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I am the tool of my own destruction.

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New York[SL] Autumn Equinox Mixer
Created by Melinoe
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "Well you know what they say home is wherever the heart is, or whatever that saying is."
Eyes shift to his shoulder as Richard places his hand on it.
Is actually surprised, doesn't necessarily hate it.
"Oh Panda I knew you liked me, it's much cuter when you deny it though."
Gives a smile in return.
" safe. Despite what you believe or don't it is dangerous out there. And I will also deny this to my grave but I would miss you. I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for in LA."
Pats the males chest, brows knit together why was that action so familiar?
"I should let you go, not going to get to LA by talking to me."
Continues to stand there.
"You do know I love to watch you go."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "Ah yes if your wife and child are there why would you come back, silly me."
Gives an awkward sort of smile.
"Maybe if I ever go to LA I will see you, unlikely it is a sh*tty place."
Another somewhat awkward and forced laugh. "I don't know being a loner isn't so bad from time to time."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 Liam puts his hands up looking at him.
"Alright alright."
Shoots him a confused look before taking the napkin handed to him mumbling thanks before pressing it to his lip.
"Well I hope things go well, and I know it's not any of my business but if you need someone to talk to afterwards I'm here."
Looks around.
"I make a good martinis, and or hot chocolate."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "What do you mean you think?"
Wipes more blood from his lip.
"That's why you are going to LA? How do you not know?"
Thinks on his feet.
"Fangs sinking into me lips, they are very sharp."
Awkward laugh
Liam Moore 10/07/19 Fangs slide down as he is grabbed by the shirt.
Hazel eyes stare at him, a small amount of guilt rising in him.
"You are being serious? You actually have one."
Looks at him beyond confused.
"So what the hell is all this? I am all for playful flirting but if you have someone? Really?"
Liam takes a few steps back.
"If you have an actual family you should probably go to them."
Liam's fang accidentally sinks into his lip as he goes to chew on it.
"Every time."
He wipes the blood away.
"I have clearly over stepped and I apologize. I most likely should let you go. So by all means."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "Really? A wife? Kids?"
Looks around.
"You might want to actually have those if you are trying to use that as a cover up."
Shakes his head.
"I honestly have no idea what I did? Insult you? Say you have a big forehead? What?"
Liam would roll his eyes.
"Oh so now I'm not crazy? Maybe I was right all along? You are terribly sorry? Well I almost forgive you. But I'm a touch petty so."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 Liam's tongue would come out and lick his lips before smiling.
"Oh we are playing this game? You think you don't do the same thing?"
Snaps his fingers.
"But that's right you are straight, well Panda come out come out where ever you are."
Give confused look.
"Wait wait did something happen the other night?"
Really didn't remember.
"That's probably where you are wrong since you still think we are all crazy around here and things don't go bump in the night!"
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "Oh not going to tell? You were naughty...tsk tsk."
Is only slightly amused.
Is a little taken back.
"Are you assuming I swoon and gawk at you, someone is thinking highly of himself. People gawk and swoon at me. Ever since puberty men and women it's not my fault."
Also crosses arms over his chest.
"Maybe I am just mildly worried for my panda bear."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "Yes and part of me really loves it when you do. But that's a secret between us."
Arches a brow.
"Personal reasons and your face is bruised has someone been naughty?"
Smirk returning to his face.
"Yes but bothering you is truly one of my favorite past times. I have no idea what I am going to do without you around."
Mackenzie 10/07/19 Oh, look at that.
I had enough airline miles for a free flight.
-mocking smile-
This is going to be fun.
Just try not to blow up the plane, yea?
Mackenzie 10/07/19 Calm down, Lassie.
-proceeds to pull out phone-
-tapping and swiping away-
I'll be joining.
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "Yes and you can't feel average if I don't give you a compliment now and then. I am saving you really."
Eyes the bruise, also keeping pace with the male.
"Well yes you get so red in the face and huffy and really the only person who sasses me back."
Makes a face.
"Ew why are we going to LA? Does it have to do with that lovely bruise on your face?"
Liam Moore 10/07/19 "I only objectify you Panda someone has to make you feel wanted. I would hate for you to feel less than average."
Saunters on up to him.
"Oh come now you always have time for me, I am your favorite person. No need to deny it."
Still smirking.
"And just where are we off to in such a hurry, you might slip and fall. These tunnels are very dangerous."
Liam Moore 10/07/19 Looks at smirks as he watches the other man turn to run away.
"Oh Panda Bear leaving me so soon!? Well I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you go!"
He one hundred percent said it loud enough for well maybe everyone to hear.
Mackenzie 10/07/19 Yes, I want that around here! You f-cking dramatic prick! This isn't a goddamn game. You think so little of me, that you would assume that Jasper and I abandon our people just because things get f-cking difficult?
-shakes head-
Jesus f-cking Christ.
You're not going alone.
Mackenzie 10/07/19 Don't be a f-cking ARSEHOLE.
-stretches fingers-
-shakes hand-
Reassess your bullsh-t.
Mackenzie 10/07/19 -clenches fist-
-stretches neck-
Richard, I'm not sorry.
You deserve this.
-moves to throw a mfing punch-
-for being a d-ck, of course-
Mackenzie 10/07/19 -settles a cold stare-
-takes a step forward-
We also agreed you wouldn't be going alone.
So you can f-ck off with that..
-waves hand-
I'm LeAvInG, bullsh-t.
Mackenzie 10/07/19 You realize that part of my job is looking out for my people, and you're telling me that you are trying to go to LA with no idea of what you are doing. That you are going to waltz around in a place that is very possibly a real danger with you... and you expect zero pushback?
-crosses arms-
D-ck, I'm going to need you to reassess.
Mackenzie 10/07/19 -smacks lips together-
-peers at-
I thought the plan was to find out who they are, and then go to LA.
Mackenzie 10/06/19 It's not like anyone is holding you hostage, Richard. Granted, likely best you weren't traveling during all that.. business. I'm still finding the b-stards in the tunnels.
-deep breath-
I can't do sh-t until this place is cleaned up. Do you even know their names?
Mackenzie 10/06/19 It's been a long month, okay?
Don't get judgy.
Do you even know where you are going?
Mackenzie 10/06/19 -squints-
The **** is in L.A.?
Ebola. That's what.
Liam Moore 10/05/19 They had won, the legion was dead. All the fighting it was for something. Liam might have drank too much in celebration.
Spots his favorite person to hate.
Smirks and saunters up to him.
Grabs his rather forcefully and plants a kiss upon his lips.
Before releasing him.
"I don't think you are as straight as you think your are but f*ck it we won."
Pats his chest before wondering off.
Virelai Tylwyth 10/04/19

