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Zara Peer

Adara Litvinova

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Created by Cersei Lannister
Zara Peer 10/16/18 -squeals-
"I have legs! They work!"
-doesn't actually protest, because lazy-
"Wait, wait."
-thinks really hard-
"Does this mean I have to make another scrapbook for our wedding wedding?"
"More sl*tty wedding night sex?! This is a lot to process."
Zara Peer 10/16/18 "Y'know. Me and you."
-clears throat-
"Just stuff."
-gently prods-
"I'll show you a page per article of clothing you remove."
-devious grin-
Zara Peer 10/16/18 -squints-
-clears throat-
"Secret stuff."
-purses lips-
"Okay, fine. I was scrapbooking."
Zara Peer 10/16/18 -barrels into the room-
"Hi hi hi hi hi."
-circles around, excited puppy-
"You look so cute in your uniform."
-huge smile-
Zara Peer 10/16/18 Wife
No, because I wanna marry you all over again.
Zara Peer 10/16/18 Wife
Zara Peer 09/20/18 Wife
I’m pregnant.

With a waffle baby.
Please stop letting me bring Eggos into this house.
Zara Peer 09/17/18 Wife
Shut up.
Zara Peer 09/13/18 Wife
I changed your contact name to reflect the fact that I own you now.
Zara Peer 08/29/18 *runs downstairs*
*leaps, tackles her*
Because I’m so excited!
*immediately starts trying to undress her*
I don’t even care if you were kidding. We’re getting down. Right now.”
Zara Peer 08/29/18 Erica Stone
I’m gonna throw up.
Zara Peer 08/29/18 Erica Stone
And get married?
Zara Peer 08/28/18 Erica Stone
You better.
Zara Peer 08/26/18 It's not especially late, but Erica is fast asleep beside Zara on the couch. Her leeched energy from a combination of heat and training had been obvious when the red head had walked in the door from a grueling day on the job, yet she still cracked a smile at Zara's exuberant greeting. But now here she is, asleep beside her fiancee.

Zara squirms out from under a draped arm, very gingerly moving to lift Erica up, one arm supporting her back, and the other under her knees. Zara's unspoken strength is never exhibited - she's careful of it. The many times she'd put up no effort against an arm wrestle of tickle fight were numerous. But in this instance, she just wanted her to rest comfortably, and knew she couldn't possibly on their beloved yet raggedy leather sofa.

With Erica hoisted up, she makes a slow path up the stairs, eventually laying Rickie down among soft pillows and a cool down-feather comforter. After getting herself ready for bed, Zara would climb under the sheets with Rickie, arms encircling her waist, lips brought to her forehead in a tender kiss. And with that, Zara too drifts off to sleep.
Zara Peer 08/23/18 *trots down stairs, wrapped in a blanket*
Do we have any tater tots?
*opens freezer, starts to rummage*
Wait. Did you eat the last eclair bar?”
Zara Peer 08/23/18 Erica Stone
It’s been a while.
Let me love on ya.
AKA lay here. I’m lazy.
Zara Peer 08/23/18 Erica Stone
We could burn the same amount of calories having sex, and I wouldn’t even have to get out of bed.
Zara Peer 08/18/18 Erica Stone
You say that now.
You’re too distracted by the BDE I exude to see past my exterior.
Zara Peer 08/17/18 Erica Stone
I can’t wait to trap you into marriage so you have to solve my problems and compliment me for life.
Zara Peer 08/17/18 Erica Stone
I have SDE. Don’t roast me.
Zara Peer 08/17/18 Erica Stone
I got one of those beginner magic kits and my pinkies are stuck in a Chinese finger trap.
Zara Peer 08/17/18 Erica Stone
Yes. But also no. Because I need help with something.
Zara Peer 08/17/18 Erica Stone
You’re ridiculous. And I love you.
Can we get sushi for dinner?
Zara Peer 08/15/18 Erica Stone
Heard you got some major BDE.
Zara Peer 08/05/18 Erica Stone bra. 👀
Zara Peer 08/05/18 Erica Stone
I don’t know.
Can you come here? I’m stuck.
Zara Peer 08/04/18 Erica Stone
I’m telling you there’s drugs on her!
I just want our home back to ourselves. And the dog.
Also I just want to eat my mac n cheese with a table spoon and make out with you on the couch like a normal person.
Zara Peer 08/03/18 Erica Stone
If I plant cocaine on my mom, will you arrest her?
Zara Peer 08/02/18 Shut up!
-steals more kisses-
I just want to be Mrs. Stone. And then I can get fat.”
-bats lashes-
I hear there’s such a thing as sl*tty wedding night sex. I can do that. I could totally do that.
-85% pillow princess-
But I’ll wait. Because I want to wait until it’s our dream wedding.”
Zara Peer 08/02/18 No. I mean, like... Just get a justice of the peace. Make it official.”
-burrows face into her neck-
Ignore me. You smile like that at me and I stop being sensible.”
-covers her mouth with a hand-
I should add that I’m very, very patient.”
-filthy rotten liar-
Zara Peer 08/02/18 Wow. Being an impressive future daughter-in-law has really put you in a mood.”
-not complaining-
Give me a sec. I just wanna snuggle.
-hands unabashedly wander-
Can we just go elope right now?”
Zara Peer 08/02/18 -meticulously unbuttons her shirt-
This is tailored. So I’m going to gingerly remove it.”
-clears throat-
And I’m not going to cry.”
Love you.”
Zara Peer 08/02/18 I told you she’s going to give you a run for your money!” -nuzzles-
She told me she thinks you’re a total catch. Because you are.”
-gentle kiss-
I like who I am with you. And so does she. It would be difficult not to notice how you treat me, and I’m sure she admires the love you show me.”
Zara Peer 08/02/18 -crawls all over her-
-so tired-
Dinner was great. And you looked so good in your new shirt.”
You made for a great arm piece, baby. Mom is obsessed with you.”
Zara Peer 08/02/18 -squeaks-
-wide eyes-
Wait. You wanna...?
-even more excited-
You fancy yourself a bad ass, Lieutenant Stone?”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 Mom and I already had like 20 waffles.
-kisses her neck-
Maybe some eggs.
-nuzzles affectionately-
Steak and eggs for breakfast!
-so excited-
I’ll cook it. You just focus on being a snack. I work better with visual stimulation.”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 Oh, yeah. She knows you’re a sap.
-snuggles up closer-
Nobody else rubs aloe on my butt.
-goofy grin-
You’re my best baby. But you already know that.”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 I have total faith. She’s gonna love you.”
-Eskimo kisses-
I think she just wanted to check for herself, you know?
-clears throat-
I’ve never called home about anyone more. I guess she’s curious to see who stole my heart.”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 She’s me. But cooler.
She’s... Well. She’s a hippie. Full on. Like, if you thought I didn’t give a sh*t, you’re in for a treat.
-pokes her stomach-
We talked for a while about you. How much I love you. How dreamy you are. How you make me laugh until my sides hurt...
-smiles briefly-
I just hope you’re prepared for her invasive questioning. She doesn’t have a filter.”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 -burrows face into her chest-
-squeezes her tight-
’Cause you’re gonna like her more than me.”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 -grumps-
Surprise visit.
-reaches for her-
Only for a day or two. I think. She doesn’t really stay in one place long.”
Do you still love me?”
Zara Peer 08/01/18 Erica Stone
Well, she’s asleep. I put her in the guest room. And she took Barney with her. 😡
Come rub aloe vera on my back. I’m grumpy.
Zara Peer 08/01/18 Erica Stone
It’s my mom.

Erica Stone
Please don’t panic!
Zara Peer 08/01/18 Erica Stone
We have a surprise visitor...
Zara Peer 08/01/18 Erica Stone
How much do you love me?
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Big spoon, please.
I’m a sleepy nugget.
-sprawls out in bed-
Love you.”
-sleepy voice-
Zara Peer 07/24/18 -mildly offended-
-peels off of her, curls up under the blanket-
I don’t like you anymore.
Goodnight, needy cappuccino.”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 -snuggles up-
It was that smile. Melted me.
-grins up at her-
Sorry I broke your bikini. Hope you like the replacement.”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 I don’t know. I thought it would be hot... But it isn’t you.”
-straddles her hips-
I like you just the way you are. Style, taste... Wouldn’t change a thing.
-gentle kiss-
Wanna put on pajamas and watch Netflix?”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 -wanders into bathroom-
-looks at the sporty bikini-
You’re coming with me.
-scoops her up-
It’s so you. I love it.

