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Victor Lockheed eats sh-t.
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You were successful in stealing $1,879,987.00 from Elouise Warrock.

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Fiona MacKay 12/16/18 Irish are Better
Ah'ma di'.. aren' I? Goo' cha', Irish.
Fiona MacKay 12/16/18 Tang
Nae Mack, not Cam.. th'gen'. Th'male. Not Jasp'r. Th'Tan.. Y'r Feb. THA' arse.
Fiona MacKay 12/16/18 Tan-gerine
Les'en.. so ah'm'n London. Ran inta th'scunn'r ah smell on ye fr'm ti'e to ti'e. Migh'ave hi'im w'muh cane.. n'purpose. S'if ah disappe'r tha's why.
Elisa Stratten 12/16/18 Does this also make Hingle my b!tch? -plotting-
Elisa Stratten 12/16/18 What perfect timing. My husband died today.
But hey, what can you do?
Saito Eiji 12/16/18 yeet
Elisa Stratten 12/16/18 -Shakes off the excess water like a wet dog-
HingleMcCringleberry 12/16/18 Like I said, it's subtle. But it doesn't make you any less desirable. Sniff her out you say? I'm not so sure, I've heard she's kind of *****y.
Elisa Stratten 12/16/18 -Stands frozen in shock dripping wet, with a blank face.-
Like this?
HingleMcCringleberry 12/16/18 It's a subtle tell really. Like when you start to talk a lot and sweat just a little on a brisk New York evening. It adds to your appeal. As for Elisa, we have never spoken, so I cannot say.
HingleMcCringleberry 12/16/18 Methinks the quiver in your lip and the slight stutter in your speech indicates you think otherwise.
HingleMcCringleberry 12/16/18 Hmmm, good point. Come over with her and I'll show you how to properly do it...
HingleMcCringleberry 12/16/18 Bathe her and bring to me!
Synetta 12/16/18
Dr Van Helsing 12/16/18 I was just thinking, you look like a Call Girl I knew in Dublin.
Caoilainn 12/15/18 Go léir san fhuil.
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 Sinn Fein
Ye hungry ar'ye? Awrite. M'hands cut.. sh-te, pre'y bad tu. An' Scots isnae bullshi'e, if'n i'was, Irish woul'be as well.

Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 Incoming message: Sinn Fein, tangerine my patty ass.

Ah'm los' somewh're in this maze'f tunnels ye decided t'call 'ome f'r us. Th's place s'bout as blin' frien'ly as a roomful o'razor bla'es.

Yer bum’s oot th'windae. Muckle s'too a word.
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 Fenian
Aw, tha's righ'.. yer a bairn Or'nge. Fi'e, m'apologies.. Tang'rine th'n.

'ow muckle? 'ow muckle ye thin' ah'm worth?
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 Irish are Better
😑 Bi'e me. Ah dinnae wan' t'ma'e a bum. Tha's yer wheel'ouse righ', Or'nge?
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 Biblical? Minutes? Bite? What is her phone sending to Mackenzie to prompt such responses?

Irish are Better
Calm yer chebs, woman! Ain'ask'n f'r a bi'e. Ye fi'e ni'e t'ma'e a'bum.
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 A beep. The message is spoken. "And you're not even drunk, beautiful." Drunk? Beautiful? What is Mackenzie trying to say?

Irish are Better
Ye wan'ge' me minced? Ain'knockin' wellies wit' ye Mack. E'en if ye cawl m'beau'iful.
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 "Tex' Mack'nzie.." Fiona holds the phone close and waits. A beep. It can't find an entry named Mackenzie. "Tex'.. Irish?"

'Text Irish are better, sure.. what's the message?'

"Yer aff yer heid wi'th' Irish are bettah sh-te.." She closes her eyes. "Send message."
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 -stops laughing- Steroi's?
-scurries off-
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 -quiets-
-studies the Irish-
-frowns- Ah'm sorreh..
-lays on the ground- F-ck ye, ah'm not.. ah'm no' sorreh!
-cackles- Yo'r full'f sh-te!
HingleMcCringleberry 12/15/18 Can't help's so...firm.
Fiona MacKay 12/15/18 -fits of laughter-
-sinks to her knees-
-grabs Mackenzie's arm on her way down- Aye.. ah'm sure he was..
-releases the Irish's arm.. just laughs-
Fiona MacKay 12/14/18 -unaware of 'Irish are better.. or she would disagree-
-puts phone in her pocket-
-sly smile- Mack'nzie? Ques'ion if ah may..
-grins- How's an Irish lass blessed with a Scot name?
Fiona MacKay 12/14/18 -eyes twinkle with mirth-
-hands over the phone- Migh' b'easier if ye jus' pu' y'name an' number..
Fiona MacKay 12/14/18 Aye, ah ha'e a phone. Ah use voice tex'.. dinnae know how accurate it will be.
Malek 12/14/18 Pauses in front of the Vampire, cigarette dangling from the left corner of his mouth and smoldering away, sending up a cloud of acrid smoke to halo his damaged face. Iridescent eyes are squinted slightly against the sting of the offending carbon as it swirls and trails into them. Scarred features are fixed in a mask of innocent seriousness as he stares at the woman.



Slowly, he pulls the half-empty bottle of Wild Turkey up to his lips and, without removing the cigarette, takes a hefty drink, replacing a good quarter of the contents with air in a series of quick glugs of the potent liquor.

Slowly, his left hand lifts up and points to the ground behind the woman perhaps foot to her right side.

"Y'dropped yer pock't," the stocky lycan says in all seriousness. He stares blankly at her for a moment longer before walking away. His duty is done, yes?
Jasper Thompson 12/13/18 Caught like a deer in headlights, he has elegantly just stuffed an entire biscuit in his mouth when she chooses to call upon him. Eyes dart around, looking for what she could possibly be talking about while attempting to swallow his snack whole. In case anyone was wondering, it’s not working. Finally, his gaze finds the manhole over head and he points at it with a questioning look before the expression melts into one of dismay. “Not thith one too?”
HingleMcCringleberry 12/12/18 I had planned on making you...breakfast!
HingleMcCringleberry 12/12/18 Well then grab your essential oils and some aromatherapy candles! I'm on my way over...
HingleMcCringleberry 12/12/18 Yo baby girl, I heard you wanna mingle with the Hingle...
Aleister Carlisle 12/12/18 You were successful in stealing $2,597.00 from Mackenzie.

-fans self with cash-
"You should really empty out your pockets sometime, Red."
Jasper Thompson 12/11/18 The battle ensues, the lump convulsing and limbs jutting out occasionally, but he finally obtains the high ground. Sleep is very important to Jasper; as such, being awoken from it isn’t his favorite thing. So, with Mackenzie thoroughly locked up tight in a death embrace, all limbs accounted for, he presses a kiss to her forehead and promptly returns to his slumber.
Jasper Thompson 12/11/18 Glaring at his phone, knowing she’s right next to him, he types an angry message back.

Mackenzie Darling
Yoshima 12/11/18 A faint laugh crossed his face, despite chattering teeth.
"Having God-fearing thoughts now, huh?"
Regardless, he gratefully wrapped the Vampire's sweater around his hips, loincloth style. Like a good boy.
"No worries. God and I, we're not exactly close these days."
Gyldi 12/10/18 -snickers intangibly-
LillyEmperium 12/09/18 *grinning Lilly slips a bottle in Mack's pocket*
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 "You say it is gross, but I quite enjoy it."
-eats another finger full-
"To think, my mother condemned such desserts in fear I'd become obese."
Yoshima 12/09/18 Squints back. Slight smirk. "this can go around...maybe, my arm". He didn't have HD LED Vampire vision anymore. She looks strange. "A little". Oops. Did he say that out loud?
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 -stops mid bite-
-blinks more-
"This whole conversation confuses me."
-licks finger clean-
"Want to go get a drink? This would go well with a glass of whiskey."
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 "Me? Difficult? I thought myself a model member."
-actually likes the pie-
-a lot-
-eats a bit more-
"I do enjoy this pie, though."
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 "Aloof, yes, but the most delicious of the starches."
-tries a little bit on finger-
-makes a show if it-
"Yes, heavenly on the palette."
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 -blinks-
"I apologize. I've never had or seen a sweet potato pie."
-takes the pie-
"Thank you, Red."
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 -squints-
-looks back at pie-
"There is such thing as a sweet potato pie?"
-is too caught up in the pie to notice flirtation-
Aleister Carlisle 12/09/18 -stares at the pie-
-looks at Mack-
"What on Earth is this?"
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 Unknown Number
You’re right. It’s a risk I can’t take. It doesn’t even have a flavor! Play it safe and stick to pie.
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 Unknown Number
That’s why I’ll take the Marie Antoinette approach. Eating cake. Not the beheading part.
Jasper Thompson 12/08/18 His expression melts into something like a not-so-masterfully hidden snarl. Taking a deep breath, he collects himself, plastering a smile on his face that only proves to darken his eyes. “No, I can’t believe that sh-t...”