All throughout the Realm strange events were occurring, dark and dangerous things were stirring within the space they had all claimed as home. And yet, among all of those frightening happenings, there was an undercurrent of something more. Strange flyers were materializing at random intervals. On alley walls, grave stones, in pockets and upon coffee tables, tucked away in the most peculiar places where you would swear there was nothing before.

With them came the doors, black oak with a spindly red flower engraved in the grain, seeming to come from nowhere. They would simply appear in those same odd places. Tucked in an alcove of a back-alleyway, taking up space on a mausoleum, or within abandoned houses. And the flyers were the key.

On the selected date they would take flight, tugging and fluttering like moths to a flame, and lead the way – for those who were found to have one of those pieces of paper in their possession – to those doors. Others might stumble across them in those hidden places and place their hand upon the smooth wood, watch them swing open, and walk through.

That same red flower would bloom on the back of the hand of any who chose to do so. And there would be another pull, a shift in the air as they traveled through darkness, and a second door would open revealing a fog covered woodland. A short way ahead there would be a house, tall and strange, with a large black door inviting them in.
Liam Moore 09/24/19 "Nobody wants me! The f*ck are you on about!?"
Liam had awful control of his temper, and when he lost control things tend to go the complete opposite way for him.
His fangs would slide down becoming very visible usually he would cover his mouth or attempt to hide them in some fashion right now however, he could care less.
"They aren't shadows once they have your face the take your form and what am I even explaining this to you!"
Liam looked at the male.
"You need to realize where you are, that everything you knew is wrong! Whatever fairy tail you were living in before here, that story is over!"
Liam raised his hand taking a few steps back.
"I have to go."
Kira Garrett 09/23/19 "I aim to please. Glad my service helped you out, sweets!" The blonde called over her shoulder, a wicked grin grazing her features.
Rich had certainly found a way under her skin when he first arrived. But, now? Kira was beginning to enjoy his presence. She couldn't think of a better person to irk.
Mackenzie 09/23/19 "Richard, I swear..." she begins to murder mumble, an impressive combination of terrifying words with a hushed lilt.

