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Born: May 04, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 11
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Home City: London Mail Sent: 2
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05/30/17 at 8:58 am
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Nadasha's Biography
Growing up on a farm outside of London, Nadasha spent a very happy life. Her parents were the best she could have asked for. Very loving and caring always challenging her to become better. She could hunt, fish and cook. When she was little she would watch her mom cook in between chores. With her dad it was easy, he would take her out showing her how to use a gun.

Up until her eighteenth birthday everything was normal for her. The five foot six inch blonde had been on a different horse out riding. There was a storm coming and she was trying to get to a couple people she knew wouldn't be able to move fast. A elderly couple that had acted as Grandparents to her. But something went terribly wrong, she woke up back home with a gash a cut to her arm. They couldn't decide if she had been scratched or bitten. It had caused a fever of some kind. But she did heal from it. It wasn't until a few weeks later she found out what she had become. Keeping it a secret from her parents, afraid she would become a let down to them it was a burden Dasha had to deal with. Even after they died she kept quiet. Her horse was the only one that really knew anything.

After her parents died she made a few plans and packed up a few bags. It was time to leave home at least for a little while. She wanted to see what was out there for her. School and a career. Who knew what else, but she wanted to find out.

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Ryuugo Mikoto


Zach Von Dragneel

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Ryuugo Mikoto 05/08/17 I smiled before giving a bow. "The pleasure is all mine." I said before watching her run off.
Ryuugo Mikoto 05/07/17 I smiled kindly at her and extended my hand out to her. "Hello to you as well and welcome to the realm." I said. "If you need anything I should be able to help if able."
LillyEmperium 05/05/17 Welcome to the realm
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