What a gross excuse for a man.

Within a moment, he’s shaken himself from the memory of Victor Lockheed, choosing instead to focus on better things. “Well, come on, then. Maybe an entire family, huh? Just for the fun of it...”
Jasper Thompson 12/08/18 His arm tightens across her shoulders, eyebrows furrowing in sympathy and irritation, all in one fluid emotion. Ecstasy, of all things, when she’s going to meet a recently scorned, childish ex. He can only imagine what was in those texts, and he won’t ask her to relive it.

Her drug of choice not being his first for such a delicate situation, reason number one being that she’s much too emotional, he opts to raise her spirits instead. “Bah, don’t worry about Ol’ Man Victor, he’s just realizing what he’s lost and lashing out. You wanna go for some food? Or just the simple act of killing? Londoner’s have always been some of my favorite people to kill. I think yes the accent...”
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 “Gentle, gentle,” he insists lightly, thoroughly hungover and paying the price. Still, he manages to pepper the side of her head with a multitude of kisses, glancing inconspicuously at Gray as he hurried forward and away from them. Probably for the best.

Lazily, he drapes an arm across her shoulders, following after with a much slower tread. “This just had to be today, huh.” He’s kidding, for the most part. Yes, any other day probably would’ve been better, but...

“How are you doing?” Jasper’s tone is suddenly more solemn, concern taking precedent. They’d been through a lot in the days since being apart, and now, they are about to jump head first into a potentially dreadful situation. He feels utterly sh-tty, and she’s high as a damn kite.

They are doing great.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
Make it 11.
I need to sort a few things out.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
So I won't be seeing you, then?
I was just starting to warm to the idea.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
[video messaged attached]

Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
I'm not going.
You can't just summon me.
I'm busy.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
Yeah, sounds good.
You go ahead and go.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
I don't bargain with terrorists.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
I regret to inform you that you're not the boss of me.
I'm not going.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
How helpful.
Victor Lockheed 12/07/18 Mick
What's this about?
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, good. You’re high.
I’m hungover and so, so close to death, but it’s fine.
Let me just... board a plane.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Should I just kill him now?

Mackenzie Darling

Mackenzie Darling
...unless I’m not?
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 Though her words are comforting, it’s a fleeting relief, one that he knows will wear off as soon as he’s alone. For now, he will hold onto it, breathing in the shaky truth before it crumbles around him, leaving him guilty and self-disparaging. The grief process is proving to be wholly unpleasant, he’s decided he wasn’t missing out on much.

“I’ll be home soon. I’ll leave sometime tomorrow, I’m sure.” There’s a lengthy pause after he speaks, hesitating to get off the phone and face his demons. By now, he’s blindly wandered into his old room, a forgotten bottle of whiskey staring at him from the night stand. He c0cks an eyebrow and takes it for a sign.

“Love you, Mack,” he reminds her softly as his fingers grasp the neck of the bottle, “and I’ll be back before you know it...”
Camille 12/06/18 Remember2Kill
Hello to you too, a**hole.
What's in it for me?
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 They have a shared tendency to deflect, and Jasper smiles into the phone. It’s a sad, fleeting thing, and he’s glad she can’t see it. “I don’t know how I am,” he speaks openly, voice soft and unsure. “I don’t want to read it. I already know I failed, and I imagine there’s only one thing she would’ve given me, and...”

He clears his throat noisily.

Carefully, he folds the letter and returns it to its envelope for safe keeping. “It’s so quiet here.” If nothing else, that would have been good enough reason for Gray to call him here, to not have to face the deafening silence alone. “You’ll be okay until I get back?” The question in his voice tells of his concern, and if she asked it of him, he’d be on the first plane back.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 After having excused himself from Gray’s presence, Jasper finds himself a quiet place in the dead compound - not a hard task, mind you - to make what would surely prove to be a hard phone call. For a moment, all he can do is stare at the phone, finger hovering over the call button. He sighs, and presses it to his ear.

When she picks up, they’ll exchange quick greetings that are, on his part, stalling what’s to come. It’s unavoidable at this point, and he extracts the letter, pausing as he works himself up to unfold it. “I don’t want to do this,” he laughs humorlessly, finally resigning himself.

“My *****,

I still wish you hadn't gone full lost the plot and spared my sister, but more importantly spared my jew. Either way I guess I would be here? What the **** even happens when an undead thing dies? I'm going to be down pissed if they don't have ciggies or gin up there.. or down there.. or whereever the ****. I, Spring Weed, leave you ****ing Victor. I don't know what the **** else to leave you besides your hobo even though he's already yours. I'm also leaving you my ****ing clothes. You better ****ing wash them, freak.


He manages to keep a level tone throughout, only pausing momentarily to gather himself once more. Maybe this had been a bad idea, as he wants nothing more than to be with her through this. “You okay?” he asks after a quiet minute of reflection.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’ll call you in a little bit.
We’ll read it together.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 Mackenzie Darling
Image attached
Spring wrote us letters. She’s also apparently left us sh-t.
Gray’s in charge of making sure it gets to where it needs to go.
Do you want me to read it to you and bring whatever back with me?
Nicolas Laurent 12/04/18 He blinks. "Yeah, we're just chummy. Just having a bromance like no other..." Nico coughs awkwardly. Nothing like forcing friendships down Nicolas' throat.
Nicolas Laurent 12/04/18 "Just missing the dad sandals, yeah?" He grins. "Fair enough, Macklemore...?"
Nicolas Laurent 12/04/18 Hazel eyes flick upon the peeping tom. "Everything is just hunky dory. Thanks, Mackenzie. Y'all have been a pleasure." Pause. "Has anyone called you Mack Daddy?"
Shara Faire 12/04/18 Shara considered the answer for a moment. A whiskey bottle seemed a peculiar place to find the name but at least she wouldn't have trouble remembering it in any case. "That's wonderful." She paused as something occurred to her. "You know, I think 60 Minutes might have said cults, not covens." Too much time on her hand apparently. This sounded a bit like a lifetime commitment, it would be unwise to make such a decision on a whim. There were questions and planning. That sounded exhausting, nope not doing that. "Alright, I'm in."
Shara Faire 12/04/18 Her coven? Her curiosity was piqued. Of course one hears whispers, this was new though. Perhaps it had crossed Shara's mind for a moment but that was it. "Perhaps. Tell me more. Does this coven have a name? Do I have to participate some bizzare ritual to join?" Both valid questions, she thought.
Shara Faire 12/04/18 "No doubt." As she listened it seemed as though for a moment she looked as though she might be considering it. Rule one, don't talk to strangers - too late. Rule two, don't take candy from strangers - who didn't love candy? "What a life you must lead to never feel bored." What the hell. "Tell me then, how can I be free from the boredom that I seemed doomed to."
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
Asap. Promise.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
As soon as I can.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
You’re making me homesick...
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 "Just can't keep your hands off me, can you? It's alright, I know what I signed up for. Have at the assets."
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
Blue’s always uncomfortable.
He called me shady the other day.
Shady. Me.
Fiona MacKay 12/03/18 "Cam? Th'righ'scunner?" Fiona assumes this is who she is speaking of. "Silv'r nae gold." Another hitch of her cheek until Mackenzie cracks a joke; Fiona's face deadpans. "S'now y'r makin' fun'f m'blindness?" A crooked smile. "Ah thin'ahm n'love."
Fiona MacKay 12/03/18 "'d rather na.. b't if ah mus'" A hitch of her cheek, Mackenzie missed her joke. Fiona's blind. What is she going to do with a parking spot anyway? "Great'r thin's.." A snort. "S'we e'ther g't rich'r die tryin'." Again her head cranes. "S'which'f th'three monkeys r'ya missin'?"
Fiona MacKay 12/03/18 "Well met, M'kenzie." Fiona stares blankly at what she can only assume are Mackenzie's eyes. "What're th'conditions." There's always a catch, isn't there. It isn't Fiona's first trip through the Realm. "Or d'ye fancy yerself a collect'r of interestin' people."

Maybe they needed their quota of disabled. "Do I get m'own parkin' spot?"
Fiona MacKay 12/03/18 "Kidnappin'? Children?" Useless eyes narrow and the woman squares up. "I don' ta'e t'hurtin' children but if ye need me to cut appendages from people, I can most certainly d'tha."