-tosses her onto the bed-
-strangely effortlessly-
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Yes... Sorry. Barney and I were having a water balloon fight. He won.”
-kicks legs-
I hung them in the bathroom!”
-so excited-
Go on!”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Eat first. And I’ll be in bed.
-kisses her cheek-
’Cause it’s about to go doooooown!
-so excited-
-bounces off-
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Well, maybe...
With you? Anything..”
-so pure-
So... bathing suit?
-so excited-
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Nooo.
-more brooding-
I’m trying to be more spontaneous, but there has to be a line!
-wraps arms back around her-
Zara Peer 07/24/18 -gasps-
No! Money is filthy!”
Why don’t you go try on the bathing suits I got you?”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Yeah, okay.
-still sulky-
I don’t have to take the job, babe.
-prepares her plate-
I can handle myself just fine. The last time I had an over friendly customer...
-blinks, grins-
Okay, bad example. But you’re so pretty. How could I resist?”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Well that’s not terribly romantic.
I don’t want a ring just because you want to ward men away.
I mean, I just thought it was supposed to be special.”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 ... No.
-furrows brow-
What’s wrong with bartending?”
-tugs on her waist band, pulls her close-
Zara Peer 07/24/18 -beams-
You’re my best baby. I have to treat you right!
-clears throat-
It’s good cash.”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Chicken and broccoli...
Have a good day today?
-lowers voice-
I got a big girl job today.”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 -squeaks-
-so, so excited-
You’re home!
-wraps all around her-
They’re on the bed. But I made dinner, too.”
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Erica Stone
No, they’re here.
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Erica Stone
Wait, really? This is so exciting.
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Erica Stone
Maybe just model the other swimsuit on a special occasion? 😻
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Erica Stone
Stop being such a lesbian. I ordered yours from DSG.
If you can’t trust I know your taste, then I don’t even wanna go to the beach. ☹️
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Erica Stone
No you don’t, actually. I used it as a water balloon slingshot and broke it...
Also, are there topless beaches?
Zara Peer 07/24/18 Erica Stone
I signed us up for a beach volleyball tournament!
I also ordered you a sensible bathing suit, and a really skimpy one. 😍😘
Zara Peer 07/23/18 "You, beach, bikini?"
-wandering hands-
"Sounds good."
-pulls off her shirt-
"Now shut up. I'm busy."
Zara Peer 07/23/18 -giggles-
"What? You come in here all sexy and proud of yourself, and expect me not to jump you?"
-tugs on her shirt-
"Yes, I walked the dog. I do leave the house."
-trails kisses-
"I just prefer not to sometimes..."
Zara Peer 07/23/18 -grins-
"Nothing's wrong!"
-traces circles on her stomach-
"Just getting ready to talk you out of your clothes in a few minutes."
-is despicable-
Zara Peer 07/23/18 "Really good day."
"I'm alllll good."
-tilts her chin-
-gentle kiss-
"Just enjoying you."
Zara Peer 07/23/18 -clears throat-
-tosses her on the bed-
"I just love you."
-nuzzles her neck-
"And I missed you, too."
-curls around-
"You smell good."
Zara Peer 07/23/18 -swoons-
"You could..."
-shakes head, clears throat-
-wraps arms around her-
"I love you."
Zara Peer 07/23/18 "That's so cool!"
-is excited because she's excited-
-gets up to dance with her-
"And that's super hot. Look at my fit fiancée."
-huge grin-
"Proud of you, babe."
-tender kiss-
Zara Peer 07/23/18 -was dead ass alseep-
-peeks eye open-
"Hi baby."
-sleepy voice-
"Whadd'ya do?"
Zara Peer 07/22/18 I... invited you over in the first place.”
Nevermind. You’re right. So right.
And you have perfect cheekbones.”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 You’re the one who left!”
-toys with her hair-
All sexy and stoic...
-gets handsy-
With that pant suit...
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -stifles smirk-
You mean when I went down on you for over half an hour and then you left?
-is so thoroughly amused-
Yeah, baby. Really romantic.
-hands drift-
That’s enough talking. Let’s just relive it.”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -small smile-
Wouldn’t dream of it.”
-short breath-
Sorry, I just got distracted by your entrance.
-crawls into her lap-
I’m no tease, thank you.”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -clears throat-
What? Oh.
-pats seat on couch-
Come find out?”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -leans over, takes it with her mouth-
Oh. Feta! I love feta!
Okay! I’ll be on the couch.
-smacks her butt, mumbles something in her eat-
-saunters off-
Zara Peer 07/22/18 That’s not fair!”
I just wanted to make out...
-folds arms-
Can I try the feta first?”
-evil grin-
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -kicks fit-
-steals parts of the prep food-
You’re so good with your hands.”
With... the food.”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 I just wanna look at you.”
-beams at her-
You’re my favorite thing to watch.”
-dreamy sigh-
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -swoons-
O... Kay.
-teeters back over to her-
-leans on her-
I love you.”
-so pure-
Zara Peer 07/22/18 It would’ve been quick...
Okay, you cook.”
-gathers blanket-
I’ll be on the couch... hangin’ out. Naked.”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -wiggles-
-more wiggling-
"You wanna... go change the sheets?"
-completely innocent-
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -goofy grin-
-pokes her sides-
"The longest hour of my life!"
-gets handsy-
"I thought you were never going to come home!"
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -wicked reflexes-
-bites her tongue-
"...Maybe I will! For second dinner. Before first through third dessert."
-kisses her chin-
"You're so pretty. Did you get better looking while you were gone?"
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -narrows eyes-
You’re gonna cook?
-purses lips-
Sounds good.
Have a good day?”
Zara Peer 07/22/18 -crawls off of sofa-
-wrapped up in blanket-
-wraps all around her-
Zara Peer 07/22/18 Erica Stone
Yeah, yeah.
I know. I was born cute.
Zara Peer 07/22/18 Erica Stone
:( Why can’t you let me be cute?
Zara Peer 07/22/18 Erica Stone
You. :)
Zara Peer 07/22/18 Erica Stone
Okay, fine.
Now bring home food!
Zara Peer 07/22/18 Erica Stone
Why would you ask me to make a false promise?
Zara Peer 07/21/18 Erica Stone
Honey. Baby. Poopsy.
Please bring home food!!
Zara Peer 07/18/18 -crawls on top-
"I can speak up for myself, you know."
"I mean, I know you know."
-kisses her neck-
"But I'd rather speak less, and do a little more of this."
Zara Peer 07/18/18 "Oh. No. I know that!"
"Just... Think you're beautiful. And I want to. If you do."
-tears up-
"You're my best baby."
Zara Peer 07/18/18 -is under all of the blankets and pillows-
"Drop the towel and get under here!"
-all snuggly-
"We're gonna make out and go to sleep.
-clears throat-
"Or just go to sleep. I'm definitely not thinking about, like, heavy petting."
Zara Peer 07/18/18 "But you said making out is just foreplay for..."
-turns the water on, then immediately off-
"To bed!"
-runs for bedroom-
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -eyes up and down-
"Sounds... Good."
"So... you wanna... Shower?"
Zara Peer 07/17/18 "I could make a lot of things work."
-averts gaze-
"Sorry. You're just so pretty. And you're naked. I can't be expected to be on my game right now."
-more gay panic-
"You're so pretty and I like you so so much."
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -sharp exhale-
"I'm gay."
-gay panic-
"Wanna elope?"
-blurts out-
"Sorry. You were just... Being too hot to handle."
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -tilts head-
"I can be even bossier."
-small smirk-
"But I get it. You get bossed around all day. I'm happy to take orders, Lieutenant."
-mock salute-
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -sputters-
"I'll wash all sides."
-shakes head, blinks-
"Sorry. Y-yeah. Um. Yes. I'll still wash your back."
-naked in the blink of an eye-
"Get in the shower!"
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -pouts-
"If you wanna."
-thinks for a second-
"I could uh... hop in the shower with you."
-innocent smile-
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -googly eyes-
Nope. I’m just gonna wash your back.”
-leans in for a kiss-
I’m all washed out.”
Zara Peer 07/17/18 -screeches-
-wraps arms around her-
You’re so strong.”
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
Okay... If you don’t like me.
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
But bubbles!
and cuz you’ll be naked. 😉
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
Baaaaby. ☹️☹️
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
What?? 😍😍
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
;( I already showered.
Don’t bully me.
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
I did it in bed...
But don’t worry. Boobs caught all of it.
And I filmed it.
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
Tried to catch all the spaghettios in my mouth...
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
I got tomato sauce all over myself. :(
Zara Peer 07/17/18 Erica Stone
Love youuuu. 😘😍❤️
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "It's not my fault you're sexy."
-purses lips-
"And a sweet, gentle, passionate partner."
-laying it on thick-
"Making love to you... Is a privilege."
"No more talking."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -squeaks-
"I said make-out, but..."
-wraps all around her-
"I'm down for you, any time of day."
-gentle kiss-
"Love you most."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "To be clear..."
-prods gently-
"Maybe if I said I'd laced them with ecstasy, okay? Weed's harmless."
-holds up finger-
"But, it's fine. I don't understand, baby, but for you, I'll try extra hard."
-clears throat-
"Still a little bit of time left on the clock before it's Monday... Wanna make out a little?"
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -puts cold feet on her back-
"Don't ignore me. Look at me."
-is ruthless-
"I wouldn't ever do that to you. I haven't ever. I don't even... You know what? I don't have to justify myself to you, either. A joke in words alone doesn't warrant this sort of reaction."
-crawls over to her-
"But I don't want to go to bed angry. So I'm sorry I pushed your buttons on something you're sensitive to."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -little while later-
-stomps back in-
-lots of noise-
-jumps into bed-
"I can't believe you take a joke like that so seriously."
-pulls on the blankets-
"Ruined sex weekend."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "... Seriously?"
-grabs a pillow-
"I'll be downstairs."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -shrugs-
"I'm a fan of everything your body does."
-taps her chin-
"But I'm just biased."
-toothy grin-
"Come back to bed now, pleeeease? The hemp should be kicking in any second..."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -sputters-
"Well, I just..."
"I do sexy dances for you all of the time."
-did it once, poorly-
"I'm a victim of injustice!"
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "Would look pretty good on a pole..."
-bites bottom lip-
-snaps out of it-
"I'm sorry, what?"
-dazed grin-
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "You don't have to be good at anything else."
-gentle squeeze-
"You make me happy just by being the lovable tight-ass you are."
-clears throat-
"Super, super tight ass..."
-is distracted-
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -blinks-
"Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I just... I was trying to be funny."
-crawls out of bed, reaches for her-
"You're good at plenty of stuff."
"Loving me, right?"
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -blinks-
"That was perfectly good waffle..."
-tilts head-
"If you think I would ever do that to you, you need to reevaluate."
-clears throat-
"And maybe apologize."
-small grin-
"Not for being hot when you're mad. No apology necessary on that front."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "That's because I used hemp butter!"
-content smile-
-snuggles into bed-
-awaits reaction-
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "Well, you put out. So I owe you breakfast in bed."
-leans in, lingering kiss-
"Aaaand, you're so good at sharing."
-plops into bed next to her-
-opens mouth for waffle-
"Looooove you."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 "Stay here. I'll be back in a flash."
-crawls out of bed-
"I already made the batter!"
-runs off-
-returns with waffles-
"Look, babe! The blueberries look like a smiley face."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -crawls on top of her-
"Just makin' sure you're not in a sex coma."
"Want some waffles? Or a panini? I ordered a panini press online the last time you got home late. I was bored. QVC was the only thing on."
Zara Peer 07/15/18 -peers over at-
"Babe... You still alive?"
-prods more-
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -knits brow-
What? No! My turn.
I’m going to make love to you, damn it!”
Zara Peer 07/14/18 Nope... I was thinking we could multitask.
-small grin-
That okay?
-lingering kiss-
Zara Peer 07/14/18 What? No! Babe.”
-grabs her waist-
You’re mine now.”
-small grin-
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -shower is running-
-because spontaneity-
Wait. I think we forgot shampoo!
-so much zoomies-
What did you do with my bra?!”
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -runs into the house, drops grocery bag-
Sex weekend!
-throws bra in Erica’s face-
Hurry up!
-sprints upstairs-
Zara Peer 07/14/18 Of course.”
-all flustered-
I mean... cool. Sure.
You could honestly do whatever you want.”
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -unintentional sigh of relief-
-grins and laughs-
Tomorrow, for sure.” -tightens grip around her-
Take your... time?
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -purses lips-
I want all of it, with you.
Spontaneity is healthy. We need a little bit of it.
-leans in for a kiss-
So... Right here, because I want you. And we can take it one step at a time, but it won’t change my mind.”
I don’t want to focus on anything else but you. So whether it’s in the kitchen, or the shower... I’ll only be thinking about how much I love you, and how I never want anyone else.”
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -gulps-
N-no. Nope. Here is good.”
-caresses her cheeks-
Kitchen is... good. Shower is okay.
-enthusiastic smile-
I’ll live. Even after the tiny deaths.”
-so witty, also secretly panicky-
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -clears throat-
Uhm... no. Only the bed, babe.
-stops her hands-
I’m just going to try and not be OCD.
-slow nod-
Distract me?”
Zara Peer 07/14/18 -carefree laugh-
No better adventure partner than you.”
-cups her chin-
So... starting with new places.”
-so much restraint-
Right here is a good place to start.”
Zara Peer 07/13/18 "That sounds perfect."
-wandering hands-
"We could try some other new things, too..."
-innocent smile-
Zara Peer 07/13/18 "I, uhm..."
-is shook-
-lingering kiss-
"Maybe a little bit of both?"
-bats lashes-
Zara Peer 07/13/18 "Me? Forward? Why, I never..."
-squeaks, squirms-
"You want to..."
"I don't know. It's been a while. Are you sure you're up for a full weekend?"
-is devious-
Zara Peer 07/13/18 -starts to unbutton her shirt-
You can keep me on whatever you want.
-clears throat-
I have no idea where that came from.”
-starts to pull on her belt-
But I think I meant it.”
Zara Peer 07/13/18 Baby, I’m-
You’re pretty hot yourself.
-clears throat-
You wanna, um...
-nods head towards the staircase-
Zara Peer 07/13/18 Okay.
-plops onto the crouch, crawls into her lap-
Hold on a sec.”
-gently squeezes-
I’m ready.”
Zara Peer 07/13/18 -slowly slinks into living room-
"Are you, um... mad??"
"Are we going to have a tough conversation?"
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
Just started the grill.
Meat and vegetable kebabs okay?
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
I just really miss you.
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
Oh, okay.
See you at home then.
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
Thought you said we’d start working out together?
So you don’t have to share? 😚
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
I didn’t mean what I said when I walked out.
I was angrier than I should’ve been.
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
I still love you.
Zara Peer 07/12/18 -stomps out of the room-
F*ck you, then!
-has Barney’s leash-
-grabs the dog, leaves-
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
I’m turning my phone off.
Don’t kiss me goodbye in the morning.
Zara Peer 07/12/18 Erica Stone
Stop relating my discomfort to a nonexistent lack of trust.
That’s all I’m asking for, Jesus.
I think it’s an incredibly rational request.
I don’t really give a flying f*ck if you shared an organ. She’s your ex-wife. I don’t want our lives dipped in past mistakes.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Do you realize how condescending this text is?
You can’t even see where I’m coming from.
This is why I didn’t want to bring it up.
You’re not going to let go of having a personal relationship with your ex-wife.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 -stops in doorway-
Who’re you to say what Lyla and I had? And how dare you claim it’s just my silly insecurity?
-walks into room, retrieves a pillow and blanket-
You can stay out here..”
-clearly super p*ssed-
-slams door behind her-
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Okay, fine. Whatever.”
-stands up-
You’re right.
-shakes head-
I’m going to bed.”
Zara Peer 07/11/18 -not the most receptive-
Stop hanging out with her.
-peels her hands away-
You wouldn’t like it if I kept Lyla around. Would you?”
Zara Peer 07/11/18 -eating waffles-
-is brooding-
-stabs waffle with fork-
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Yeah, fine.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Right, and I don’t want to be friends with someone who used to share in your life as intimately as I do now.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Exes are exes for a reason.
Fair or not fair.
I just don't feel like having her as a part of our normal social life.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
I'm worried if I bring up how I really feel about Sage, you'll get defensive.
So let's just not, okay?
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
My shirt.
Come take it off.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Did I stutter?
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Making friends is important.
As long as they're not your ex-wife.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
You just don’t want to share.
And we do PLENTY of working out together.
Sometimes I carry in the groceries.
Zara Peer 07/11/18 Erica Stone
Does this mean I’m going to be an Army wife?
And the cool moms will finally let me sit with them at the pool?
And I’ll join their aggressively fast walking group??
Zara Peer 07/10/18 I really, really like you.”
-pulls her towel away-
So let’s talk about family later, okay?
-small smirk-
I’ve at least one familiar activity to get your mind off of things.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 -blinks-
Erica. Hold on. Breathe.
-wraps arms around her waist-
First of all, you’re perfect for me. Second of all, she absolutely will love you.”
-presses forehead to hers-
And even if she doesn’t, her opinion could never dissuade me. I’m going to marry the sh*t out of you no matter what.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 You’re soft.
-kisses her nose-
It just means, babe, she wants to make sure you’re the best choice for her only child. So no doubt she’ll grill you, but in the end she’ll know about you what I do.
You’re my best baby.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 You were a brick wall once, too. And then we had sex.
I’m not gonna... with your dad... That’s unfortunate.
-harsh swallow-
Good or bad. I don’t know. She’ll definitely give you a run for your money!”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 What? Think they won’t like me?
-squeezes her hands-
I’m great with parents. I think. Never done it before. But now is as good of a time as any!
I can’t wait for you to meet my mom. She’s going to eat you alive.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 You know me. I prefer things official.”
-content sigh-
No better way to start a day than with a kiss from you.”
... So when can I meet your parents?”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 Fine. Just know it’s a deal breaker.
“I didn’t get to ask, though. Not officially.”
-pulls on her towel, kisses her-
So will you? Marry me?”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 I want your name.
-clears throat-
And six kids.
-not joking-
Not right away.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 -hyperventilating-
You love me!
-starts crying again-
Oh my god... I can’t, okay? I just can’t!
-wraps around her again-
I’m going to be Zara Stone. That’s so cute!”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 -ugly crying-
-clings to her-
You... and... ring... and, and, and..
Why didn’t you say anything?
-harmless smacks-
Zara Peer 07/10/18 -sniffles-
Shut up.”
-stupid grin-
I love you, you sneaky jerk.”
-now just sobbing-
Zara Peer 07/10/18 -disappointed gasp-
What?! No! I thought we were gonna...
Baby, is that...
-blinks, tears up-
You're wearing it? That means...”
-steps in, pulls into kiss-
Zara Peer 07/10/18 ... No!
-huffs, throws off clothes-
This isn’t even hot. I’m not even attracted to you!
-folds arms-
So don’t even think about, like, scrubbing my back. Or something.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 Shower? Together?.”
-clears throat-
Cool... Just two dudes... casually showering together.
-purses lips-
Nothing... sexy about that at all.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 I just missed you.
-wraps all around like a koala bear-
Wanna go take a bubble bath? And eat cereal for dinner? And watch a movie?
At least say yes to the bath? You kinda smell.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 -runs outside-
You’re home!
-leaps at her-
I missed you so much! I was so bored.”
Zara Peer 07/10/18 Erica Stone
Lucky for you, yes I am.
And so are you, homo.
Zara Peer 07/10/18 Erica Stone
I just like to look at your cute face.
Zara Peer 07/09/18 Erica Stone
I don’t know. I’m hungry.
Don’t be sassy, I’m feeding you.
And then I’m watching that stupid Netflix show you like.
Because I love you.
Zara Peer 07/09/18 Erica Stone
How about heart-shaped homemade baked Mac n cheese?
Zara Peer 07/09/18 Erica Stone
I made you heart shaped cookies.
But then I ate them. :(
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica! You’re adorable.”
-quick kiss-
That sounds perfect, babe. And romantic. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.
I mean, the stargazing. And the.. Uhm. Fooling around.”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 I love you a lot, too.
I love you more than you love me, actually.”
Are we still gonna... um...
-pokes her arm-
Remember that one time? We parked in an alleyway, and then your partner interrupted?
I was totally going to to talk you out of your pants, too.”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 I’m not trying to be unreasonable. I know you wouldn’t do anything. That’s not the point, you know?
-squeezes her hand-
How about burgers and the trampoline? I’d be happy with that.”
-lowers gaze-
Maybe I’m just being insecure. I don’t know. We can go to Sage’s picnic.”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Sounds like a lot of fun.”
My ideal holiday isn’t spent with your ex-wife, babe. She’s a little too comfortable with you for my comfort.”
-diverts gaze-
Sorry, Erica. I just don’t like spending time with the person you married.”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Sage?
-clears throat-
You can go, if you want.”
-crawls back over, buckles in-
Ice cream?”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 -unclicks her seatbelt-
-crawls into her lap-
-more preoccupied with making out-
Love you.”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 -runs out to the truck, jumps in-
-grabs her collar, pulls into a kiss-
Missed you.”
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
Oh my god.
You’re hot.
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
To the reference.
And to my boobs.
Better pull the emergency brake to be safe. 😚
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
You’re going to do what to my boobs??
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
Like every day. Duh.
It’s okay. I’ll wear another one of your shirts.
I need to do laundry. Hence I am not wearing a bra.
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
Yes please! And you’re not funny.
Where did you put your army t shirt??
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
Your natural pragmatism is very unromantic.
Good thing you’re sexy looking.
Bring me a Frostee.
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
I’m waffle pregnant.
Zara Peer 07/03/18 Erica Stone
We need more waffles now.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 -carefree laugh-
Yes! It’s top of the line, I promise!
-heartfelt sigh-
I’m totally going to make our with your face tonight.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 I have been gay for some time now... The last three hours at least.
-kisses her jaw-
We could go express something right now. I just got us a new comforter, and it’s great for snuggles.
-bats lashes-
Maybe some other stuff.”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Go to Seattle? We could do that.
I have a lot of love in this heart. I’ve been saving it all these years just for you. I just didn’t know it then.
-all lovey dovey-
I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky.”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Oh. Well, my mom is the opposite.”
-tries not to swoon, fails-
She’s... Well you’ll meet her. But she loves you already. So you don’t have to worry!
-another tender kiss-
I can be emotionally invested enough for all of them.
-clears throat-
Like, right now. If you wanted.”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 -panics back-
I just.. I told her I found the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. How do you think I got her ring?!
-freaking out-
Is that not okay? I love you! I just wanted her to know!
Wait a minute... Your family doesn’t know you’re having monogamous intercourse with me?!
-is offended-
Am I not good looking enough?!”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 -life affirmed-
I’m so honored... I feel like I should give a speech.” -pulls into a needy kiss instead-
You’re my favorite person in the whole world, y’know? Just don’t tell my mom.
-whistles, averts gaze-
She wants to meet you, by the way.”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 I’m not complaining! I like scrubbing your back.
And you always smell good.”
Gold Star? Is that because I’m good at sex? Like I’m a good lesbian?” -so pure-
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Just checkin’.
-and then shutters-
Men are gross..”
I know you shower. ‘Cuz you drag me in with you most days. Clingy.”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 "Well... I mean... I like you sorta.. Kinda..."
"You're alright, Stone."
-tilts head back, kisses-
"... Okay. But like. You know... If I was pregnant..."
-shifty eyes-
Zara Peer 07/02/18 "Why? I can go get pregnant right now!"
-all determined-
"I could get pregnant so fast, just watch!" -is so innocent-
"Wait. Does that involve... P... No. No."
-hugs tighter-
"No thank you! You're the only baby I need."
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Babe. C’mon. It’s a gag.
-wanders over, tries to hug-
I don’t even like... I’ve never even... What even boys?”
-just an innocent gold star-
I thought it was funny!”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 -all curled up in bed-
What is what?
-all wrapped up in blanket, comes out-
Oh. That? It’s pretty clear what that is.
-master prankster-
Guess you broke biology.”
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Hurry up!
I want the syrup more than I want your body.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Don’t raise your text at me!
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Too bad. I’m crawling into bed.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Okay! Left something for you on the counter.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Bring syrup.
And your cute booty.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Let’s eat waffles and make out.
I think I’m having a food baby, by the way.
But I’ll be hungry by the time you get back.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
With food or with 😘😘?
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
I knew you didn’t love me as much as I loved you.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
Can you come help me eat waffles?
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone
I can’t put more waffles in.
I broke it.
Zara Peer 07/02/18 Erica Stone

