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Born: December 15, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 38
Affiliation: Channel 4 CNFOXBS Mail Replies Sent: 125
Home City: Paris Mail Sent: 16
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"I kill monsters THAT'S who the hell I am."
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
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Samantha Winchester's Biography
My name is Samantha Josephine Winchester.
I was born in 1869 on April 13.
I have blond hair and pale blue eyes.
I go by Samantha, Sam, Sammie Jo.
I am 5'5
I weigh 120 lbs
I have 1 older sister Deanna who is 6 years older then me.
I am in a relationship with Rorix Kravenoff
On this day the 24th of march I became engaged to the most wonderful man Rorix Kravenoff
I am the great Grand daughter of Oliver Winchester the man who manufactured the infamous Winchester rifle.
My parents were Hannah Jane Winchester and Thomas Gray Bennett who died when I was 8 years old.

When our parents died we went to live with my Uncle William and Aunt Sarah who adopted us. When my Uncle died in 1881 I was 13 years old. My Aunt who believed us to be cursed sent me away to a proper boarding school in New York City there I remained till I graduated in 1887. She believed that the victims who were killed by the Winchester Rifle were haunting her. So she kept building on to our house. Deanna was already in college living a life of her own to get away from the madness.

During my stay at school my aunt never once came to visit or had me come home for the holidays. Granted I got monthly allowances but that did not replace the family I so dearly wished for.If it wasn't for my best friend Lucy Vanderbilt I never would have know the closeness of a family.

After my 18th birthday I received a portion of my trust from my parents and from my uncle William. One weekend I was spending time with Lucy before graduation that was when I met her new neighbor named Daniel. He was young, tall, dark hair and dark penetrating eyes. We spent a lot of time together then the night before returning to school we made out and he bit me. Everything else faded into darkness. The next day before we left he gave me a old necklace. Back at school we finished our finals and both of us graduated. Returning to her home I saw Daniel again and we grew closer. One night he fed from me again this time I drank from his arm. Now I am Vampire I guess the curse my aunt Sarah always said we had must be true. For now I am alone and forever being 18.

Years past I was in the coven house of my maker and the one who turned him and the others. I watched our family grow. Over 100 years have past now since I was turned. Then one night our mother brought in this young boy of 16 who she just turned. She gave me the job to watch over him and teach him. I knew what she wanted she wanted him for herself. He told me his name was Hannibal King. I helped him through his transformation and we became very close. But then after a few years we decided to be just friends.

10 years pasted now and the vampires in our family started getting stupid and eventually brought hunters to our home. Han and I were out hunting when we came back to see our entire family killed by hunters that were tracking us. The cameras showed us who they were and they were led by the vampire our kind called the Day-walker. Taking what we needed Han and I found a new place and hid there for 5 years. That was when a female hunter named Abigail found us. She knew we did not kill humans and lived off of animals. Taking us to her father he gave us what he gave the Day-walker. We were now part of their family hunting our kind. After 5 years Han and I left Abigail and met up with a man around Hans age named Jessie. Han searched all over for his birth family and found many in other time lines. Then he found one where he was sure his family was. Taking him to my Families house in San Jose, California we made a short stop when we saw the yellow eyed demon that killed my family and who also was the reason why Han was in my time line. We started hunting him but he somehow managed to escape us. At my families Manor there was a portal in the house among the many rooms that would take you where ever you asked to go. I watched him enter and vanish from my sight. When I got back home I went into Jessie's room and saw a horrific sight , Jessie was on the ceiling engulfed in flames. All I could do was scream out his name. A few day later I gathered what I needed and went back to my families home going through the same portal that Han went through.

Now I am in his world and I met a nice man named Rorix. I then learned more about him that he did not tell me. Now I am battling my best friend for the life of the man I had grown to love.

You were successful in stealing $1.00 from tupacshakaur.
You were successful in stealing $407.00 from Margot Faye.
You were successful in stealing $4,201.00 from Dempsey Kasdeya.
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Jocelyn Fairchild 02/14/18
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