"Fiona. An' ye?" The girl's posture relaxes but only a little. Fighting blind is no simple feat. But she's down for a scrap if she must.
Fiona MacKay 12/03/18 "That why she a right scunner? Thought sh'might b'daft." Thin shoulder lift in a shrug then drop just as quickly. "Thenk ye f'r comin' t'my rescue. Thought I w's g'nna hae to shank'r."
Fiona MacKay 12/03/18 Fiona's head would crane to 'look' at the newest aura to arrive. "Rach'l Le'gh? Who?"
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 "I am sure you will survive." A hand reached out to give the woman a few pats on her shoulder. His hand froze when dancing was mentioned. No matter what, it always came back to the dancing. "Well, you are further ahead than everybody else. I like you, Red, I'm just better when I work alone."
Elisa Stratten 12/03/18 Mack
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 If Aleister were on a sitcom, this would be the moment he would do a deadpan stare at the audience. Never had he met such a tenacious creature. Still, his features remained unshaken by her sudden declaration of accepting him into her 'person circle.' "Pass," he said, simply. "I appreciate your enthusiasm in getting to know me, but there's nothing about me you need to concern yourself with."
Shara Faire 12/03/18 Chaos was inevitable, who among her kind or any kind could say their lives were without it. Few or none at all. "It has it's allure..." her voice trailed for a moment. " times. You'd be correct in your thinking, I do tire easily.. mostly of places." She didn't keep still long enough to bother knowing the people. "I don't like to be bored. Do you?"
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 "Gods," he murmured under his breath. Why did everybody wish to intrude on his personal matters?"You aren ot feeling the heat because I am not delivering any. I don't want, nor do I need, a person. I am my person. I am treating me very well."
Elisa Stratten 12/03/18 Mack
If there isn't spiked punch at this party, I'm leaving.
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 "Oh, you mean that." Of course his mind wouldn't instantly go to those he fancied. Typically that was the last thing on his mind. "Not completely. I've been with men and women, so I suppose I fancy both. Does that answer your inquiry?"
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 Aleister's lips formed a hard line at her reaction. She was finding amusement in his confusion over the subject at hand. Mackenzie's next question is a peculiar one, but he attempts to answer to the best of his ability. "Who am I into, hm? Well..." The man tapped his index finger to his lips while he thought about his answer. "I am really into Niel DeGrasse Tyson. His books are always phenomenal and he is quite an articulate man. I also am a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe's work." yes, those answers should suffice.
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 Now she was being ridiculous. The man's stone expression couldn't help but crumble into a look of pure disbelief at her insinuation. "A crush? What am I, in junior high? No. I barely know the man and I do not form 'crushes.'" His own eyes reciprocated the squint as his features returned to their statuesque demeanor. "I'm onto you, Red."
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 Her reasoning made the man snort. Psychic, she said. If she was truly psychic she would have probably been clawing her eyes out at what she would see. Cute. 'My reward, huh? Yes, I must say he is aesthetically pleasing but chemistry? We hardly spoke, dear Mackenzie. I think you want there to be so you can experience the chemical reaction, hm?" Lock onto her, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Am I wrong?"
Jasper Thompson 12/03/18 -...-
-lower lip might be trembling-
-wipes at eyes, like a man-
Thanks, that’s really kind of you to notice...
Aleister Carlisle 12/03/18 Aleister furrowed his brows. "You mean Nicolas? Now, what gave you that idea?" He crossed his arms, an actual look of confusion on his face.
Nicolas Laurent 12/02/18 The man sensed something was happening, but with careless nature, the man accepts the bait automatically. "Someone didn't learn manners in pre-K." The man saunters behind her with sarcasm flowing out of his mouth. "You're -incredibly- enthusiastic." And with that, he is lured.
Nicolas Laurent 12/02/18 "Nicolas. For some, Nico." He cants his head to the side. Hazel eyes squint. "Play with you and Twinkles, eh?" He stuffs hands in his pockets idly. "I'm sure we can make an arrangement." A grin creeps to the corners of his thin, accented mouth.
Nicolas Laurent 12/02/18 Nico eyes over Mackenzie. "You mean, Twinkles? He's a charmer." Pause. "But the real question... is do you?" He flashes a playful and sly smile.
Shara Faire 12/02/18 Food for thought. She'd never seen it that way but ultimately she had to admit Mackenzie was right. People killed each other, started wars with each other.Her answer had been facetious of course, even though she was sure heart disease was an actual killer.

"That's an interesting take, I'm inclined to agree. People are their own worst enemies, to some extent at least. Seems to be an inescapable plight." This wasn't the conversation she expected to be having with a stranger on the streets of New York. The distraction was tolerated, this was at least more interesting than the place she'd been set for. Shara wasn't clever when it came to words, but she understood. "Life itself chaos. People are born in chaos and unless they're lucky it's likely they die in chaos."
Shara Faire 12/02/18 "I don't imagine there's much to gain from such a hobby. Others though, well let's just go with to each their own." People found enjoyment in all sorts of peculiar places. The thought gave her the heebie jeebies, she dismissed it altogether.

She did smirk a bit at the next topic of conversation. "Well, I suppose if you ignored such call it would be blasphemous and I wouldn't want to contribute to that." Mackenzie was intriguing if nothing else. Typically people weren't of much interest unless there was clear purpose. This game, she'd play for now. "Leading cause of death? Boredom. Shark bites. Heart disease. Take your pick."
Leviticus Walker 12/02/18 The fist collides with his jaw and he makes no movement to jar away. Instead his eyes lock onto her face, his hands opened up in the air and juggled an invisible orb between the two. "Why would ya do t'at?" The voice asks. One of his eyes watering, while the other is rolling upwards. "Because wanker. She doesn't know who the **** you are." The venomous high pitched male-semi female voice retorts at themselves.

Then the figure, or figures in the vessel turn towards Mackenzie. "Ya mean ya do nay recognize either of us?" One of his own hands raise as if silencing himself. "My *****. It's me."
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 Mackenzie Darling
This isn’t about that.
It sounds like an emergency, I’m boarding the plane now.
I’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as I know.
Be safe.
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 Mackenzie Darling
I need to go to Moscow for a couple days.
Can you hold down the fort without me?
Shara Faire 12/02/18 A simple nod of agreement was all she gave. For a moment Shara remained silent as Mackenzie spoke. Thus far she hadn't considered that Mackenzie might have an alternative motive for stopping her. "Good to know. I'd be most uninteresting to stalk I suspect." Her visits to random places about the city were puzzling even to her. "Pleasure, Mackenzie. I'm Shara." She paused as though considering her next words. The statement had thrown her a bit. "Interested in ... what exactly?"
Shara Faire 12/02/18 Though she'd been gone several years the streets were familiar still, convenient. Shara didn't notice Mackenzie as she passed by, it was few moments before she noticed someone had followed behind her. Caught in her own thoughts, that was the norm. Hearing the other woman's voice her steps slowed and then stopped. Her emerald gaze twisted towards Mackenzie. "Afraid not, sorry. Those things will kill you anyways." Her voice was nonchalant, as if there weren't things far more deadly in this world.
Aleister Carlisle 11/30/18 "I bear no judgement towards him. I'm hardly in a position to judge, I used to run around in a golden speedo for money." Broad shoulders shrugged when his reaction was questioned. It had seemed the group of misfits he found himself allied with had a way of cracking that stone mask of his. A dangerous feat, but welcomed nonetheless.

"I think myself more of a Luna or Newt. I definitely have their social skills." Of course Aleister had seen all of the Harry Potter movies! He had to pick apart every spell, every incantation. Wands, though used among his kind, were not needed most of the time. Al himself owned one but only used it for pinpoint precision! Despite the falsehoods that filled the Harry Potter universe he found himself enjoying the books in his down time. He was definitely a Ravenclaw.

As she spoke of her connection with Jasper, Aleister would simply nod along. "A comrade in which you can trust your life to is hard to find. Not many can find one." Himself included. Trust was a luxury he simply could not afford in his line of work.

His own eyes looked to the woman at the mention of their iminent destination. Still, he continued on. "I know of a couple fine establishments in the area. If memory serves, the Morgan Library and Museum is nearby, too. I used to spend a lot of time there in my younger years."
Iva Herrera 11/30/18 I know.
-tosses hair-
-remembers decorum-
Thank you!
Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
No, sir. Not I.
Love you!!
Malek 11/30/18 Missed you too...
Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
Ew and gross.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
Yeah. Total Richard Gere.
Ten years after his death.
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Are you taking me on a date?
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You’re such an inspiration.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
You sure? The last member.. I could've sworn. He looks like he invented time.
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
That’s a really cool super power.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Glad she accepted that lame excuse. Had really removed the clerk at the gas station's hand for refusing her service due to her lack of identification to verify her age. With said hand, she flipped off the police officer. He came at her and she flicked her smoke at his face which then had caught his polyester uniform aflame and he ran straight into a building.. catching it on fire. Details.

Mack N Cheez
Compliments to Jasp and yourself for the new elderly program. I'm impressed.

Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
I may have robbed a store prior.. and purposely burned it down. Flipped a cop off. Some other things.
Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
Burnt a building down.

Mack N Cheez
They should have had one of those ashtrays up at the front!

Jamison King 11/30/18 Mack N Cheez
Me? Nothing.

Mack N Cheez

Mack N Cheez
You don't get mad easily, right?

Khellen 11/28/18 Mummy
Quarters provided by Sine Metu are, of course, lovely.
But personally.. The grass is warm and the air is fresh.
I prefer the open outdoors.
Aleister Carlisle 11/28/18 Just from her words alone the bond she shared with the man was obvious. Half a smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. "I have no interest in love, Mackenzie. It is a distraction I cannot burden myself with." And a burden he would never feel again; he would keep that fact to himself. "Interesting taste in underwear, however."

