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Born: September 20, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Do not blame others for piteous crimes that you caused yourself. We all serve our own rights to our life, and nothing can take such a thing away. Not with money, nor death can take it away. When you are in a predicament, take a stance, and fight it.
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Virelai Tylwyth 09/20/19 Yule sat in an out of the way library, the first time in days that she had stayed still for more than a few moments. Out of the way, at a small oak desk, she drew out a little black, leather-bound book, a pen, a few pieces of paper, a stick of red wax, a lighter, and a metal stamp engraved with a spider lily. Opening the book she ran her fingers down the page, finding the symbols and strange letters that indicated the new arrivals to the Realm.

Short and sweet she penned a letter to each of them in elegant script. You've come at a fantastic time. It said. Ne're a dull moment. Then she enclosed a small gift, folding the paper over itself before flicking the lighter to life and holding it against the stick of wax against the seam. She let the red liquid drip, forming a small pool. And then she took the stamp and pressed it into each, one at a time, holding it there until the shape had a chance to take and dry a bit.

When she was finished, a twist of her wrist and a small bit of magic, sent each of the letters to their intended recipient. With luck, it would prove useful to them.
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