Erica Stone

Erica Stone
I broke the fridge.

Erica Stone
Put too many waffles in the freezer.
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Sorry. I may have gotten a little carried away.
-self conscious-
I just... You know.
-gets distracted-
I just love you so much.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 -tugs back-
Because I worship your body, Erica.
-finally let’s her pull the blanket away-
I love every inch of you.
-pushes her over, crawls on top-
You’re perfect to me. And I’m so lucky. Or didn’t I make that clear last night?”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Don’t objectify my tush!
-wraps self up like a burrito-
You’re ridiculous, you know.
-cheeky grin-
So cheesy.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 -runs into house-
-then leaps onto trampoline-
Babe! Hurry up! I got cosmic brownies!
-is so excited-
Zara Peer 06/28/18 I’m not crying. You are!
-wipes away tears-
You get the blankets. I’ll get the snacks. Meet on the trampoline?”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 -probably crying-
Let’s just go lay under the stars.”
-definitely crying-
I just want you all to myself.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 You just had a crush on the cute girl making you coffee.”
-clears throat-
Sometimes you need to hear the tough things from the people that matter most. But I think I always knew you didn’t mean the harsh words.”
-small smile-
I guess when I was ready for something more... I just hoped it wasn’t too late.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 I never, ever hated you.”
-furrows brow-
I was into sh*t, and you suffered my wrath.”
I shouldn’t have wasted a second of your attention.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Stop. I’m tired and emotionally raw.”
-all choked up-
I love you more than anything.”
-tender kiss-
You’re my favorite person in the world.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 -flails-
Jesus! Yes! I love you.”
Maybe not so much now.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 You’re so annoying.”
-grabs her hand-
And then we can sleep under the stars.”
-yawns again-
I can’t wait to go to sleep.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 -runs down the stairs-
Okay! Let’s go!
-is wearing said Army shirt-
Well, wait.”
-jumps on Rickie, totally makes out with her face-
We can go now.”
-sheepish grin-
Zara Peer 06/28/18 You’re so predictable.”
-turns around, pulls into a lingering kiss-
Go wait downstairs or I won’t be able to focus.
-gentle shoo-
... Take my wings with you?”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Perfect. Then we can go get salads.”
-is devious-
Maybe we’ll run into your friends.”
-tries to put together an outfit-
And then we can lay under the stars.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Let’s go out.
Steak and beer.”
-crawls out of bed-
We should sleep on the trampoline tonight!”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 -crawls on her-
No. I’m awake now.”
-lots of kisses-
Let’s go out.”
I need fresh air.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 You wanna go do something?
I can put real clothes on.”
-leans over, smooches-
Go get some salad?
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Love you, baby.”
Very tired. Missed you.”
-reaches for her-
I showered and I ate. ... A lot.”
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Erica Stone
I’m not the one who passed out last night.

Erica Stone
You got hella banged.
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Erica Stone
Don’t wanna leave bed. Ate 100 wings.

Erica Stone
You come here.
Bring me water.
Zara Peer 06/28/18 Erica Stone

Erica Stone
Come snuggle.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 "... Maybe. I don't know. But you smell good." She nuzzles Erica's neck, placing a kiss against the crook of her neck. "Patience is a virtue, you know. I wanted to hear about your day before I..." She stops short, clearing her throat. "Sorry you and I were having two different conversations today." She's still looming over Erica, now more intent on the conversation, if only to drag out the red head's impatience. "But I can't stop thinking now about how much you love me."

There's an audible break in her voice, face still hidden against Rickie's neck. "So I want to make you feel the way you make me feel every day." She kisses Erica's jaw, working her way back to her lips. "Want to go inside?"
Zara Peer 06/27/18 "What did I get up to?" Zara blinks, hands momentarily pausing. "Uhm... This." She's referring to the trampoline, of course. She's been awake since Erica's alarm sounded, enduring one long burst of energy. She hyper-cleaned the house, took Barney for a run so long and grueling she had to carry him most of the way, and then paid an amount of money she's unwilling to admit to have the trampoline delivered that afternoon. "Just... Y'know. Bounced. For like six hours."

And in a very sudden sweep, she flips Erica over - but not without bouncing against the mesh of the trampoline. "We should bring the TV out here. And then we can bounce and watch iZombie!" Clearly she doesn't mean quite this instant, as she's resumed unabashedly groping Erica. "You smell like..." She sniffs. "Chocolate... Did you eat one of my brownies?!"
Zara Peer 06/27/18 "Right? I was bored. This seemed fun." On a more sane day, Zara would understand the magnanimity of such a purchase, but today she's in rare form. Incredibly energized and needing an outlet, impulsiveness is not uncommon. Her exuberance is well noted as her hands wander along the curves of Erica's body, an ear-to-ear grin hanging off of her face. "It's something new to do."

She leans in for another kiss, letting it linger for as long as she allows. "Have a good day?"
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Right? It’s great!
-very energetic-
Come here.”
-grabs her by the waist-
We can bounce later.
-pulls her into a kiss-
Zara Peer 06/27/18 -responses from the back yard-
I’m bouncing!
-and is clearly bouncing-
Come bounce with me!”
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Send nudes.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
You really have no idea, Erica.
I have the zoomies.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
You won’t be able to. But that’s okay.
I’ll keep you well hydrated. Feed you some pasta.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
I should warn you, I have a lot of energy.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Among other venues.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Come home so we can do it.
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Hold on. I’m sorry.
If I was pregnant with someone else’s baby, you’d take it as your own?
I really love you. Wow.

Erica Stone
How could I possibly be pregnant!
I was talking about you. There’s room for YOU on the trampoline!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
What the f*ck are you on about??
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Room for me and my baby!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Big enough for two!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Come bounce with meeeeee!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
I got a trampoline!!!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Are you going to stress out if I don’t?
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
You’ll see it when you get home!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
Never mind. It fits!
Zara Peer 06/27/18 Erica Stone
How big is our back yard?
Zara Peer 06/27/18 After another half hour or so of snuggling and TV watching, Zara pipes up again. "Bedtime?" She looks at Rickie hopefully. "Carry me. I'm sleepy." She bats her lashes, presenting her most pathetic expression possible. "Please, babe?" And it doesn't take all that much convincing for Erica to carry her up the stairs to bed.

Always happy to be the little spoon, Zara notices Rickie holds her especially close once they're snuggled up in bed, and it makes Zara smile all the more wider. "I love you, Erica." She whispers into the darkness of their bedroom, the only other sound Barney's soft snoring at the foot of the bed. It only takes Erica a few seconds to reply, 'I love you too, baby', for Zara to fall into a fitful slumber.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "Of course I'm sure." She offers a sincere smile, both of her hands closing over Rickie's. "There's no rush into forever. We're already in the middle of it." She can't help but kiss Erica again, and a few times more before settling for an Eskimo nuzzle. "I like you, and I love you. And that's all that matters to me."