Truthfully, the man had not yet mapped out the halls of the coven so he was simply walking aimlessly with his new companion until they had nowhere else to go. "It's a short story about a witch known as Baba Yaga. I had hoped it would hold some hidden meaning in it's texts but, alas, it is but a child's tale."

A brow arched at the woman's distaste for his remark regarding the sanctum."Suitable is good. Right amount of room, privacy and the bed is heavenly." Was suitable such an offensive word? Or had she actually tried impressing him with his own workspace? These kinds of things went over his head most times.

"I say assume because he never introduced himself. I have yet to acquaint myself with the members of the coven but he seemed to be close to you. Through process of elimination I assumed he was your confidante."
Aleister Carlisle 11/28/18 Despite his pet name being called out, Aleister did not slow down. Mackenzie could catch up easily so why lessen his pace? The man's focus was on a paper with what could be considered chicken scratch to most but was actually Russian cursive. The looping of arms barely phased the man as he all but expected the woman to enter his space in some shape or form. Boundaries were something Al lacked for the most part.

"So far I have no complaints. However, a man I can only assume to be one Jasper Thompson approached me earlier, speaking of my 'talents.'" Crystal blue hues glanced over to the woman in a pointed glance before returning to the paper in hand. "An interesting man, to say the least."

The Russian article was folded and shoved into the breast pocket of his jacket so he may provide Mackenzie with his full attention. "I suppose we could go out. I do need to repay you for supplying me with a suitable sanctum. As for your question, pass. Ask a new one."
Camille 11/28/18 -incredibly skeptical-
The only reason I'm agreeing to this is because I love playing in your office.
I do not have a beak. You have a beak.
-huffs, walks off-
-but turns around and sticks her tongue out first-
Camille 11/28/18 -rolls eyes-
I didn't ask you to replace it.
I don't even care that it's missing.
All that means is you can't pester me anymore.
Via text anyway.
-squints more-
... Are you fvcking high right now?
Camille 11/28/18 I collect indecent photos of people.
It's called blackmail.
I've been known to print photos over many square feet of paper and wrap presents in them.
-cants head-
Oddly enough, I can't find my phone.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 He offers a cheesy grin to the camera as she presses a kiss to his cheek, gummy bears sticking to his teeth rather grotesquely. It’s only after the snap is taken that he finishes chewing the hulking mass in his mouth and swallows it painfully. “Fine, though it’s a bit like chewing a tire.” He shrugs for effect before fixing her with a pout. “You didn’t tell me I look pretty...”
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 He pops another gummy bear into his mouth, lounging against the wall. Humming something that sounds like a mesh of classic Christmas songs, it’s clear he’s indifferent toward anyone that might pass him by. Jasper is secure enough in his masculinity to rock lingerie, make no mistake.

When Mackenzie rounds the corner, he lights up like a damn Christmas tree, immediately holding out the bag to her. “I don’t know about all that, but this is surprisingly comfortable.” When she snaps a picture, he frowns gloriously, waving his hand in indignation. “No, let me pose, c’mon, do another.” Turning his back to her to showcase he cheeks, he offers a over-the-shoulder pout.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, good, yes, convenient.
I have no idea where I am.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Come get high with me.
I’m still in women’s underwear.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
I ate half this bag already.
You might have to save me later.
But I got them.
Also, who tf is Hubbae?
Anyway, I sent him a picture.
Again, you might have to save me later.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Between you and me, I did a loooot of mushrooms.
I think I’m in Camille’s room.
Do you think she’ll notice?
Who sent her a fuzzy bra?
She won’t notice, our dementions aren’t that different.
The panties, though... she might notice those.
I’m keeping them.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Omg, I love it.
The fuzzy bra doesn’t fit, though.
You got my dementions wrong.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
If you want me to open things before Christmas, you don’t wrap them as Christmas presents.
Don’t ruin this for me.
Camille 11/27/18 I draw the line at sending you pictures of my ass.
If you want to see the goods, suck it up and ask like any normal gent.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’ll save it for later. I can’t waste the blush without witnessing it with my own eyes.
It’s not Christmas. I’ll open it on Christmas.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
How could I not be?
You do my work for me, and you’re beautiful.
Utter perfection.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
That’s a... name.
Oh, good, I can exploit those talents at the Christmas party.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
I believe our definitions of pretty are slightly different, but go on.
Aleister Carlisle 11/27/18 Predatory as she is, it is obvious to the man her display was that of the playful nature. Still his crystal blue eyes followed her movement carefully, studying every mannerism. Thus began her 'mating dance' of sorts; an attempt to attract him into her home. First, she tried to appeal to his desire for power, a common practice used by leaders so not an surprising gesture.

Next, came the compliment. A soft snort would escape him at her words. "So far, so good." A stalling tactic. In his time Aleister had learned certain social cues to insinuate a proper means of softening up a potential asset before finally getting to the point. Mackenzie was attempting to cushion him for the bomb that was the fine print.

When their eyes met he knew they had arrived at the climax of their exchange. Once she finally spat it out he stood there, his eyes still glued to her own. Toned arms crossed over his chest, his jaw tightening in thought. Of course, this was all a ploy. That final detail was hardly an inconvenience to him. Aleister just wanted to leave her hanging a bit longer. A finger reached up to tap his lips as he broke eye contact to step away, humming softly. "I don't know, Red. You're asking a lot of me." After a few moments of silence he turned to deliver a large shrug of his shoulders. "Why not? I believe we can benefit from eachother efficiently. You may want to alert your members that explosions will occur from my sanctum. My work isn't the safest."
Aleister Carlisle 11/27/18 A single dark brow arched upwards as the woman began to speak of a coven. The word itself left a bad taste in the male's mouth. Last time he had been a part of such an organization he was oppressed so that he may remain inferior to those deemed the 'High Council.' They weren't so 'High' anymore being six feet under. His first action as High Councilor? Disband. A coven of weak witches relying on the power residing in a handful of individuals among them served little purpose towards his work.

Besides, they would never accept him as a true witch, so it was for the best.

Still, Mackenzie wasn't a witch. So far, she had shown little signs of smothering his intellect. To top it off the woman had a reputation that would scare off most, if not all, of his pursuers. "A tempting offer... and what would you have me do? I assume there are strings attached to such a gracious offer, yes?"
Aleister Carlisle 11/27/18 "So you do care? How intriguing," he responded in jest. Mackenzie had made it rather clear in prior engagements she found the man aesthetically appealing so her proposition came as no surprise. The two had exchanged flirtatious banter in the past but never had she actually proposed he go home with her. This was progress.

"No hostage situation? Or funny business? My, you know how to entice a man. However," his tongue clicked, "I have far too much work to indulge in such extracurricular activities. My last sanctum was discovered so now I must relocate and start my work anew."
Atticus Hammond 11/26/18 Mr. Miyagi
That seems drastic.
Atticus Hammond 11/26/18 Mr. Miyagi
How do you respond to nudes?
Jasper Thompson 11/26/18 Mackenzie Darling
Be there in ten.
Jasper Thompson 11/26/18 Mackenzie Darling
Did you want an answer to that question, or did you just want me to meet you?
I feel like a lot of time was wasted on that for both of us.
Camille 11/25/18 Legit Nightmare
Santas junk isn’t coming anywhere near my booty.
Leviticus Walker 11/25/18 “See w’at ya did? Ya de one who scared ‘er off.” The male voice utters with an annoyed grunt. The crowd of people were no help whatsoever. The jolt of feminine energy caused them to get speared momentarily. Wiping a hand across his head as he stood on his tippy toes stepping through the crowd. “Hello darlin'.” The disturbing charismatic feminine hitch to the vessel’s voice. They step over a manhole and pause pointedly. Their hands traveling downward to cover their crotch area as if they had a skirt on in the first place. The dominant hostile tone takes back control with ease, as his stepping becomes more aggressive in nature directing the body where it needs to go. “Oi. Where are you at b-tch?” They start to whistle for the one they sought, but soon after begin an argument with themselves on what her name actually is. “Twas Fait’.” “Nay. Mackenzie.” “Fait’.” “Mack.”
Leviticus Walker 11/25/18 This presence is weak within their bones. But there’s an even stronger figure that takes control of the vessel. Leviticus straightens themselves as their face turns level for a few seconds. A resting b-tch face if there ever was one. “Oi! Look what you did. Now she’s ****ing running.” The hostile screeching voice a few octaves than the male’s voice was able to carry. The figure scrunches back down with the squint of their eye as they start a verbal altercation with themselves. “Who in de 'ell are ye? Faith!” They start to chase after her, because she is the only thing they recognize.
Leviticus Walker 11/25/18 Leviticus ran their fingers though their hair straightening at the new figure near them. The gloss in their eyes shifting to something soft – almost nurturing. Levi, himself , always slipped into the others parallel. This encounter would be no different as the spirit sparked the blazing fire behind his gaze. “I told ye, Faith. Ye brothers can nay keep us’part.” Half of their face distorts as if a pressure pierces one side of their face. “Dey can beat me ta deat..but…but…” The opened eye starts to widen as it cast itself around the scenery in confusion. “Dis place.. w’ere is dis place?”
Jasper Thompson 11/25/18 Jasper shuffles into the office sleepily, a blanket wrapped around his entirety, and sinks into his chair. Staring ahead, he doesn’t really see Mackenzie until he sees Mackenzie, and then, he only yawns. A smile stretches his mouth oddly, lopsided as it is, and he points at her as though readying to say something.

