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"It's easy to be led astray when you're so broken."
Willie Aames
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Born: October 16, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 0)
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 20 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 158
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 32
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09/18/21 at 6:44 pm
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Naberius Reum


Dr Van Helsing

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Maman Brigitte



Strahd Von Zarovich

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Strahd Von Zarovich 08/15/21 Congrats on PotD!
Naberius Reum 08/15/21 *Shadows disperse from around him*
*Grabs wrists in one large hand*
*Uses bigger frame to press hers to wall*
*Grins wickedly as other hand moves to the small of her back*
*Uses pressure to force her body to arch against him.*
Mm. Look what naughty creature I found. Your face splashed all over the Realms Wanted postings tell me you've been up to no good. What punishment do you think you deserve, tiny dancer?
*Leans forward to brush lips with his.*
Pheenyx 08/15/21 Congrats on PotD
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/15/21 Congrats on PoTD!
Naberius Reum 01/01/21 The shadows whispered to him as he paced the room restlessly; bringing news of her. How he hated the distance between him and his Beloved. How he despised her chains; reasons for running from him. The loa mystères wanted to help, they offered to bring him to her without a price. It seemed that every time he gained power, weakened his shackles that Abigor wrapped around him, the Voodoo spirits had an interest.

Accepting the help, Naberius stepped into the shadows ...

stepping out behind Zahrah as she looked up at the stars just as she whispered into the night. His arms wrapped around her waist as he buried his face in her neck. "Let's not argue. I need to hold you, my love. Just for a few moments of the New Year ..."
Naberius Reum 12/19/20 Originally Sent By: Realm Ghost
Sent: Saturday Dec 19, 2020 at 21:16 pm EST
Subject: Witness

You witnessed Naberius Reum counter attack Zahrah Mubarack!

*Grins down at her, offering a hand, breathing only a little labored.* Come on, again. Ten moves or less. If I win, we start ground work. *Wiggles eyebrows suggestively, a wide grin.* If you win, we'll take a thirty minute break.
Naberius Reum 09/15/20 Naberius slipped from the shadow behind Zahrah, his hands resting on her hips as he brought her back to his front. His lips brushed under her ear as he murmured. "I see someone is getting stronger. Using that little boast finally?"
Naberius Reum 08/11/20 *Flicks the angry ash from the menthol stick.*

*Studies the outside of the dark Coven house.*

*Tension causing broad shoulders to stiffen.*

*Not happy. Pissed off.*

*Considers options. Growls. Turns on Harley boot and disappears into the shadows ...*
EtaineNightBreed 03/31/20 Welcome to the coven!
Naberius Reum 03/26/20 *Snags wrist, tugs close.*
*Grins, wraps hand in thick black hair to tilt her face up.*
*Presses heated kiss to soft lips.*
*Growls low.*
Missed you, dancer.
Naberius Reum 12/18/19 *Eye brow jerks up at the picture.*
*Glances around to make sure no one is looking over his shoulder*
*Texts back*

Woman ... you better be dressed for the
Yule ball by the time I get to Papa Legba's ...
Naberius Reum 12/12/19 *Restless energy flowed through his veins. He didn't know what was going on with him, but knew that it had everything to do with ingesting Corbin's soul. It was perhaps time for him to have Legba set up a cage match.

Pulling out his phone, he sent a text to Zahrah. He was still with Abigor, but was maneuvering his way to getting time off.*

DancerHey little dancer. I'm thinking that I need to show you the basement, seeing how I might need to use it, and would rather you know about it now and not sneak down. I should be getting away from A here soon. Wanna meet up and take a look with me?
Naberius Reum 12/08/19 "Reum!" Abigor's yell jarred him into motion. Fuck. He couldn't let his Master know that someone had his attention. It would end badly. Damn it.

Gotta go, love. Bring Badd with you. Be safe. Tell Nita to go with you.
Naberius Reum 12/08/19 Naberius raised a brow as her text came through, then a picture. A chuckle escaped before he could control it. Her emerald eyes danced in laughter along with a pretty little pout.

I wish I could come back sooner. I miss you. Don't get into too much trouble with Nita. And for my piece of mind, please, please stay out of the damn basement, would you?
Naberius Reum 12/08/19 The vibration of his cell in his pocket paused Naberius from entering the room behind Abigor. He stepped to the left, pulled out the phone and swiped right on the screen. A smile tugged at his lips as he read her text.

Sorry, love, work calls. I'll be back to Legba's in a couple of hours. Promise. What are you up to?
Mystic-husky 10/22/19 Not actually having met the women as if yet. She loks through the file on her till finding a reachable number. She then sends out a short text.

"Welcome to the coven hun. Key cards are in the doors, first and third floors are the Adult apts. Most of all have fun. And hope to see you soon."
Raven D Morningstar 10/22/19 Welcome to the coven! I am Raven should you need anything you can find myself or Ava.
Daxx- 10/17/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Virelai Tylwyth 10/16/19 It had been a while, a long while, since Vi had gone out and about with her little black book to greet the fresh bodies. The pages of that book contained, not names, but threads of a sort, strings of symbols that led to individuals, which she followed in order to find them. A handy bit of crafted magic if she did say so herself. And she might if anyone asked. They never did though.

She'd missed a few, their markings beginning to smudge, but decided before they vanished she would make the rounds of those that were still identifiable. It was a game she liked to play, you see. Chaos and courtesy. A little bit of give and take. Not that they'd know that themselves. One or two of them she had already met unofficially, but the rest were shiny and new. So she set off with this in mind, black book in hand, pockets full of little envelops sealed with a red spider lily in wax. Old fashioned and perhaps unnecessary. But who she'd yet to meet any – save one – to turn such a thing away.

She approached each of them casually, smiled pretty, moss green eyes gleaming, and handed them the envelop. Courtesy. “I'll be back for this at a later date.” She'd say. Chaos. Whether they did meet again was irrelevant and completely out of her hands. That was the fun of it really. Sometimes they would stop and talk, but most of them just went on their merry way. And that was alright with her. Besides, it was all to play for as far as the Realm was concerned.

Just another means with which to pass the time and that sort of thing suited Vi just fine.
EtaineNightBreed 10/16/19 "Welcome back!"
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