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Aziz al Saqr
Killed: July 27, 2018 at 01:18 am EDT
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Who will cause me to die, then to life again. Qur'an 26:81
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 A chocolate foil wrapped DemonKnight - Easter 2017
Aziz al Saqr's Biography
I was born in 1619 in the deserts near what would one day become Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. I was born into the Najdi tribe a people who were well known for their mounted raids on oases and other tribes in the Hejaz. I was the first son after three daughters but not the last; seven surviving children would follow over the next ten years. Times were hard, we were sent to work the herds as soon as we were old enough to walk, for the men and older brothers would be off on raids. When I was 13 an illness struck our tribe, many died including my father and 5 of my siblings. I was now the head of our family and responsible for the safety of those who had survived. If I had thought times were hard before they now became worse. At 14 I joined the Ottoman Brigade hoping that the money I earned would be enough to support my family, my 11 year old brother Jamali would oversee things in my absence.

In the years that followed I saw little of my family, the armies travels took me to new lands and like a sponge I absorbed it all. The demands of my childhood had easily prepared me for the hardships and discipline that came with military life. The skills I learned I took as my reward, and I found myself looking forward to the challenges of each day. The battles and death that surrounded me did little to dampen my spirits for I believed that only through death could we grow closer to Allah.

The years seemed to fly by me, my family gained family of their own and my mother soon joined my father in death. The military would be my life as long as I was able to meet it's demands...or so I thought.

Late one evening as I sat on look-out duty far from the main encampment, a man appeared. How he got so close without my notice I did not know, he seemed familiar yet I could not remember ever having met him. Over the course of the next several hours he revealed the hidden secrets of a world I had never known existed. I now know that he had barely skimmed the surface, but at the time it seemed that he shared so much. I was hesitant at first to accept his offer to join them, but soon realized the experiences and knowledges being offered to me were too good to pass up. My ties to my family were small now, I saw them infrequently, their children, in some cases, now had children, they no longer needed what money I sent their way. I had nothing to hold me to them, I agreed to go with this man and without a word to anyone I vanished into the night.

If I had thought my childhood and military life hard I was mistaken, they were only childsplay compared to the rigors I endured on my quest for the acceptance of this new family. Each day I awakened senses that I never knew existed and throughout the pain, and the humiliation I endured when I failed at a task, a fire began to burn within me. I experienced an awakening and grabbed hold, no longer looking back only forward. At last there came the time when I would discover my fate, had I met their expectations and move to the next level or would I have endured what I had for nothing...the time had come for me to find out.

I accepted the embrace in 1649, my sire was an Arab like myself, Saad Ibn Bijad. A solemn man I had spoken with only rarely, but whom I had observed watching me often. Had he seen something in me, or had it been my imagination, he never said. Over the next seven years he assumed control over my training, teaching me more than I could ever have imagined but revealing little about himself. When it was time for me to move on he walked away without a word and I knew from his actions that he had taught me all he could. I was a full member of what I now had learned was called a Clan, and I would do what was was required to bring only honor to that title and his teachings.

Over the years I've gone and done what the the Clan required, learning new skills as the times warranted. I've mingled with Kindred and Kine as necessary, continuing to aid in those causes that the Clan deemed just. Despite the changes upon us I remain loyal to the beliefs and Codes Of Honor that have made my Clan what it is today and will continue to do so until I meet my final death.

PB: Omar Borkan al Gala

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