A moment passes.

And another.

Suddenly, he snorts, a sound indicative of the fact that he’s fallen back asleep, eyes open and finger still poised in thought.
Aleister Carlisle 11/25/18 It was always a pleasure to be in the woman's presence if only for the fact Aleister didn't have to put on an act. It was tiresome playing the part of a charismatic bachelor to gain the trust of others. No song and dance was required with Mackenzie unless so desired. Her sassy response caused half a smirk to pull at his lips. "I always welcome a call from you, Red, but nothing compares to your presence. That is for certain." Hands dug into the pockets of his slacks. "Hope my dropping off the face of the Earth didn't cause you too much worry," he teased.
Camille 11/24/18 Ratchet isn’t a smell. It’s a way of life.
Aleister Carlisle 11/24/18 Azure hues glanced to the woman, holding her gaze but for a moment before replying, simply, "Red."
Athena Maximus 11/24/18 She sighed when she read the message. She was even more confused than ever. “Grow up? Creep? Mack, you need to give me some details here. I have no clue what you’re talking about.”
Athena Maximus 11/24/18 She wasn’t sure how she would respond to the name. She knew the two of them had a close bond, and she would be protective over him. Although she meant him no harm, she wasn’t sure how she would take it. “His name is Jasper. According to my friend, Jasper is the only one that can help him.”
Athena Maximus 11/24/18 She grinned seeing her response before continuing to text her back. “I need info on someone you know very well. I think I need to meet them, but I’m not sure why. Can you help?”
Athena Maximus 11/24/18 She sighed as she plopped down on a nearby park bench. For once she wasn’t sure what to do. Almost all of her friends were gone, and the only one left didn’t recognize her. “That’s what I get for going into hiding.” She mumbled under her breath. Not knowing what else to do she gave him a call, and received a request she wasn’t expecting.

She had made a promise to this person years ago she would do anything for them. She looked up to them like an older sibling, and she needed to do something. Fast! She gently pulled her phone out of her pocket and decided to text an old ally and yet another person she looked up to. She wouldn’t ever admit it to her though. “Hey Mack Daddy, I need your help. Text me back when you get this.”
Camille 11/23/18 So like. Do you screen any of the new people, or?
I mean, have you smelled some of these tunnels lately?
Julliet Swan 11/20/18 Piercing blue eyes shot upward to meet the unexpected gaze. A smile tugged at her pale pink lips at the sound of that distantly familiar voice. It was true. Julliet had been caught red handed, quite literally. The angel bit her lower lip ever so slightly before she would admit,

"What can I say? Maybe I have a thing for Jaspers. Thank you for making that issue evident. You know what they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem."

Julliet lit another cigarette and allowed it to dangle from her lower lip as to allow one last glance at the vampiress. With that, Julliet smirked and continued forth in her direction, her heels clicking against the pavement as evenly as a metronome.
Jasper Thompson 11/19/18 A grunt comes from the lump beside her, along with a slight shift before the snoring resumes. Great minds, it appears, really do think alike.
Caoilainn 11/19/18 Only if tá tú gránna.
Saito Eiji 11/18/18 About?
Caoilainn 11/18/18 Nay ginna buy me dinner first lass?
Jasper Thompson 11/18/18 “Heart-fractured, but not broken, I guess.” A forlorn sigh carries upward, his hand coming to rest on one of the rungs that had carried him up and down many times. “Goodbye, old friend.”

He might be laying it on a bit thick.

Turning, he casts her a dazzling smile, cheeky as ever. “Anything else? Your bed is calling to me, after all.”
Jasper Thompson 11/18/18 “Both, I suppose.” Jasper comes up behind her, offering a solid shrug to his quip. He tosses the last of his cigarette away, rolling his shoulders and neck as he does. Sleep has been elusive lately, but he’d do anything for his darling Mackenzie. “What’s up?”
Jasper Thompson 11/18/18 Mackenzie Darling
Require, or desire?
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’m more referring to the ones that aren’t carrying my seed.
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
By all means, kill women.
Just not the ones I need.
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t put me behind schedule, please.
You’re toying with my life, Darling.
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
Please don’t.
I need this one to go to term.
Jameson Orlav 11/12/18 I had a feeling the other men in your life weren’t measuring up.
Gyldi 11/10/18
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Of course.
Be there soon.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
You, me, and a bottle.
We need to talk, and I need to drink.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Your tastes sure have changed.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Recognize. What are you hungry for?
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Want me to bring home dinner?
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Welp, I guess there’s no point in coming home then, if there’s nothing to come home to.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Soonish. In the meantime, don’t miss me too much.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 “Don’t call my integrity into question.” The glare she’s fixed with is withering, as if he’s truly affronted by her gall. “I take care of my own, okay?”

His interest piqued again, he considers her unworded request, a smirk stretching his lips wickedly. “We’ll see. Maybe Santa will be good to you, this year.”
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Jasper plucks the cigarette from her mouth and puffs greedily, a curious gaze landing on her. “Okay, I’ll bite. What about them?”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 Extracting his favorite, he tosses it over his shoulder, knowing she’d catch it. “I believe it’s your turn, right?” He turns abruptly, facing her with a glint in his eye. “You know the rules, and don’t hold back.”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 Smirking, he rises from the chair and crosses over to the door, leaning in close as he passes. “You should keep better care of your things, then.” In her bedroom, he pulls out the top drawer - again - and looks it over. “Yep, just how I left it.”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 An eyebrow c0cks as his sights land on her, and he shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe. Why, what’s in there?”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 Love you, too.
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 I do watch the goods, I watch them leave every time you dip your hands into my pants.

Mackenzie just stole $40.00 from you!
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18 Jasper? Like the f-cking ghost?
Smells like a goddamn goat.
You taken to frolicking in a barn?
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18 You can’t banish me.
This isn’t a Disney movie.
And what the f-ck is that smell.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
You never threaten to cut me...
Jameson Orlav 11/01/18 You’ll have to catch me first, mummy.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
I think you mean protégé.
And that’s gross.
You really need to rein it in on these people.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Who tf is Jameson? Jamison? The new girl?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
That’s because you date sh-tty men.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Is he gay?
Do you not know how men work?
If I woo him and he’s not into guys, it tends to have the opposite effect.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Virgil. F-ck. Who names someone that?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Are you struggling?
Is it because you call everyone pet?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Jasper catches the head reflexively, his face lighting up with excitement. He returns the embrace before looking over the cranium lovingly. “This is perfect. I gave away my best head to the new girl today, and now I have a better replacement.”
Tiber Loche 10/27/18
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Luna Loves Good
Wanna whomp my willow?
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Bellatrix LeBabe
I’m gonna look so hot.
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Hottest Slytherin
It’s Halloween, Mack.
Of course we can.
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Madame Prude
Showing some skin is not the breaking point of virtue.
Come on, live a little.
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Rudest Prudest
You used to have fun.
What happened?
When did you become this?
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Old af Lady
Yes, you absolutely are wearing it.
Don’t be anti-feminine.
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Mackenzie Darling
Alright, spinster, we’re going out this Halloween.
The crazies are the best f-ckin’ part, so don’t argue.
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Mackenzie Darling
Slytherin, duh?
Don’t say that like it’s a bad thing.
Don’t you go outside on Halloween? I’m thinking you must not because if you did, you wouldn’t be asking that question.
Athena Maximus 10/18/18 She smirked softly, “Well, well, well, look whose face is on the most wanted page! Congrats!”
Zaynah Mubarak 10/18/18 Forever illegal. The Unnamed chuckles quietly and wondered if that too was a color of lipstick. Maybe the petite Irish woman knew something she didnt. "The pleasure is mine, of course. Maybe I will see you around sometime.. until then, safe paths."
LillyEmperium 10/18/18 Anytime darlin
Jasper Thompson 10/18/18 “You have the best ideas.” Jasper hugs her tightly, pressing overeager and overexaggerated kisses into her hair. “Wait, is Hocus Pocus on Netflix?”
W_Kat 10/18/18 Congrats on PotD!
LillyEmperium 10/18/18 Well lookie lookie who's most popular today. Congrats
Jasper Thompson 10/18/18 “You been on my mind,” the man sings - poorly, mind you - then stops, eyes darting around frantically before he just mumbles the next set of unknown words. Shrugging, he scoops her into a whirl of a dance, ending it with a dip before twirling her into a straightened position again. “Can’t stop thinking about you today, did you spike breakfast?”
Zaynah Mubarak 10/18/18 Solid steps taken, Zaynah stops before Mackenzie, head canting as she gazes upon the woman. A single finger raises to point to the wanted poster that hangs on a nearby gas lamp. Maybe the woman will remember her from the past.. maybe she won't.

