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Valentin Metzger

Esper Valari

Last five threads posted in:
Valentin Metzger 08/17/18 How will he send word to others to prevent Jewel's kidnapping? Simple. "I will have Himmel and Holle bark a message to all the other dogs across town. They will then perfect a plan to keep you safe from any and all kidnappers while I sleep." 101 Dalmations? Why not. He extends his hand and returns Jewel's phone, his other hand falling to rest at his side. "As far as ruining your plans, my apologies Fraulein. Many clients. Much money to be made. I am a very popular person, what can I say?" Not really. Most people do not notice the male or even wish to converse with him. He chuckles. "I know you must be heart-broken by this."
Valentin Metzger 08/15/18 "It is simple really, I will 'put it out there' that no one is to kidnap you during my sleeping hours." His head nods as if he firmly believes it to be truth.. like he has THAT much control. Then she pokes him. POKES him. Pale eyes narrow. "Do not touch what you cannot afford. I am high maintenance." A threat? No. He is simply poking fun since he is 'consistently busy'. He preens and flutters his lashes. "I am not 'easy' so don't think because I gave you my number that you can have your way with me."
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 The Colossus is almost in tears, laughing at the sheer panic then Jewel's realisation that he had indeed called himself. But now she had his number. As he had intended. He nods his head, laughter quieting. "Ja? I can't promise I will answer." A teasing grin finds his lips as he shrugs. "I am sometimes quite busy then." With torturing people, rescuing drug addled slayers, the usual. "I do not allow my phone to ring. It is on vibrate. So when I do sleep, I can actually rest." He cants his head, appraises the young woman. "But now, if you need help, you can text or call me." That is what friends do no? Give one another their number. "Or if you are bored, I suppose you could 'bother' me then."
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 He is laughing harder now. The more exasperated Jewel becomes, the more amused Valentin is. Of course he is going to return her phone. After he calls his phone. He presses his number in and then hits call, waving at her the whole time. He is only a few meters away, nothing so great of a distance that she needs to worry about losing her phone forever. As soon as his phone begins to buzz within his pocket, he starts to speak very loudly in the best American accent he can muster. "Yes, is this the police? Yes, I would like to report a crime. There is a very crazy blonde woman here, she is ranting about something. I think she just killed a man. Petite, blonde, very pretty. You cannot miss her." When his phone goes to voicemail and stops buzzing, he hangs up and limps slowly back to Jewel. "Danke, Fraulein."
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 He accepts the phone she gives him and slips it in his pocket and starts to stroll slowly away. If she does not have a phone, she has no way to call the cab or the alphabet agencies that 'might' be looking for him. Of course he will return it. Maybe. Who is to say that phone theft isn't on his dossier? Murder, arms trafficking, phone theft.. it is a possibility. Valentin is still smiling, his limp not as great as it normally is. "You are quite petite to be knocking me over the head Jewel and I must outweigh you by at least 50 kilos. Plus, I have your phone now." He stops a few meters away and turns to face the woman. "I do not think you'll be calling a cabbie." His smile widens. "And no, I am not judging you."
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 "It is hard to collect on a reward with no proof or person, no?" His grin widens. He will play along. He pats at his jacket, as if looking for something. "May I borrow your phone, Fraulein? It seems I have left mine at home and I must call one of my friends, he's looking after Himmel and Holle this evening." Cants his head at her question, pale eyes thoughtful as he thinks but still hard on Jewel. Would he judge her? Has he ever judged anyone? He lets peoples actions speak for them. Words are of little consequence with the Colossus. "Who says I am not silently judging you right now as we speak?" Gravel spills from his lips, a deep chuckle to accompany his smile. "No, I do not judge. Have you met Livia? Do you honestly think I could judge anyone being friends with -her-?" Whispers, eyes surreptitiously studying their surroundings. Everything he says is in jest of course. "She bleaches her hair but says she is blonde. Lies I tell you. All lies."
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 Yes, he is a very large man but he is also sure of foot and quiet when he needs to be. An equally playful smile finds thick lips as he stares down at Jewel. "Doomed? Never. They are too careless to find anything necessary to prosecute." What he really means is that he is simply smarter than the law enforcement agencies that attempt to convict him of anything. But he is careful, as one must be when doing certain illegal activities. "No, I think I did hear you say sweet." His visage is softer than it normally is but Jewel amuses him. She is entertaining. Not boring. He crosses his arms and tilts his head, as if he is thinking. "I could be wrong. It happens sometimes. Rarely. Never."
Valentin Metzger 08/13/18 He stands quiet, still as stone behind Jewel, peeking over the woman's shoulder as she reflects on the poster with his face and name. While he doesn't find the photograph very flattering, it does capture his mohawk quite well and for that he is thankful. "Ja? You think so Fraulein?" A playful grin toys at thick lips. "So now I am sweet?"

((Thank you.))
Esper Valari 08/12/18 A man who looked familiar from a former night or two ago. Walked past the woman he was wearing yet again a familiar outfit. A white tank top battered and torn over the top was a black unbuttoned peacoat. Over the jacket was a leather satchel inside of it he would reach for a black rose. He would drop it off at her feet and continue to walk with the night.

