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I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
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Created by Dr Van Helsing
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Created by Dr Van Helsing
Shayden Rayne 04/07/12 Mischief was brewing on another sleepless night inside the plantation house, bare feet hardly making a sound as she paced the floor of her room wondering what she should do to celebrate the festive weekend.
An idea slipped into her head, as if a thought whispered from beyond, it led her out to an all-night supermarket where she purchased a couple dozen eggs, a couple packets of egg decorating kits, chocolate bunnies, wicker baskets and brightly colored grass among other assorted items. She hurried back to the manor and invaded the kitchen, boiled her eggs and then took them back to her room to begin the decoration process.
There would be one basket per resident, each one lacquered with a black coating, filled with the red plastic that was shredded in a vain attempt to resemble grass, a chocolate bunny was tucked into the basket along with an assortment of eggs. The eggs all had a mask design painted on them, highlighted by the use of red, gold or silver glitters, and the name of the recipient was painted in an elegant script on the very front egg in the basket.
Being satisfied with the arrangements it was time to slip into her delivery ensemble, a black latex bodysuit to which she added a pair of black bunny ears, white puffy tail, eyelash extensions and a cute and glitter bunny mask. She stepped into the hallway and begin making the rounds, if anyone spotted her, they most likely would not be able to tell it was her right away as long as she was able to keep from speaking.
She went about her route, leaving a basket in front of each door and knocking softly, unaware if the occupants of the room were asnooze or not, and haphazardly hopping down the hall to the next room.
Damian Veron 01/16/12 *Nods in grand approval* "This is what we have been lacking for so long. A redhead on the home page. All is right with the realm now."
Katherine Murray 12/30/11 Dirt and grime covered the vampire as well as the latest victims blood, her dress was shredded and bare feet barely touched the ground as she bounced to and fro, toying with the female in her arms. The coppery scent of the woman’s cruor was a tantalizing distraction to those that had brought forth welcomes to this wondrous place she was just bat shiit crazy enough to return to. With extended fangs buried into the carotid artery, the orgasmic rush of fluid filled her mouth returning some of her lost strength from digging herself from the grave.

One voice was all it took.

Dropping the drained body, Kat stood still, breathing in the scent carried on the wind from behind her. Could it really be the past haunting her? The ghost of her own sordid history coming to roost as much as the voice in head had. She breathed deep, relishing at the scent of blood coursing throughout another’s veins, the hellspawn in her head demanding the attack. Yet, she held back and only let one whispered word to pass betwixt her bloodied lips.

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