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ďDon't mistake my kindness for weakness. I'll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.Ē
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Born: December 29, 2011 Forum Topics Started: 8
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 66
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 7620
Home City: London Mail Sent: 1244
In Union With: Nicolas Murray Last Login:
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10/21/19 at 9:02 pm
Current Mood: Working 

"All sins tend to be addictive; the terminal point of addiction is damnation." -- W. H. Auden
Ordre des Damnes Members
Thorne, Nicolas Murray, London, Gabe Marlowe, Murmur
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
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My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Official John Doe Fanclub Member
Zeddicus Zorander fooled me again on April Fools 2012
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
May Role Play of the Month Winner
Summer Bloodies 13 Figurine- Best Vampire
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Winter Bloodies 2014 ~ Best Moment
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Catchiest Profile Quote
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Realm Lush
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Most Eligible Bachelorette
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Stood their ground against Legion - Fall 2019
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019

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Gabe Marlowe 10/21/19 Aye, I am new! Quite new. Kinda lost and confused new, but a very nice man named Nicolas offered me a drink and a place to stay. *outstretches his right hand* I'm Gabe! It's nice to meet you.
Mackenzie 10/19/19 Her eyes nearly bug out of her eyes when the response comes in. Mackenzie is not the most kind of creatures, but she is a bit OCD in her manners when it comes to politics. As it stands, Kenz is in a state of momentary shock before she comes to her senses.

Stepping into a bar, she immediately sets to work at getting herself completely trashed.

That's a fret.
You've gone arseways.
Best make that right, Kat.
And don't do anything stupid.
I can't find ya if you're in the belly of a whale.
Nicolas Murray 10/19/19 *laughs*
Yes. Well. Same.
*blows one right back*
London 10/19/19 "As if you didn't know..."
Nicolas Murray 10/19/19 *grins*
Welcome home, Mon Chat.
Mackenzie 10/19/19 Mackenzie comes up from the subways, stepping out onto the street as her phone begins to chime. And chime. And chime. The voicemail is first, and between Katherine's brogue and the shit service, it is impossible to understand. Then, the text.

"In the swa- oh. Oh."

Squinting down at her phone, she begins to curse the entirety of her evening. It was meant to be a night out, and now it would be all work.

Oye. You talk to Beau and El?
Don't wrestle any aligators.
That shit is stupid.
Remember Croc Dundee.
Livia Vlcek 10/19/19 I do not know. Honestly. I don't remember him, he said we met and got married. *stares* You know my tolerance to everything. Even monkey bites..
Ronan Boru 10/19/19 No problem. I am glad to see you in them. Had I known I would of waited to join a crew. * He smiles*
Ronan Boru 10/19/19 Congrats my dear old friend on the gold robes they look awesome on you.
Beau Theroux 10/19/19 "HI KATHERINE. DO YOU LIKE SWEETS?!"
-offers a bag full of pralines-
"I MAKE A LOT OF SWEETS. Oh wow, I have been yelling."
-is bouncing with excitement-
Livia Vlcek 10/18/19 Almost wut.. wut? *gives Kat puppy eyes.. then the tail* I'm confused. *whines*
Livia Vlcek 10/17/19 We aren't? *cants head* Why? I married some rando.. allegedly.. I have no recollection but yeŗaaaaa.
Nicolas Murray 10/17/19 Nic dances up behind his wife to the music in his own head. It was good music if the moves showed anything at all. Arms slid around her waist and pulled her back against him so she could dance with him too.

"Mon Chat..." his voice was sing songy and low when he moved his mouth to her neck, kissing before biting down. Not TOO hard. This time. "I hear we have some more celebrating to do."

Livia Vlcek 10/16/19 *laughs* Well I am glad I do not eat these things called 'Wheaties'.
*cants head* But whatever it is, it looks good on you.
*sniffs once more* He.. looks good on you. *winks*

Congrats on your newest station!
Livia Vlcek 10/16/19 *sniffs* You smell.. and look.. different.
*grins* Did you take a trip to Mexico without me?
Nicolas Murray 10/10/19 You say that like I won't win every round *winks*
Just call me Mr. Murray.
Nicolas Murray 10/09/19 He groaned loudly and looked down at his lovely wife. She was very, very, lovely even with that face she was pulling. He just stared down at her, deadpanned and a little judgy.

"Rubber boots are a must...but...maybe a little more explanation as to WHO exactly Amaranthe is? And why I also have living doll currently running around our quarters giving Chinkilla a run for his money?"