"I'm not in the mood for games."
Mackenzie 09/23/19 "It's the twenty third." Her tone flat, she glances over her shoulder as she hears footsteps. With no way to discern who is truly who, she takes a step closer and lowers her voice. "Where the f-ck were you? You are really going to tell me that you missed all this?"
Mackenzie 09/23/19 "...It's been over a week," she mutters, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Richard, do you need to get into rehab again? Are you using?"
Mackenzie 09/23/19 Mackenzie gives the man a sidelong glance, letting out a deep sigh. "Assume I have zero control over anything. Apparently we're in some alternative universe of 1945."
Kira Garrett 09/21/19 Kira had been leaving her room when the slip of paper fell to her feet. She couldn't hide the grin that stretched across her face. She hit like a kitten? Oh, she would certainly have to amend her ways.
With a brisk jog, she was able to find the peach of a man, obviously retreating to his room. Calling out his name, she waited for him to turn.
"Even kitten's have claws." Her palm made firm contact with his cheek, a sting radiating across her flesh. With a wink, she pressed a brisk kiss over the mark, grinning. "You know, Rich? I really think red is your color." Seeing that the color of her lipstick stained his cheek, she turned on her heel.
Liam Moore 09/21/19 "Honestly it brings me so much delight to hear you say that but right now is really not the time to flirt with me."
Liam found himself rolling his eyes at the man.
"Please for five second pull your head from your ass and realize where you are. You can't be that oblivious..."
He would shake his head.
"I don't know why I bother twice I have offered my aid, and twice you have spit in my face. Best of luck to you Panda. You are really going to f*cking need it."
Liam Moore 09/21/19 "Okay you keep telling yourself that."
This was it, the lord was testing him.
He wasn't gonna hit him, nope that would solve nothing.
"Ya know I am trying to save your life and this is what you do? Fine don't believe me, ask Mackenzie. You joined Sine right? Go ahead and ask right now."
Hazel eyes would glass around making sure they weren't in any danger.
Liam Moore 09/21/19 "You looked because you were curious and you are saying it's not great to attempt to keep up a facade it's okay I know the truth."
Gives him an odd look.
"You literally have no idea what's going on? Jesus Christ."
Takes a deep breath.
"Listen to me and before you say I am joking I am not. We are under attack in fact we are losing the battle. These Shadow Spawns steal your face, they can take anyone's face. We don't know who we can trust. So just go back to your room and stay there."
Liam Moore 09/21/19
Looks confused
"Is it your thing? I could have sworn.."
Snaps fingers
"That's right you are my panda bear so sorry."
Now came for the concerned part.
"You one hundred percent looked right at my ass, I have no idea why you are even denying this. But that is not the point. Have you seen a creepy like shadow thing? You can't sense the heaviness in the air?"
Liam Moore 09/21/19
"Princess what are you saying? The whole damn city is under attack."
Just stares.
"Are you playing dumb with me? You just pulling my leg or whatever that dumb saying is?"
Liam Moore 09/21/19 Look of utter disappointment on his face.
"It's the real you, shame."
Thinks for a moment.
"I mean it's so great you weren't murdered by shadows."
Was hoping it was fake so he could beat the living sh*t out of it.
Liam Moore 09/21/19 Slowly reaches out and pokes him
Waits for a reaction
Liam Moore 09/21/19
Stares at
Flahme 09/12/19 Squinting at the retreating figure she looked down at her clothes and frowned, then looked up to see one of the newer coven members. Wiping her hand through the blue paint on her shirt, she quickly stepped into the man's personal space and planted her hand square on his chest.
"Tag! You're it."
Flame grinned as she pulled her hand away to see the blue print of her small palm on his shirt.
"I hope that wasn't a favourite."
Before he could answer she sped away through the tunnels.
Kira Garrett 09/10/19 Mr. Grumpy Gills
Hope the back of your head isn't too sore. To be fair, you had that coming.
But, it was rude. So I guess that I'm sorry and all that sh-t.
Hope you're adjusting.