She pulls the blanket closer, as wrapped around the other woman as she can possibly be. She lets out a content hum, maybe still a little drunk. But happily so. "You make me feel like I'm capable of anything. And you don't try to change me. You just love me. Do you know how rare you are? And how special you are to me?"
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "They could've played the banjo all night." Zara gives an apologetic smile, having no true taste for the genre, period. It all inevitably sounds the same to her. She gently lifts Barney and moves him out from between herself and Erica, and promptly crawls into Rickie's lap. "It could've been a spittoon band. I just liked seeing you smile." All snuggled up with Rickie and her blanket, Zara lets out a content sigh. "I really, really love you, you know."

Her hands fish around beneath the blanket, and soon enough she's pressing something gently into Rickie's hand. "I really just want you to have it, no matter what. I'm sorry I took it back. I want you to know I'm on your schedule. And I'll be here whenever you're ready." Zara leans into a tender kiss, then becoming somewhat distracted.

"You're everything I never knew I needed."
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Zara had treated Erica to an evening of some of her favorite things. A dinner at Logan's Roadhouse, where Rickie was plied with red meat and plenty of beer. Then onto The Drunk Horse Pub, where Zara would spend a grueling hour listening to live country music with Rickie. All of this, and a walk through the downtown area, because Zara is so often the receiver of kind gestures, she was dead set on treating her girlfriend to a lovely, stress-free evening geared towards her interests.

It doesn't bother Zara in the least to bend to Erica enjoys. It makes her happy to see the other woman happy, cased closed. And afterwards, Zara gets her favorite thing. Curled up on the sofa, watching Netflix with Rickie. At some point, Zara had dosed off, Barney curled up on her lap. Her head is on Rickie's shoulder, the red head still awake and intently watching iZombie. She nestles in a little closer, a small yawn yapping from her lips. "Did you have a good time tonight?" Her voice is heavy with sleep, but she's slowly coming around, fending off several glasses of rum & coke she'd consumed over the course of the evening.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
Love you!! Hurry up. I dressed nice.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
Handle of Captain Morgan and a silly straw.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
I have layers.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
I want to get drunk and play UNO.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
All of those.

Erica Stone
And then we can watch the L Word??
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
I wasn’t saying that, woman.

Erica Stone
Oo. Woman. I like that.
If you want to express your love for me, you could bring me home a muffin.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
It means your mood to do the do is random.
But I’m here for it!

Erica Stone
Are you going to be all offended now?
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
You know. You’re a sexual wild card.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
I didn’t know how much make-up sex there would be.
You’re a sexual wild card.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
They’re called f*cking surprises for a reason.
I mean, they’re not ‘f*cking’ surprises.
But they’re surprises.

Erica Stone
... one of the surprises might have been the cheerleader uniform, though. 😬
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
Don’t be sus. :-(

Erica Stone
I don’t want to ruin all of the surprises.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
I want to take you out, feed you something you enjoy, and make get into some heavy petting while your country music plays.
Oh! And there will be beer.

Erica Stone
Really, I just want to take you out and do something nice for you.
I love you and appreciate you so much. I just want you to know it.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
Sounds like more snuggles!
I’m still sore from running with you this morning.

Erica Stone
We’re going to the nearest steak house, and you can have whatever you want.
And then we’ll do other stuff.
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
I wanted to make sure you were free!
Zara Peer 06/26/18 Erica Stone
Can I take you on a date tonight?
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "You can have it back. On your finger. On the chain around your neck. As a toe ring. I don't care."
-tries to pick her up-
-is really so, so weak-
"I'm trying to be romantic, babe."
-giving 'efforting' expression-
-actually picks her up for a few seconds-
"To bed! Which is a clothing optional zone, of course."
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "We can go to bed, if you want. I'll make you feel very un-self-conscious."
-drags hot girlfriend-
"And I don't mean sex. I mean I'll put on that face mask you don't like."
-stops, turns around-
"Did you... want the ring back? Not, like, you know.. I mean... You could..."
"Why don't we both just shut up and make out?"
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "Oh, I already picked the names."
-might be a psychopath-
"You just have to put on the ring. Whenever you're ready, of course!"
-is definitely a psychopath-
"Sunflower, Brooke, Sky, Basil, Forest and Briar."
-big smile- "... Is that a lot? I'm sorry."
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "I can... get a job."
-furrows brow-
"I want six, rigid, straight-laced red heads running around."
"Well, seven, then. But I'm picking the names. Maybe the 'Stone' part of the deal can come from your brother's, though. They are doctors... You're just good looking."
-is pure evil-
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "Oh, it's not a question. We will have actual kids. I want six."
-absolutely not joking-
"And Barney will remain our son. On equal footing with any potential baby. Because I love Barney more than I love anyone else."
-sheepish smile-
"Except you... Of course..."
Zara Peer 06/26/18 "Don't roast me!"
-tilts head-
"What? Not the right terminology?"
-wraps arms back around her-
"You're my... future, future wife. That's our son. He'd be our dog if I hadn't broken every boundary of good dog training with him already. Therefore he is granted child status."
-tender kiss-
"That okay?"
Zara Peer 06/25/18 "You know... Your butt... It's... Nice."
-clams up-
"I like it a lot."
-clears throat-
"I'll feed our son whatever I damn well please. He's happy."
Zara Peer 06/25/18 "No one likes country music."
-uses air quotes-
"I'm feeling some type of way because I'm in North Carolina with your fine ass."
-clears throat, blinks-
"That didn't sound great coming out of my mouth."
"So what. It smells like you. I was lonely. Barney is mad I wouldn't give him any of my toast this morning."
Zara Peer 06/25/18 "Uhm, no. It's because I'm not drinking Sutter House wine."
-wraps arms around her-
-bats lashes-
"Look, babe. I put on clothes!"
-is just wearing Rickie's oversized clothes-
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
We're out of beer.
I drank your last one.

Erica Stone
I live in North Carolina, so I drink beer now.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
You're such wife material.
If only I wanted to marry you.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Oh. :-)
That's kinda hot. Okay.

Erica Stone
If I put pants on will you ditch the ex-wife and make me an omelet?
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
I don't care.
I'm proud of my body.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
... I'll go buy a pair of handcuffs right now.
I'll put on pants right now. And a shirt.
And a bra.

Erica Stone
Jk. I'm naked and very comfortable IN FRONT OF FOUR OPEN WINDOWS
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
I thought you were insinuating you want to cuff me and...
I misread!

Erica Stone
Now hurry upppp.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Nothing. Never mind, babe.

Erica Stone
Can you hurry up?
I want to finish this episode of British Bake Off.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Is this...
Are we...

Erica Stone
Let's do it.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
God damn it.
I really thought I had you there.

Erica Stone
This was not me implying our perfect sex was less than.
... You're telling me you never handcuffed a girlfriend?
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
You broke MY phone, jerk!!
... are you insinuating you’d like me to be defiant?
Oh my god. Is this your kink?
Hold on. I need to take a deep breath.
I knew you were too normal. This is so exciting!!
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
The start of our love story, you mean? 😘😘😍😍❤️❤️
Are you about to roast me?
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
I’m very weak. Don’t threaten me!
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
I don’t know. Come find out. 👊

Erica Stone
(I’m kidding I love you and your sexy fine face)
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
No, I’ll just break your nose this time.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Pants are a prison for legs.
Don’t harass me.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Stop leaving your hair in the drain.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Stop stealing all of the blankets.
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
Stop putting country music on my Spotify. 😡
Zara Peer 06/25/18 Erica Stone
I can’t reach my juice boxes.
Come home and help!
Zara Peer 06/25/18 "Baby, I'm only ever walking down an aisle of you're at the end of it." Zara practically swoons, disregarding all proffered information of family members. All she really cares about in this moment is the woman with her - and nothing, and no one, matters in comparison. She wiggles her way out from beneath Erica, crawling off of the sofa.

"Come to bed with me?" She offers her hand, an earnest smile offered. "I wanna spoon. And take a nap. But only with you." And when Rickie, after a brief laugh takes her hand, Zara knows there's nothing she wouldn't do to continue to have these little moments for the rest of her life.
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "My mom." She pauses. "Um..." She squints. "She has some old lesbian friends she plays bridge with. Maybe them too." Realizing her list of friends begins with her mother and ends with Rickie doesn't phase her much.

"What about your family?" They've never discussed family in-depth. Zara's disappeared on enough two-hour long phone calls with her mother to necessitate a brief conversation, but Erica's upbringing is still somewhat of a mystery to Zara. "I don't really care who's there. As long as you're at the end of the aisle with me. But you already know that." She's being soft, and she knows it. And frankly, she doesn't care one bit. "I guess I should start recruiting for a future maid of honor."
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "I'm starting to get an idea, yeah." She cracks a wide grin, and then stealing another kiss. "Not a big dancer, I'm assuming." She tilts her head, giving a shrug. "No big deal. We can do whatever. It's our day. Not just mine. We can... um... play beer pong at the wedding. Or, um... eat steak."

It can only be a symbol of Zara's completely reciprocated affections that she would offer such abominations at her wedding. But, she wouldn't really care, as long as Erica was there.
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "Good. Me too." She offers a gentle smile. "Summertime? In a barn. With fields of wildflowers. And I want to be barefoot." Zara gives Erica a squeeze, trying her very best to be coaxing and non-suspect. "And I want a big dance floor. And cake. Did I mention the cake? It's going to be twelve tiers. And every tier is a different flavor. And I'm going to eat twelve pieces of cake!"
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "I love you, and your broken nose." She breaks her arms free, moving to wrap all of her limbs around Erica. "I love you, I love you, I love you." She reiterates for emphasis. "And one day, I'm going to wife the sh*t out of you. As soon as you'll let me, actually. And I'm gonna do it in front of everyone we know, and then I'm going to eat all of the cake!"

She cranes her neck, nose nuzzling the red head's. "And then I'm going to stop working out, and really let myself go. It's going to be amazing."
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "No." She declares defiantly, meanwhile she's fruitlessly trying to squirm out of Erica's grasp. With a sigh of defeat, she blows a bit of hair out of her face. "Love you." She grumbles, diverting her gaze.

"Wanna make out?" She bats her lashes, realizing she has to be sweet in order to get out of her predicament.
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "... Oh." Zara droops, plopping onto the couch next to Erica. "I'm glad your face is okay." She purses her lips, considering her options quietly. "But I don't care about bruises no one can see." With cat-like reflexes, Zara is on her haunches, and leaps onto Rickie.

"You're such a jerk! I thought I hurt you! I hate you!"
Zara Peer 06/24/18 "Tissues! And ice!" Flailing around the house, there's plenty of clashing and banging as Zara procures a bag of frozen peas and a box of tissues. "Is it broken? Babe? Oh my god. I broke your gorgeous face." She's more than a little worked up, especially naive to Erica's theatrics. "Please don't break up with me!" She repeats, waving the tissues and peas in front of Erica.

"Can I see it? Are you okay? Do you want to punch me?"
Zara Peer 06/24/18 What the-?! No!” In one fluid, Zara’s elbow throws back to slam into Erica’s poor, unsuspecting face. “Jesus! Oh, baby! No!” Zara scrambles off of her wounded girlfriend, panicking now in a different respect. “Oh god. Is it bad? Erica? Are you okay?

She rocks back, hands covering her face. “Please don’t break up with me.”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 I’m hungry.” Zara declares once they’re both loaded back up into the car. She’s already opening a box of cosmic brownies, breaking the bar in half and offering it to her better half. “Your silence tells me you’re up to something, babe.” Zara glowers at Rickie. “I got the New York strip steak. Don’t be moody!

Zara very easily cracks into a second package of brownies, prepared to nail the entire box. “Can we stop for milkshakes? And then take a nap?”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 I said you could have chicken!” She huffs, pushing the cart down and idly tossing different prebagged fruit into the cart. “You have to have a healthy heart. Beer was enough of a compromise. One good cut of steak. And there’s nothing wrong with beans!” She stops, looking back at Rickie.

I know we’re naked sometimes. Every once and a while. And it’s nice! But that’s...” She squints, cheeks reddening. “Of course it’s memorable. Shut up!”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 We talked about red meat! You need a better diet. A healthy heart! I’m just trying to take care of you.” Zara grabs a cart along the way, jumping up onto the bar so that it glides forward. “Chicken. Fish. No burgers or steaks. Or bacon!” She shoots a threatening glare in the red head’s direction.

And just because you’ll do my laundry doesn’t mean I’m not going to be naked all of the -...” She falls short of her sentence as they pass someone down the produce aisle. She lowers her voice to a whisper. “All I’m saying is, being naked is fun. Liberating. You should try it with me.”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 It’s my body! And I don’t like doing laundry. So the more I’m naked, the better for me. Don’t you think?” She’s trying not to grin, knowing at some point she’ll fail. “Who cares who sees it. Only one person gets to do anything more.” Just before she goes to hop out, she plants one on Rickie, because she’s evil.

