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Chiara Maxx


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I want your midnights.
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Born: December 13, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Cirque de Perdus Mail Replies Sent: 31
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 5
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06/24/20 at 5:11 pm
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heart made of glass, my mind of stone

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Beau Theroux

Merida Campbell

Tobias Morgan

Last five threads posted in:
The Preacher 05/28/20 *Feels bad but not really*
"Why are they the only ones that will hire you?"
*Has a little more than lint but doesn't hand it back.*
"You must not be looking in the right places for the good jobs."
*Places changeless hand back into pocket.*
The Preacher 05/27/20 "Neva, nothing is never my fault."
*Swats back.*
"It's your fault since you work a part time job making minimum wage!"
"You should work full time at stealing from the little people such as I!"
The Preacher 05/26/20 *Blinks*
"I shall pray for you wee little one."
*Places hand on head and bows own*
"Dear heavenly father...please help a broke bish out so that i might take it to fatten my own pockets."
The Preacher 05/26/20 "You should have plenty of...."
*Air quotes*
The Preacher 05/26/20 *Shakes head*
"Get a job bum!"
"I need da monies."
*Pulls out pocket lint*
"Just because there is a pandemic going on does not mean I, The Almighty, does not need monies."
The Preacher 05/21/20 "You need to go to work or something. I thought you were rich. I have only found lint. I'm a poor working man. I need the monies."
Donte Kaspar 04/27/20 He shrugged. "Idk"
Donte Kaspar 04/27/20 Scared of what exactly?
Beau Theroux 02/06/20 The woman's praise brought a radiant smile to the large man's features. "Naw, I learnt from the best. Those Loches really know their moonshine..." Evergreen eyes glanced off into the distance as his voice trailed off. Clearly, something had been bothering him but it all seemed to vanish in an instant as his smile returned, radiant as ever. Noticing her sudden shift in mood he glanced to the mason jar he had been nursing off of. It was a bit stronger than the usual since his kind required a bit more kick to their drinks but the amount he had left would hardly cause her any harm.

Raising the jar, he offered it to her. "No need t'be upset, cher. We got plenty t'go 'round."
Tobias Morgan 02/06/20 I thought you weren't sure of who I am, and I neither confirmed or denied.
What made you change your mind?
Tobias Morgan 02/04/20 Perfect.
I'd be terribly disappointed if that were the case.
Tobias Morgan 02/04/20 A potentially very dangerous question to ask...
Chiara, wasn't it?
Such a lovely name.
A lovely name for a lovely lady.
*tilts his head*
Too much?
Tobias Morgan 02/04/20 What do I get if I tell you?
*dashing smile*
*isn't concerned*
Tobias Morgan 02/04/20 If I am?
*smiles impishly*
Better yet...
*leans closer*
What if I'm not?
Tobias Morgan 01/30/20 Thank you. Call me Ty.
Beau Theroux 01/16/20 Hearing his name the man turned to find the source. The woman's sudden closeness hardly made him uncomfortable; he enjoyed sharing his physical space with others. Evergreen hues glanced towards the mason jar and a bright grin spread across his bearded visage. "Ah, I see you found our new batch'a flavored moonshine. We been tinkerin' around with it. Addin' different combinations and what have ya. I haven't even got to try it myself just yet."
Dessa Chambers 01/15/20 A girl's gotta drink...
Chamberlain 01/12/20
Gray Taylor 01/11/20 Gray gives her a look that speaks volumes to his memory of such things. As if he pays attention to whatever it is that he manages to lift off of others, and tallies it up nicely. A quiet tsk would sound as he splays his wallet open, pulling from it's confines several bills and holding them out to her. "Should cover it."
Gray Taylor 01/10/20 "What's it going to take?" Gray turns, looking at the woman. His hand is already reaching for his wallet, prepared to pay off this angry little femme.
Beau Theroux 12/15/19 "It is quite hard t'miss, I s'pose." Truly, it was. The deep Cajun in his speech accentuated his naturally husky voice. Some even confessed to finding it rather soothing, no matter the words that left his lips.Furrowing his brows the man gave a soft stroke of his beard with a thoughtful expression. "Hmmm... well, I am in the business of guidin' the lost. If ya want, I can help ya out."
Beau Theroux 12/14/19 "Why, I am a New Orleans native, cher. Born and bred by the bayou." After giving a firm shake in return his tattooed arms crossed across his broad chest. "Your name ain't too shabby, either. I always liked unique names." The man always seemed to radiate positivity which seemed to draw in most individuals making meeting new people an easy task for the lycan. And who said being overly friendly never helped anything? "You findin' everythin' alright? I know it can be a bit overwhelmin' out here on your own at first."
Celestial Moon 12/14/19 Hi, welcome to,the realm of wonfers!
Aelin Galathynius 12/14/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Briahne Christiann 12/14/19 Welcome to the Realm, a place of bold imagination where you can create stories and have others join in for the fun. If there's anything you need just ask, there's always someone who can help.
Beau Theroux 12/13/19 Golden flecks gleamed in the man's evergreen hues as he gave the warmest of smiles towards the female. With his own large hand he took hers in a firm shake, making sure not too squeeze too hard. "The name's Beaudoin, but most people call me Beau. A pleasure to meet'cha."
Beau Theroux 12/13/19 "My pleasure! If ya ever need help or a place to bend an elbow, I am always around."
Nina Parrish 12/13/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Marina Pershing 12/13/19 Welcome!
Beau Theroux 12/13/19 "Welcome t'the Realm!"
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