"That is a lovely shade of lipstick.." the Djinn croons past argentine lips. "Underage Red?"

Congrats on Profile of the Day!
HingleMcCringleberry 10/16/18 I'm all yours baby!
Jasper Thompson 10/16/18 Mackenzie Darling
I can handle myself, Darling.
Right now, I need you to focus on your own predicament.
We can reconvene later.
Jasper Thompson 10/16/18 Mackenzie Darling
It’s going well, I’d say.
I think.
Jasper Thompson 10/16/18 Mackenzie Darling
Stay safe.
Don’t make me come find you.
LillyEmperium 10/14/18 *It was no secret they'd know each other for a long time. Nor was it a secret, Lilly was loyal to Mackenzie. Over the years, she'd learned to read her fairly well. Her comment about one day thanking her lucky stars, did stir a light chuckle out of Lilly as she raised her glass as well. Giving a light nod, Lilly spoke* To a bright future... *taking a drink Lilly gave a light chuckle and continued* Though if you want him neutered... *she gave a grin, slid a pack smokes and lighter over to Mackenzie* we could always have a bonfire....
LillyEmperium 10/14/18 *producing to glass, Lilly sat down. No she didn't wait to be asked to sit, she just did it. She'd seen this person before, years ago. She knew that look upon Mackenzie's face. Slowly she poured the glasses full of the amber liquid. Sliding a glass over she spoke*
yes...yes they can. The right one can make your world, while the wrong one can send it spinning downward.

*lifting her glass she took a drinks she thought for a moment *
so dare I presume someone needs reminded who to treat women?
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
So you’re not going alone, then.

Mackenzie Darling
I’m already here.
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
What are you not telling me?
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Do you need me to go with you?
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
...mind telling me what’s in London that I’m to avoid, but you’re to march right into?
LillyEmperium 10/14/18 *Lilly approached Mackenzie, offering an aged bottle of whiskey. The blonde headed often pain in the ass, looked at her for a moment before she spoke * come.... Drink... Plot whatever look like you want to plot against someone....
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Got it. No trips to dreary f-cking London.
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t really have a reason to, why, what’s up?
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Mick
Read 11:51pm
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Mick
I'm capable of plenty of things.
You're probably right.
I've got this thing for people who might stab me in the heart at any moment.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Mick
Sympathetic, actually.
You should probably text him or something.
You know. Throw him a bone.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Mick
My words, not yours.
Also, Gray sends his regards.
He won't stop talking about you.
I think he has a crush.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Mick
At least it was a big drone.
Camille 10/12/18 when will she die
Disobedience isn't a good look on anyone.
Camille 10/12/18 FWD: [Elouise Warrock]

Never mind that she's not wrong.
I thought you were having her taken care of ((((:
Jasper Thompson 10/11/18 Do I? Do I wound you?
Because I’ve been waiting for you.
Haven’t touched a single mushroom.
You wound me.
Darcy Astor 10/06/18 Years and years, love.
Couldn't risk squandering it on someone unworthy.
Darcy Astor 10/06/18 Oh, but daaahling, I am impressed.
It's simply impressive how you fit so much (s)ass into suuuch an itty, bitty package. Mindboggling, truly.
Darcy Astor 10/06/18 Isn't that sweet? A cheap date.
You gotta do better, if you're gonna woo me.
Darcy Astor 10/06/18 Careful. Don't make promises you can't keep.
I'm about as emotionally stable as an Ikea table, love.
Wouldn't want regrets when I call.
Darcy Astor 10/06/18 Aww, how cute.
You smell like drama and a headache.
I like it.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 You’re lucky I love you. I’m feeling a strong urge to break my piggy bank so I can get all my money back.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 I’m not touchy. And no one’s coddling me. Except maybe you. And Gray.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 I’m not a charity case. I can get by on my own.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 Could you, like, stop stealing all my money?
How am I supposed to live, Mackenzie.
Adara Litvinova 10/03/18 -tries hard to not make a gag face-
-probably fails-

You'd do better offering steaks or just a cow. A cow for all the Irish in the Den...that seems fair.
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Whaaaat? I’m already wearing my Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt.
En route to you.
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
...without me??
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Christ, why did you have it up that loud?
Getting old?
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I don’t hear anything anymore.
What are you referring to?
Adara Litvinova 09/30/18 Hey neighbor! I have questions. -blinks- How does this neighbor thing work? Do I get to borrow a cup of sugar and you... drink all my good Irish whiskey?
Jasper Thompson 09/28/18 He waits, picking idly at a spot on his finger. The rustling that serves as elevator music is completely normal and healthy. She’s just processing.

I’m on my way.

He checks the clock, mentally noting her arrival time. “I’ll meet you at the airport.” What else is there to say? Best to save it for when they’re together. “Love you, Mack.”
Jasper Thompson 09/28/18 “‘Fraid you’re stuck with me,” he laughs lowly, hating what he has to tell her but not willing for her to hear it from anyone else. “I think you need to come to Moscow. If you want me to come back so I can travel with you, I will.”

He’s stalling, and it’s blatantly obvious. Leaning against the counter for support, Jasper looks up the ceiling, squeezes his eyes shut, and wills the words. “Spring is dead. I don’t know what happened. She just... died. She knew it was coming, as she seems to have made out a will.”
Jasper Thompson 09/28/18 Retreating into the bathroom of Gray’s slice of Death, he breathes a loose sigh. This is the part of his day he’d been dreading the most, and with good reason. Jasper hates being the bearer of bad news.

His thumb hovers over the call button before he punches the bridge of his nose, hits it, and presses the phone to his ear. It rings. And rings. F-ck, that ring.

When she inevitably picks up, he’ll greet her normally as possible. “Hey, my beautiful darling,” he coos, a lack of conviction in his tone, “I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner. It’s... listen, we need to talk...”
Jace Remington 09/28/18 I think I'm in love. Where have you been all my life?
Jace Remington 09/25/18 I aim to please. If you don't recognize the reference, I will be terribly disappointed.
Adara Litvinova 09/25/18 -blows kiss- Köszönöm!
Jasper Thompson 09/24/18 “You’re absolutely right, I’m allowed,” he smirks, sitting back in his own chair, “it goes both ways, remember. And you’ve been robbing me dry.”
Gideon Abernathy 09/23/18 Freedom is one’s own creation.
Mine just so happens to be right on the cusp of captivity.
Gideon Abernathy 09/23/18 Did you miss me that much, that you’re making up images of my face?
Wanted posters, really?
Gideon Abernathy 09/23/18 I believe that’s a sign of insanity.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Jasper scoops her up and presses fleeting kisses to her hair, not even minding the clear ulterior motive. “As my potential future wife, you’re entitled to everything I have, right?” The man smirks, ushering her inside and shutting the door behind them. “Let’s go, let’s go, I’m starving.”
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’m two blocks away.
Let me in, I forgot my key.
We can work on that.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
You make me want to be a better man.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t I know that, it’s just that the person I am lacks the patience and planning.
And you brought me dinner?
Darling, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were in love with me.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
Darling, sweetest beauty, do forgive me, I’ve been distracted.
I’m on my way over now.
Jace Remington 09/20/18 Well-spoken sadist? Half right, I'll give you that, Cat. Hans Gruber, at your service.
Jasper Thompson 09/16/18 Mackenzie Darling
You can’t have your cake and eat it, too, darling.
Meaning if I have to get rid of mine, you have to get rid of yours.
Jewel Saxton 09/15/18 Perhaps? I mean, does she look the type to cry while rocking in place? Sure! But you know? It's one of her endearing qualities that just makes her special.
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Darling, I look like a hairless rodent. I truly believe you would not be flaunting this look yourself.
That’s wonderful, and you know it’s absolutely reciprocated, but “the enemy” is super hot, and when my hair grow back, it’s. f-cking. on.
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t insult me. I can’t be that vain.
Tell me what, now?
Khellen 09/14/18 One day it will be me protecting you, since I will be so much stronk. Then we will all rejoice over the lack of interventions!
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Perfect, then you won’t mind if I slip off into oblivion while this sh-t grows back.
I’m not free until this sh-t grows back.
Khellen 09/14/18 Take away the down feathers. Not just hers- everyone's. More restrictions. More regulations. More training. No one will compete with me.
LillyEmperium 09/14/18 Shall have to search that one out.... Poor thong
Jameson Orlav 09/14/18 Ugh, well. In my personal opinion, it's not entirely becoming. Though it's more unfamiliar than anything else.
-tiny snarl-
A new plaything, perhaps?
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Actually, that tells me all I need to know. He basically fills in the slot that any common, one night stand could do. It’s a shame, he should cuddle you more.
Yes, he is, but he’s mine. I take what I can get. Not like anyone else will have me in this condition.
It’s your discomfort, not mine.
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Honestly, then, what is that Redcoat for?
If you need to, you can borrow Gray.
I’m going to be feeling like a pin cushion anyway.
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
You dirty, lying, betraying sk-nk.
It doesn’t matter, though, because it was mine, for me, and no one else.
I hope you got your fill of me, I’m not coming out of this cave until it grows back.
Jasper Thompson 09/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
...I look gross.
[Image Attached]