Brownies, and veggie burgers. Kale, quinoa... Cream cheese. Maybe some bagel bites.” As always, her diet is an enigma.
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Zara squeaks, hands clasping over Rickie’s. “You do. Duh. I won’t even argue that. And I like you in pants. You do a lot of squats.” She wears a grin from ear to ear. “We both know I don’t like to wear pants. You just won’t let me walk around the house naked.” She droops, looking at Rickie with wide, accusatory eyes. “And you’re so getting used. I mean, look how lucky I am!”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Of course Barney is a good snuggle buddy. But no one compare to you.” Zara smiles. “You’re my woman.” After a little chuckle, she leans back in to bite Erica’s shoulder. “I always miss you when I’m not with you. Barney can’t give back scratchies. Or scoop ice cream for me. Or give me lil’ kisses.” She tilts her head. “I mean, I guess he can do the latter. But I prefer yours.”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Zara’s laughter dies off, clamming up at the ‘wife’ drop. Instead her thumb strokes the back of Rickie’s hand. She knows they’ll get there, sometime. But to know Rickie sees her just the same as one would see their spouse makes Zara smile. “I do a lot in a day. I wake up at the ass crack of dawn, and it takes me a while to go back to sleep without your warm spot.”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 What’s that supposed to mean?!” She sucks in a mock gasp, shooting Erica daggers. “I’m a proud pillow princess. I’m having t-shirts made. Starting a club. Creating an advocacy agency.

She’s laughing to herself, completely amused. “Babe. Cosmic brownies are the damn list.”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Zara runs out, hopping into the cab. She grabs Erica’s chin, pressing a prolonged kiss to her significant other’s lips. “I like it when we fight.” She cracks a grin, climbing over to buckle herself in. “When we fight, we make up. And that’s my favorite part.”

She reaches over, idly taking Erica’s hand. “Can we get cosmic brownies too? And none of that vegan brownie sh*t.”
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Erica Stone
Of course I didn’t.
... but let’s fight anyway. 😍😘
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Erica Stone
I’m still a little high. I was going to take a pre-nap.
But I’d love to annoy you in the grocery store.
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Erica Stone
Image Attached
That’s my grocery list.
I’ll make you some foooood.
And then a nap!
Zara Peer 06/24/18 Erica Stone
Baby. Wanna take a nap with me?
Zara Peer 06/22/18 -holds her face gently-
"Yeah, baby. I know that."
-tender smile-
"You're perfect, you know? I know you don't see it. But I do."
-brief kiss-
"The truth was, I couldn't stand to be away from you, even when we were fighting. I missed you so much."
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "You sent the dog."
-arrival apparently obvious-
"I had to come make out with you a little bit. You should have known better!"
-pokes her sides-
"I'll admit, I wasn't expecting it. But you've got game."
Zara Peer 06/22/18 -pouts-
No... Ice cream here?"
-crawls on Rickie, wraps all around-
"Why do I love you at all?"
-kidding around-
"I don't want to go anywhere. I want to snuggle."
"But we're going shopping for Zara appropriate snacks first thing tomorrow."
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "The ice cream sundaes first, please!"
-so excited-
"Maybe make out tomorrow. I just wanna spoon. ... And then go to sleep early."
"Extra sprinkles?"
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "Wanna make out?"
-clears throat-
"And Luke Cage. Luke Cage sounds good."
-kisses her nose-
"And maybe..."
-more whispering-
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "She's not that hot..."
"And I'm not jealous. I'm the one you're choosing to love. I count myself the winner."
"My arm candy."
-clears throat-
"... Maybe we'll just go out tomorrow."
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "I could go out. If you wanted to go out."
-steals a smooch-
"With 'Sage and the Guuuuys."
-tilts head-
"Unless you're trying to hide me. Because you're ashamed!"
Zara Peer 06/22/18 -gasps-
"Not everything!"
-mock offended-
"I'm standing right here, after all."
-so amused-
"... Wait. Just checking. I get you for the rest of the night?"
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "I just want to convince you to deviate from your strict schedule a little bit..."
-wandering hands-
-murmurs something suggestive-
-bats lashes again-
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "Don't look at you like what?"
-bats lashes again-
"I love you."
-coy grin-
"So much."
-is irresistibly adorable-
Zara Peer 06/22/18 "Aww. Really?"
-wraps arms around her-
"You're so cute and protective."
"...How worried?"
-bats lashes-
Zara Peer 06/22/18 -pops out-
-is sheepish-
"That was misleading. I just missed you...
Zara Peer 06/22/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 06/21/18 After oodles of spinnings and 'I love you's' are thrown in her direction, Zara needs a moment to recenter on her own two feet. "I need a nap." She manufactures little yawn, hand reaching over to intertwine with hers. "C'mon."

She throws a glance over her shoulder with an evil grin. "But maybe we can make-up first."
Adara Litvinova 06/21/18 "YAAAAAAY!!" Wide grin would spread pushing dimples into hollowed cheeks and though she wanted to tackle her one of her new boob friends, she would resist and only toss keys to one of the free cabins. "You, me, and Zara... Drinks soon! Because they're free and why not?"
Zara Peer 06/21/18 She blinks. "Yeah I know it's forever. And yes, I know you love me. I said if I came here, I knew what it meant. And I'm here. And I love you, too." Zara offers a gentle smile, and then steals a tender kiss. "You're not going to shake me this time, Erica."

She lets out a self-amused laugh. "Plus, Barney's here. That's the whole package."
Zara Peer 06/21/18 Playing coy, Zara gives a shrug. She's able to maintain a rather convincing, thoughtful face - as if she's actually considering Rickie's pitch. And then she grins. "There's everything I need here. A fridge, a bed, a Barney, and a hot woman in uniform." She in turn wraps her arms around Rickie, and places a kiss on her nose.

"But seriously. Bedroom. Unless you want to make out first. Then the kitchen is fine."
Zara Peer 06/21/18 After the initial shock and awe, Zara pulls away. "Not in the kitchen. That's gross! And now I have to clean the counters." She clamours out of Rickie's no doubt flabbergasted hold, immediately searching around for a spray cleaner. "If we're going to live together, you have to understand..." And just as quickly she stops, turning back to face Erica.

"I mean, is that what you want? Me to stay here? With you? And Barney?"
Zara Peer 06/21/18 Zara steps over, arms wrapping around Rickie as she shamelessly ogles her. "I was saying I'm sorry.." She looks up to meet the taller woman's gaze, a grin cracking. "Let's make up?"
Zara Peer 06/21/18 -runs into the kitchen-
"Your uniform is..."
Zara Peer 06/21/18 Erica Stone
We fight wars in countries we have no business being involved in.
And your uniform is stupid.
Zara Peer 06/21/18 Erica Stone
The army is stupid and what you do is useless.
Zara Peer 06/21/18 Erica Stone

Erica Stone
You're never a sexy texter.

Erica Stone

Erica Stone
I've ruined this moment. I know that.
Be right home.
Zara Peer 06/21/18 She cracks a smile, indeed picturing Erica with a man, and seeing quite how unfit the scenario is.

Erica Stone
How am I supposed to know whether or not you're a gold star?

Erica Stone
Will you think about the ring?
It doesn't have to be that one.
It can be another one.
Or none at all.
Whenever you want.
If you want.

Erica Stone
If we're done with filling in a weeks worth of fighting, I want to come back.
Make out with your face for real.
Zara Peer 06/20/18 It's a long walk - and her stomach is growling not long after she sets out. It's hot as all hell, so at the first sign of a coffee shop (ironically), she's happy to jump in and grab a croissant and a cup of coffee. When she's feeling a little bit more mature, she pulls out her phone, again.

Erica Stone
I can't look at you and talk about your last marriage. I'm insecure, and that's not your fault. It's mine.
When did you meet her? Him? Was it a him? Oh my god. Was it a him?

Erica Stone
How long were you married? Why did you break up?

Erica Stone
I love you.
Zara Peer 06/20/18 "I'm not really hungry." She follows behind Rickie, beginning to diverge towards the front door. "Gonna go for a walk." She sticks the ring into her pocket, lips pursed. "If it's your dream, you shouldn't be afraid to take the leap forward. It's only into my arms." Sure, she looks a little despondent. She'd made the trip across the country, dropping everything, because she figured Erica was sorry, and was ready for everything Zara brings to the table.

It's not regret she's feeling, exactly. Maybe just foolishness. "I... I don't know what else to say."
Zara Peer 06/20/18 "... Done it before?" The last words erase everything else that precede them. She doesn't pull back, but rather knits her brow as she mulls over the statement. "The hot blonde?" She's suddenly feeling insecure, and it shows. "That's... Cool." She clears her throat, nodding slowly. "So, um..." She blinks, shaking her head.

"I'll take the ring back." She lifts a hand, scratching her temple. "I don't want to lose it." She knows the second time she asks will dig at Rickie a bit. And maybe she means for it to. "I'll keep it until you decide you want it."
Zara Peer 06/20/18 By the time Erica's back, Zara is showered and put back together - but still preferring to lounge in bed. "... I wanna make out." She sighs, knowing instead, they'll have to have an adult conversation. "We don't have to extrapolate all the reasons why you can't marry me. Yes, it's a trap. Yes, I'll get a mortgage right away so you're financially tied to me. Yes, I'll knock you up to lock you down for life. But we don't have to talk about it, right now."

Maybe Zara's a little amused with herself, or maybe she's more sold on the idea of kissing Rickie than she is talking over breakfast. "But yeah. If you make me breakfast, we can talk about whatever you want. I'm starving."
Zara Peer 06/20/18 Rickie's been gone for about an hour, and Zara's awake again. Grabbing her phone, she taps away a message.

Erica Stone
I still wanted to make out with your face.
When are you coming back?
Zara Peer 06/20/18 Her brow furrows. "I'm not asking you to get married." Zara peels back from Rickie, climbing out of the bed from the opposite end of it. "I was asking you to think about it." Her expression looks as if it's in response to being slapped, and it's difficult to mask. "You can give it back, then. If you don't want it." She's wide awake now, meeting Erica's gave head-on.

"I thought I was doing it right." The words come out as a sort of whisper, and Zara's sneaking back into the bed again. "I'm gonna go back to sleep, babe." She's once again wrapping herself up in the blankets, this time her back to the red head.
Zara Peer 06/20/18 "'m comfy." She retorts, already snuggled up into the blankets - unflinching. "You c'mere." She sticks out a hand, patting the edge of the bed. "Burrito?" She offers, opening up the blanket roll to her. Sleepy Zara is a blissful creature, and completely unaware of Rickie's ring-related panic.

"Isn't that a nice ring? It's my mom's." She's giving another sweet, sleepy smile, slowly but surely becoming more and more with the conversation about to be had. "I'm serious. Just think about it, but I meant forever when I said that's what coming here would be. I love you, and when you love someone you marry them before you get fat."
Zara Peer 06/20/18 The post-shower, "hi, I showed up" moment ended with Zara crawling into Erica's bed, and passing out. She's always been rather sloth-like, but the excitement and the travel had worn her out so much she slept from mid-afternoon into the next morning. Her eyes crack open when Rickie's weight in the bed shifts, and Zara can guess easily how ass-crack-of-dawn early it is. It's clear Rickie had slept beside her, all wrapped around the sleepy brunette.

"Mornin'." Zara grumbles, eyes still shut, sleepy pout on her lips. A hazel eye cracks open, and she looks to find her bag stowed neatly beside her bedside table. "Don't leave yet." She wags an unsteady finger in the air, subsequently stumbling over to rifle through her bag. "Here it is."

She turns to Rickie - messy bun, still wearing the clothes she had traveled in. And then she drops something, small, cold, smooth - metal; a ring - into her hand. "Think about it." And then she crawls back into the bed, ready to fall back asleep.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
I was going to come, too.
You blew it, Erica. And you only have yourself to blame.
You're not happy with yourself unless you're completely isolated.
I think you're actually incapable of letting someone love you. So I'll make it really, really easy for you.
We're done.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
I forgot. You're perfect.
I didn't remember 'rigid c*nt' included in the definition of home.
I'm done. Lose my f*cking number.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
I want forever. I told you that.
But this isn't going to work if you build walls to protect yourself.
I'm not going to hurt you, Erica.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
Do you want me, or not?
I really can't tell anymore.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
I'm not. I miss you.
I want to be there, with you.
Is that still okay?
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
I need help buying a ticket.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
I'm buying a plane ticket. 😡
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
You didn't just leave that on read.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
[Image Attached]

Erica Stone
Sorry, not sorry!
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
Uh, sure.
Love you.

Erica Stone
Call me, though?
I miss the sound of your voice.
Zara Peer 06/14/18 Erica Stone
Are you the sort of person who would appreciate a tasteful nude?
Zara Peer 06/08/18 Zara is all wrapped up in the bed Erica currently shared with her, flipping idly through the channels until something catches her eye. She's half paying attention as Erica's figure fills the door-frame, not truly registering all that Erica has to say. "Cool." She looks up briefly, smiling. "Come to bed, baby. We'll talk about it in the morning." But the words hang in her mind, committed to her memory as much as she wants to avoid them.

She's awake and out of bed the next morning even before Rickie, having been unsuccessful in her attempts to sleep anyway. She's panicking, angry, sad - confused, but unable to voice any concern that Rickie could understand. In the rush to leave before a conversation, her phone is still on the nightstand beside Erica when she wakes up.

