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Heaven was done with me.

Earth was their punishment.

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Camille 10/22/17 Alright, so he's walking away. It's not the first time that the absence of warmth or understanding had cause someone to simply walk away from her. There were a great many things that Camille hadn't quite grasped as far as mortality was concerned. Things she didn't necessarily care to grasp. Her bluntness would probably never fade. The lack of consideration for others where she simply didn't understand. But when he's coming back at her, Cami isn't entirely sure he's going to stop. She braces herself for impact, certain that he's going to take a swing at her. But he stops. He points. He ridicules. Anger and disdain radiate from him like heat pouring off of the sun. There are tears running down his cheeks as his scornful words take aim at the small girl where she stood. She recognizes the notion. She had been there. The first Camille had cried, it scared the crap out of her.

"I'm... You're..." Cami clears her throat, shifting in her place. Her skin pales slightly, though a scarlet color begins to wash across her cheeks and nose. She isn't sure what to say, because she had never faced any of the others before. Had never had a chance to. They were up there and she was down here, but now...

"I'm sorry." The words escape her lips in a whisper, but it's all that she can manage. Her voice seems to disappear along with her fight. She can't explain to him how she understood, despite his opinion of just the opposite. What Camille understood, was that there was a war that she was expected to take part in, but she had exactly zero understand of why. Not how. Not when. Nothing. Death and corruption were the only things she understood, and that's only because she'd been on the losing end of that sword.

With a hard swallow, Cami opens her mouth again to speak, but instead she simply dips her head, takes a deep breath, and runs off in the other direction.

Camille 10/21/17 While her lips remain pressed together while he seems to rant, a pale brow plucks. Cami tries to hide the look of amusement that washes over her face. This guy was having a total f-cking meltdown. She understood, of course. But.

"You honestly think I give a f-ck why you were banished? Bah." Cami throws her own hands up, unintentionally mimicking the male before her. "You let that power tripping assh-le banish you to this sh-thole. You let him. That's on you."

She's trying not to fume, really. But if they were going to play who did Gabriel f-ck worse, they'd be here all day. "You all let Gabriel run amock up there like he f-cking owns the place and look what happened. We've all been cursed to this wretched rock and you're feeling sorry for yourself because I didn't ask why?"

Camille stomps a foot against the solid ground beneath her. "Michael is here too, you know. Did you know that? Guess why? Just one Guess. That's all you need."
Camille 10/21/17 She opens her mouth to speak, but thinks better of it and closes her lips together just as fast. This goes on for what feels like forever. Opened and then closed. Nathaniel stands before her, possibly having some sort of mental breakdown. She can't be sure if the laughter happens by way of irony or lunacy. Still, she takes a step or two backwards, putting more space between the two of them.

"Take it easy.." She mumbles, her hands up in front of her, "Remember where you are. Down here I can still kick your ass." It's not so much of a warning as it is... Okay, it's kind of a warning.

"My name was Qamiel. Now it's Camille. Cami. Not so different. Not quite the same." She shrugs, "Worldy languages took a while for me to get used to."
Camille 10/21/17 She doesn't realize she's grinding her teeth until she turns her head away to speak. The vibrant blue of her eyes darkens before the explanation has a chance to slip her lips. Cami isn't entirely sure what to say.. Because she's not entirely sure of the answer. "You're one of them." The girl's eyes narrow, "You know how you are. How you all are." Okay, she's mumbling. Maybe she's a little frustrated. Who could blame her? "Anything that threatens your archaic hierarchy which, by the way, is bull ****."

Now Cami focuses her glare on him, eyes still narrowed into slits as a step forward threatens to close the space between them. She's small, but with each of her movements there is purpose. "Something something crown. Something something new order. All of this bullsh-t about a holy war and you Archangels and your God complexes."

Her breath hitches, eyes once again rolling into her skull as they exaggerate her frustration. She was so tired of all of this, but a millenia would pass before she'd ever be able to escape it. "Gabriel was the only one with the balls to try and kill me. Guess the rest of you aren't as superstitious as he is, hmm?"

An ironic smirk tugs at her lips.
Camille 10/21/17 "I never said that I found my place." Camille is quick to correct him, "I made my f-cking place, because I had no other choice. And right now, it seems an awfully lot like you don't have one either." There's a good chance that the harsh reality of her words would just p!ss him off further, but Cami didn't care. If anything, it was a slighted attempt on her part to push his buttons.

"No one here's going to give a f-ck about your Arch-ship. What they care about is power." Her grin cracks into something a bit more sinister, "What you choose to do with it.." Her tongue clicks against the top of her mouth, "Whatever. Do what you want. Good luck."
Camille 10/21/17 "I don't have wings anymore." Camille said, bluntly. "I was kicked out. I almost died. Look at me now. Mostly human. Not a drop of celestial beauty to spare." Cami pats the kid on the head, the shadow of a smug grin tugging at the corner of her mouth. "Those assh-les up there aren't worth anything more than the b-stards down here. You'll figure it out."

