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Kristoffer Forseti
Killed: October 16, 2018 at 06:55 pm EDT
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Ensam är stark.
Doom Bringer
Born: May 20, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
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Tiber Loche

Adara Litvinova

Last five threads posted in:
Adara Litvinova 10/06/18 -grins- You mean the toothy one? Travis? What has he done now?
Sav McCarthy 10/05/18 *tips down her sunglasses* Thanks, love!
Adara Litvinova 10/05/18 -laughs and accepts hand- Please, just call me Addie. Are you searching for someone?
Tiber Loche 10/04/18 [Group Text]
The Boss, Broski, OthaBrotha,
All The Teeth, Lion Lady, The Viking

My phone 'mysteriously' busted in two. Imagine that.
Guess who had to upgrade?
Nathaniel Tallios 10/03/18 -hesitantly takes some chips from the bag-
"Mr. Fancy Hair? Yeah... let's stick with Nathaniel. And what about you Snack Man?"
Nathaniel Tallios 10/03/18 -chuckles a bit and shakes your hand- "Thanks, though I wasn't expecting any welcome so it's actually appreciated!" -rubs his head nervously- "Guess I should introduce myself? Maybe?"
Tiber Loche 10/03/18 Pcha.
*does some sort of mid-air karate chop movement*
I've got killer reflexes.
Confetti canon is fun. You should see it in action.
*looks around*
Wanna try it?
Tiber Loche 10/03/18 *face scrambles*
Huh? Dude, I don't even have a clock.
That's nice of you, though.
_Aurora_ 10/03/18 Just arriving herself earlier in the day Aurora was still getting use to the faces. Taking her hand back. "I am Aurora."
_Aurora_ 10/03/18 Aurora walks down the hall of the den and spots the new member. Giving a smile she sticks out a small hand. "Welcome to the den!"
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -nods- You are welcome. If you need anything, please let me know.
Tiber Loche 10/03/18 *blows a party horn and throws confetti*
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 Welcome to the Den.
Winter Summers 08/12/18 Winter's icy blue eyes looked at the very handsome males face. "Well you are good looking and offering me food. I dare say I am mildly swooning." Winter looked at the bag of chips that were offered to him. Who was he to turn down free food? "Had these been flamin hot cheetos I would have already offered to have sex with you." Winter smirked a little as he shoved a chip in his mouth.

"Ah but were are my manners, Winter is the name."
AdonisOMaera 08/12/18 The more that Kris speaks, the more that warm rose blossoms into a tomato red. This provides a lovely contrast to his azure colored eyes when he pulls his head back and quickly folds a few chips into his mouth! that playful wink made him smile bashfully towards at the ground.
"You're definitely forward, not that I mind. Just not used to it is all." another small laugh as he leads them both to the bench. Upon sitting, it becomes apparent that he can't quite fold himself up in a modest manner and so, he extends his legs and crosses them at the ankle, his chips held protectively to his chest. Almost mirroring Kris' relaxed demeanor but not quite. Adonis isn't dense and he won't let his guard fully down for anyone, not yet.

Tilting his head as he listens to Kris, he nods a long a few times before busting out in a bright smile. "I would love that. I've just been fumbling about and finding out things as I come upon them. It'll be nice to have someone who knows the area." Licking his fingers clean of the orange dust, he folds up the bag and tucks it into his jacket. Turning his body and full attention to Kris. "I'm actually in the business of pleasure. I work in the night clubs, I don't have an actual place of work- I bounce from club to club. If we're ever in the same one, I'll be sure to get you the good food and booze. Not the cheap sh!t they put on display." Adonis grins, meaning his promise!

His hand returns to his leather jacket's many pockets and pulls out a small black notebook as well as an old calligraphy pen. He loves old things, don't judge. Quickly using his thigh as a surface, he scribbles something down and then rips the page out. His handwriting is sort of messy but eligible. "That's my number, Get a hold of me next time you're in town and we can go have some fun, yeah?"
He holds the folded piece of paper out between his index and middle finger.
AdonisOMaera 08/07/18 Narrowing his eyes, Adonis hesitantly takes the bag of crispy delights and suspiciously devours another chip. Little to no impulse control even though he finds it odd for someone to just Give away food.
Of course, Adonis intently listens to Kris, nodding along every so often as the other speaks. Making a mental note that Kris - ALWAYS- has snacks on him, he smiles fondly and ruefully laughs along.

"Well! Mister Always has snacks. You and I will get along just fine now that we are acquainted."

Adonis' statuesque features are washed with a soft rose color as Kris' words catch him off guard. The bluntness of the other truly threw him for a loop and so, he stifles a chuckle- a poor attempt to cover the growing blush.

"Not entirely sure how I got stuck with the nickname but uh, your reasoning makes sense? Pretty man being called pretty? Not that I think I'm pretty...Handsome? That didn't sound ri- I'm not. Kris, would you like to share these with me?"

The swarthy male holds the bag up between them and juts his head in the direction of a nearby bench. The social eunuch himself also believes that you can recover from anything with food, and so sharing a snack will hopefully sweep that awkward clusterf*ck from memory.

"So Kris...Are you a frequent flyer in New Orleans? I am not familiar with the place yet, anything I should check out?"
AdonisOMaera 08/07/18 Absentmindedly, Adonis is only sees a chip in front of him and thus, he accepts it ,shoves it into his mouth, and sucks the dust from his finger tips, all in one fluid motion.
Crunchcrunchcrunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The crunching slows as his stormy blues drag up from Kris' boots and settle on the other's eyes.

" Hel-lo Kris. Why, I wish everyone greeted me with food!" He guffaws merrily as he wipes his hand clean on his thigh and offers it up to Kris

"I'm Adonis 'Pretty' O'Maera, Just moved to New Orleans recently. Pleasure to meet ya."
His eyes drop down to the delicious snacks and he bites his bottom lip, Kris just became Adonis' favorite person.
Jasper Thompson 07/30/18 Well, that's kind of you, stranger.
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 You know what? You look like someone who enjoys a good show.
Caitlyn Darrow 05/26/18 The face is something she has seen before, causing the redhead girl to pause mid stride. Head cants to the side curiously as she murmurs aloud, "Your face.. it's so familiar. Orange juice?" She perked up offering the stranger a taste from her supply.
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