Zara can't face the idea of not having the detective with her - not yet.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 If I wasn't mad, then we'd never have good sex!
-calls from other room-
Oh! Babe, I brought your mail in when I walked Barney. It's next to the microwave.
-so focused on TV, still shouting-
And grab the hummus!
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -squirms-
I hate that you're so perfect.
-knits brow-
It makes it so hard to stay mad.
-turns, big ole kiss-
Love you just a lil'.
-scampers off-
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -grumbles-
When you want to be nice, you just let me know!
-still kisses her on the cheek-
Also I'm cold. So I'm going back to bed.
-bats lashes-
You're welcome to join me any time.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -blinks-
-reaches for cereal-
Erica Stooooooone~.
-gets all handsy... for the spoon-
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -gasps-
You take that back!
-climbs out of bed-
-walks into kitchen, waving hands-
You're... You're... You're a bully, Erica Stone!
-and also apparently half-naked-
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -perks up-
-snaps out of it-
No. Zero seduction. I'm staying here, where at least I know Barney appreciates me!
Zara Peer 06/07/18 That's so rude!
-wraps back up-
No burrito snuggles for you.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 I'm not a squatter!
Well... Okay. A little. But does the average squatter make you baked goods and make sweet, sweeeeeeet love to you?
-maybe still a little high-
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -clears throat-
Come on in!
-opens up blanket cocoon-
However, I'm obligated to inform you this is a clothing-optional burrito. ... And I lost my shirt somewhere.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -blinks-
I was...
-reaches for her-
This is just genuine excitement to see your gorgeous face.
-is all wrapped up like a burrito-
Zara Peer 06/07/18 -pokes head out-
There's never any crumbs!
-offers bag-
Ugh. Look at you. So cute.
-big, goofy grin-
How did I get sooo lucky?!
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
Barney and I went for a loooooooooooooong walk.
I'm in bed. You can find me under all of the blankets eating bugles.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
I'll crack out the pom-poms, then. 😉
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
Get me the hummus, and I'll put on my old cheerleader uniform?
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
I'm a growing girl with an overcharged metabolism.
Pick more up on your way home? 😘😘😘
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
Barney took my spot on the couch.
And you don't have any more hummus.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
It's okay, I baked brownies for us.
But then I got high and ate them all.
Zara Peer 06/07/18 Erica Stone
Baby, WHERE could you have possibly thrown my bra last night.
I want to go get ice cream at 7:30am, but I can't look THAT haggard.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -immediately perks up-
-all snuggled up-
want to just stay here?
-so comfy-
Well, go get your food first.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -genuinely sad-
Okay. I'm sorry.
-wounded animal-
I'll just going to go snuggle with Barney. -flees to bedroom-
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -panics again-
Baby, what? No!
-shifts closer-
I choose you every time, Erica.
-soft, trying to be sincere-
Zara Peer 06/06/18 I was going to make love to you.
-laying it on thick-
But you wanted noodles more than me! -is evil-
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Food.
-retreats with spare ribs-
-is so excited for food-
I'd choose these ribs over sex with you any day.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -so confused-
Just tell me what you want from me!
-light panic-
You're so pretty, and I like you so much!
Zara Peer 06/06/18 I can't keep my hands off of you, okay?!
Wait, I thought you said you wanted to eat first.
-tries being assertive-
We're gonna do it. Now.
-is too sweet-
If you... Want to... Maybe...
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -playing it cool-
Relaxing sounds... Good.
-clears throat-
We could do that.
-tries not to be handsy-
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -wide eyes-
Oh, right. Food.
-small smile-
I'll hold you to that offer, detective.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -swoons-
Show me?
-bats lashes-
-basically melting-
Zara Peer 06/06/18 -whines-
No. I don't like that at all!
-grabs spare ribs-
I guess I'll just go eat in bed. Alone. Because you don't like me!
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Stop being so nice!
-wraps arms around her-
I'm hungry. But I also want to cuddle.
I'm sore. And I'm tired. And you smell good.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 I'm a hungry person!
-is offended-
You're rude.
I love you. I'm just trying to get you fat so that no one else wants you and you're trapped.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
I wanna make out with you over spare ribs!
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
... So what if you won. You're more competitive than me.
Also, how long does it take to pick up Chinese???
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 Wow... Rickie... that's so nice of you.
-Accepts card, pockets-
-Will never call again, because cult-
It was so nice to meet you.
Talk to you later!
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
Well, what do you get if you win?
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
The sad thing is, I know you just want to race me, and NOT just have sponganeous, Olympic level competitive sex.
But if I win, can we?
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
Your stamina.
In all cases, I just last longer than you.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
I'd love to.
But you can hardly keep up.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
I spent my entire day off feeding Barney carrot sticks.
Also, you're out of carrot sticks.
How about you?
Quinn Abernathy 06/06/18 -Takes hand, shakes-
I'm really sorry. I get so nervous when I meet new people. Just moved here, and it's so big and busy.
I'm Quinn. It's really nice to meet you, Rickie.
Zara Peer 06/06/18 Erica Stone
Thanks for killing that monster spider before you left.
What would I do without you??
Quinn Abernathy 06/05/18 No...
I mean, it's a matter of perspective?
Please just be my friend. I swear I'm normal.
Quinn Abernathy 06/05/18 Actually, no. I live in a close-knit community that is everything wonderful, off the beaten path, and just perfect. And yes, lots of pie. It's a like-minded place, but everyone has their role.
Quinn Abernathy 06/05/18 These are all things I have. And I like to share. Because sharing is caring.
Zara Peer 06/05/18 Erica Stone
Awww. Okay. We can still spoon.
Want to go out tonight? Lowkey.
Zara Peer 06/05/18 Erica Stone
Are you seriously correcting me?
Statement retracted.
No spooning for you!
Zara Peer 06/04/18 Erica Stone
But otherwise I had an amazing time.
ilu ❤️
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Soooo listen. Just hear me out. Rural area. Quiet. Friendly faces. Beautiful garden. Handmade things. Every kind of pie you can imagine.

...what would you say?
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Which is convenient, because you're in LA. I'm in LA. And weekends are free.
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 That's not sad at all! That just means there is opportunity for adventure. ...Do you like adventure? And nature? And hippy communes full of kind-of hippies? Do you like pie?
Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Do you often find yourself pondering your existence?
Zara Peer 06/04/18 "If you say so." Zara smiles again, lifting a hand to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "Oh. A pear salad." She looks from the menu up to Erica, clearly unable to stop smiling, she just falls silent. She's nervous, the fidgeting, the insecurities all made evident in her abnormally quiet behavior. She reaches a hand onto the table, palm up, inviting Rickie's to take it.

It's not because Zara's normally nervous at all in front of Rickie. In fact, she's as comfortable as she's ever been, being with the detective. But something about Rickie's effort this evening has Zara at a lost for words - appreciative, and unwilling to mess even a second of it up.

"Are you getting a beer, or wine?"
Zara Peer 06/02/18 Zara's leaning against her Jeep when Rickie approaches, adorned in a flowing sundress with large sunflowers against a beige fabric. She also has a small sunflower tucked behind her right ear. No jewelry aside from that afixment. She wears a pair of brown ballet flats, because she's gay. And, she enjoys their height difference.

"Only lately." She beams, wide and bright. "You look amazing, Erica." Zara happily accepts Rickie's assistance into the truck, all quiet and nervous, if only adorably so. When Rickie climbs into the driver's side of the truck bench, Zara reaches over for her hand, giving it a short squeeze. "Seriously. You look perfect."

She fidgets with the hem of her dress, and then checking her make-up in the rearview mirror. "Do I look alright?"
Zara Peer 06/02/18 Erica Stone
🌈✨ You'd better.
I just parked. Come sweep me off my feet!
.. So I don't have to walk in heels. 😍
Zara Peer 06/02/18 Erica Stone
And your smile. And your laugh.
And your little snore. And when you kiss me goodbye in the morning when you think I'm still asleep.
OH. And the sex.

Erica Stone
I like you so much.
It's too gay.
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
Two desserts is fine. 😘

Erica Stone
But if we go to DQ, we can bring Barney home a cup of whipped cream!
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
I just wanted Dairy Queen.. 😳
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
What's for dessert?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
Can Barney come?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
I know. I admire your routine.
I'm still alluding to sex.

Erica Stone
But I also like your regular routine.
See you soon?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
We can work out. 😉
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
I'm ready right now!
I just wanna kiss you. Hurry up.
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
You're my girlfriend and I love you.
But I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. 😕
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
Normally I wouldn't.
But wow.
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
You have an AMAZING ass. Top-shelf.
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
You know what I forgot to say this morning before you left?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
No, I meant on the date.
You know I love what you wear.
And don't wear. 😉
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
Don't objectify my body. Or do.
What are you wearing? Please, God, say a pantsuit.
Jeans? A nice flannel? TELL ME.
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
How cute are we talking?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
I'll wear that one sundress you checked me out in at Reed's.
What are you wear? Paper bag?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
Do I have to wear something that looks like it's an outfit?
Zara Peer 06/01/18 Erica Stone
Ooo. You want to be seen in public with me?
Because you liiiiiiike me?
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
You're a snack.
Like, I just wanna eat you up. Get it?

Erica Stone
And I got you Cosmic Brownies.
But also carrots and celery in case you want healthy snacks!
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
It's comfy. I wear it every time.
I'm bringing groceries so I can have snacks.

Erica Stone
And some stuff for you too.
Snacks for MY snack.
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
We can do yours.
I'm bringing groceries!

Erica Stone
And I want your Army t-shirt.
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
Rude question. I'm not shallow.
And you shouldn't be insecure.
I love you a little bit. Remember that?

Erica Stone
If I say I wanna make out a little, are you going to call me a liar? - On the date, that is.
We can do whateverrrr tonight. I just got done cleaning a very expensive espresso machine, and I need a big spoon.
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
Of course it's only sex to me.
What could you possibly have to offer me?

Erica Stone
No. It's not. Duh. I like your face, but I also like your mind.
I'd like to hike!
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
A day long sex marathon?
Zara Peer 05/31/18 Erica Stone
Come to Reed's on your break and we can fool around in the supply closet.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 "I think a good next step is dinner. How about you?"
Zara reaches down, grasping Erica's hand in hers. Her thumb traces idly over the other woman's knuckles, grip briefly tightening for an affectionate squeeze. "I just like spending time with you. And I think we should keep doing that." Zara's being as honest as she can be, as she always is with Rickie.

"You make me happy." She offers an earnest smile, and then another kiss. And a few more, because hey; Erica's good at it. And when it feels right, Zara pulls back, still holding firmly to the detective's hand. "Come on. Let's go eat."
Zara Peer 05/30/18 "Oh, shut up! You can get chicken on the salad!" She huffs, about to continue rambling on and on able the validity of salads just to disprove Erica's wrong opinion. She's amused, as she always is when they squabble, but Rickie's next words stop her completely.

It feels as if Zara's heart is in her throat, thrumming fast and heavy, her entire body vibrating. She can't believe what she's just heard, and she's almost convinced it didn't happen at all. She doesn't remark upon it for a few minutes, really doesn't do much at all. Except stare. Not even a smile. Just a very level, wide-eyed, shocked gaze. And still, the deafening beat of her own heart.

Like a deer caught in headlines, Zara is frozen. The spot that Rickie kissed on her forehead feels like the center of a target, torn through by a spot-on arrow. She's slowly beginning to thaw, brain negotiating with her limbs to start operating again. "You think so?" Her grin enigmatic, cut from ear to ear and toothy.

"Took you long enough to say something." She's quiet too, pressing so closely against Erica it's hard to tell when one of them ends and the other begins.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 "I could eat whatever." She shrugs. 100% the consummate girlfriend stereotype, she's impossible to pin down for a meal choice. "Takeout's fine." She hands over one of the two beers, leaning in to steal a kiss after. "I'd hate to inhibit your meal prepping schedule."

She's doing her best to ignore their text-messaging debacle, but Zara can't hide her nervous energy. She's just as fidgety, gaze darting every so often from Erica. Sure, she'd been able to play off the sex. She's a straight shooter in that regard (no pun intended). But Erica is being far too casual with the statement Zara had delivered earlier to make her feel at all at-ease.

"Maybe something less greasy? There's the salad place." And then she's reminded that 'salads aren't meals', and grins. "Seriously, though. Whatever you want."
Zara Peer 05/30/18 "I already told you what I wanted, babe." Zara flashes that mischievous grin, pushing Rickie back against the now closed door. Her hand moves to side the lock closed, and then looks up at Rickie. "This okay?" Her hands are already wandering, moving to Zara's belt buckle. Her lips are already on Erica's again, hands moving, deft as they undress Rickie right there.

And afterwards, as they both recollect themselves, Zara wanders over to the fridge and pulls out two beers, popping the caps with a nearby bottle opener. "So. Dinner?"
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Zara checks the last text from Erica before she turns off her car and steps out, leaving the open air Jeep to fend for itself in a spot that is absolutely reserved for a resident of the detective's building. Zara doesn't really care - as clearly seen. With an overnight bag slung over her shoulder, Zara pushes open the door to Erica's lobby, the redhead immediately catching her sight.

"Hey," She greets shortly, before the strap of her bag falls from her shoulder, and Erica's face is between Zara's hands. A grin can be caught on her lips just before they completely consume the detective's, completely enamored by her, and not allowing a word in edgewise. The detective wants to talk. She wants to have dinner. Always level-headed, always doing the right thing.

And Zara is just the same, really. But its been a long day, and really, Zara's just tired of holding back.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I just want to jump your bones. Sue me.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
You're the appetizer.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I want an appetizer.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
You're being inflexible.
And I need you to be very, very flexible.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Okay, bye.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I don't like you.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
You can look at me after.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
You'll be seeing the ceiling, mostly.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I'm leaving now.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Let me know when you're headed home.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I understood the original question.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Yours, then.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Please don't break up with me in my own apartment.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
So what's the dinner for?
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I don't know.
Are you weirded out?
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Are you mad at me?
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I'm just being honest.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
No thank you!
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
No that's okay I'm going to change my name and move away!
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I think I love you.

