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Born: February 27, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 2
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Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Oh, that.
My wife is actually very well-behaved.
Usually. That was a fluke.
Also, she hates your brother, so you already have so much in common.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah that a sexual innuendo?
Claire Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah,
Safe travels, and I hope you get the break you need.
I will miss you while you’re away.
Museum sounds lovely, if we’re up for it.
All my best,

Ps. Careful around my brother’s wife.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Let me know flight departure and arrival times, I’ll pick you up.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
How are you feeling, by the way.
Any better?
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Not if she told you she wanted to be alone?
I don’t think we can pin this on Gray.
She’s smarter than that, right?
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Write her one of your notes, if you must.
She wanted space from me.
I don’t think it’s safe for her and I to be in contact right now anyway.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Come to New York for a few days.
Gives her space, and we can talk.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
We’ll talk soon.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
I’m still an advocate for patience.
But the situation is... significantly more dire than I anticipated.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
Your brother’s a b-tch.
Can’t talk right now, I just might strongly deter you from pursuing anything more than friendly with my sister.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
I agree. A lot needs to be discussed.
Some of it, I don’t think you’ll like.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
A hangover would be easier to deal with, I think.
Fine, friends.
But you should know, a lot of people have secrets about me, and I wouldn’t count them as friendly.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
Don’t concern yourself with me.
Just let me know how she’s doing.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
Pain is a good thing. It’s better than the alternative.
Just let her ride it out. She heals fast, the pain will subside as the wound does.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
I’m just glad she’s alright.
You’re both doing okay?
Claire Thompson 03/13/19 “Mm,” is all Sarah would receive in response to talk of Jasper. Claire knows what the girl is trying to do, and while it’s sweet, it also wounds her pride and feelings. Her heart is in the right place, though, and Claire just has to remind herself of that. Her brother is nothing if not charismatic. “Oh, good, he heard me then,” she presses on, keeping in time with conversation, “and thank goodness for that. Everything happened so quickly...” Glancing Sarah over, it’s obvious that she is tired and confused and coming down off a lot of adrenaline. And here she is, antagonizing her. She waves a hand. “Later, maybe. I’m awfully tired, and the body wants what it wants.”
Claire Thompson 03/13/19 “Almost lost me? But, I feel fine.” She attempts a laugh, but it’s coarse and grates at her throat painfully. “Don’t worry,” Claire will continue, giving Sarah’s hand a light squeeze of her own, “I’m not as fragile as I seem.” At least, when it comes to most things. Hearing Jasper’s name, however, causes her to stiffen in spite of her protesting neck, and everything comes flooding back. “Mackenzie...” She shakes her head, frowning. “Well, I’m sure some obligation is to blame, not just that I’m his sister, but that his wife apparently can’t use her words when she’s unhappy.” A begrudging click of her tongue is coupled with her eyes rolling, and she mutters something that sounds a lot like vampires.
Claire Thompson 03/13/19 “Well, I’m glad one of us is enjoying themselves...” It’s almost moody, but the smile playing at her features gives her away. If nothing else, this predicament allows for moments like this, solitary and quiet, something she can commit to memory to relive at a later date. Perhaps it’s pathetic, but it’s her own, private reality. “How long have I been out, at least?”
Claire Thompson 03/12/19 Steadily, Claire is coming into herself once more, with no recollection of the waking moments before. Sarah is beside her, fretting over something or other, and the girl automatically shakes her head with a slow groan that effectively stops the gesture. “I’m fine, really. The pain is tolerable.” Again, those icy hues flash in front of her face, causing her to blink rapidly as she tries to remember. “What happened? I was... I don’t remember anything.”
Claire Thompson 03/12/19 Though the girl is smiling, the pain is becoming overwhelming. Her throat is dry and angry and feels as if she moves it further, it might detach her head from her shoulders. She doesn’t remember yet what happened, just a pair of dazed, icy blue eyes. “Courage,” she manages to croak, hand squeezing hers ever so slightly as her eyes begin to shudder themselves, “and to start over again...”
Claire Thompson 03/11/19 She awakens slowly. It starts with a tingling in her toes, and they wiggle and twinge as life stretches the stiffness from them. It goes up her leg and through her stomach, which is roiling with liquid that threatens to upheave her. Down each arm to each hand, where one tightens against something encased within it. That’s when she notes something on her shoulder. Opening her eyes, she turns overcast, dull hues on the girl, lighting a fire in her neck. She doesn’t care; she only smiles. “If I died and you were there to greet me, I don’t think I’d miss life at all.” Utter delirium.
Claire Thompson 03/09/19 A sigh of relief when she finds the note on her way out has her turning right back around to respond. She’d behaved so bizarrely, she hadn’t known how to broach the water again, so she’s more than glad to see Sarah do it for her. Tit for tat, she supposes. Hastily scrawled in her neat script, the note is then slipped under their apartment door, a small knock signaling its arrival. It’s fine, Gray’s out for the day; she knows that because she works for him.

It’s so lonely, even the plants won’t talk back to me.
Dinner and movie night? Say yes, we can sleep on the couch. I promise, it’s much more comfortable than Gray’s abomination.
I’ll be home around seven. Claire
Claire Thompson 03/07/19 So many things..

