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Born: July 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 28
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 1901
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 73
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12/14/18 at 10:02 pm
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
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Marius Steel 12/07/18 -leaves flowers and chocolate on the nightstand by your side of the bed as i head out for work i leave a kiss on your forehead and tuck you into bed-
Seraphina Morning Star 12/05/18 Squints "Lies it wasn't my pillow!"
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/05/18 An eye brow raises as he hears her and turn. Shirt open showing the fresh scratchs. And a lip that looked like Mike Tyson had hit him then did it again with a mack truck. "I stole her pillow"
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Jr had gone to see Aunt Raven ahead of her. Where did that rascal of a big brother go and where had he taken that pink velvet bag! Never mind that the loss of it and the flaming red cheeks she had exiting that 'toy store'! She had purchased a new toy for Aunt Raven and it was in a big velvet bag and she bought a small gift for Jr in a brown paper bag.* "I couldnot find that potato masher. But this one glows in dark so you can't loose it and I have a purple for Jr!"
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Hands her a Blue velvet bag between his fingers. Big blush appears over his high cheek bones."Can we just forget that happened." An eye brow raises in hope. "Now That I know what this is, I don't want to ever know what this is again."
Samil 12/01/18 Not sure where sweet cheeks is at the moment. Did you check at the Morningstar's?
Samil 12/01/18 You can't miss Lyl. She makes herself known.
Samil 12/01/18 Dragon Queen
Tell Aurora. Not me. I been ready.
Samil 11/30/18 Dragon Queen
What happened to meeting at Luci's? Did you forget.
_Aurora_ 11/24/18 Rave
Sera house ASAP
Luciana Morning Star 11/23/18 *Ana's head hurt bad and she almost winced in pain. Her eyes turned a stormy gray.* "He told me get lost! Or he make me regret it!" *She looked at her auntie Rav and frowned at her.* "He said daddy could not touch him...."
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana's small hands went over her ears and she shook her head. A nasty voice sounded in her mind. That wasnot The Father's voice in her mind. Was He testing her again? Father was gentle but strong with her. That wasnot His voice! It was the voice of Samil booming his threats to her and others she knew. Seraph'm!?!?! Auntie Rora!?! The bad man was telling her she could do nothing. She would go to Aunt Rora, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Rav and Uncle Az!* "YOU bad man! YOU will get your @ss kicked!"
Seraphina Morning Star 11/20/18 Do I dear ask what he was doing? *Flipping him over and putting him down*
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana looks at her red fingers. She looks up at Auntie Rav.* "I did...I am sworry. Jr ....he's real busy and ditched his bear..." *Ana wailed tears streaming down her cheeks.*
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana tracked Jr to Auntie Raven's house. She had burned the lock and the door down. She found Fluffy on the couch. She picks up and finds Jr in the dark bedroom.* "Whatcha doin? What's toy?" *Ana sits on the bed and watches Jr dance about his new toy. Her small fingers twitch and a crackling sound hits Jr on the bottom.* "That's for the toy gun!"
Jr Morning Star 11/20/18 He was sure Ana had a gps in his bear, so he left him home and escaped with out her. Following Fluffy he finds himself at Aunt Ravs house. Crawling in through the doggie door Fluff hit the couch. Jr on the other hand....

He decided to go roaming through the house. Finding a very dark bed room he peeks in and then starts going through her things. Rav certainly had some interesting toys.

Climbing up on her bed her moves to her night stand and opens the drawer. Another bag of green stuff, and this one smell worse then the last.