There was a message on the stem of the dying rose.

"To: Noire Bella."
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -lifts a brow- I do not think you are boring.
-shoves hands into pockets with a shrug- Ja.. well, when you try to steal from me, I try to steal from you.
-looks at his canines who watch Jewel's retreating back- I do not understand either.. they confuse me too.
-limps off-
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -furrows brows- Halt..
-uncrosses arms- You misunderstand what I say, it seems. I only meant, my opinion in the grand scheme of things is.. nothing. Too many people these days worry about what others think of them. I am just saying, do what it is that makes -you- happy.
-feels like a father suddenly- Like I said, I am not well versed in women's feelings. Or anyone's feelings for that matter.
-might have heard this from Livia a few times-
-gives a cut of a smile- Have a wonderful day, Fraulein Jewel. Just Jewel.
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -narrows eyes- Am I what?
-laughs quietly- Teasing you?
-nods- Ja.. I am teasing you.
-cants head- Why does it matter if I like you or not Fraulein?
-very confused- My opinion does not matter in the grand scheme of things.
-thoughtful- No one's opinion should matter more than your own, ja?
-crosses arms- I like it better when people do not ask so many personal questions but I suppose it is human nature, to be curious.
-appraises closely- So what is it that you hunt?
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -nods- Yes.. but not in jest.
-studies- You look well dressed.. is that a stain on your blouse?
-not serious- You do not love yourself!
-narrows eyes- I think you are the one hiding something! Fraulein 'I can't tell you that'.
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -thinks- Yes. I have been called boring.
-listens- Elk.. I believe they are called Moose in the States?
-chuckles quietly- Of course you do. I do not think I know of a woman that does not like spending money.
-knows maybe five women well-
-raises brows- All good things.. I do not drink often however. Or read much. I never go to the cinema. Travel is nice but I do not take many 'vacations'.
-grins- You do not sound boring but I am the wrong person to ask. What do you do on a daily basis? Besides interrogating people.
-cheeky grin-
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -chuckles- Not much to know really. I am boring.
-nods sagely-
-cants head- The boys are good. They love the snow. They like to hunt.. they do boring things like that with me.
-appraises- Are there things you enjoy? Books? Movies? What do girls do?
-laughs- My charges like to shop and eat and drink. Other than that I do not know.
-is clueless about girl things-
Valentin Metzger 08/10/18 -his dogs?-
-nods- Very loyal. I was not lying when I said they were butcher dogs. The breed has been used for centuries as herding dogs in Germany. It is said they descend from the dogs that marched with the Roman legions.
-smiles- Every one I have had as a comrade has been fiercely loyal. They are silly too. Playful with friends and family. But very suspicious of strangers. Most people fear them when they should not. But I guess canines can be raised poorly too.
-shrugs- Rottweilers get a bad reputation from being raised improperly. They are quite intelligent and need proper guidance. Much like children do. They are also very strong.
-might be a slight fan of Rottweilers and lack social skills- Sorry, I am very fond of the breed. And do not have many hobbies that allow me to discuss normal things with people.
Valentin Metzger 08/09/18 -furrows brows-
-watches his compatriots-
-smiles- That is why they are butcher dogs.
-laughs- A person may be willing to rob a butcher but never their dog. Long ago, after a butcher would take their cattle and meat to market, they would tie a pouch around the dog's neck that held the money they made. Rottweilers by nature, are very leary of strangers.
-pats both dogs on the withers-
Valentin Metzger 08/09/18 -chuckles- I suppose that is fair. And hopefully one day you find one that suits you.
-looks at the pair of canines- Ja, generally they do. There are times they cannot and then my.. friends.. watch over them at home.
-watches in amusement as she extends her hands towards his comrades- They will not bite, Fraulein. Unless I instruct them to do so.
Valentin Metzger 08/09/18 -laughs- You think it is that much of a responsibility? I guess it could be but the rewards of having such friends are so much more than the responsibility.
-looks down at the two dogs at his side- Just Himmel and Holle. I sometimes travel too much to have more than them.
Valentin Metzger 08/09/18 -cants head- My family.. it has been a long time Jewel.
-nods as if that explains it all- My father is quite old and probably does not remember who I am. My mother passed a long time ago.
-changes the subject- Do you have any pets?
Valentin Metzger 08/09/18 -is well versed in anatomy coming from a long line of butchers-
-nods his head in understanding- I tend to forget most people do not butcher animals themselves.
-brows furrow- I am sorry to hear that, Fraulein. My condolences.
-presses lips together in thought- I would say that my family wasn't fond of me leaving at a young age. Germany was a very different time then. I wanted to see what the world had to offer.
Valentin Metzger 08/09/18 -lip twitches a smile when she says 'people'-
-cants head when she says he has the strength to hack people to pieces- Ja? If you were well versed with anatomy, it doesn't take much to take an arm or leg off an animal. A few quick slices through tendons and ligaments..