His arms slipped down past her hips, hands still locked together, until they moved past the curve of her rear. He had to kneel a little for that, obviously, but it put him at a rather nice level for a little love bite. Then his arms would squeeze at the back curve of her knees and hoist her up and over his shoulder.

"Boots, later. Explanation, now. Celebration...we will see, won't we?"
Nicolas Murray 10/09/19 Nic sweeps his wife's long curled locks back from her face and looks down at it. It was a rather nice face, after all. One that he could, in fact, stare at forever. The backs of his fingers traced back down along the curve of her jawline and chin before tilting her face up towards his.

Of course, he kisses her. Soundly at that. Who wouldn't want to kiss those beautifully pouted lips. Lips that looked so nice when...well, he wouldn't go there. Not right now at least. They'd just start with that kiss.

"Mon you realize we've been married for a month now? Look at us, we haven't even killed each other yet. I think this calls for a celebration of some sort."

He could think of lots of ways to celebrate, for sure. All of them could be seen blazing in green eyes as he looked across the cerulean blue of her own.

"First, though, I have a question. Can you maybe explain to me why I had a redheaded witch at my door
Thorne 10/04/19 *stares at*

ĒMethinks I might have accidentally created something I shouldnít have, Darkest Mother. Oh well. Do you think this would work as a belated present for your recent nuptials? I have one to match this one that I shall soon deliver to Father, though it isnít in as good as a condition as i had hoped. It was the first one I made so it was a matter of trial and error. Ē The crimson crowned Witchling murmurs, a smile spreading across supple cupidís bow, a look of something twisted in that mis-matched gaze of verdant and cerulean..
Nicolas Murray 10/03/19 It was probably a good thing he couldn't see her face with his face buried in her neck. But...then probably wouldn't have mattered even if he did.

As soon as she said 'When do we leave?' she gave her consent no matter how grudgingly it was. He wouldn't let her take it back now.


"Hmm..." he pondered the question as his large frame became a support for the slender one against it. "How about tomorrow? That gives us time to pack. Though, Mon Chat, I think we need to take more conventional means of travel. This face is much too pretty to be smashed into a brick wall." He was, of course, talking about his own. And, of course, was teasing her in a way that was probably only going to make her mad. Then again, that's what he was here for.
Nicolas Murray 10/02/19 Nic comes up behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her own and linking his hands at her stomach. If she were any taller or any shorter, it would make it hard for him to lay his chin on her shoulder. You wouldn't think two people could be so perfectly made for each other.

You would be wrong. It was like it was destined by the damned gods, and he could hardly stand to be away from her for too long. He'd done that already and it reaaaally hadn't turned out well.

His scruffy chin ruffed against her neck and he grinned before replacing it with teeth and biting down. "Mon Chat, what would you say about coming with me to New Orleans?"
Mackenzie 09/27/19 This is her own, personal Hell. Mackenzie is stood in a tunnel within her home, watching as her own and those that have taken control roam about. They're smug, the invaders. They know they have the upper hand, and fully understand that they are in no position to fight back. But at least she is home, and that is what matters most. Until, of course, a mass of honeyed hair appears before her, announcing itself with a loud thwack.

Instantly, her attention has turned. The Shadows turn all attention toward the pair, tension rising quickly as they prepare to attack at the first sign of aggression.

Clearly, Mackenzie has made a name for herself. No one near her is ever trusted.

Two oceans meet, and she chews at her lip as she listens before speaking. "I know that you didn't unleash a f-cking army on me, Katherine." Full names, because she is in a mood. "And ghosts aren't real."
Mackenzie 09/26/19 Kit Kat
Darling, those arenít ghosts...
Mackenzie 09/26/19 Kit Kat
Iím going to need some background info on this.
Nicolas Murray 09/22/19 Oh. Hey.
You look like a lady who loves a good timeÖ
I just happen to be free.
Victor Lockheed 09/14/19
Victor Lockheed 09/14/19
Nicolas Murray 09/12/19
Nicolas Murray 09/09/19 Mon Chat
Goddamn it woman.
Iím going to have to pick up more rubber gloves on the way home. Arenít I?
Nicolas Murray 09/09/19 Mon Chat

Please donít do anything stupid when Iím gone today.