She placed the note on his door, unable to contain the eye roll. Mack would skin her if she scared off the recruit she had worked so hard to get. She mumbled a 'f-ck you' under her breath as she walked away.
Leigh Roberts 09/10/19 I'd like to believe it is. Granted.. I haven't ventured this tunnel you speak of but I can relate.
-looks him over-
-shakes hands-
It's nice to make your acquaintance, Richard.
-drew her hand back, not lingering-
With my nosey nature, I can't help but ask.. What would it take for you to feel more at ease?
Kira Garrett 09/09/19 Holding up a single finger, Kira grins.
"Sit and spin, buddy."
Turning to walk away, a dry chuckle leaves her lips.
"It might not mean anything to you, but I would never lie. You seemed like you were having a hard time processing things, so I was trying to be polite. But f-ck that. You're on your own. Find me if you ever learn how to not be a raging a-shole."
Kira Garrett 09/09/19 Wiping the red paint from her face, Kira grimaces. This was not how she imagined the game kicking off. With a grunt she set off in search of her victim. Spotting the newest member of Sine, she chuckled softly.
Picking up her pace, her hand made firm contact with the back of the man’s head, leaving a touch of paint on his hair.
”Tag, you’re it.”
Melinoe 09/08/19 Melinoe nods her head in understanding. To be fair, she hadn't had a bad experience with the man so far. He had been polite enough. Realizing this, she smiled softly. "That's a fair point, mister. We can be a bit much from time to time. But everyone means well."
Hearing the sigh, she giggled. "I only know how to find my room, if I'm being honest. I don't explore much. But the shadows help me."
Liam Moore 09/07/19 "You f*cking pig how dare you check me out? Also I happen to like my ass and I'm not here to please people. Certainly not the likes of you."
Watches the male.
"Oh yes walk away, came to pick a fight and now is running away with his tail between his legs. Do us both a favor and please stop talking to me."
Was super unclear on why the man was so obsessed with him.
Liam Moore 09/07/19 "Oh Panda Bear we both know your ass isn't that great."
Pats his shoulder before pulling his hand away and wiping it on his jeans.
"Just squat some more maybe then it will be worth me touching it, this was just me trying to steal your money. Nothing more."
Leigh Roberts 09/06/19 -stares, wide-eyed-
I have a tendency to get nosey.
-slight shrug-
I mean no harm, honest.
I only ask because most have some mission in life.. or list of things to-do.
Rare to find someone so content.
Suppose you found a nice enough bed. That's good. Oh, my name's Leigh.
-offers out her hand-
Liam Moore 09/06/19 Gives him the most offended look as his hand was slapped and he was referred to as guy.
"Um I could say the same thing, who do you think you are slapping my hand? I wouldn't have taken you for a violent man Panda yet here we are. For shame."
Shakes his head.
Jewel 09/05/19 Good.
Wish you luck on your sh^t, too.
-leans in-
Your constipation is showing on your face.
Leigh Roberts 09/05/19 Oh? Oh..
-thinks on it-
Sounds reasonable.
They are pretty nice. I mean, they keep that whole cycle of sleep going.
-pauses momentarily-
Nothing more than that? Nothing you search for or desire?
Simply.. a bed?
Flahme 09/05/19 Lost in thought, Flahme runs into the newest edition to the coven in the tunnels of Sine Metu. Frowning she realises she never came to say hello earlier.

"Hello there! I completely forgot to come and welcome you to the coven."

She gestures around them, then leans in to sniff the man surreptitiously. She wrinkles her nose; he's not a demon. She can always smell her kind.

"Cosy isn't it? I'm Flahme, is everyone treating you well?"
Kira Garrett 09/05/19 Kira dropped stick, crushing it with the tip of her shoe. She took a step closer to the man, pressing her finger to his chest. “Look, I’m sorry that you’re confused, but this a-shole in distress bit is getting on my nerves.”