"Ohhhh whats this?" Exclaims the little man, It was long hard, and oops its vibrates. He falls on his butt in shock. But slightly amused, as he picks up the vibrating wand and waves it around little he was darth vader.
Matias 11/19/18 "Stop, stop, you'll make me blush! But really, keep going."
Lylith_ 11/17/18 Obi Wan
Congrats oh master. Teach me the ways.
Lylith_ 11/15/18 Obi Wan
Just follow the trail of bodies or blood or whatever is left.
Lylith_ 11/15/18 Obi Wan
You know I am always down to kill, maim or torture. So just let me know.
Lylith_ 11/15/18 Obi Wan
Questions? Doesn't sound good. Give me a location and I will meet you.
-Azazel_ 11/14/18 Texts:Dragoonie. No kisses. What do you want.
_Aurora_ 11/13/18 *waves in front of* *pokes* *rubs eyes* "Holy hell is it really you?"
Lylith_ 11/13/18 Obi Wan
"Quit being a chicken. You know I am always down to pluck feathers."
Lylith_ 11/13/18 Obi Wan "I have no fing clue. Trying to wrap my head around it myself."
Cici Wraith 11/07/18
Cici Wraith 11/02/18 "Currently in New York. You choose the location."
Cici Wraith 11/02/18 "Meet me somewhere."
Marius Steel 10/25/18 Kissing her softly he smiled "see you in a few hours love"
Lylith_ 10/22/18 Head Honcho
"Me. I have done nothing. Best talk to Luci and Az about that one. "
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Not MIA. Last I saw her was this morning in tje guest house."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Couldn't disappoint ya. Let me know when the Morningstar household is no longer a warzone?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Knew I could count on you for something. See ya soon, boss."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Apparently I work for you and you are some incredible mastermind by the way. Must teach me your ways."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 'Wasn't planning on returning but yeah meet you there.'
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Pulling her phone from her pocket she shoots a text. "Need to talk. You still at Luci's?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Lyl knew where Sera was but she said nothing. "Neither are you."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Fraid not. I hunt alone first of all and you are on guard duty, member?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Takes pic. "Got it." Turns to pack.
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "I'm always game. Just give me slight details of who I'm plucking."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "What you shopping for? All my desires and wants I just take from unsuspecting people."
Marius Steel 10/19/18 He hands her their credit card "go wild, take lilith with if you want" he kisses her nose
Marius Steel 10/19/18 He smiled "just about as chilling as the ones were going to make happen this weekend" he grins "theres this yacht right and its going to be filled with lots of people....and i may have gotten us tickets to the party"
Marius Steel 10/19/18 Bringing her crimson flowers he kissed her cheek whispering in her ear "these used to be white..."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I already pulled the buckshot from his arse."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I believe my better half is already there."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "No need to train her. It comes to her naturally."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Ha, I plead the fifth. I'm innocent."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I don't kill. Just torture."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "To keep an eye on us supposedly."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "She started it. Talking about pitying those who have the unlucky task of dealing with my offspring and I. Yet she friended said offspring."
-Azazel_ 10/19/18 Walks by waving bacon."Sera's cooking again just a warning."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "I meant the plunge into matrimony. Not all its cracked up to be ya know."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 She peers at the other demoness with a soft shake of her head. "Hmmm took that plunge I see." Shrugs. "Not sure it is worth it."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "There are other ways of tormenting Az. I have had milleniums to do so."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "Yeah I returned and yes I am very real. Unfortunately I didn't come with an upgrade and wings."
Marius Steel 10/16/18 Well hello back future wife!
Beau Theroux 10/15/18 -looks the card over-
"Tempting. However, I own a bar of my own. To work at one then own another would be a conflict of interest."
-pockets it-
"I will visit, though."
Jr Morning Star 10/15/18 True, but az isn't here sooo. Yeah bak to work topside. And I haves a wife that hasn't seen me in months."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 She scrunches her nose. Anyone who knew Cici knew was a vegetarian and the thought of 5 cheeseburgers revloted her. "Then lets go."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "When have I never been game. Besides a cheeseburger sounds amazing."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "Sounds like something he would do. Other than that how you been?"
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 Rolls her eyes. "Nothing new there. Always seems to happen."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "About damn time you return."
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