Iím the only stupid thing you should be doing.
Nicolas Murray 09/06/19 Well, I was going to get cleaned off from the sewer.
I guess I can get dirtier instead.
You'll be the death of me, Mon Chat.
Melinoe 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Liam Moore via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Richard LaMonte 09/03/19
*is unsure how he feels about this*
Mackenzie 09/03/19 Yeah, you are grounded. You can use one of the old maintenance rooms. No insurance. No bomb squad.
-Wrinkles nose-
No promises on the electrical, either.
Mackenzie 09/03/19 You are the literally most.
Nicolas Murray 08/30/19
Nicolas Murray 08/30/19
Nicolas Murray 08/26/19 In the most affectionate way possible...

Youíve ruined me for everyone, Mon Chat.
Ronan Boru 08/23/19 You managed to break out Katherine Murray. "I am not even going to ask what you did just RUN!!! lass."
Nicolas Murray 08/20/19 What's it even more? Just one.

You need ten more. At least.
Kyla Brollachan 08/19/19 *laughs once*
Lucky day for us both, aye?
I'm not busy at the moment. Being that you're delighted by another Irish, as you should be, McSorley's it is.
Kyla Brollachan 08/19/19 *looks briefly surprised*
A Scot so far from home...
Since you've caught me red handed, I'm honor bound to buy you that drink. But... Whoever says you weren't meant to feel it in the first place?
Mackenzie 08/14/19 "Some little **** with tattoos all over." She waves a hand. "Kat, people aren't lizards. You need a lizard to regrow limbs. Maybe find a man, make a gecko bite him, and then try."
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 *takes the ear*
*looks at her*
*looks at the ear*
*thinks it might look familiar*
*runs off to make sure his...friend...isnít missing any body parts. Again *
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 -gives a shake with a slight bow-
"I believe this is the beginning of a rather beneficial friendship."
Theodora Hawthorne 08/14/19 *takes the finger*
*watches as the pretty blonde moves off*
*decides she's found her people*
*sticks the finger in her pocket for later*
*picks up the ear as an afterthought*
Mackenzie 08/13/19 -Raises brow-
Honestly, I don't believe you.
Buuut... I may know just the person.
-Sits on table-
Hear me out.
There is this man that turned me down.
-Wags brow-
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 Yes. Yes we should."
-is plotting-
-reaches out a hand to shake-
-not to cut off-
"Bishop. A pleasure."
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -taps his own chin-
"I see. Wouldn't that depend on the vampire? The type of vampirism they have?"
-is also curious-
"You know, I have a pesky shadow whose hand is just dying to be chopped off."
Mackenzie 08/13/19 -squints-
Are you... looking for a husband?
Is that what is happening?
Honey, listen.
Women are so much easier.
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "Like hell he is."
"A hand? That's it? Those are easy to find."
Mackenzie 08/13/19 What do you need a hand for? You have two.
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 "Wait, Jameson? My Jameson?"
"Help you with what exactly?"
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 -narrows eyes-
"That's going to be a hard pass, mon chťrie."
-crosses arms-
Jameson Orlav 08/13/19 I will disfigure anyone that you wish.
All of the hands, if you'd like.
But you cannot have mine.
Thorne 08/12/19 'You are a very tiny Kraken. Not at all terrifying.' Oh, sweet, sweet Dark Mother, that made the scarlet crowned temptress grin and keep her position of clinging to the woman's back, her head tossing back and a throaty laugh escaping her.

"Oh, Darkest Mother, if I weren't at all terrifying, then why did you emit such a sweet, sweet sound? Hmm? It was a delicious utterance and I shall endeavor myself to make you make it again." She teases, carefully letting herself slip down Kat's back and settle back upon heeled boots, bouncing once in a 'Tadaa!' manner.
Thorne 08/12/19 Cerulean and veridian seemed alit with an inner glow as they spied a particular immortal, slow smile spreading across the lush cupid's bow before, without warning, the scarlet crowned Witchling has leapt upon the woman's back and utters a playful snarl.

"Rawr! I'mma Kraken! FEAR ME!" Dear gods above....
Jasper Thompson 08/02/19 KitKat
As if you ever had to doubt.
That is one of my specialties.
I don't employ it often, but... That's no reason for concern.
Jasper Thompson 08/02/19 KitKat
Of course I'd say me, but I'll be generous and say she's a close second.
Hector Olivier 07/31/19 I've had my stalkers in my time. You need to up your game to make the top ten.
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 07/25/19 Cassie just laughed at her old friend then hugged her.

"I love you girl and missed ya. How are you doing?"