-shakes his head- Nein, I haven't seen my family in years.
-grins- You? Do you have family you are close with?
Valentin Metzger 08/08/18 -raises brows- We're butchers.
-smile fades- Cows, mostly. Pigs..
-remembers the States are quite different- Ja.. old family.
Valentin Metzger 08/04/18 -gives a slight bow at the waist as he accepts her hand- It is very nice to make your acquaintance Jewel. Just Jewel.
-smiles, until it reaches his eyes- Mees-nik.. means Butcher.
-should probably stop giving his Russian alias since people have difficulty pronouncing it- I come from a long line of butchers.
-points to his compatriots- Rottweilers are a tradition as well.
Valentin Metzger 08/04/18 -shakes his head- Nein.. there are times that I am simply busy and do not have time for idle chit chat.
-sounds callous but isn't- That may not have translated so well from my brain to my tongue.
-lacks people skills-
-appraises- I do not think we've been properly introduced, Fraulein.
-extends a calloused hand- I am Valentin. Most refer to me as Myasnik.
Valentin Metzger 08/04/18 -raises brows- No need to apologise, Fraulein.
-ponders- I am just.. set in my ways? I am generally not questioned so much. Except by police.
-studies- I have very little interaction with women. I have generally been a.. guardian? Maybe that is the best way to put it.
-is not used to 'normal' women, see: Livia and Adara-
-laughs quietly- I lack patience but I am honest.
Valentin Metzger 08/04/18 Nein.. I do not find you a 'threat'.
-thoughtful- I find you.. curious. And maybe your approach, mildly aggressive.
-chuckles- If I found you displeasing, I would have kept walking and ignored you.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -stoic- Ja.. quite sure.
-laughs, deeply- The crime.. hm. Harassment.
-mock seriousness- The Punishment.. Himmel und Holle.
-points down- My dogs.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 Ja.. That is my thought on the subject. I am not worried about it.
-raises brows, amused smile- Ja.. even if you were attempting to get out of trouble I could resist.
-tips head to the side, stern face- Do you want to be?
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -nods at her question- Ja.. for roughly a decade.
-probably longer-
-chuckles- I am almost positive that is the reason. But I never underestimate a woman.
-cants head- So 'doe' eyes do not work on me.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -goes to speak, closes his mouth with a sigh- I think maybe the better question is, what didn't they think I did?
-brow furrows- Racketeering, fraud, arms trafficking, theft, murder.. It is a very long list.
-chuckles- And you, Fraulein? Have you any run-ins with any agencies?
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -nods- Ja.. it was never a question Fraulein.
-gives a slight smile- Exactly.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -chuckles- Ja.. well.. they think I have been involved with illegal activities.
-shrugs- But that is what happens when they 'think'. Your original question? About having your eyes checked?
-angelic smile- It's quite big.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -lifts a brow- Intimidated? No. I would just point you to the file the police already have.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -chuckles- I just meant one should always ask questions to make themselves more informed.
-nods- Fact check.
-tips his head downwards- Are you a reporter? A police officer? Writing a book?
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -tilts his head- No need to apologise, Fraulein. One should always question authority.
-grins- I have nothing to hide.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -shrugs large shoulders- I am not one to order people around.. but you might want to, if you feel it is necessary.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -looks at his unmarred knuckles- You must be mistaken.
Valentin Metzger 08/03/18 -raises brows- The gentleman fell, I was simply helping him up from the ground.
Valentin Metzger 07/26/18 -looks over his shoulder- Ja.. I look forward to it.
Valentin Metzger 07/26/18 -nods- Correct, you do not know me.
-grins, the smile doesn't quite reach his eyes- We are all liars at some point in time, Fraulein.
-gives a small salute- It was a pleasure conversing but I must return to my duties. Hab einen schonen Abend.
Valentin Metzger 07/26/18 Think?
Valentin Metzger 07/26/18 -holds his hands up- Nein fraulein, I do not have that skill.. yet.
Valentin Metzger 07/25/18 -raises a thick brow- Pocket lint. Expensive pocket lint.

Jewel Saxton just failed at stealing money from you!
Camille 07/17/18 -cracks a grin-
Sate your hunger, then? What's the problem?
Camille 07/16/18 Fair enough. With a sniffer like that, the scent of defeat and adrenaline right as they've accepted their fate must be simply intoxicating.
Camille 07/16/18 Fine tuned to the smell of bereavement and decay? How interesting. Tell me more.
Camille 07/15/18 Ah. Must be this new perfume. Eau de corpse.
Katarina Black 07/13/18 Katarina smacked her forehead as she realized how she'd sounded. "I'm sorry I should explain myself...I'm a werewolf but I can control when I shift into my wolf"
Katarina Black 07/13/18 Welcome to the realm...If you ever need a friend look me up...I may turn into a wolf from time to time but I don't bite!!!
Devin Landry 07/13/18 Welcome.
Caitlyn Darrow 07/13/18 "Jewel is such a pretty name. That's a nice name. Maybe I'll name my next army of children after you!" Caitlyn beams and claps her hands excitedly.
Caitlyn Darrow 07/13/18 "Hi! Welcome to the Realm, I'm Cait!"
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