Mackenzie Darling
And my hair. 😫
Jameson Orlav 09/14/18 -eyes skeptically-
There's an... Unfamiliar smell about you...
Jasper Thompson 09/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
Shucks. Are you trying to woo me? Because it’s working.
Jasper Thompson 09/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
As if you even have to ask.
You’re my number one everything.
Gideon Abernathy 09/13/18 New Best Friend, were you jealous? Is that why you had to put on pretty robes again?
You could’ve just asked to try on mine, you know.
Since we share everything now.
Jace Remington 09/12/18 You don't look like a Katherine. I'll call you Cat. What's life without a few claws and a bit of pain?
Jace Remington 09/12/18 Adorable furry terrorists! Onto more important things, what is your name?
Katherine Murray 09/12/18 Wee Irish
Soon. I just happen to be in New York.
And I have a mighty thirst for gossip and booze.
Though, not that weak stuff you Irish drink.
Time and place, I will be there.
Jasper comes too.
Jace Remington 09/12/18 Cats are great, aren't they?
Atticus Hammond 09/12/18 Mr. Miyagi
I'd have you know, madame, I'm the only one who loads the dishwasher and shops in outlets outside of Kmart. THANK YOU.
Atticus Hammond 09/12/18 Mr. Miyagi
I feel like you're discriminating against me based upon my gender.
Men have rights too.
Jace Remington 09/12/18
Atticus Hammond 09/12/18 Mr. Miyagi
Is being dead on the inside 100% of the time, and being undead like 25% of the time earn me enough credit to come with you to the dark side?
Jace Remington 09/12/18
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
With my track record, there is a very likely chance that I’ll be single and you won’t be. So please, if that happens, don’t eat my cats.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
Fine. But next time, just let me b-tch and become a spinster.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
When do you become my voice of reason?
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
You know how I did it, like a petty b-tch.
It’s fine. I’ll handle it.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
I told him we were going home.
And I didn’t follow after when he walked away.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
I don’t want him to beg on his knees. Some f-cking acknowledgment would be nice though.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
No, he just seems to think that I’ve done something to offend him and thinks he’s above having to right his wrongs.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
No, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
Turns out I hate men, too.
I’m going to be an old spinster.
Maybe cats will love me.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
You always were rebellious.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
Stop sucking my fun, you fun sucker!
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
Hmm, probably true. I fear you and hate people with you.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
I really don’t know why everyone likes you more than me.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
He did.
I don’t think he likes me much. :(
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
Ah, good ole Lobster Back.
Tell him I miss him.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
You just haven’t seen my pretty Jew from the right angle.
He’s really quite stunning.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
I do love a good piece of eye candy.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
...that sounds utterly beautiful.
Temptation, thy name is...?
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
You’re always my knight.
[Location attached]
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
I don’t know, I’m somewhere in a swamp.
Gray lied to me about something important.
I’m currently setting trees on fire.
I’m an emotional b!tch and need my darling.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mack
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Brilliant, as ever.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Bah, f-ck me. I’m sorry, Mack. I’ve been too self-involved.
You can have both my ears. What’s up?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Beautiful. You’re a beautiful mastermind.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Ditto, you beautiful f-cking b-tch.
Somewhere ruralish, where there’s no one to pry and where I can take my sweet goddamn time.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You’ve always been my knight in shining armor.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’ll try not to find offense in that.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I never thought you were.
And, for the sake of clarity, I’m a wonderful husband to the right woman.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You and me against the world.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Agreed. After this, I’m done.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You take mine, I take yours.
It’s in the rules.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I have one. So now we can just not worry and have fun.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Is that a gay joke?
Listen, he’s learning.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I know, isn’t he pretty?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Whatever you need.
...but you’ll never forget.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Lie? To you? I can’t.
Live with this truth.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
And I’m telling you, he’s absolutely not.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, I’m sorry, you just wanted me to tell you in explicit detail?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Love you infinitely more.
And absolutely not, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Please, for me.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Show me that rule book, I don’t remember threatening your Redcoat.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You know, it’s actually never come up in conversation.
Remember that thing about playing nice though?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Mack... what is that? What are you doing?
You’re upset?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Gray Taylor is f-cking someone.
It’s me.
He’s here to. Play nice.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You want to hear some tea before you get here?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
They hate everyone equally.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
When shall I expect you? I’ll have to put on pants.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
You have my heart, after all.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
Are you offering yourself to me?
I’ll make you breakfast in the morning, I’m not that terrible.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
Ah, yes.
“This is my friend, he likes d-ck and flirting with felonies, he’s a great catch.”
Maybe we should wait until after this blows over, yeah?
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
It was a bar fight.
Dude pulled a gun on me.
I lost my temper.
He didn’t make it out of surgery.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
Seriously? F-ck New Orleans.
I’m never coming back.
One random dude dies, and it’s the end of the f-cking world.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
Well, I’m stuck here until the trial is over.
And I’m losing my f-cking mind. Come keep me out of trouble for a couple days?
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
I don’t know if there will be?
There’s a chance it might get thrown out.
But cops don’t like me.
You know, because of the person that I am.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’m in New Orleans.
I may have landed some legal trouble.
Don’t freak out.
Jasper Thompson 08/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Miss you. 🖤
Jasper Thompson 08/25/18 Mackenzie Darling
That sounds wildly unappetizing, what does he taste like? Is it good? Spicy, perhaps?
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Inwardly, Jasper groans; leave it to f-cking Mackenzie. “Just what I need, to be the new guy who assesses everyone’s intimate lives. I’m off to a wonderful start.”

There would undoubtedly be backlash for this faux pas.

Focusing in on something else, he gestures to the movie with his cigarette hand. “This isn’t even when Heath Ledger was hot. I hate his Fabio look, it’s an insult.”
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 He snorts, sticking his tongue out in a disgusted manner. “I would not, that f-cking lead dude is so unbearable. I never knew an actor could be so ugly and so terrible, all in one. Like, what’s his selling point?”

Jasper laughs at her assessment, taking two large swigs in succession before responding. “He doesn’t seem that bad, really. He just needs a good lay or two, get things loosened back up.” Pondering deliberately, he considers his friend before a smile breaks the tension. “You think Spring would be willing to bite the bullet for us?”
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 There’s a slight stiffening in his posture, though he moves to stretch and yawn. Taking the offered bottle, he passes off the topic with a shrug. “I think that Gray guy took care of it. I complained enough that I’m sure he wa tired of listening to me. Don’t think he likes me much.” He nudges her with the bottle to pass it back, laughter in his eyes. “Wonder if that’s anything to do with you.”

He groans theatrically at her choice, procuring a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and landing one in his lips before offering it up to her. “You do realize I’m not a chick, right? Why don’t we ever watch action movies? Oh, or old movies, with Fred astaire and sh-t.”
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 He gets the notification just as he reaches the top of the elevator. Rolling his storm colored eyes, they fall on Mack, who is indeed waiting at the door. He wiggles the phone at her, furrowing his brow in mock annoyance. “Don’t get your panties in a twist, I’m here. I brought rum, for after the vodka. I plan on getting sh-tfaced so you better be down.”

He presses a playful peck to her cheek as he passes, collapsing onto the couch comfortably. “Thanks for the heads up about the zombies, by the way. You know I hate them.” The glare he casts her is withering.
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
Don’t judge me.
I like to be free.
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
Sh-t, I have to wear clothes?
...make it twenty.
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
You haven’t met him? What use are you?
Be there in ten. Make sure the doors open or I’ll probably bust it down.
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
I can give you cuddles, but you have gossip for me.
What’s this about Kat’s Spaghetti Man?
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
Yes, well, I’m still trying to ensure your Redcoat likes me, remember?
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
Does something have to be wrong for me to want to see you?
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Mack
I need a drink and good company.
So where are you?
Jasper Thompson 08/18/18 An eyebrow and a smile are c0cked, and he tilts his head, watching her with deep curiosity. “Heels?” A click of his tongue initiates a shake of his head. “You really do it up in class, these days.”

Stooping, he pulls on his worn boots, not even bothering to change his clothes. Jasper isn’t inherently dirty; he just rocks the hobo chic look.

Satisfied, he opens the door and bows her out, that smirk ever present.
Jasper Thompson 08/18/18 Memory hadn’t served him through two separate deaths, so when she recounts what really went down, he shakes his head in disbelief. After all they’d been through, everything that happened, and the camaraderie that came with being a family...


Jasper collapses back on the couch, fuming. “More and more, I’m starting to see that.” It’s an absent-minded thought, as he leans his head back and let’s out a huff of annoyance.

Then, suddenly, a wicked grin splits his features.