She looked at her with a smile.
Ronan Boru 07/23/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kat: For old memories past and new yet to happen. Ronan
Gray Taylor 07/19/19 -ignores-
Melinoe 07/18/19 You're the best!
Melinoe 07/18/19 "Can be play Candyland, miss Kat?"
Mel looks up at her, a small grin on her face.
Mackenzie 07/17/19 "Don't get too excited," she mutters. "This is a t-shirt."

Waving a hand, she glances over Katherine before stepping forward and closing the space between them. Just a foot away. One foot. Icy hues flicker over her blonde counterpart, a huff of breath escaping her as if suddenly struck by some humorous thought.

"We're going to our place. Ordering in." A hand reaches, moving to touch to Kat's arm and give a firm yet gentle squeeze. "I'm cheap."
Tiber Loche 07/17/19
Jameson Orlav 07/17/19 -snarls-
Bishop Orlav 07/16/19 -just looks confused-
"Who even are you?"
Hector Olivier 07/16/19 Hec laughs, dropping his hand. "It's taken years of practice"
Hector Olivier 07/16/19 *presses his index finger against the tip of her nose*
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -beams-
Missed you, too, KitKat.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -blinks again-
I don't think we have a hot tub...
-shrugs back-
We can fix that.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -tumbles-
-is unfazed-
'Bout time you were home!
-gives alllll the kisses-
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -squints harder-
-squints too hard-
-blinks rapidly-
Janus 07/15/19 Welcome to the crew.
LillyEmperium 07/15/19 Welcome to the coven
Melinoe 07/15/19 The girl giggles happily. "What games do you like?? Do you want to play one now? Oh, I'm Mel!"
Melinoe 07/15/19 Hiya, miss! Welcome to Sine Metu. If you ever want to play any games, I'm your girl!
Bishop Orlav 07/15/19 -stare intensifies-
"Can I help you?"
Bishop Orlav 07/15/19 -stares back-
-is really good at staring-
Mackenzie 07/15/19 She's in rare form. Mackenzie has a taste for something specific tonight, needing to break her usual, grungy habits. So instead of boots... she goes for the heels. Clack clack clack, each steps announces her looming presence as she walks the hall of the tunnels until she sees ahead a familiar face, a flaxen mane of gold worn like a crown. "You're not going to get a good signal down here with that," she nods toward the cellular device in her friend's hand. "Eyes in the sky. I killed that sh-t down here."
Averly Amoret 07/15/19 Welcome to the coven.
Jewel 07/15/19 No problem-o.
I'm Jewel.
Nice meeting you.
Jameson Orlav 07/15/19 -stares-
Jewel 07/15/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Mackenzie 07/14/19 Kitty
How soon?
No kissing Jasper for you!
F-ck it. Who cares. Go ahead. If you can find him.
Mackenzie 07/14/19 Kitty
Where have you been all my life?
I'm dying to close down a bar, turn off the power, close the blinds, lock the doors and windows, and talk a lot of sh-t.
Ronan Boru 07/13/19 * Ronan runs up to one of his oldest friend in the realm and pokes her then runs away laughing* "TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!!!"
Summer 11/04/18 Seeing the posters around town, Summer nearly smacked her forehead with annoyance. Sh-t! Sheíd been remiss in welcoming Katherine to Azhi what, like, a hundred weeks ago? Space cadet. To punctuate her point, Summer stuck two prerolledís into an envelope, complete with note scribbled on a scrap of Curious George stationary (What! She found it in the junk drawer in the Azhi compound).