She removed her finger from his chest, running a hand through her hair. She wanted to like him, she truly did. But he was aggravating her quickly. Taking a deep breath, Kira placed a firm smile on her face.
”This sh-t isn’t a joke, bud. You won’t listen to me, so why try? You lost something when you came here, right? Well, welcome to the club. You wanna be bitter? Go ahead. There are some here that have far less patience then I do. You’re lucky that Mackenzie found you.”
Melinoe 09/05/19 “So you haven’t nibbling people’s heads off with your words?” She lets out a groan and removes her hand from his. “Well, that’s boring.”
The girl took a step back, her fingers finding their way around a single curl. It coiled around her finger as she looked at the man for a moment. This is who everyone was fighting over? He seemed cranky, not that she minded. Bishop and Jameson had been cranky towards her at first too.
Hearing his name, she smiled widely. “Melinoe, but everyone says that’s hard to pronounce, so just call me Mel. Are you lost, mister?” She was sure that Mackenzie would be proud of her behavior.
Liam Moore 09/04/19
"Obviously I was joking but ya know what nice guy? You can take that offer of a drink and shove it up your ass. I honestly don't recall being that helpful so I believe we are done here. Have a lovely day."
Bad b*tch walks away.
Melinoe 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Liam Moore via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Jewel 09/04/19 Well..
I'm glad my welcome was perceived as it was intended.
Warm and thought driven.

Oh, one more thing..
Don't drink all the alcohol.
I'm going through some sh^t.

Jewel 09/04/19 WelcometoSineMetu..
-quickly spoke; seemingly exhausted-
-dramatically rotates wrist-
And blah, blah..


Liam Moore 09/04/19 "Well with an attitude like that how could you not?"
"I'm not so sure about that I said no to her fairly easily. Bishop is far more persuasive."
Let's out his own sigh.
"Shame you didn't like the nickname pup, because you looked like a kicked puppy right now."
He nibbles on his lip.
"Alright I could use a drink, but if this is just a ruse to get me drunk and take advantage of me. I will be something that I have yet to figure out yet."
Liam Moore 09/04/19 "I wouldn't worry too much, you'll eventually get the hang of things."
Arches a brow.
"Oh did you now? I will try and not to be too disappointed you didn't join my bunch of weirdos."
Gives him a small smile.
"I thank you for the offer but you apologizing is enough, it's all water under the bridge as they say."
Leigh Roberts 09/04/19 I had a feeling you'd see yourself as one of us..

Liam Moore 09/04/19 Liam slowly looks up from his phone, looking the male over he locks it and slides it into his back pocket.
"Yes well fear not, you have nothing to apologize for."
Was over the moon he was getting an apology.
"You look less terrified, settling in well then?"
LillyEmperium 09/03/19 Welcome to the realm and out, there's a few crazy ladies around
Kira Garrett 09/03/19 "Has anyone told you that you have a tendency to be a d-ck? I say it out of kindness." Kira was trying her damnedest to sympathize, to put things into term he would understand. But he was thickheaded, a quality she admired. With a sigh, she pulled a pack of cigarettes from her jacket pocket, sparking one to life. She had been doing so well, but in light of recent events she caved into her nicotine calling. "Liberated, you know. We steal for sh-ts and giggles, attack each other. The laws are different, there's a different frame of mind."
Melinoe 09/03/19 Melinoe had heard news of a new coven mate as she had been playing with her hair. The shadows informed her that it was the fairly new man that had set Sine Metu and Wahnsinn into a frenzy, attempting to recruit him. Securing the bow on either of her pigtails, she set off the greet the man.
She quickly spotted him, thanks to the whispers she had heard. Approaching him with caution, the girl extended her hand.
"Welcome to Sine Metu, mister. Are you gonna yell at me like you've done to everyone else?" Mel couldn't help but to pout as she waited to see what the man would do.
Katherine Murray 09/03/19 -toddles by-
-blinks at-
-hands a severed fingie-
-smiles and toddles off-
Mackenzie 09/03/19 Amused, Mackenzie takes the man's hand, giving it a firm shake. But not too firm, nor strong. She is careful to maintain a certain amount of delicacy, and she silently thanks whatever powers that be for her most recent meal. It would surely be a sin to touch an unsuspecting man with an icy hand. "F-ck your kidney. I bet it wouldn't get me near the going rate."