Erica Stone
Just a little bit.

Erica Stone
Disregard all of this. My coworker took my phone.

Erica Stone
No. Okay. Seriously.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Can I just get something off my chest?
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
No. I'm not sharing.
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
I can't text you allll the time.
But you should feel desired every second. 😘
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Erica Stone
Sometimes I like to write your cell phone number on the sleeves of the coffee cups I serve so old men call you. 😘
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Surprisingly?!
Hurry up and do me before I change my mind!
-is really so amused with herself-
W_Kat 05/30/18 Congrats on PotD!
Zara Peer 05/30/18 Bed.
-clears throat-
I'm not weird, okay?
-slightly weird-
I just like my apartment... Clean.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 -squeaks-
Well, maybe just a minute...
-and then panics-
Wait! Not on the counter-top.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 -pouts-
I don't like you now nearly as much as I did ten minutes ago.
-magically procures food-
Which is fine, because I planned on eating your potatoes guilt-free anyway.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 -looks at-
Oh, everything's fine.
-grins and snickers-
I just wanted to see if you'd come back over.
-is a tease-
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Mm. No.
You watch me work all of the time. Isn't that how this all started?
-opens oven-
Oh, no...
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Oh my god!
-swats at-
Get out of my kitchen.
-entire apartment is one big space-
... There's potatoes and green beans, ass.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Hey! Would you like to take over, miss?
-flicks her arm-
No, I didn't think so.
-is secretly amused-
Little pink? No pink? Shoe leather?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 I said I will not feed you.
-rolls eyes-
You're not getting much better than this, detective. I watch Iron Chef!
-has subsequently gained no actual skill-
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Well, good. Because I wasn't going to stop.
-absolute ham-
Go set the table, or I'm not going to feed you.
-grins at her-
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Do you not want me to call you Erica?
-starts to grope-
I say. Unless you just wanna spoon. Because we can spoon!
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Well, I like Erica.
All the boooooys down at the station probably call you Rickie. I like your name, no edits.
-cheffin' it up-
Not too drunk. We're definitely going to mess around later.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 -leans against-
-mocking tone-
Don't be so gaaaaaay, Erica.
-grins from ear to ear-
Wow, Malbec. Are you trying to get me drunk?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 -grumbles-
I told you!
-pads over to stove-
It's my home. I can be as naked as I want to be!
Zara Peer 05/29/18 -toddles over to door-
-swings door open-
-also realizes is half-naked-
... Hi.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Daddy
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Aw, no.
Come over, and we can make out.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Wow. Are you okay?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
You sound like my father.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Can't wait to see you.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Bottom, duh. Pants are overrated.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
I'm half naked in your apartment cooking steaks.
How could you deny that?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
I was teasing!
You know I like you.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Oh, well that's boring.
Wine is fine, but if you prefer beer, I just prefer you happy!
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Is this still in reference to alcohol?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Grab beer?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Steaks for dinner? ❤️
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Mm. I don't know.
The more time you spend with me, the less time I'm breaking the law. Isn't that helping justice?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
But I'm your girlfriend.
Tell them that's important.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
Do you ever get a day off?
For meeeeee?
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
I'd like you to come over tonight, yes.
But I hate when you leave so early in the morning.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
I mean, I guess I could just run home and go back to yours.
I like Barney more than I like you.
Zara Peer 05/29/18 Erica Stone
I don't care when you leave in the morning, but how am I supposed to leave Barney?!
Also, my apartment tonight? I have plants to water. But Barney can come!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Hey! I'm not loose morralled!
-absolutely is-
But, I mean...
-all breathless-
No, you're right. Extraordinary sex, right now.
-kicks bedroom door closed-
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Seen a lot?!
-mock offended-
Who are these loose-moralled women you bring into your bed, Erica?!
-maybe slightly offended-
I'm not having sex in front of the dog!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 -squeaks-
I like this girlfriend stuff!
-so excited-
Wait. Barney. He can't see me defile his mother like this.
-points at dog on bed-
Zara Peer 05/28/18 I think...
-tries to be nonchalant-
That would entail going straight to bed, and having to heat up the pizza later.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 We could.
Oooor, we could eat pizza in bed, like even better than normal girlfriends.
-waggles eyebrows-
Zara Peer 05/28/18 -pauses, deep breath-
-little peck-
Same page?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 I like labels. Labels are good. Like, 'Caution: Hot'. Or, 'Contains Treenuts'. You know. Labels are good!
-is rambling-
It's, I was, well, I mean, the delivery guy... Sausage. It was a sausage joke!
I l-. I like you. So that's fine. We're good. Labels are good. Pizza? Pizza!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 I just assumed, you know, I-
Well, if that's how you want to put it...
-quietly panicking-
I'll grab plates.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Barney and I connect on a spiritual level you wouldn't understand.
-again, 100% serious-
-doorbell rings-
-scampers over to door-
-muffled conversation, not completely inaudible-
Half-sausage for youuuuu~.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Nope! I gave Barney and myself pedicures. Passionfruit Pink.
-100% serious-
Yes, you're quite gay.
-lots and lots of kissing-
But, you know what's more gay? Barney's pretty, pink nails!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 -kicks legs-
But I'm comfy!
-gets up anyway, grumbles-
Guess what I did while you worked all day.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 -peers out from bedroom-
I'd hold it against you if you didn't.
-is all bundled up in blankets, with Barney-
Beer would be great!
-is definitely watching Iron Chef-
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
I'd like to sully you in that truck.
Many, many times. In many different positions.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
You been the sex-mobile?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
Oooooh. Keeper, yeah?
Come keep me company, then. 😍
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
No, not really.
I'm just going to steal your dog.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
You're about to find out what brat really means.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
Step off, before your cappuccino becomes a latte.
I'm ordering the pizza now! Hurry up!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
See, this is why I'm a barista.
Stable hours. And if someone p*sses me off, I get their order wrong.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
Hurry up and come back to your apartment, and we can get started.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Carmen Sandiego
I have stuff I need to do to you first.

Carmen Sandiego
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
You, in a bathing suit?
Yeah. I'm totally there.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
You're dating a known fugitive, Erica.
Of course I'm blackmailing you.

Sexy Detective
I didn't mean 'dating'.
Just, that, we're, um.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
Don't be so mean.
Or I'll tell Jared how soft you are.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
Oh, okay.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
Hey! I can still go home...
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
Hey! Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
I'll wrestle you later.
Does that count as assault? 😘
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Sexy Detective
Tell him it's harder to cover up a bruise on the face, but I'm still happy to oblige.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 She sputters. "It was the heat of the moment! I just got carried away." Animal instinct, really. And she's innocent enough seeming in her exasperation. "But, you know... It's nice to ward off wandering eyes." She tries to offer up a silver-lining, hand reaching over to grasp at her wrist. "War or no war, you're free to do whatever you like." With a wink, Zara unlocks the doors.

"Seriously. You're going to be late, and I need food." She blows a kiss, all smiles and swoons.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "Yes. In your Army T-shirt, in your bed, probably watching Iron Chef." Zara knows it's dangerous to Rickie's productivity to announce such things, but she hopes it serves more as an incentive to get through the work day. "Might want to button the top button..." She reaches over, poking at a hickey along Erica's collarbone.

Zara offers an apologetic smile. "Sorry. Got a little... Carried away."
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "Go back, earn money to buy me nice things, and we'll have dinner together tonight." She's teasing, a finger tucking under Rickie's chin to lift her head. "The sooner you get done with work, the sooner we can make out in a more conducive space."

She steals one last kiss before climbing back over the center console - making the whole maneuver look graceful. "Need me to drive you back around?"
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "What kind of..." Zara is prepared to rattle off insults, but realizes Rickie is correct. Time IS of the essence. So with a forgiving smile, she leans in for another kiss, not caring Jared is only just starting to walk away. And she'll keep Rickie's lips preoccupied, until the detective's phone alarm dictates their time is up.

"Sh*t." She pulls back, definitely breathless, but grinning wider than ever before. "The day will pass sooner than you think, right? Let me know if I have to kick Jared's ass." But she doesn't move, not just yet. She's still wrapped up in Rickie's hold, and she's more than reluctant to let go.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 It's safe to say Zara is getting carried away, until a loud knock sends her head flying up, knocking squarely into the roof. "Jesus Christ!" She swears, beating Rickie to the button. "Can I ****ing help you?"

The figure outside of the car leans down, smiling congenially. "Well, hello. I'm Jared, Detective Stone's,-" Zara holds up a finger, cutting off his little speech.

"You can be her partner again in 23 minutes, when she's back on duty. Right now, we're preoccupied."
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "Not fun." She pouts. "It's only a little nudity. Soft core." She's about to keep gently arguing, but she's being pulled into a kiss. As smart as she prides herself in being, Rickie has outsmarted her again.

"I left late. Walked Barney. Ate that ice cream. Rolled around in your bed all day so it would smell like me."
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Zara mumbles, something regarding 'still a uniform', fingers then moving to unbutton the first few steps of her shirt. "Good. Then we're welcome to do whatever we please." With a laugh, she leans in for a brief kiss.

"Everything okay at work, otherwise?" Zara's carrying pleasant chit-chat, all the while attempting to finagle the detective out of her clothes. "Nothing to report?"
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "You're the worst at pretending." Zara settles into Rickie's lap, arms draping around her shoulders. "I like the uniform, by the way." She grins, gaze dropping to eye her over. "Isn't leud behavior in uniform frowned upon, detective?"
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "I ate waaaay too many carbs last night." Zara replies, eyes on the road as she navigates... straight past the deli. "I have a better idea, actually." She pulls into an alleyway; narrow and quiet. She slips the transmission into 'park' and unfastens her seatbelt.

"Want to make out for an hour?"
Zara Peer 05/28/18 "Don't act so casual. You were definitely freaking out." She leans over, stealing a kiss from Erica, and then patiently waits for her to buckle up - because Zara is law abiding.

"So, lunch? Where do you want to go?"
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Oops. "Sorry, detective." Does she feel bad? A little bit.

"I'll make it up to you in five minutes. L-" She cuts herself off, and then is silent for a moment. "See you shortly." And then she hangs up.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Zara's driving. And then Erica's contact flashes over his car's radio screen, followed by an obnoxiously loud ringing. So she answers.
"Hey! I'm driving. What's up?"
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
[Automated Message]
I'm driving right now, I'll get back to your shortly!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
What's wrong with texting and
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I'm on my way, with pants on!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
You pulled them off and *gently tossed* them??
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
Hold on. Can't find where you threw my pants last night.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
Would you like me to come tell you in person?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
No. Of course not.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I think my ovaries just kicked into high-gear.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
No ass for you, now.
I was thinking more of the perfect combination of sexy and cute.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I thought I was the perfect combination. 😠
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
Your pilfered t-shirt it is, then!
Want to just order a pizza?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
Hey, at least you have something to look forward to when you come home.
I might even put on real clothes first.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I'd love to kiss you right now.
How late is late?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
😳 Well, thank you.
You already know.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica
Um, excuse me, others??
I was half a virgin when I met you!
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I'll make dinner tonight?
Or do you not share your kitchen?
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I'll stay if you want me to stay.
I just have to run home and get some stuff.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I mean... At this point, I can't really judge where your mouth has been unless I want to judge myself.
Zara Peer 05/28/18 Erica Stone
I'm eating your ice cream out of the carton for breakfast.
Also your bed is suuuuuper comfy!
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -chokes on air-
I was thinking more along the lines of pie, but...
-eager nodding-
That sounds good, too.
-drags towards check-out-
Stop dragging your feet!
Zara Peer 05/27/18 'Loitering.
Don't use your lingo on me, Rickie.
Unless you'd like to show some public indecency. In which case, right here, right now.
-is incredibly evil-
Dessert too?
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -purses lips-
I'd never put something in-between you and your uniform.
Except my hands.
-steals a kiss-
Now hurry up. I want to eat, and then I want to make out a little, and sleep.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -pouts-
Got it. Detective Erica 'Zero Fun' Stone, reporting for duty.
-sticks tongue out-
Stone, but not stoned.
Well, not yet.
-wraps arms around her waist-
One day, woman. I'll slip you a special brownie, and...
I'm kidding. I'd never do that to you.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -coy shrug-
-saunters off-
Italian bread?
-little smirk-
Even better. Hemp butter!
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Great. We'll bake them with hemp oil!
-so evil-
Don't forget to grab beer, though. I'm only going to make you pretend through one glass of wine.
-tugs on her arm-
That, and I like you. So I'll deal with the bear breath if you can deal with the wine teeth.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -collects self-
That all sounds perfect.
-reaches for her hand-
Oh! And we can bake cookies for dessert. Or just eat the dough. Or is that too much of a rule breaker move for you, Detective?
-wicked grin-
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -all flustered, but won't admit it-
Salad dressing.
-eye twitches-
-clears throat, is clearly shooketh-
I, uhm...
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -gasps-
You're the hoe!
-lightly smacks-
God. You're so... So...
-grumbles, broods-
Put me down, you bully.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -scoffs-
Dogs love me. You're going to feel so jilted when Barney picks me over you.
-has secrets-
Shut up.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -mutters-
Not gay...
-furrows brow-
You're sleeping on the couch.
I'm only sharing the bed with Barney!
Zara Peer 05/27/18 You're not even slightly funny!
-lightly kicks-
Your partner must die of boredom with you.
-grips tighter-
A blade of grass has more personality than you.
-100% teasing-
Except I'd rather spend my time with you.
-bats lashes-
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -climbs out-
-runs around, jumps on her back-
Piggy back, b*tch.
You're not a b*tch, though.
You're a sweet little... Well. You're...
-clears throat-
I like you.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Tofu isn't bad...
As much as I love your flexibility, I don't care if you don't want to drink wine, and I certainly wouldn't be bothered if you never wanted to eat vegan.
And I'm not picky, you ass.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 You watched me eat sushi...
You're not even joking, are you?!
Sometimes I just like a good, meatless alternative, Rickie. Don't food shame me!
Zara Peer 05/27/18 I mean, it's technically been longer than that. But fine.
You're really going to hate it when I take you to my favorite vegan restaurant. How will you cope?
-gently pats-
Zara Peer 05/27/18 I know how you meant it. And I liked it.
I hate to break it to you, detective, but they are so a meal.
-leans over, smooches on her cheek-
I'm still down for pasta. Or anything. If you're there.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -pokes-
There's nothing wrong with salad.
-squeezes her hand-
Fine. Pasta.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 You'd...
Maybe a lighter dinner, then. Salad?
-looks at- I'd do a lot for you, too. And to you.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Um. Vodka sauce. You heathen.
-reaches for her hand-
And beer. Since you stink.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 What? I just like the grocery store!
-clears throat-
And the sooner that is done we can go home and, um...
-taps chin-
-blinks, realizes, wide-eyes-
Zara Peer 05/27/18 You smell like...
Law and order.
Grocery store?
Zara Peer 05/27/18 -runs out-
-jumps into car-
Hi! -immediately starts macking on-
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
I like you for you.
The uniform is an added bonus.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
Would you prefer sexy?
Because you are.
Especially in uniform.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
You're so cute.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
No! I meant you and I.
I wanna make out with your face.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
Do we have a few minutes before the grocery store?
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
You can pick me up and do whatever you want.

