold a real conversation with the woman.

Quickly and dismissively, she mirrors Zara’s two finger salute. No one likes an attitude, even if it has a pretty face. And a smile brighter than the sun. Evidently, Rickie needs to re-evaluate her taste in women because, as it stands, Zara’s kind of a b*tch.
Erica Stone 10/12/17 Rickie clears her throat. ”Detective. It’s Detective Stone.” The correction isn’t meant to be attitudinal. She’s just so exasperated with how her brothers call her ‘Officer Erica’ that such a reaction has become habit. Before she can continue, the barista is already slipping past her.

”Yeah, tomorrow - Wait!”

She’s not quite ready for this interaction to be over yet. So, the redhead takes a few steps forward to close the distance. ”You know my name, but I don’t know yours.” Rickie arches a brow, a small smile now tugging at the corner of her lips. Somehow, she’s growing comfortable in conversation. Maybe it’s the lack of pushy, demanding, impatient coffee drinkers behind her, or maybe it’s because seeing this woman outside of her workplace has brightened her day some. Either way, she gives herself a mental pat on the back for forming some coherent sentences.
Erica Stone 10/12/17 Rickie is tempted to launch into a longwinded explanation as to why she’s without her coffee, but instead chooses only to shrug. ”To work, yeah. Not, no. Not to the café. I’m already late. You should tell your mother, though, that stabbings rarely happen in broad daylight.”

Rickie will never know how that is supposed to be, in any way, reassuring to the barista’s mother. With a shake of her head, she reaches to pluck her phone from the woman’s small hand. Glancing down, her lips press into a thin line. Of f*cking course. Her eyes slide shut as she takes another moment to collect her composure.

”Good thing I’m booked solid for the next two weeks. This is exactly what I needed.”

Sarcasm is palpable in her tone as she pockets her phone, shattered screen and all. She presses a palm to her forehead, sighs, and then attempts a smile. “Sorry for the collision,” she says, finally, “I have to run. Sarge… my boss is already mad at me, and I…”

Her shoulders bob in a defeated shrug. “I gotta go. See you around?”
Erica Stone 10/12/17 She remembers. Holy sh*t, she remembers. Rickie feels the heat of embarrassment rush into her cheeks, and she knows they’re almost the same color as her hair.

Of course she remembers, you d*ckhead. When're you ever not loitering when she's on the clock? Jesus.

Rickie almost rolls her eyes in response to her silent monologue. She inhales sharply, re-centering herself. When she’s ready, she can only a sheepish grin. ”Yeah. With a ‘c’,” she responds, "How... I'm sorry I ran into you. I hope you're alright?”

She begins to reach toward the woman, but stops abruptly. Not okay. One would think that Rickie Stone, an LAPD detective, would have more cool than this. Sad reality? She doesn’t. At least, not when The Cute Barista is involved. It’s borderline pathetic. Her hovering hand reaches up to tuck a strand of red hair behind her ear, then moves to rub the back of her neck nervously thereafter.

“Day off?”

Erica Stone 10/12/17 Rickie Stone is running late. She's hardly ever known to be tardy, but today is just going to be one of those days. She could feel it in her bones - she’d already had a rather disastrous morning. Her mother had called to remind her that she was visiting in two days; not that Rickie would admit to forgetting in the first place. Barney, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, got sick all over the carpet, which, of course, she had to clean up on her own. Not to mention she didn’t have time to stop for coffee on her way to the precinct. F*ck today.

Her phone rings as she makes her way across the street. “Stone.”

A pause.

“I’m a block away. No, my f*cking dog… yes, sir.” A quiet groan.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m hustling.”

Rickie’s pace quickens; taking the street corner a tad too swiftly, she collides with the slight frame of a young, brown haired woman. She’s sputtering apologies before she can collect herself.

“I’m a f*cking mess today. I’m really…”

Her next words get caught in the back of her throat as she finally catches a glimpse of the woman in front of her. It’s the barista she’s had total heart eyes for. Naturally. That particular café isn’t even on Rickie's direct route to work. But, she’d made the habit of leaving a little earlier, just to stop in to catch a glimpse of this Earth angel. Of course, she justified it by saying the establishment had “good vibes, and good coffee.”

“Uh, hi."
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