Camille offers a nod. "Besides, there are a great many things down here that we'd never have experienced otherwise... I'm not going to go into detail, but... You'll get it when you get it."

Camille 10/21/17 Cami blinks, promptly yet delicately releasing the boy from her grip. How did she cope? The answer was complex. She didn't cope. She managed. There was no advice that she could offer otherwise. Camille wasn't the Angel who would preach acceptance and understanding, nor would she advocate for tollerance.

"I- Well. It just.. There's no.." She huffs, and the noise escapes like a growl. "I don't know."

It's the most she could muster.
Camille 10/20/17 "Hey, you need to chill the f-ck out.." Ah, Camille. So good with words. "You're freaking out. I seriously can't deal with you freaking out." Cami's hands land on either side of his arms and suddenly she's shaking the guy, her only attempt to snap him out of his impending anxiety attack. "This is NOT the appropriate way of handling yourself. You can do better than this." It was honestly the best way that she knew to speak to people who were like... Her. Be erratic. Be judgmental. It's what they did. It's what they responded to.

"Get your **** together."
Camille 10/20/17 Once again her eyes are rolling, and her arms are still folded over her chest. There's a shrug that happens as a result of her frustration, which she makes no attempt to hide. Camille almost never makes an attempt to hide... Anything. It's whatever. It's just part of who she was.

"Right, so you just happened here? No rhyme or reason? Of your own accord?" Cami knew that was bullsh-t. "I didn't CHOOSE, anything. I settled. Some junkie who offed herself with a lethal dose of skag. Figured it was better than..."

The alternative wasn't something Camille was prepared for during that stage of her life. Now, however. Well. Not completely beneath her. Cami detested almost all human life. This kid didn't need to know that yet.

"I don't know how to answer that. I think all of these meatbags," Camille looks down, arms dropping to her sides now as she tugs mindlessly at the skin on her own arms."Kind of look the same if you ask me."
Camille 10/20/17 Her eyebrows are still dancing lightly over her cerulean stare. Cami has to consider a moment just how difficult it had been for her when she fell. Communication. Emotion. Humanity. Then she wonders if he was one of the ones who had lost his wings, like she had. Or if he had as much trouble adjusting as she had. She's not going to ask though. Not even if she's dying to know.

"Young, yes..." Camille squints a little, "Where did you get that body? Who'd you steal it from?" Because he knows exactly what she's talking about.
Camille 10/20/17 The girls brows furrow. Her lips are pursed. There's every indication in her features that she's pissed off. But her breathing is steady because, let's face it, Camille isn't threatened easily. She almost never backs down; Almost never treads lightly or with cautious vigor. You'd think she'd know better by now.

"No one ever said our kind was forgiving..." She mumbles, expression going soft as a burst of air forces itself from her lungs. Cami's bright eyes roll hard, because now that he's gone and sassed her with some ounce of truth, she can't bring herself to turn away. "You're going to get yourself killed if you keep toddling around like this place is in anyway the same as it is up there."

And by up there she obviously meant, well. You know. Heaven.

"People down here don't give a f-ck where you come from. The ones that do will kill you to spite it." Camille's arms fold over her chest, "And yeah, Gabriel is a ******." The girl adds like it's punctuation. "What's your name, kid?"
Camille 10/20/17 On a normal day, Camille would have gone about her business; paying no mind to this boy. It's clear that he's inexperienced, at least as far as his time in the realm went. How could she tell? Because he obviously doesn't know when to shut the f-ck up. Like a twitch, her arms raise from her sides, and soon her fingers wrap around whatever fabric had graced the skin around his collar. Flaxen hair ruffles over her shoulders, hands muckled a hold of the boy as she flattened his back against a nearby wall. "You don't know what you're talking about." Camille spits through gritted teeth.

Then, as if she's just realizing what she's done, she lets him go- taking a step back while her frail fingers find the wild waves of her hair and pat them down. "Just get the hell out of here, kid."
Camille 10/19/17 What am I... in for? Camilles brow raises a pale brow over a deathly stare, Im sure I dont know what youre talking about.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/19/17 Caitlyn checks out after she speaks. In a whole other playing field of her little world. She shoves his shirt back into his hands, with that same alarming chipper grin. He looked skinny, so maybe he was grumpy because he's hangry. She understands hangry.

"Hm? What? Who's there?"
Caitlyn Darrow 10/19/17 Cait tilts her head to the side curiously. Taking in his actions, and blinks down to the pile of shirt at her feet. "Oh. Okay. I can fit this in the wash. " She kneels down to grab the shirt. Lips pull upward into a giant grin. " Knock knock?"
Caitlyn Darrow 10/19/17 Hi! Welcome to the realm. Would you like some orange juice? You're not shirtless, so we can be friends!
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