Hand dropping back to her side, she tilts her head to the east before taking a step. "Come along. But um... just remember, it's communal so.. there's other people." She shrugs, feigning insult. "Unless you're chicken."
Kira Garrett 09/02/19 Kira hold her hands up in defense. “I didn’t mean to set you off, man. I’m just trying to be helpful. I apologize. Yeah, there are things here that are… unsavory. But there are things like that where you’re from too. They just hide behind their dark desires. We’re liberated.” She offers him a tight lipped smile. “You have nothing to be sorry about. You have a lot to process. I understand.”
Mackenzie 09/02/19 "Cyanide is the worst," she quips. Then again, she wouldn't really know about that. Poison had never been her niche. Sighing heavily, Mackenzie reaches overhead and stretches. "First, I propose we get you cleaned up and rested. I have a place, if you're in the business of trusting near strangers."

Arms dropping, she would grin up at him. "Then, we go to Los Angeles. What do you say? A little adventure?" Pausing, it strikes her that this may seem odd. But... when she wants something, and sees potential? Sky is the limit, and adventure is f-cking out there.

"I promise, I'm not a serial killer."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/02/19 Wandering through the dungeons, Yule came across a cell occupied by a man. She hesitated a moment, he seemed to be awake at least and she could use the practice. Normally, she probably wouldn't have said anything, but he didn't seem to belong there. "Excuse me..." She spoke quietly, not quite asking for permission but to pardon her intrusion.

Digging around in her jacket pocket, she pulled out a pair of silver picks and reached forward with her gloved hands to work on the lock. It took her a few tries, but at last, the latch on the padlock popped open and she reached up to pull the door open. She ducked her head and stepped back, letting the shadows of the halls fall more fully over her to hide the blood and dirt she was covered in.

"You should be able to find your way out now." She said, turning in the direction that led not out, but deeper into the dungeon. "Be careful not to get snagged. And good luck."

You managed to break out Richard LaMonte.
Liam Moore 09/02/19
"So just keep going straight for a mile take two rights and you'll be at a very lovely bar. Best of luck to you."
Liam Moore 09/02/19 "I am assume you are being this hostile because you are lost, scared and confused."
Glances at the male.
"I assume you aren't a complete d*ckwad to people who are merely trying to help. I could be wrong of course."
Was getting real sick of peoples sh*t around these parts.
Mackenzie 09/02/19 "Richard," she would murmur, committing name to memory as she listens to his cynical rhetoric. Taking a deep breath, she makes the executive decision not to let him in on just who and what she is just yet. A gentle shrug is all she can offer without these key pieces of information. "I don't exactly see a long line of people offering to help you, otherwise. From what you've told me, all you have gotten so far is Welcome to the Realm."

She's never been one to mince words, something he can hopefully handle. "You have two choices. Become the inmate that runs the asylum, or drink the kool-aid."
Kira Garrett 09/02/19 "I'm not sure what you are either, to be honest. To be rather blunt, normal people just don't stumble their way here. We're all... unique." Her hand does a slight flourish at the word. However he had gotten here, he had no idea. He didn't even know that he wasn't even fully human anymore. She felt a tinge of sympathy for the man. All of this was certainly overwhelming for him. "Just... take everything with a grain of salt for the time being, yeah? Get your bearings."
Mackenzie 09/02/19 Pursing her lips, Mackenzie would stare up at the peculiar stranger. As little as she does know, she has come to learn far more than what she would consider average in a very short time. Taking a deep breath, she tosses her own cigarette aside. "Alright, buddy," she sighs out. "First of all, destroying yourself isn't going to help you figure your sh-t out."

