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Circe De Pont


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Born: January 03, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 16
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Home City: New York Mail Sent: 29
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Dynamite comes in small packages and I'm just small enough to pack a hell of a punch.
Circe De Pont's Biography
(Disclaimer: Due to recent events, Cici will most likely snap at you, insult you, or ignore you. She is presently trying to find her place and where she best fits in)
Name: Circe De Pont
Alias: Cici
Age: 27
DOB: April 1, 1990
Hair: Red
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Skin color: tan
Height: 4'11
Weight: 100 lbs
Body type: Slim and curvy
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Piercings and tattoos: half moon on lower back. Dancing flame on left side. Nose, tongue, and belly button pierced.
Familiar: Peregrine Falcon name Mako

Life had never been easy for the young witch. She had learned at an earlier age to never let anyone close. When they got close to you, it made it easier for them to hurt you, not to mention walk away without batting an eye.

Circe, though kind and soft hearted most of the time can hold her own if necessary. She made herself a promise a long time ago. She would never be someone's door mat nor would she be just another girl in a long line of them. She would make something of herself and leave the tarnish of her mother behind her.
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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
TokyoCafé Number Six
Created by Sixeriosix
RealmCici's Apothecary
Created by Circe De Pont
Soul Darklander 01/16/18 Leaving you a basket of cookies and ice cream. "Hope to catch you soon little witch. Need to play catch up."
Mordred 01/03/18 I wouldn't be as old as I am if the did. Although they really do hurt. *With my eyes shining in playfulness I slowly inch closer to you* Is this the part where you start running?
Mordred 01/03/18 Oh I am not that kind of vampiric fiend. The sun does not bother me at all. *At the mention of catching you I growl softly in amusement at the challenge*
Mordred 01/03/18 I am an old blood sucking fiend thank you very much. You better be careful or this fiend will be sucking your blood. *Bursts into a short round of laughter*
Mordred 01/03/18 At least you have a sense of humor for bratty witch. *Stares at you while smirking teasingly*
Mordred 01/03/18 *As I am about to respond further I suddenly stop upon seeing the teasing glimmer in your eyes. Growls at you playfully with the corners of my lips turning upwards* Why you little brat.
Mordred 01/03/18 *Shrugs my shoulders and laughs briefly* I would like to think that it is something I know.
Mordred 01/03/18 You should also know that I am an excellent judge of character. *Scratches the back of my head for a moment* Well most of the time I am.
Mordred 01/03/18 *Waves my hand around briefly and snorts softly in amusement* Hah the crowd I usually am around is no good and I will have you know that my decision was a well thought out one.
Mordred 01/03/18 *Gives a firm nod of my head followed by a teeth-baring smirk* I have just made a decision. You are the right sort of the wrong crowd that I should be around.
Mordred 01/03/18 *Throws my head backwards and laughs loudly* Well good thing I am with the right crowd. *Grins at you jokingly* Or are you the wrong crowd of people?
Mordred 01/03/18 My name is Mordred. *Reaches over towards you gently grabbing your hand and instead of shaking it I lift your hand to my lips pressing them gently against your fingers* Please forgive my old-fashion nature.
Mordred 01/03/18 You are welcome and please do not be hesitant in approaching me. *Grins at you before releasing a short round of laughter* I do not bite. May I have the pleasure in getting your name my dear?
Mordred 01/03/18 *Smiles at you gently then nods my head* Oh you are quite welcome. If you should ever find yourself in need of anything I am more than willing to render assistance.
Mordred 01/03/18 Welcome to the realm. I hope your stay here is long and prosperous.
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