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Li Kuroda


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Born: June 28, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 115
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 2217
Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 38
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
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06/24/18 at 2:00 pm
Li Kuroda's Biography
Name: Li Kuroda
Alias: ...
Age: 26 but is actually 20
Gender: Male
Status: Complicated
Kids: 3 Li Kuroda Jr, Alaric and Selene Kuroda.
Familiars: 5 dragons. Kuri a pitch black dragon and the biggest. That can change his size thanks to his collar. He also has the Alpha and Omega symbols on his forehead, Sprite a small limbless blue dragon with wings, Blue Lightning (yes she is blue) is the size of a pony and Artemis and Apollo twin dragons one pure white the other full black. Both look like Sprite.
Species: Demon Among Others...
Occupation: Grim Reaper, Owner of Kuroda Shipping and Logistics. Shareholder of Helix Conglomerate, Chief of the Shaman, Protector of the Spirit Realm and the list goes on.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Muscular
Skin Color: Olive
Eye Color: Electric Blue/Dark Blue when bored.
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Piercings and tattoos: Wears black diamond earrings when not dressed for work. Each stone holds the black flame Amaterasu. Has numerous tattoos. (Takes a breath) An overhead view of Kuri takes up his entire back. Right arm has the Alpha and Omega symbol merged together on upper bicep. Mark of Caine (a red scythe) inside on his lower arm near elbow. White rose with color changing tips and the stem spelling Isa below that. On the other side of his right arm boast a ying and yang tattoo of Artemis and Apollo. On his wrist has the names Renji Kuroda, Katara Kuroda, Isabella Kuroda, Li Kuroda Jr, Alaric Kuroda and Selene Kuroda in Russian. Left arm upper bicep has a dragon in the Omega symbol, family crest below that. Lower arm has a tattoo of Sprite wrapped around it ready to strike. Has rosary beads wrapping around his wrist with ending on the back of his left hand. A black dragon is tattooed around his ring finger. Has a tattoo of Blue that takes up majority of his right side.
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-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/27/18 She smiles then chuckles softly. "It would nice to have company there as well." OOC:she beat you there.
-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/25/18 "You could always come with me. Have a drink with me while pestering Lilly." She tips her head slightly
-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/25/18 Well the was good to know the bar still stood strong. She looks at the man and smiles. "Thank you, you have been very helpful. I cant remember if I have met Lilly or not its been a while.But I may show there just to see if Ronan happens by."
-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/25/18 She smiles and nods."Its fine lad. I can expect you to know everyone, now can I?" She pats his hand softly. "So then if you could point me toward Ronan then that would be more then help full."
-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/25/18 Emerald eyes danced softly. "Well that would be more then helpful. Thank you As, if I find them I can find Ava." She was more then pleased. That would only leave her to hunt down Jqkull next. She looks back at the man an eye brow iases and she smirks. "No chance you would know a Jqkull." She shook her head, jesus elly does the man look like a Information Bureau
-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/25/18 She gives a soft nod and smiles lightly, While taking his hand. "Thank you, I am Elsbeth. But known to few here as Elly, pleasure to meet you." She gives a slight bow. "Maybe you could help me. I am seeking out two families. Clan Boru and the Mystic families."
-Elsbeth_Macleod- 05/25/18 The redhead tips her head slightly as she lowers her emerald hood. Eyes that matched the cloak moved to look at the man. Her voice was soft as she spoke. "Thank you lad, I do hope as well. Been a long time since I ventured home."
Annika Black 05/15/18 *Shaking his hand in return she smiled" I will certainly will, now I have to get to my shop, have to put more potions on display." Giving him another smile she gave a wave as she turned around walking towards her shop.*
Annika Black 05/14/18 *Giving a smile she took his card and said" Thank you, a pleasure to meet you my name is Annika Black." Extending her hand to him with a smile.*
Annika Black 05/14/18 *Smiling she said" well if your ever in the neighborhood, come in my store, I have spell books also if you would like to read them." Giving him her card.*
Annika Black 05/14/18 *Smiling looking at him she gave a smile to him and said" thank you, if you need any poisons for your enemies or poison bombs to suffocate a town." Giving him a smirk.
Daciana Draculesti 05/14/18 "I don't mind. Friendly company is in short supply most days," Ana half smiles. Everyone is a potential enemy until proven otherwise but it's impossible to forge new connections if she tells the people she meets to bugger off. "I'll keep your offer in mind. Thanks again."
Daciana Draculesti 05/14/18 The slayer is not the trusting sort, but she does have manners and is capable of being cordial. Since Li offered, Ana gives his hand a brief shake. Not too quick and not lingering. "Likewise."
Daciana Draculesti 05/14/18 She takes the business card and slips it into a back pocket of her pants. It might be useful one day down the road. "Nice to meet you, Li. Call me Ana."
Daciana Draculesti 05/14/18 "Perhaps I'll get lucky and look in the right place."
Daciana Draculesti 05/14/18 "Here's hoping it will be an interesting one," she grins.
The Orange She Wolf 04/24/18 thank you *she smiles*
Marah Boru 04/17/18 +Grins+

" Just a couple of Dark Lighters that were on my tail.."
LillyEmperium 04/11/18 Wait til he starts playing the next instrument *laughing she smiled* I'll take him anytime, no worries
Ronan Boru 12/11/17 Nope .Mistaken Id nothing more.
LillyEmperium 11/02/17 Hey..... Lj, want something loud? Lol*holding him she smiled *
LillyEmperium 10/31/17 *softly she chuckled as she held LJ* awww someone going to have a birthday? What shall we get huh? *looking to Li, Lilly smiled* I'll be there
LillyEmperium 10/29/17 *reaching her hands towards LJ, Lilly chuckled * meh I'm alright, you?
Ronan Boru 08/31/17 Thanks
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