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Asher Crown
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"You're a natural. A beating heart of stone. You've got to be so cold to make it in this world."

Play the game however makes it fun for you. If that involves wanting to RP with Asher, feel free to drop me a line anytime. ;)

I'd say I apologized for the video, but I'm really not sorry. It makes me ridiculously happy and I have to share it with the world.
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 Haunted Manor Survivor ~ 2018

Asher Crown's Biography

I am not a nice man. I am not even a good man. But one of the cold, unspoken truths of this world is that outside of childrens' stories, it is not always the good men who stand against the onslaught of evil.

It is always a shock to realize that however cynical, however jaded you believe yourself to be, there is a darkness waiting to drag you deeper. I thought, at twenty-five, that I understood the evil in this world. It was my job to hunt human trafficking rings. When I wasn't actively on a job, I drank until the eyes of those I hadn't saved or those whom I had come for too late did not haunt my dreams, or until I was deadened enough not to flinch in nightmares of them, and stumbled over empty liquor bottles as I found my way to the coffee pot the next morning. I brought home one night stands who were out the door in the morning- enforced by me- the most I would tolerate was use of my shower. I did not date and I did not kiss. My sister in law, when she visited, described my flat as something out of a haunted house movie- old dog-eared classics piled in stacks against the wall in lieu of bookshelves, scarves hanging over the mirrors, even the bathroom one except when I meant to shave, since I had long since grown tired of the flash of my own reflection out of the corner of my eye.

You think, as I said, that there is no further depth the soul can sink to, nothing darker than the underbelly of human misery, of man devouring man with, as the bloody musical about the demon barber says, the crunching sound heard over the world. But there is still a pit that can open, a knowledge that can tear the scales from your eyes. There is an ancient, bottomless evil that exists outside of this world and has always sought to annihilate it. All it took was a letter, a will deeded me by a distant cousin, bequeathing me a manor house lately turned into an abattoir of my thrice-removed relatives, a ring bearing the crest of an ouroboros, and a responsibility to stand against that yawning force of Unbeing with every breath left in my lungs.

Understandably nonplussed at receiving a deed, a ring, and the details of a horrific and unsolved mass murder, I dragged my heels on examining the property. I had work to do, important work, and it didn't involve hopping the pond to check out what I expected, from the general air of gloom and despair lingering in a stench around each letter I received. But the longer I held off, the more the reality I had come to know and understand, however much I despised the brutality of it, seemed to turn upon its side. Things scratched, even clawed, at my third storey window. The scarves flung themselves from my mirror and worse things than my own reflection peered back from the corner of my eyes. My nightmares grew worse, a ponderous darkness crouched across my chest, and twice as I prepared to descend the stairs from my flat I felt a rough push at the base of my spine and had to use all the agility of daily training to keep from a vicious tumble.

The turn was when I saw the... thing... feeding. I turned a shortcut across a small park, midnight blue sky still light enough to see clearly with minimal lamps, the streets shedding soft yellow leaves in the brisk breeze. A bulky figure crouched over the prone form of another, just outside the pool of the lights. I could hear a weird, wet noise, like... sucking.

Had they merely been enjoying a frolic in public I'd have wrinkled my nose and moved on, but the body underneath was unresponsive, and a black pool spread on the ground, uncomfortably like some of the worst things I'd seen in my career. I was not wearing a pistol, though I often did within my profession abroad, but I did have a powerful stun gun weighting down the coat pocket opposite my gloves and my keys. I darted forward and pressed it against the figure's neck. That sort of voltage ought to have rendered even such a big fellow unable to respond as I took a more physical method of binding him for the arrival of law enforcement, but to my astonishment he howled and flung me back with such force that my head cracked upon the concrete path. I saw him then, long distended fangs red with fresh blood. I could do nothing but raise a hand, feebly, to ward him off.

That the ring shone suddenly, that it was the only thing that saved my life in that moment, convinced me to look into this family mystery after all.