Sights falling to the cigarette betwixt his fingers, she considers thieving it away. "My name is Mackenzie. My friends call me Mack. What'd'ya say we actually get to the bottom of this sh-t? This is hardly the craziest thing I've heard all day."
Liam Moore 09/02/19 "I would say so but fear not a few drinks and you will be fine."
"I'm Liam by the way and you have a name Panda or shall I keep calling you that? I can so obviously tell you love it."
Aurora Crane 09/02/19 *She laughs long and loud at his question. Wiping away the tears of laughter that fall from her eyes, she shakes her head.*

Drugs? I can't speak for everyone around here, but the hardest thing I touch is whiskey. And yeah, I said what I said. But, hey, you don't believe any of that exists, so it doesn't matter what I say, right?

*Her arms spread wide, she shrugs carelessly and takes a few backwards steps.*

I'll leave and you can just think I'm some random crazy chick raving about the boogeyman.
Liam Moore 09/01/19 "Such a buzz kill but fear not my little Panda I will keep my hands to myself."
Was totally disappointed but playing it cool.
"Come come let us go."
Mackenzie 09/01/19 A soft snort would sound off, accompanied by an amused shake of her head. Existential crisis, indeed. If this is his first, she is highly impressed. "Better off. The sh-t will kill you."

Yet, all amusement is gone as he continues, and Mackenzie finds herself staring at him, questioning his entire predicament. "Are you telling me that you just escaped some sort of facility, and have now chosen to stand here talking to a stranger?" Perhaps she should be a bit more tactful, something she sadly is not practiced in. "..Where are you from?"
Aurora Crane 09/01/19 *Pressing her lips together, she nods, acknowledging his desire not to be touched, and takes a step back. Crossing her arms in front of her, she eyes him thoughtfully.*

Am I? But you don't believe in that kind of thing, right? You don't think these...monsters really exist.
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 -takes hand-
-pulls along towards bar-
"One drink. Promise."
-Mischevious smile-
Liam Moore 09/01/19 "Yes, yes we do. It grows on you eventually."
Eyes light up with the mention of a drink.
"Did you call LA the realm? But if it's a drink you are looking for Panda I know the perfect place come along. Ah unless you are afraid I'm going to steal your kidney."
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 -purses lips-
"Nice to meet you Richard. Sounds pretty rough. I can't help much with the Jesus thing but I can definitely help with shots."
-touches shoulder-
"Let's go have a drink and maybe we can figure out this whole vanishing thing."
Liam Moore 09/01/19 "Oh you think I have a pretty smile though I don't recall fluttering my lashes. And I can assure you I have no interest in you kidney."
Some other parts perhaps but he didn't want to remove them. The would simply be of know use to him if they weren't attached.
"I lived here longer than you, I know what I'm doing and what to expect from the people who live here. Plus I have a few tricks up my sleeve."
Leigh Roberts 09/01/19
Mackenzie 09/01/19 If she were a different person, a peppier one, she might just throw in some cheerleading joke. Welcome to the Realm had never been her favorite go-to line. Mackenzie preferred far more demented things, but this particular one is a bit different. Without thought, she offers her pack to him.

"You look a little young for a midlife crisis," she jests, a slow, easy grin forming upon her features. A quiet tsk sounds off, and Mackenzie shakes her head. "I think we all have that experience, to some degree. Lord knows, sometimes I wonder if I live in a mental institution, rather than a communal home." A glance upward to his face, and she would mutter a single correction to the inevitable thought: "Not a cult.

"The Realm thing is bullsh-t. It happens to all of us, honestly. There's nothing special about anything. This is just the normal world we've all lived in for as long as we can remember. Care to unload on a stranger?"
Aurora Crane 09/01/19 *Sensing the rush of blood in the man's veins as panic sets in, her eyes widen in alarm. Instinctively reaching out to touch him, to offer comfort, she lowers her voice, unconsciously using the same tone her mother used to soothe her as a child.*