So many words that Claire wants to utter, all swirling around in her head. Her heart is a balloon in her chest, blowing up too large and then deflating just as suddenly. Hands tighten around the book, pulling it to her chest to hide the shudder of emotion that rolls through her small frame. “I—...” It’s too much; it’s overwhelming. “...I should go pack,” she squeaks, jumping up from the couch and hurrying away before it all comes crashing down around her.
Claire Thompson 03/07/19 “Oh, right...” It’s clear that the girl had all but forgotten about her impending move, her face crumpling as she considers everything she would have to do between today and tomorrow. Then, she shrugs, a broad smile claiming her lips. “Not to worry, l’ll be right next door. I even have a spare room that I’ll make up, just for you. Your home away from home.” She laughs softly.
Claire Thompson 03/07/19 Claire is wholly engrossed in a book when Sarah finds her, worming her way into her field of focus. A smile pulls up the corner of her lip, but she still finishes the paragraph before marking the page and setting it aside, full attention on the girl beside her. “I can’t see why not, but what has you so upset today?”
Claire Thompson 03/06/19 I have a donkey’s laugh, and the only beautiful thing I possess is you as my friend.
Especially your eyes.
‘What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.’
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 How devilish.
I knew I liked you.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Oh, you don’t have to do that on my account.
I’m used to the interference.
But thank you for caring, you’re very sweet. 🖤
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Oh, perfect.
Now, he can get off my case about being out at night.
You have the best ideas.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 A few crumpled pieces of paper later leaves her the final result, and a blush she might never get rid of.

I pale in comparison to you.
But I will always strive to be your favorite.
Yours, always,
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Just us, just for the night.
I promise, I’ll steal you away one day.
For now, we’ll take what we can get.
Also, be less smiley.
Yours is suspicious of our plans.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Brothers are stupid.
Run away with me on Wednesday?
Please say yes,
Ps. Burn the evidence.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 “Oh,” she mutters, unsure what that this came from as her cheeks burn lightly. But, as Sarah continues, it dawns on her, and with a harder “oh!” she arrives on the same page, beaming. “Xo,” she whispers to herself, giggling softly.
Claire Thompson 03/03/19 I wrote a haiku.
This apartment is so much
Better with you, dear.

Ha, what fun!
Ps. What does xo mean?
Claire Thompson 03/02/19 You are the sweetest.
So I made you a cake!
Claire Thompson 03/02/19
Claire Thompson 03/01/19 A singular moment beyond her waking has her thinking nothing has changed. Claire is capable of adjusting very quickly to new circumstances, but the night’s events felt more like a dream. That is, until an altogether different scent reminds her. Immediately awake, her neck snaps toward the other side of the bed, only to find it abandoned, a note in her place. The smile that splits her visage is near blinding, and she bounds out of the bed and through the spacious apartment. Just to make sure...

With no sign of him, she tiptoes into his office and searches through his precious liquor cabinet. Just as she thought; she seizes her plunder and makes her escape into the kitchen, holding it up triumphantly.
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 We have something in common.

Claire makes a noise somewhere between agreement and laughter. “Indeed,” she offers, carefully replacing the picture to its rightful place. She busies herself with fixing all the contents of the nightstand, as her upheaval had taken its toll. In this move, she also manages to unknowingly give Sarah the privacy she doesn’t seem to need.

I’d love to.

Somehow, she keeps the shock from her face, but her cheeks flush traitorously when she turns and sees Sarah’s teasing motion. “Oh, ha...” It’s a good-natured jab, and Claire smiles charmingly, grabbing her bag and phone from their resting place. “Wonderful, all set? Let’s go now.”
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 “Damn the pair of them,” she mutters moodily, feeling the rise of her nerves once more and all too soon. She’s not spoken a word to the girl, and now, she must not only introduce herself, but in the same breath, convince her to leave the house with her. A stranger. And a girl in her brother’s home, no less. The awkward factors just keep piling themselves on.

Taking a deep breath, she awaits Sarah in her bedroom, completely out of place, though she’d practically taken the space over not even a few days prior. Add that one to the list as well. To occupy her mind, Claire swipes a hand across the surface of the nightstand, clearing it of any settling dust, then moves to straighten the already perfectly aligned objects.

She doesn’t even hear her enter; rather, she feels her presence.

Turning abruptly, Claire knocks the picture of Sarah and Gray over, only just managing to catch it before it hits the ground. She straightens with it clutched in her hands so tightly, her knuckles turn white with the strain. “Uh,” she begins, mentally kicking herself into gear, “hi! I’m Claire, and uh...” She sighs, dropping the facade and landing on a form of honesty that will hopefully land this.

“Look, my... my brother’s on his way here, and I’m not particularly keen on seeing him. We don’t have a good history. And I didn’t know if maybe you wanted to get out of the house for a little bit, all things considered, and uh... you know...” Her fingers wiggle in the air as if in search of something before she lets loose another sigh at her own awkwardness.

Why couldn’t he just tell Jasper no?
Geoffrey Drake 02/27/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Bree Ravencroft 02/27/19 Welcome, and good luck at making it through the crazy zoo.
Mystic-husky 02/27/19 "Welcome to the realm. I am Mystic, If you have any questions or are in need of any help. Feel free to contact me at any time."
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