This house of mine stands strong.

Asher's story continues in Home Sweet Hellhole

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Last five threads posted in:
Livia Vlcek 11/14/18 *jumps at the hand upon her person*
*turns to see a male* Le gasp Sir!

Asher Crown just failed at stealing money from you!
Josie Nathan 10/28/18 Josie watched the man curiously as she waited for his reaction. Her mommy might be upset with her for saying hi to random strangers, but she liked making friends! Besides, the Realm was a big place. She had to learn to know how to protect herself too, like Valentin had been teaching her.

At the mention of chocolate her eyes widened, giggling as she did her best curtsy like a good princess does. "Thank you, sir. My name's Josie!" Pausing she frowned as she pushed Helix out from in front of her, as he tried to eye up what the man was offering. "Chocolate is yummy! I promise I won't eat too much and give myself a tummy ache too."
Josie Nathan 10/25/18 Humming as she skipped around the Realm, Josie held onto her trick or treat bag (actually her pillow case), looking to see if she could snag any treats before the actual day of Halloween. Helix, her black feline familiar followed at her side, keeping an eye on her for her mother's sake. Not that Josie couldn't handle herself. She had given that Little Girl plenty of beat downs.

Coming across a new face she hadn't seen around, she figured would be the best chance at candy. Skipping up to the man she gave a bright smile, holding out her bag. "Trick or treat!" Giggling, she gave a twirl in her fairy costume before facing him. "Happy Halloween Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve!"
Genesis 10/23/18 ~shook her head with a small smile. Sadly not. You will find, however, that here in the realm there is Everything you do, matters. ~looked at her watched and blew a strand of hair from her face. "Oh, thank you on the compliment, by the way. I should get going. If you ever need any help though, I'm not hard to find. ~She offers a little salute and smile, turning to make her way back to her own devices.~
Genesis 10/23/18 ~chuckled a bit~ "The times, places and faces will reveal themselves to you eventually. I suggest you focus on training. One must always be in training for what lies in wait."
Genesis 10/23/18 ~offered a small smile~ I wouldnt be so quick to scoff at such a thing. I mean, we are all monsters in one way or another." ~grinned~
Genesis 10/23/18 ~quirked a brow~ "Oh, how so?"
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "Deal!"
-smiles brightly-
-offers hand-
"Name's Beaudoin Theroux, but you can call me Beau."
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "You are hardly making me uncomfortable! The fact that you haven't tried to eat me or threaten me is already a breath of fresh air! I probably do hit harder, with the lycan strength and all that, but I can probably show you a thing or two! No need to apologize. I like helping people. It's a blessing and a curse."
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "Different, but the same. It's hard to differentiate unless you speak one or the other. Listen to it enough, and you might be able to pick up a few tid bits! A magic 8-ball ring, huh? And here I just got spirits whisperin' in my ear! As for the sparrin'..."
-itches head-
"I ain't the best fighter, more of a scrapper. I'm self taught so no real technique, just getting hit a lot and hitting back harder."
-laughs weakly-
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "You may understand me now, but if me and my sister start to talk you might get lost. With the accent, some slang, and some French tossed in there, most can't keep up.
-tilts head-
"Well, I don't think there is an instruction manual no matter what! With witches on one side of my family, and wolves on the other, I'm still a bit clueless! If you need your future told or need advice from the other side, though, I gotchu."
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "Nah, we got plenty going on here! Mine is a deep Cajun from the bayou of New Orleans. I'm a bit hard to understand at times."
"I got a decent understanding of such things. I come from a family of witches so I was graced with plenty of knowledge of the things that go bump in the night."
Genesis 10/23/18 Welcome to the realm!
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "It can be a bit... much, at first. After the first few days or so things start to make more sense. I know I'm just some random, bearded guy with a funky accent but I'm a helpful guy. If ya need anythin', give me a holler."
Beau Theroux 10/23/18 "Welcome to the Realm!"
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