It's alright. Of course you're not a monster. You're just a regular person. Just like everyone else around here. Some of us are just more...special than others. I'm Aurora.
Liam Moore 09/01/19 Was actually surprised the man agreed to panda but Liam would roll with it.
A soft sigh left him as he turned to face the male completely once more.
"Are you bruised? No? Then I did not pinch you that hard."
Liam's teeth found his own lips as he held back his laughter at the males next few words.
"Hardly a cult I would describe it more as a family."
A family full of rejects really but he wasn't going to tell him that.
Obviously avoided the killing part poor man looked so scared.
"I mean I don't even think there are police here, your best bet is the people and place I told you. If you are scared I can escort you. Protect you? Hm?"
Oh this one was so amusing be it a little troubling.
Elowen Jocosta 09/01/19 -snorts-
-shakes head-
-lets hand fall-
"I'm not looking to steal your virtue. But, please dont let your head explode. Maybe I can help you out. You seem like you might need someone to talk to. Let's start with a name. Do you at least know your name?"
-smiles softly-
Kira Garrett 09/01/19 Seeing his shoulders slump, realization dawned on Kira. He had no idea. She paused for a moment, trying to find her words. "It's... a lot to process. You have nothing to be sorry for, trust me." She smiled softly. "It's more like a fraternity. We call them covens. They're fairly common here. Think of it as... a collective of individuals who keep an eye on each other. They're each a bit different, but have the same general idea. Am I making sense? Or am I confusing you more?"
Kira Garrett 09/01/19 Spotting the new face, the blonde grins widely.
"My, my. Welcome. If you need any help navigating, look me up. The name's Kira. You can find me around Sine Metu."
Liam Moore 09/01/19 "Panda?"
An amused smile came to his face.
"I didn't pinch you that hard let's not be dramatic."
Looks the male over.
"Either you are lying to me or you really don't know. In which case you will most likely be dead in an hour. Two if you are lucky you are pleasing to the eyes so maybe they wont kill you on spot."
Turns to leave glances towards the man.
"You wanna survive here find a home, people you can trust. I might suggest Wahnsinn, it's decent place good people. If you are interested find a man named Bishop he is pretty not as pretty as me. Usually has the look like he wants to murder you. Real nice guy though."
Really hoped the male was of his kind if not well Bishop would probably end up killing him.
Jameson Orlav 08/31/19 What the... have you got bacon flavored nipples or some sh-t?
Leigh Roberts 08/31/19 You seem new..

Mackenzie 08/31/19 Mackenzie easily accepts the lighter with one hand, pulling out her pack of Kings with the other. A brow raised at his question, a mild look of amusement etched into her features, she lights up before offering back his source of fire. "No. Am I supposed to?"

A quiet laugh and a puff of smoke later, and she gives only a shrug. "People are f-cking weird." She would leave out the part where she, too, is odd. "You look positively disturbed."
Elowen Jocosta 08/31/19 -spots an unfamiliar person-
-walks up to-
-places hand on his chest-
"Hello there."
Liam Moore 08/31/19 Liam let out a laugh at the males words how amused he was up until he saw how serious he was.
" aren't joking are you? Oh pup."
He reached over and gave the male a small pinch.
"You aren't dreaming nor crazy, you aren't going to last five second here."
Crosses his arms over his chest.
"What are you? I would love to help but I can't direct you properly if I don't know."
Why did he always find trouble?
Aurora Crane 08/31/19 *She eyes the handsome man and chews on her bottom lip, one tiny, but sharp fang piercing her flesh. Absently, she licks at the drop of blood that beads to the surface as her brows furrow over jade eyes.*

The...Realm? You know, the place where all creatures that go bump in the night reside?

*She gestures vaguely to their surroundings. Tilting her head, her eyes, now bright with curiosity, travel over the newcomer.*

You must be one too, no? After all, you did manage to find this place.
Imashe Korbinchenko 08/31/19 "oh aye, dis is a strange world compared to mine " she sighed as she longed for her home with her parents
Liam Moore 08/31/19
"Now Handsome where is the fun in telling you?"
Feels slightly bad for the lost pup.
"It's really not something I can explain. You mostly need to experience it. That being said if you need any help with anything please don't hesitate to ask me."
Imashe Korbinchenko 08/31/19 She shook her head "I nay not know what dis place is either but it beh a strange one too "
Imashe Korbinchenko 08/31/19 Imsahe walks up to the strange male "Welcome to dah Realm male, i beh Imsahe"
Mackenzie 08/31/19 Stepping up next to the strange man, Mackenzie casually glances sideways at him before removing an earbud. "Got a light?"
Aurora Crane 08/31/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Liam Moore 08/31/19 "Welcome to the realm"
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