“It means nothing. All we can do is wish her the best and move on. For now, let’s go hunt. I’m in the mood to kill something, for some reason.”
Jasper Thompson 08/18/18 Startled awake by the sudden summoning, he practically leaps out of his skin when she vaults over the coffee table. Fully coherent now, he stares down at her phone screen, a flurry of emotion clouding his gray gaze as he takes it all in. A new coven, an old face. But...

Not. A. Single. Mention.

“Loyalty remains dead in the Realm.” The words are dark as he hands back the device, meeting her fiery eyes with an irritation of his own. “Tell me what else.”
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -blinks innocently-
Why, darling, just your love and support, of course. -wicked grin-
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 Good thing cash isn’t what I was looking for, darling Mackenzie.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 It’s part of my allure.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 You didn’t have to, my darling Mackenzie.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 All due respect, you’re a bit pale. Red ****tail, all the way.
Gideon Abernathy 08/06/18 This friendship is proving extremely fruitful.
You were successful in stealing $24,700.00 from Mackenzie
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 See? Give and take.
That’s what fuels a friendship.
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 Condescending Wonka...
I like it.
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 Right, sorry. It’s the mentality, I can’t past it.
And that just further proves my point.
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 What then, sweet child, fuels friendship, if not the exchange of money and information?
Not drinking the kool-aid?
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 Aw, you shouldn’t have.
Our friendship is really starting to blossom.

You were successful in stealing a sh-tton from Mackenzie!
Gideon Abernathy 08/01/18 That makes two of us.
Maybe one day, I’ll see how mean that punch is.
Gideon Abernathy 08/01/18 Not hard to convince you to drink the kool-aid, huh?
Gideon Abernathy 08/01/18 Tsk, tsk.
That’s like the pot calling the kettle black, no?
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 She spoke. He watched. He sniffed the air.

“Do you… do you smell that? Smells like bullsh-t. Am I right?” He wafted the “scent” toward himself theatrically. “I think I’m right.”

Smirking breezily as he dropped the act, he stepped toward her and ducked, catching her lips with his in a brief kiss. “If you’re not ready to be married, that’s fine. I’m not going anywhere. When you are, I think we should honeymoon in Norway. I have reasons.”
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 Mackenzie stepped away from him, and his arms lifted to cross over his chest. He watched her, a single skeptical brow raising as she fussed with her phone for a moment. As soon as she turned, he felt his own cellular vibrate in his pocket, and he narrowed his eyes at her before retrieving it.

Dark eyes moved swiftly over the “group” text before lifting to examine her expression. A slow smile overtook Victor’s face only a moment before a quick bout of full blown laughter filled the room. “You’re so full of sh-t. Even the thought of me going down on a knee almost sent you into hysterics, and you think I’m gonna believe a change of heart this quickly?”

No way. She was angling for something else, he was sure of it. He eyed her up with a shrewd gaze. “I think you don’t believe I really meant it when I asked you. You’re thinking I only asked as a bluff to satisfy you.” He chuckled darkly. “Denial is fine, but I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t mean it. You can’t scare me off.”
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 The petite powerhouse melted into his touch, and it brought a satisfied tilt to his lips. It was intensely exciting to him that something could be so tiny and so dangerous. The woman could easily rip his head off without breaking a sweat. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed pressing her buttons so much. He just enjoyed courting death.

Likewise, she knew how to press his buttons, and she’d spent plenty of time figuring out just where they were. “Catholic? Sure. I might burst into flames when I set foot inside the church, but I think I can take the heat.”

He was almost certain that she was simply taking the piss, but he would have his fun regardless. Tilting his head, he brought his lips closer to her ear. “Mackenzie Lockheed. It has a little something to it, wouldn’t you say?”
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 Victor relinquished the zippo without a fight, nor did he protest when she lifted one of his cigarettes. They already operated on a ‘what’s mine is yours’ policy, for f-ck’s sake. Not to mention they argued like they’d been married for a few decades already.

“Have you seen how much I drink? I’m essentially a high functioning alcoholic.” She was playing coy just to tease him. He liked it. Moving in behind her smaller form, he drew her in against him with his hands upon her waist. Laying a precisely placed bite upon her neck – enough to leave a tiny mark – he murmured enticingly, “Think about it. I could be your emergency contact.”

She would easily be able to feel the teasing grin against her neck.
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 “Well,” He began, twirling his zippo around between his fingers, “For one, you get half of my emotional baggage. For keeps.” He smirked at her, white smile stark against his olive skin. “I think there’s also something about legal and monetary ramifications if this Lockheed isn’t behaving himself, which some might find interesting.”

He didn’t really think she was considering it, but he was pretty sure the idea was titillating to her in some way. “Who is this friend we’re talking about? If it’s Spring, I need to be a little more drunk.”
Saito Eiji 05/25/18 Bruv you've got me at ten, so come at me again.
Elis Griffyn 04/19/18 Maccabee
I can assure you that Elis never comes first.
Gyldi 03/17/18 Walking a different plane than most of the living afforded one with the ability to see life essences. As the foot of this stranger came down on Gyldi’s tail and effectively through it, she wondered at her lack of aura entirely. Curiouser still was the fact that the “contact” - for lack of a better term - didn’t bring the usual warmth that came with passing through the living. Instead, it was icy, like the feeling she usually exchanged for their warmth.

As she would turn to go, the beasty would bound after, catching up until she cast her body through Mackenzie entirely. Just as expected, she was met with that curious ice, and she wondered if the woman felt the same. Turning her head until she looked over her shoulder, she cast Eiji a questioning look, hoping it would explain.
Saito Eiji 03/11/18 That's a funny way of asking for some devil's lettuce.
Victor Lockheed 02/19/18 Mick
I'll f*cking kill him.
Saito Eiji 02/03/18
Victor Lockheed 01/28/18 “Fine, as you asked nicely.”

Victor Lockheed 01/28/18 Mackenzie just stole $842.00 from you!

Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Return of the Mack
I'm listening...
Jack Horton 01/23/18 Mortals can melt into the crowd, lose themselves, keep their distance. But for the likes of him, of them, well, could they ever be that lucky? For how long can you hide with an eternity ahead of you? When you’ve used up every dark corner and have nowhere else to go?

When Jack had left, when he’d finally gone and closed the door of the cabin behind him, he knew her goodbye would be the last. Too many broken moments. Too much pain. Whatever state she was now in, all this time later, he had every faith that the emotional scars still lingered from all he’d put her through. But did that mean she didn’t still care? As he’d sat there every night, thinking of her. As he’d time and time again been told to ’give it a fcking rest already!’ by Tanvir as he’d once again found means to bring Mackenzie Brooks into conversation. They’d been something else, he’d tell her. Nothing quite like them had ever existed, and it never would again.

But now his journey was over, his fight for a freedom from the very thing that had clouded their relationship. Was he ‘fixed’? No. But he was in control. That wickedness, the evil that lived within him, he’d found the balance. He was Jack Horton and the monster, perfectly knotted together.

But it was too late now. He knew better. And as he sat at the desk in the suite of The London, NYC, hunched over the same damn piece of paper for hour six or seven, he couldn’t find a single word to write. He’d had such wonderful intentions. A ‘be safe’ here. An ‘it’s all over’ there. A note to let her know that what had taken him away, what had haunted them for years, was finally through. And a wish that she find happiness from whatever wreckage he’d left her in. Yes nothing flowed from the branded pen in his hand. Nothing but her name, Mackenzie, in his cursive script.

Finally, some hours later as the sun rose, spreading its light across him through the wide wall of windows, he sealed the envelope and pulled on his shoes to find the nearest post box.

Maireann lá go ruaig ach maireann an grá go huaigh.
Find you happiness.
Saito Eiji 01/21/18 I have absolutely no impulse control, so I'm in.
Jameson Orlav 01/20/18 If you think I’m putting on a Robin costume, you’re wrong.
Jameson Orlav 01/09/18
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17
Victor Lockheed 07/22/17 She could play hard to get all she wanted. Mackenzie was actively torturing Jameson f*cking Orlav, and he knew the reason. It was for him. Mackenzie couldn't deny that. It put her and her Sanctuary at risk, just like she had proclaimed she would never do. Her actions told a story as plain as day.

Feeling suddenly quite charitable, he obliged Mackenzie's request. Switching his phone to camera mode, he bent down next to his doomed, sobbing companion.

"Give me a scream, pretty girl."

Tell me where you are.
[IMG Rec'd]

The image was a closeup of an attractive young woman with rivers of mascara running down her pink, sobbing face, Victor's fingers clearly snatching her head back by her hair.
Camille 02/07/17 Literally can not ever escape your ugly mug.
Camille 01/23/17 Just steer clear of his temple of doom.
Jameson Orlav 11/07/16 I love it when you murmur such sweet nothings.
Elouise Warrock 11/04/16
Saito Eiji 06/27/16 -Takes on his best possible Spanish accent.- Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare for shenanigans.
-Throws an opened bag of glitter and books it.-
Jack Horton 02/13/16 The revolution is coming. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe just one day... one day more...
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