Erica Stone
... Groceries.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
Shut up.

Erica Stone
I'm at Reed's. You can come get me.
I'll make you a needy cappuccino to-go. 😏
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
You work, you run, you feed your dog...
You do everything but me!
Yes. I'd love to come to your apartment tonight.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
Because I don't work tomorrow.
Unless you want to spend all day in your bed, watching Netflix.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
No. I was hoping you'd do it just for me.
Bring your dog and stay the night, pleaseeeee.
This whole, 'I leave at 5:30am because I suck', thing isn't conducive to snuggles.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
If the wine is in a can, will you drink it?
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
Want me to grab wine?
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
We can Lady and the Tramp it.
You're the tramp.
Zara Peer 05/27/18 Erica Stone
How's work? How are you?
I spilled coffee all over myself. And then I dropped a tray of biscotti.
So, all around okay day!
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
Let's go back to before day one.
When you didn't have my number.
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
So you don't want me?
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
I'm not playing you.
But you're not being honest with yourself.
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
We can start over.
If being friends is all you really want.
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
That's not what I asked.
What's in it for you, still?
What do you want from me?
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
Then why are you still talking to me, exactly?
Zara Peer 05/19/18 Erica Stone
Don't worry about the ice cream.
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
Why not?
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
After we fool around in my back seat.
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
Oh snap. :)
You're in a good mood.
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
How generous are you feeling tonight?
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
I'll pay, then.
Splurge. You can get whatever toppings your heart desires.
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
So did you, until you passed out.
Want to go get ice cream?
I'll let you pay for my milkshake.
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Erica Stone
Only if it changed your perception of me.
Zara Peer 05/18/18 Zara Peer
That was fun. You seemed like you had fun, at least.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
If you don't want to hang out, that's fine.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
Why not?
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
Let's call it spending time together, then.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
Let's go, then.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
What, are you saying you're scared?
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
You could try being nice. No preconceived notions.
Let's go bungee jumping.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
No, that's you jumping to conclusions about what you believe I think is fun.
You don't even know me. You just invented a Zara in your head that you've decided you've defined and don't like.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
There's a difference between discipline and being whatever f*cking mutated form you've taken on.
Seriously. Have you ever had fun?
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
Yes, you are.
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
Why do you have such a stick up your ass?

Do you have to take everything so seriously?
Zara Peer 05/17/18 Erica Stone
Why are you so uptight?
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
Read at 12:14pm.
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
Great. Then there's no need for us to keep talking, right?
I'm sure I'll be seeing you around.
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
The more you insult me, the more you just insult yourself.
Last time I checked, I didn't come to you for validation.
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
She's a hard worker.
Tell her I said hi, next time you see her. 🙂
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
How did it feel to sleep with her girlfriend?
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
What's your opinion of her?
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Erica Stone
You could say that. Do you know her?
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Zara grins. "If you're never going to give me the chance to say thank you, assume it's implied." She then turned her attention back towards the television, scrolling through the options on Netflix's home page.

"See you when I'm looking at you next, Detective."
Zara Peer 05/14/18 Zara squints. Hard. Her play? She shrugs. "I thought you came back up for sex. Hence the wallet. Like I said." She plucks a handful of popcorn into her mouth, chewing and swallowing before continuing.

"I wasn't expecting you to stay for Netflix. That's sort of my solo gig."
Zara Peer 05/14/18 "'No'. Okay...?" Zara's brows dip together, forehead creased with confusion. Rickie truly was bizarre. And intent on being contrary to Zara at every possible juncture. "You can stand."

Zara then pauses, lips contorting as she thinks. "Are you going to hog the popcorn all night? I know you're a guest, but..."
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Zara plops down onto her sofa - suede, white, incredibly unassuming. She tilts her head, looking at Erica with masked amusement. Erica refused to admit to herself that she enjoyed Zara in whatever small way she did. Zara pissed the detective off, and she lives for it. "Do you want to... sit?" She pats the seat next to her, head tilted.

"Are you normally this awkward?"
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Zara was in the middle of making popcorn when a knock came at the door. Lyla has a key - not that she'd be home at this hour. With that tell-tale grin, she steps over to the door and opens it. "I don't know. I was going to watch a movie."

She offers over the bowl of popcorn before wandering back inside of her loft. "Does this mean you're staying?"
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
Your wallet is in the lobby if you want it.
But you're welcome to come upstairs.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
I thought you left in here are purpose.
So you'd have a reason to come back.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
You left your wallet here.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
That was really sweet of you to say. 💖
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
Hmm. Okay.
Still going to refer back to you begging for it. 😘
I just pulled up. And guess what! I was texting and driving.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
Implying no one else would sleep with you.
I can't understand why, you're so charming.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
I haven't eaten it yet, I'm not putting the cart before the horse.
You can say you're not going to sleep with me again all you want, but you can't unsleep with me.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
You want me to thank you for reciprocating oral sex??
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
Sure. After brunch.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
Awful sassy for someone who went down on me for 37 minutes.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
So what you're saying is, you're going to pay for brunch and we're not going to have sex?
Cool. Be there in ten.
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
So you don't want to make out?
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
We can make out?
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Erica Stone
If I had something better to do, don't you think I'd be doing it?
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Lyla is far gone that morning, off to be with her mother. She'd invited Zara, but she wasn't interested. It would have been misleading, and frankly, Zara didn't care much for meeting the parents. Her mother was home in Seattle, and Zara was bored. So, rather than letting Erica be left on read like she intended, she tapped out a response.

Erica Stone
I want bottomless brunch. Do you want to pay?
Zara Peer 05/13/18 Zara was in bed. It was late, after all. She did happen to have a job, and a life. And a girlfriend. Lyla was asleep beside her, spread out like a starfish. Despite that fact, Zara was still staring at the wall of texts from none other than Erica Stone. Is brought a perverse smile to her lips, knowing the officer was drunk, and only had one person on the mind.

Erica Stone
I won't hold it against you, officer.
Chat soon.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
Read 4:05pm
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
You're cute when you're frustrated.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
I like my life.
Almost as much as you'd like to be in it.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
You know the funny thing about 'mistakes', officer?
You don't just make them once. 😘
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
I'd like to get off by you, but...
I'm not sure you're capable.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
You're going to leave me on read?
Show a little more maturity, officer.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
That's sweet. But I don't think you could possibly keep yourself away.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
If you weren't interested, you wouldn't have shown up.
You can deny it, all you'd like.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
I know you better than you think.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
At least you came at all.
It's so tiresome to fake it.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
You oversell yourself.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
See you soon.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
So come acquaint yourself with every detail of my body.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
Not entirely.
Do we really need to concern ourselves with details?
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
You're overthinking this.
Haven't you ever just had sex with someone you despised and left it at that?
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
It was much easier to get off when my arresting officer wasn't present.
However counterproductive that sentence is to this current conversation. 😉
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
Oh, you didn't hear? My lawyer was incredibly persuasive.
But if you're into into role playing, I'm interested.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
Come on now, detective. Consent is sexy.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
And have no-strings attached sex.
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
Are you sure about that?
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
I don't know.
Come over and let's watch Netflix.
[Location Shared]
Zara Peer 05/12/18 Erica Stone
No. We haven't started yet.
Zara Peer 05/11/18 Erica Stone
Erica Stone-cold sober. Hahahaha get it?
Zara Peer 05/11/18 Erica Stone
I'm just offering to help.
Zara Peer 05/11/18 Erica Stone
I think you need to get laid.
Zara Peer 05/11/18 Erica Stone
Why are you always in such a bad mood?
Do you even know how to smile?
Zara Peer 05/11/18 Erica Stone
How do you know which one I'm talking about?
Zara Peer 05/11/18 Erica Stone
I'm friendly with your ex.
Zara Peer 05/07/18 Stone
You heard me, b*tch.
Zara Peer 05/06/18 Stone
Heard you a B*TCH.
Zara Peer 10/30/17

"They" :(
Zara Peer 10/26/17
W_Kat 10/24/17 Congrats on PotD!
Rhiannon Whitaker 10/14/17 *walks by*
*stares, definitely slack-jawed*
I.. So...
*takes picture, definitely awkward*
*so shook, walks away*
Zara Peer 10/12/17 Zara will never understand how people assume she's always on shift. Outside of the time she's on the other side of the counter, she's under no obligation to put up with customers forgetting their boundaries. Frankly, it's annoying.

"Look, I just make your needy cappuccinos. I'm not looking for friends." With a sarcastic roll of the eyes, she disappears.
Zara Peer 10/12/17 Just as she's successfully slipping away, she is stopped in tracks again. "Oh, well, Detective you'll have to excuse me." There's a pft of a scoff from her lips. Zara's eyes are opened a little bit wider, her interest waning.

"My name is Zara." She'd almost slipped away without any damage done, but it seems the lax policy of Reed's Roastery couldn't protect her from pushy customers after hours. "Listen, I'm going to be late, well, later than I already am. So I'll see you around, 'Detective'."
Zara Peer 10/12/17 "How reassuring.." Zara's eyes go wide before she remembers to control her response. "I'm sure you'll figure it all out. You seem capable, Officer Erica." There's the lilt of a tease as she refers to her as 'Officer', impressed, at least in part, by her uniform.

"Tomorrow morning, 7 AM sharp, right?" Zara gives a two finger salute from her forehead. Once she's facing the other direction, she rolls her eyes. 'Erica' must just be socially awkward as a standard, or she would have asked for her number already.

Zara isn't sure what scenario she prefers.
Zara Peer 10/12/17 "No, I'm just..." Late. There's a red wave of embarrassment filling her cheeks, and she shakes her head slightly. "I was on my way to work, actually." Her eyes fall on her empty hands, noting she is, in fact, sans coffee. "I'm guessing you were on your way to the same place?"

Of course Zara remembers 'Erica'. She's in every day, or at least, every day that Zara is working. "I'm fine, really. Just surprised. I'm sure my mom thinks I've been stabbed, but she'll survive." Zara adjusts her bag, hands fidgeting with the strap. "I think you may have cracked your phone, though."

She bends down, collecting the discarded device that was face down on the concrete. Small, spidery cracks billowed out across the expanse of the glass screen. Busted. "That'll be a fun few hours at the Genius Bar."
Zara Peer 10/12/17 Zara, however, is the complete opposite. Being 30 minutes late to work is of no consequence. She wanders the bustling streets of Los Angeles with a pace that often earns her the ire and curses of many commuters on foot. She isn't harsh, or stressed. In fact, her mood is often completely at ease.

"No, mom. I'm not doing heroin. Being a barista doesn't exactly cover all of my expenses sometimes..." She has a quirky tone, which matches the interesting ensemble of clothes she's currently dressed in. Brown chukka boots, high-waist jeans, and the baggiest of sweaters. It doesn't look fastastic, but it's very 'LA'. She's speaking into the microphone attached to her earbud, the voice on the other end delivering a rapid fire retort.

And she's listening, all until she's nearly knocked on her ass by a flash of red hair. "Jesus Christ!" She curses, stumbling back a step before she regains her bearings. "Mom? Call you back." She cuts the line just as her mother launches into a barrage of 'what the f-s'.

"Oh, you're.." The stalker. She's the regular who always leaves obscene tips and can't seem to form coherent sentences when ordering. "Erica with a 'c', right?" There's a hint of humor to her musical tone, lips quirked in an amused bow.
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