I saw your face all over town and that reminded me- I never sent a welcome to you! How impossibly rude of me. Please forgive the oversight- my manners are all self taught and well, sometimes I miss a few things. Now, onto the important stuff- inside the envelope youíll find two generously stuffed prerolledís. One strain is Pennywise- a personal favorite of mine when I donít want to get TOO silly, but want to chill. Then its opposite- the one with the light orange filter is Fire OG. Itís intense. And long lasting. Did I mention intense? Donít leave this one out around kids. Damn, thatíd be a waste.
Anyway, welcome!
Mackenzie 11/04/18 KitKat
So I found a picture of us with some expensive jewelry.
We were so cute back then. And stupid. So, so stupid.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 KitKat
Okay, listen.
The door stuck.
And hellfire is super fast and super mean.
And I look like a peach.
I used to look like a hairless chihuahua.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 KitKat
Nothing comes between our playtime.
Except for when I set fire to myself and lose all my hair.
She didnít mention that, though, did she... brat.
But yes, I do have a new toy.
Still in those early stages where you want to play with it all the time.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 KitKat
Jasper is booked for a few months.
Ask him about his new toy.
Livia Vlcek 09/13/18 Canoe is getaway vehicle. *nods* Ok, good talk. I think we have our plan worked out.
Mackenzie 09/12/18 KitKat
You are? Come to the tunnels.
Iíll get Jasper.
You donít have that man candy with you?
Livia Vlcek 09/12/18 Bottle caps. *nods*
Mackenzie 09/10/18 KitKat
So next year, then?
Home is home, Kat. Still yours.
Haven't said yes, yet.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 KitKat
Depends. Depends on what you see.
The little green men arenít real.
You know I suck at communication.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 KitKat
May be going to Moscow.
Jasp on a mission.
Trying to get Tan in on it.
How's the lay? Still good?
Be nice to my Redcoat.
Plan to keep him.
This one is different.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 KitKat
I'm sorry. He just appeared.
It was a shock and I missed him.
I really missed him.
And we've just been catching up.
Forgive me? Please?
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 KitKat
Spaghetti Man? Donít tell me, I want to hear this in person.
My new crew is in Russia! Mack got me an in with her place, and I might be in love with the leader. Or just really turned on.
Send me your address when you get to where youíre going. Iíll send care packages, with love, from Moscow.
Got it, one make out session, regards from you.
Aaaand, briefly. I think he likes me.
I absolutely adore him.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 KitKat
Ohhhh, whatís in Cali?
Iím off to Moscow, myself.
Hopefully dragging the wee Irish with me.
Soon, okay? Donít make me burn down California to find you.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -laughs heartily-
Good, then this reunion doesnít have to be awkwardly one-sided.
Drinks? Drinks. Letís get drinks.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -stares back-
-waggles brows-
Miss me?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
Pretty? Define pretty. I need details.
Shag him yet?
He any good?
I'm not sure there are wild hamsters.
Actually. That's a good question.
Where do hamsters come from?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
That is exactly how that goes.
You made a friend?
Tiber is the scruffy one, right?
One of the ones I was yelling at, at the bar?
What is the important question?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
Well, brunettes do have more fun.
But that's not a good reason.
Am still in New York.
Technically not gone.
Tiber Loche 04/14/18
Tiber Loche 04/04/18 K-Town
... Yes. It turns out Tiberius requires a monthly injection. Permanently. I think I'm going to need to check out the cabin they were staying in. Thanks for the heads up.
Tiber Loche 04/03/18 K-Town
Tiberius is... Preoccupied. Where's this psycho compound? Is she in her right mind? She was just here a few months ago and she seemed happy...
Tiber Loche 04/03/18 K-Town
That -IS- very strange. It was never like her to turn her phone off or ignore her friends. What about that phase of hers. What's his name? Fabio?
Tiber Loche 04/03/18 K-Town
I only care about Gidget's happiness. If you make him happy, it can be our little secret.

K-Town Can you be more specific about Quinn...?
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
Don't mind him. He's just salty because I didn't take him to Uganda. Can you keep him busy for, like, ever? I have to unpack and he's the WORST.

Don't tell him I said that. I'll miss him in five minutes.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
It's a code. For Bros. I don't know all the specifics. I think we're just making it up as we go.
I'm not sure about the diseases, but I know that I officially DON'T have them. Which is great.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
Fine. I'll spare his life.
Mostly because we're bros and there's a code.
Or something.
I guess he's not the absolute WORST.
Is he at least sharing the good ganja?

My gift to you is this paper they gave me when I re-entered the U.S.
It officially states that I do not have Malaria, Leprosy or West Nile Virus.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
I had a doctors appointment.
In Uganda. Don't ask.
A new friend? Who's a male? And you LIVE with him???
Is he blackmailing you? I'll kick his ass.
Tiber Loche 04/02/18 K-Town
Who wore it better?
1 File Attached:
Mackenzie 03/17/18 KitKat
I wonder what it would take to dye blood green?
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *cackles at the window*
*tried to get dice*
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *leaves Kat cookies and porn...acuz best mom ever*
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
Santa is a great man.
He recently took up exercise.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
I'm being serious.
Sol is a total adult.
Unless you want to talk to Atticus.
He believes in Santa still. So.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
Well, by today's standard, I'm not wrong.
I go to Solomon when I need an adult.
He's thirty something, after all.
Mackenzie 02/05/18 KitKat
I'm an eternal child.
Shayden Rayne 10/28/14 *strolls through and paints the roses red...*
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