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Lennox Orlav
Killed: December 18, 2018 at 11:44 pm EST
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Born: July 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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 Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary

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Tiber Loche 11/02/18 -laughs-
Donít worry. No membership required for libations.
Might even let you sing karaoke.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 Well.
I live there.
Naturally, that's where I stash my resources.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 My resources are limited.
Mostly to pizza.
Though it that happens my private stock of moonshine is exquisite.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 -spooks-
Jesus christ, you're like a cat.
Maybe a little offended. Especially since I ate a lot of pizza and beer and didn't extend an invitation.
... But I can rectify that.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *raises brows*
*clears throat*
No rush. Never any rush.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *nods along*
To be fair, innocence is a matter of opinion, isn't it?
Yes. But don't tell her I told you that.
She'll have my @ss.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *hmmmm's*
The Den proper exists separately from the cabins themselves. It's a pretty easy set up once you find the place. We've got every kind of brew you could want for a good wind down at the end of the day. Just steer clear of the kitchen unless you fancy some exercising of your reflexes.
Oh, and given the chance, you'll want to meet Adara. She's the HBIC. Don't let her innocent face fool you. She's one tough cookie.
Truthfully, I think you'll enjoy the place.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *takes the hand, gives a solid shake*
I enjoy noticing things. Life gets kind of boring when you don't pay attention, doesn't it?
*stuffs his hands in to his front pockets*
Maybe check out The Den next time you're in our neck of the woods. We're always looking for new.. Friends.
The cabins are quite spacious.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *waves a hand*
You must know what I mean. Certain people omit a sort of je ne sais quoi.
*raises a brow, releases a suppressed breath*
Your posture suggests discipline. The small indentations on the outside heel of your shoes might indicate that you walk with your thighs instead of your calves. Ready to evacuate at a moments notice. Interesting.
*points briefly at the mans torso*
You're not dressed as though you've just rolled out of a trashcan. I assume there's a watch around your wrist, tucked just beneath the cuff of your shirt. Which, from the looks of it, breathes quite well. We all know how important that boy band appearance is.
Maybe I just think my boss would like your face.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *eye roll*
Are flannel and t-shirts the international uniform for boy bands?
*shakes head*
Never mind all that. The Den, it's- Well I guess you could call it..
It's like a reserve. Could very loosely be described as a commune. Without any of that religious or cultish bullsh-t.
*apparently very salty about cults*
You've got an aura about you. Auras are important.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *clears throat*
Oh! Hey. I didn't see you there.
*slight shifty eye*
Okay, you caught me. I'm kind of, er. Scouting?
*shakes head*
That sounds way more strange than it actually is.
*pulls a small card from his pocket and offers it over*
I'm Tiber. I guess you could say I'm a representative.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *skulks by*
*looking kind of bigfoot-esque*
*trying not to look suspicious*
*is totally suspicious*
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 07/20/18
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